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Zig’s Place Chat Room Monday Night 8-10-20

Sheila  CAN YOU SAY “QFS”?Board of Governors from the Federal Reserve System. This came through over the weekend and it was a midnight release…..that’s how they do things like this.

Basically they announced details of a “new 24x7x365 interbank settlement service with clearing functionality to support instant payments in the United States” (See link below)

If you are not aware of what this means…..this is the QFS and the Quantum financial System is online!

This is a big deal…a really huge thing. This was released this weekend but they also released this today on 8-10-2020

The Federal Reserve Board announces that Individual Large Bank Capital Requirements which will be effective on October 1st. Which means basically that large banks capitol must be increased and they must have additional cash requirements to cover things. This is basically like Basel 3….this is the deadline here in the US to make sure all the banks here are compliant and have sufficient cash requirements.

sandyf  @Zig There is a fundamental flaw in this statement from TWW. “Their currency at that time was .05… “. In the Kuwait fiscal year of 1981/82 the KWD had a value of 3.5235 US dollars and at the time of occupation in August 1990 the value was 3.47 US dollars, at no time in that period was it “.05”.

There is no dispute that during the time of the occupation the KWD could be bought at such a value as the currency was no longer the national currency of Kuwait and had no value. At the end of the occupation the KWD was reinstated as the national currency with the previous value of 3.47 US dollars. Anyone interested in the facts of the matter should google “The Impact of the Iraqi Invasion on the Kuwaiti Banking and Financial System : Lessons Learned from a Financial Crisis”

Sheila  @ Scrappy – listening to a youtube. They said Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are tied to Iraq. Might this be something like that currency board group?

sheila  According to FRANK26: “….BANKS ARE PINGING AT $0.87”  Frank26 said his contacts were expecting pings but not until next week. So this is happening a week sooner than they heard.

Sheila  “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain

Sheila  hey there Kaperoni. I see your name on the dinar sites. Appreciate any information that you can share. Everyone has their right to free speech. My mind is like a parachute. It does my no good unless it is open.

ArmorUp  @Zig – :Thanks for posting our conversation on DinarRecaps…gave me a giggle

TWW  I had the honor speaking at a conference last yr with Mr Buffet, Steve Forbes & Jim Rickets (sp) & was asked if I would speak abt my success in the silver market over the past 30+ yrs, an honor

TWW  I was NOT the only speaker but there were abt 500 guesrs there

Sheila  @ TWW – it is nice to be in honourable situations. speaks to your true character.

TWW  sheila I hav been a member of the Forbes 500 Group for many many yrs now, had many honored opportunities with them

TWW  sheila Thank you

Sheila  Can only say I am humbled to be here at this moment in time to participate in the revaluation of foreign currencies.

Kaperoni  There is no revaluation

Sheila  adjustments

Kaperoni  That guru BS

Sheila  If not “revaluation” – then what is it to be called?

Kaperoni  Not logically or mathematically possible

Kaperoni nothing  It’s a made up guru story to sell dinar

Sheila  then it’s just another exchange

Kaperoni  The only way the dinar can rise in value is by sound logical financial policies

Kaperoni  And that take time..in some cases years.  And be assured there is nothing from any professional organization that would indicate such an event could or would ever happen. Just guru stories

Sheila  So if there is nothing to indicate such an event, then why are you focusing so much energy on this topic?

Kaperoni  I believe the dinar can appreciate, just not overnight. And I have spent years researching and debunking the BS from gurus. The only way the dinar can rise is by the success of Iraq’s own economy. That means laws, investment and growth. Only then will the dinar appreciate..and if it does it will be over time, not overnight.

Sheila  So it’s not going to do what the Kuwaiti Dinar did overnight?

Kaperoni  That is also a BS story. Never happened. If you scroll up to Sandyf explains that. And there is plenty of factual documentation as well supporting there was no RV.

Kaperoni  I am watching parliament closely for such a vote and luckily so far that has not occured. What I am hoping for is Iraq does nothing and decides to create a market economy. Doing so they could invite foreign investors into Iraq to participate in the rebuilding and growth of the economy.

If they do, there is a chance the dinar as a result could rise in value over time, That is a realistic and justified growth. That also has been discussed by the media professional organization such as the IMF.

Kaperoni  Sheila, most of what you hear is all BS. If you think the UST has dinar, show me some factual proof. Otherwise I discount it as guru nonsense.

Kaperoni  The guru nonsense of “oil credits” has been around for years. Not possible. First, Iraq needs billions every year just to pay people on the state payroll. Why would they ever sell oil for less than they can get on the open market? Makes no sense and more importantly makes it impossible for them to fulfill their own budget.

Sheila  So what was EO 13303 all about then?

Kaperoni  The gurus twist 13303 all around to sell dinar. Again, this is a long stand scam, but I researched it completely many years ago and I will get the correct information for you. sec

Kaperoni  Executive Order 13303

Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has An Interest


Kaperoni  Part 1…

The first part is the order related to the DFI which must be renewed.

This order is the protection of Iraq’s money (known as the DFI fund) which is where all proceeds go from the sale of Iraqi assets such as petroleum and petroleum products, etc. The purpose of this order then allows the revenue to be used in an orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country.

