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butterfly Al-Maliki: The Dawa Party was rejecting the fall of Iraq by foreign hands

Thursday 15, April 2021 23:26 Head of State of Law Coalition, Nouri Al-Maliki, said that the Dawa Party was rejecting the fall of Iraq by foreign hands and military force.

He said in a televised statement that the party wanted to support the opposition to bring down the former regime, pointing out that after the 1991 Kuwait war, a number of provinces fell after the Iraqi people’s uprising, but it was not completed, indicating that the Americans entered Iraq without international approval and without planning and failed to fight terrorism in Iraq.

Butterfly   The Ministry of Interior of the Center and Kurdistan: The recent attacks are a desperate attempt to strike at the positive developments in the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil

Thursday 15, April 2021 22:29 A joint statement between the Federal Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region affirmed that the recent attacks come in a desperate attempt to strike at the positive developments that took place in the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The joint statement stated that the recent serious attacks against Erbil and other areas fall within the organized terrorist attacks targeting the security of Iraq, including the security of the Kurdistan region, destabilizing social peace, and trying to sow discord and mixing cards.

And while we condemn these criminal acts, we affirm that these attacks come in a desperate attempt to strike at the positive developments that took place in the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially in terms of high-level security coordination, and that this escalating coordination, cooperation and integration will continue to ensure the security and safety of citizens and confront For attempts to destabilize security.

He explained that ensuring the security of Iraq in the face of such attacks is the responsibility of the federal government and the official institutions that represent it, including the security forces in the Kurdistan region.

He indicated that the investigation teams began their duties after the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces were issued to uncover those involved in the attacks and bring them to a fair judiciary.

Butterfly   Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 4-15-2021

United States DollarThe results of the foreign currency sale window on Thursday 4/15/2021, and executed today


Total sale for purposes of enhancing funds abroad (transfers, credits)  196,445,296

Total cash sale   9,000,000

Total total sales   205,445,296

Note that:   The sale price of the sums transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.

The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.   cbi.iq/currency_auction/view/1009

Butterfly   Al-Kazemi: We will challenge some provisions of the budget, and there are those who are betting on entering a civil war

Al-Kazemi: We will challenge some provisions of the budget, and there are those who are betting on entering a civil war

04/15/2021 18:01:44 The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced that the government intends to challenge some paragraphs of the Federal Budget Law for 2021.

During his meeting with a group of tribal sheikhs and notables from Muthanna Governorate, Al-Kazemi said in the host of Sheikh Jaffat Al-Shaalan, “We are honored today to meet our people in Muthanna, and here in this well-known divan in the history of Iraq, we recall the contribution of Sheikh Shaalan Abu Al-Jun in establishing the Iraqi state and supporting the reference.”

He added, “History repeated itself here, when our clans came out in response to the Marjaiya’s call of His Eminence Al-Sistani, may God protect him, and thwarted the terrorist plot of ISIS gangs.”

Butterfly   And Al-Kazemi said, “Since my assignment, I have confirmed that I will only be a servant of the people. I mentioned Al-Rumaitha in my first conversation because it is dear to the heart, and I see her people as my family.”

And continued ”   He stressed, “We have taken difficult measures for reform, and in order to protect the country financially and economically,” adding, “We will file an appeal with some provisions of the budget with the Federal Court, because there are clauses that will affect the electricity sector, the health sector and others.”

He explained, “Our problems first need correct management and an honesty approach in order to solve them, and we have embarked on a campaign of relations with neighboring countries in order to bring investments to serve our country and its people. I will personally follow up the conditions of the Muthanna Governorate, as well as any demands of its people.”

Al-Kazemi stressed, “We must not underestimate the citizens’ blood, and their lives, blood, and property are precious to us.”   alforatnews.com

Butterfly   Representatives hold the government and the central bank responsible for the disastrous consequences of the rise in the dollar

Representatives hold the government and the central bank responsible for the disastrous consequences of the rise in the dollar

Thursday 15 April 2021 | 09:13 On Thursday, MPs from various political blocs held the government and the Central Bank responsible for the wrong financial policy imposed on the people of Iraq, which caused a stifling economic blockade for all citizens, especially those with limited income, after the decision to raise the dollar’s exchange rate to more than 20 percent from its previous rate .

The deputy for the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, Mukhtar Al-Mousawi, said, “There are parliamentary moves to oblige the governor of the Central Bank to reduce the dollar exchange rate and restore it to its previous position, as a result of the great negative effects that the people suffer as a result of the high exchange rate of the dollar .”

