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Butterfly    Iraq’s Prime Minister to make regional visits, Official 2021-04-06 11:17

Shafaq News / The spokesman for Iraqi Cabinet Hassan Nazim, on Tuesday, held a press conference in which he discussed topics of health, politics and economy.

On economic situation, Nazem said the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will visit the markets before the Month of Ramadan to check the prices and that the Minister of Trade may resort to import goods to confront the high prices.

In response to a question by Shafaq News correspondent, about Al-Kadhimi’s visit to the Gulf countries, Nazem confirmed that the visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE resulted in memorandum of understandings and agreements in economic and investment fields, and that the governments of the two Gulf countries allocated three billion dollars each to invest in Iraq.

He added that Al-Kadhimi is expected to visit other regional countries for empowering the Iraqi economy.

Regarding the educators, who were not included in the 2021 budget, Nazim explained that their share was allocated in the budget law but the Parliament had reduced it.

On Covid-19 epidemic, the Spokesman said the Ministry of Health and environment had contracted with international companies to secure 21 million doses of the vaccine.   https://www.shafaq.com/en/Economy/Iraq-s-Prime-Minister-to-make-regional-visits-Official

butterfly  https://www.shafaq.com/en/World/First-double-mutant-COVID-19-case-detected-in-the-U-S First double mutant COVID-19 case detected in the U.S. 2021-04-06 01:14

Shafaq News / A new “double mutant” strain of the coronavirus has been discovered in San Francisco, marking the first time the variant, thought to be behind a surge of cases in India, has been identified in the United States, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The mutation is referred to as a “double mutant” because it carries two mutations that help the virus attach to cells.

The case is a patient from a Stanford Health Care clinic and likely occurred in Santa Clara County; County health officials said they are not monitoring the new variant because it is not on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of concern, according to the Chronicle.

One of the new strain mutations is similar to that found on both the variants first detected in Brazil and South Africa. The second mutation has been found in a variant in California. The mutation is believed to be more transmissible than the original strain of COVID-19, but it is unknown if it is more resistant to vaccines.

butterfly  https://www.shafaq.com/en/Kurdistan/US-asserts-willingness-to-bolster-the-Energy-sector-in-Kurdistan US asserts willingness to bolster the Energy sector in Kurdistan 2021-04-06 10:45

Shafaq News/ The Minister of Electricity in Kurdistan, Kamal Mohammed Salih Khalil, received today, Tuesday, the official in the US consulate in Erbil, Lisa Donnelly, and explored a spectrum of files pertained to the energy sector in the Region.

A readout of the meeting published by the Ministry said that Donnelly accentuated her country’s willingness to engage the energy sector in the Region via both loans and companies that will implement vital projects in Kurdistan.

The Minister expressed gratitude to the US government and people for the support they provide to the Region. He then reviewed a set of the Ministry’s projects, inviting the US companies to invest in the energy sector in Kurdistan.

The Minister shed light on the projects of Skada, KV 400 transmission stations, and power stations that benefit from gas flaring in the Region, among other projects.

The US official cited her country’s willingness to contribute to those projects via the corresponding departments and spurring US companies to invest in Kurdistan, indicating that she prepared formulas for long-term loans with shallow interests to fund those projects.

butterfly  https://www.shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/Iraqi-Parliament-submits-the-Federal-Budget-Law-to-the-Presidency-of-the-Republic Iraqi Parliament submits the Federal Budget Law to the Presidency of the Republic 2021-04-06 09:57

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Parliament submitted today, Tuesday, the Federal Budget law to the Presidency of the Republic for ratification, according to the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad.

A document appended by the Deputy General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives, Sadeq Jumah Hamid, and addressed to the Presidency of the Iraqi Republic, said, “in accordance with Article 73 provision 3 of the constitution, we send to you the Federal General Budget Law of 2021.”

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=897637

The Council of Ministers holds a regular session headed by Al-Kazemi and takes several decisions

Tuesday 06, April 2021 22:00 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired today, Tuesday, a regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which they discussed developments in the situation in the country and discussed the topics included in its agenda.

At the beginning of the session, Al-Kazemi reviewed his official visit to both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and described the two visits as successful and important, and stated that he touched a sincere fraternal desire to support Iraq at this stage, and everything agreed upon will be translated into permanent working mechanisms with all our neighbors and with the international community.

