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Haidar Abadi from Tokyo: There are great investment opportunities in Iraq

Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Thursday, the existence of significant investment opportunities in all Iraqi provinces, stressing that his country is fighting for humanity.

“His government has succeeded in halving the number of displaced people to their areas of residence,” Abadi said, while attending the Iraq Reconstruction Conference held in Tokyo, according to Alsumaria News. “The number of displaced people has reached five million, and we succeeded in getting half of them back.

Abadi pointed out that the return of displaced persons was voluntary, stressing at the same time that the weapon be in the hands of the state only.

“We are fighting not only for Iraq, but for humanity,” Abadi said, noting that there are significant investment opportunities in all Iraqi provinces.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday to head a government delegation to boost bilateral cooperation in various fields, open investment horizons for Japanese companies and attend a Tokyo conference on supporting job creation, vocational training and reducing arms circulation in Iraqi society. Source