This is scheduled to expire May 22nd 2013. Since this would expire, Iraq would have to be in a position to fully manage their financial obligations or fall risk to unresolved creditor and debts.

As an example, the Paris Club debt agreement with many countries totaling 100 billion in debt relief was conditional. In order for the debt to be forgiven, each country negotiated acceptable resolutions and terms with Iraq. Much of this is known as “benchmarks” that Iraq must achieve to fulfill those obligations, thus granting the debt relief. Those terms were incorporated into the recent IMF Stand by Agreement that expired February 23rd, 2013 (after extension).

If Iraq failed to meet those “benchmarks” these funds could be at risk and subject to seizure once EO 13303 expires. This part of EO 13303 must be renewed every year until Iraq is self sufficient or risks asset seizure.

Kaperoni  Part 2…

The second part of 13303 terminates previous Executive Orders (restrictions)

This part requires no review or extensions. It does not expire, and it would take another Executive Order to reinstate. This is the part that, as a result, gives US citizens the right to invest and do business in Iraq.

This order EO 13303 simply terminates three other orders… Executive Orders 12722, 12724, or 13290 that were already in effect pertaining to Iraq.

As a result, investment in the new Iraq is then guaranteed under the Presidential Order 13303 because it removed previous orders which were blocking investment and trade.

13303 in essence, by the termination of these three previous EO’s allows for a restructuring of the banking system in Iraq. And US citizens to invest in Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and do Business in Iraq. This was a discrete and indirect way of lifting and canceling previous orders on Iraq giving each of you the right to own the New Iraqi Dinar.

Since Iraq is opening up to the global economy and integrating with the world, there is no need to consider or impose any such future orders limiting or preventing investment.

133303 terminated the following previous three Executive Orders…

Executive Orders 12722 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq


Executive Orders 12724 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq


Executive Orders 13290 – Confiscating and Vesting Certain Iraqi Property


Kaperoni  So that is the facts on 13303.

Kaperoni  I wrote this in 2013, it has been subsequently been renewed each year by the president.

Sheila  You wrote 13303?

Kaperoni  EO 13303  same thing

Sheila  Yes, EO 13303 – you wrote that for the president to sign?

Kaperoni  lol no. I research it and wrote what the contents mean for dinar investors to understand

Kaperoni  I have been around for 15 years writing about the dinar.

Sheila  interpretations

Kaperoni  No, facts. The links in the report confirm exactly what I wrote

Kaperoni  But your welcome to believe whatever you want.

Kaperoni  To be honest, this is a pipe dream scam. and almost all who fall for it and buy dinar want to believe the gurus and there lies. Only after years of stories do they finally give up and either sell or follow the facts. You are no different

Sheila  I had never heard of a guru when I first purchased dinar. My friend, who was at the time, an International Banker putting deals together for oil and gas companies between Denver and Panama told me about this “pipe dream scam”. Bought first million dinar just on their honourable words.

Kaperoni  The lies from them have been going on for 17 years..some have gone to prison. But it never ends and they recycle the same BS year after year as new people fall into it. There is no overnight RV.

Sheila  They did not benefit from any dinar I have ever purchased.

Sheila  Yet I do appreciate and thank you for sharing your candid viewpoints.

Kaperoni  Of course not. It is still worth the same as it has been since 2005

Kaperoni  In actuality a little less.

Sheila  Since you truly believe in what you researched and have come to now, then why do you continue to focus your life in this direction. Are you trying to “save us from ourselves”?

Kaperoni  And there are those who own dinar and are stedfast believers, unwilling to see that most if not all the stuff put out by the gurus are lies/BS because they got caught up in this and have either lost everything or over spent so the argue against the facts, hoping that some day they will be rich.

Kaperoni  I own dinar, and do think there is a chance for it to appreciate, just not how the gurus say. It will take years and more importantly, it will take Iraq to change there ways and get things done. But so far, Iraq talks a good story but accomplishes very little

Kaperoni  who would have ever thought that after 17 years they still are arguing over basic investment laws. After all, investment is a good thing.

Kaperoni  Unfortunately, Iraq is primarily a tribal country and tribes fight for years. Iraq is no different.

Kaperoni  I wish you luck. I am off to bed. Goodnight.

Sheila  evolve or die economically

Sheila  don’t need luck. got socio-economic history on my side

Kaperoni  That is the hope. Time will tell.

Kaperoni  But even so, it not mathematically possible to significantly RV.

TWW  sheila Dont loose any sleep over his own ideas

Sheila  not gonna – quantum mathematics when your playing 5D chess in currency markets

TWW  sorry it took so long, the docs came in & I took them up to our Council of 20 for our meeting for tomorrow…..

Sheila  don’t know what the Council of 20 is that you speak

TWW  We r a group of investors along with very wealthy folks. Tomorrow is abt currencies, IMF, WB, AIIB reps will b with us   NYC

Sheila  very nice viewpoint – thanks for being here in chat.  AIIB sounds interesting

Sheila  So is buying dinar a “pipe dream scam” as kaperoni said above?

RamblerNash  Monthly IQD exchange rates from the CBI showing a decline from 1974 to 2020 https://cbi.iq/news/view/1126 https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/up/file-159601047272737.xlsx

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