Al-Kazemi also referred to the file of the free lecturers, which is the product of previous stages and lack of planning, and stressed that the Council is keen to address this issue according to specific mechanisms, despite the change that took place in the budget in numbers and texts, but we will do justice to this segment.

butterfly  The Prime Minister stressed that after the approval of the budget law, we must all work urgently to implement its provisions and serve our people, indicating that this year should be exceptional in converting the budget – despite the observations on it – into a concrete workshop.

Al-Kazemi explained that he had touched in recent days complaints about an unacceptable increase in food prices, and confirmed that he would personally monitor what is happening in the markets and protect the citizen from the greed of traffickers in the people’s food, and directed the delivery of food rations with the addition of a new quota in the next few days and

on the file of Dhi Qar Governorate, Al-Kazemi confirmed that the government has worked for months to address the demands of the people there, and allocated a special fund for the reconstruction of Dhi Qar, whose money must be spent in a way that serves the governorate and its people.

butterfly  He referred to the vacancy of the governor’s job file as a result of various circumstances and problems, some of which are legal, and indicated that it was decided to choose the governor of Thi Qar after consultations and interviews that included most popular, tribal and administrative activities in the governorate. Dhi Qar.

For his part, the Minister of Health and Environment reviewed the developments of the work of the committee to strengthen government measures in the areas of prevention and control of health and awareness regarding limiting the spread of the Coronavirus, in addition to the efforts of the Ministry and health departments regarding the campaign to vaccinate citizens with anti-Coronavirus vaccines.

Al-Kazemi called on the people of the province to join hands with the local government, regardless of the name of the governor, as an advisory council will be appointed in Nasiriyah, linked to the prime minister, and he stressed that he will follow up daily with the governor and the council everything related to the reconstruction of Dhi Qar and the advancement of its reality

butterfly After the Council of Ministers discussed what was included in its agenda, it issued several decisions, including the Ministry of Education and the General Directorates of Education in governorates that are not organized in a region, to contract with lecturers, administrators and free workers in the education sector to whom administrative orders and previous directives were issued from those who started providing their free services.

On May 1, 2020, or before that date, provided that all requests are resolved on September 1, 2021, and the Ministry of Education submits a monthly report to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in which it clarifies the achievement rates and the monthly wage granted to the lecturers is (250 thousand dinars), and the monthly wage does not increase.

For administrators and workers for (250 thousand dinars), according to controls set by the ministry, taking into consideration academic achievement, and the Council of Ministers Resolution (315 of 2019) and its amendments shall apply to them, in a manner that does not contradict the provisions of this decision.

The council decided that the academic year should be considered equivalent to the calendar year with regard to the wages due to those covered by this decision.

The Council also decided that the Ministry of Finance would conduct the necessary transfers to implement this decision within the approved allocations in the Budget Law for 2021.

butterfly  It was decided to suspend appointment to the Ministry of Education as lecturers, and this decision shall be implemented from the date of its issuance.

The council decided to approve the Independent High Electoral Commission to pay a financial payment to the German company (Hensoldt) to inspect the software of the electoral systems, in a way that does not exceed (20%) of the contract amount after the aforementioned company submits a letter of bank guarantee in the full amount of the advance payment.

The recommendations of the committee formed in the Ministry of Agriculture regarding determining the lease allowances for agricultural lands in dinars per acre were approved as a starting line upon the announcement of the public auction approved under the Opinion Commission Decision No. (15) based on the third provisions of Resolution (44) of 1997, according to the following:

butterfly  1 – Irrigated lands: A- completely reclaimed (7000 dinars), only seven thousand dinars, b- partially reclaimed (5000 dinars), only five thousand dinars. C – the non-reclaimed (3000 dinars) only three thousand dinars. D- The banks of rivers (beaches) are 8,000 dinars, only eight thousand dinars.

2- Dirt lands: a- Guaranteed rain (7000 dinars), only seven thousand dinars, b- semi-guaranteed rain (4000 dinars), only four thousand dinars. C- Unsecured rain (500 dinars) is only five hundred dinars.

3- Desert lands: A- It contains wells (1000 dinars) only one thousand dinars. B – there are no wells (500 dinars), only five hundred dinars.

It has been decided that the rental allowances will be calculated on the area included in the agricultural plan, and the rental fees are not collected for the areas not covered by the agricultural plan and are not actually utilized, with the support of the technical authorities in the agricultural directorates in the governorates.

butterfly The Council decided to approve the draft law on the management of animal genetic resources, which was examined by the State Council, and to refer it to the House of Representatives, based on the provisions of Articles 61 / Clause First and 80 / Clause Second) of the Constitution, taking into consideration the opinion of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

The recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (42 for the year 2021) was approved, according to the following:

Accreditation of Stellar Energy to provide the advanced engineering study (FEED), with the Execution and Financing Plan for the proposed projects in the Ministry of Electricity’s book No. (Mg / 9767) dated March 11, 2021, and allocating an amount of ($ 50,000,000) only Fifty million dollars, for the fiscal year / 2021.

To complete the first phase (engineering study), and to finance the financial allocation from other loans stipulated in the draft general budget law for the fiscal year / 2021, considering the offer submitted by the company is secured with funding from the American (EXIM BANK), and determining The value of the amounts required to be allocated for the years 2022 and above, in a clear and scheduled manner, upon approval of the implementation and financing plan provided by the company above from the Ministry of Electricity, and submitting them to the Ministry of Planning and the Council of Ministers according to the rules, provided that the general company is from the Ministry of Electricity, without a sovereign guarantee.

butterfly The National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy (2021-2024), prepared by the Federal Integrity Commission, was approved to contribute to combating and reducing corruption, taking into consideration the observations of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and the remarks of the members of the Council of Ministers during the meeting session.

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Parliament refers the 2021 budget law to the Presidency of the Republic for approval

Tuesday 06, April 2021 17:31 |The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Bashir Al-Haddad, announced that Parliament referred today the 2021 Budget Law to the Presidency of the Republic for approval.

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butterfly  2021-04-06 15:31  Shafaq News / A source in the Global Coalition in Iraq said, on Tuesday, that the Iraqi Ministry of Interior had received advanced military equipment to empower the Iraqi forces in combatting ISIS.

The Source revealed to Shafaq News Agency that, “The Joint Task Force of Al-Azm Al-Salb Operation donated to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior equipment which are recieved at Ain Al-Asad Air Base in Al-Anbar Governorate…the equipment are composed of more than 1,250 of M240B machine guns and M4 Carbines, in addition to 81 4WD vehicles and Humvees.”

He pointed out that the equipment are funded by “the Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund (CTEF)” which is a part of the United States’ whole-of-government approach to support the lasting defeat of ISIS.

It’s noteworthy that The CTEF specifically supports the Department of Defense’s efforts to work by, with, and through’ the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) to build key defeat-ISIS capabilities and promote the long term stability of the region by preventing the resurgence of ISIS.

Xyz   Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax https://apnews.com/article/janet-yellen-minimum-global-corporate-income-tax-0a839a4705566a8b9f8bd5411bfe62d5

xyz  Woman Discovers Her Son’s Bride is Her Long Lost Daughter  Carl Samson

A woman in eastern China had the shock of her life when she found out that her son was marrying her long-lost daughter. The reunion occurred right at the would-be spouses’ wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on March 31, according to Sohu News.

The shocking discovery was made after the woman noticed a birthmark on the bride’s hand, which looked strikingly similar to that of her long-lost child. Determined to uncover the truth, the woman mustered the courage to ask the bride’s parents whether she was adopted.

After explaining her story and the identical birthmark, the bride’s parents eventually confirmed that their child had been adopted. Details were quickly ironed out and the bride confirmed that she was, indeed, the woman’s long-lost biological daughter.

It turns out she went missing as a child and was picked up by her adoptive parents on the roadside some 20 years ago. The wedding could have been called off at this point, but the woman also revealed that her son — her now-daughter’s groom — was also adopted.

The wedding proceeded as planned, but the shocking twist is one detour their guests will never forget. In photos that went viral on Chinese social media, the bride can be seen breaking down and hugging her long-lost mother tightly.

It’s unknown how exactly the daughter went missing, but some are raising the possibility of human traffickers being the culprit. It’s also unclear whether the woman’s adopted son — now her son-in-law — will be searching for his own parents. Feature Images via Sina News https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-discovers-her-sons-bride-182017135.html

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