On the other hand, Fadel Jaber, a deputy from the Sadikon Parliamentary Bloc, said, “The government took an improvised and ill-considered decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets, as it caused an increase in prices and a marked increase in poverty .”

Butterfly   On the other hand, Hamid Al-Mousawi, a member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, held the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank responsible for the continued rise of the dollar in the local markets, and the disastrous results that occurred as a result of this decision despite the absence of the government’s need for this rise.   aynaliraqnews.com

Butterfly    A significant decrease in the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar

Thursday 15 April 2021 | 11:08 AM The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar on Thursday (April 15, 2021), according to the Iraqi Political Economic Center .

The sale price of the dollar is 148,250   The purchase price of the dollar is 147,250

The selling price of the dollar in the Iraqi market recorded, yesterday, Wednesday (April 14, 2021) 149,100 dinars for every 100 dollars in the selling price, while the purchase price was 149,000 dinars for every 100 dollars. aynaliraqnews.com

butterfly   $ 113 billion … Iraq’s internal and external debts

4-15-2021 Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to the Iraqi prime minister, said Thursday that his country’s internal and external debts amount to $ 113 billion, of which $ 40 billion is debt pending in favor of eight countries since the 1980s and 1990s.

Saleh added, in a statement to the official news agency, that “foreign debts on Iraq have accumulated due to the war on ISIS, and others are due to development projects provided by global funds worth 23 billion dollars, payable.”

The value of the public debt owed by Iraq constitutes 49.1 percent of the country’s GDP, estimated in 2020 at $ 230 billion.

Saleh explained that “the government has internal debts amounting to 50 billion dollars, in addition to outstanding debts of 8 countries, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait, worth 40 billion dollars … These countries refuse to write off their debts even though they are members of the Paris Club.”

The Paris Club is a grouping of countries and global financial institutions, founded in the 1950s, and its function is to provide financial loans to spare countries and entities the risk of bankruptcy.

butterfly   And a number of countries affiliated with the Paris Club decided in 2004 to write off 80 percent of their debts owed by Iraq since the 1990s, and reduce those debts from $ 38.9 billion to $ 7.8 billion.

The Iraqi official did not address the development of the public debt owed by his country during the past year, which witnessed a decline in income due to the drop in oil prices, the main source of income for the country, and compared it with 2019.

But in September 2020, Finance Minister Ali Allawi stated that the size of the public debt owed by his country was $ 133.3 billion, according to the previous exchange rate of 1183 dinars to the dollar, compared to 1450 currently.

And Iraq, the second largest producer of crude oil in OPEC, with an average daily production of 4.6 million barrels in normal conditions, far from the current production cut agreement by the (OPEC +) alliance.  rawabetcenter.com

Butterfly   A parliamentary bloc submits 14 recommendations to combat financial and administrative corruption

4/15/2021 13:23 [Baghdad-Where]   The National Approach bloc presented, on Thursday, 14 recommendations to combat financial and administrative corruption.

The head of the bloc, Ammar Tohme, said in a statement, “The culture and practices of selfishness in the positions of authority and the resulting appropriation of public capabilities and the spread of corruption have damaged the entire existence of the Iraqi state, and there must be a sincere and serious political will to combat the roots and ills of this phenomenon. sabotage, and supply a range of proposals useful in this area:

  1. publish and deepen the correct understanding of the responsibility of the management of public affairs and to include educational curricula Maarsch a sense of public responsibility.
  2. rule of law and strengthen the prestige of the state a fundamental element in the fight against corruption in all its forms and prevention and removal.
  3. strengthening Popular oversight and accountability committed to the constitution and the legal means and to benefit from their momentum to ensure the fulfillment of all stages of monitoring, prosecution and accountability for those involved in stealing public money.

butterfly   4. Adopting competence, integrity and patriotism as basic qualifications for those who stand up to assuming higher civilian and military positions.

  1. Submitting the final accounts for the past years as soon as possible to the Iraqi Parliament, and a commitment to present the following at the time specified by the law.
  2. Obliging all state ministries and institutions to declare their earmarked revenues and their disbursement resources along with all procedures and decisions related to spending in their official sites and within the reach of the public opinion as well as the competent supervisory authorities
  3. Forming specialized investigation teams to review and review all major contracts concluded by the ministries over the past years and strive to recover Stolen and wasted money.

butterfly  8. Activating the work of parliamentary committees and obligating them to study the budget of the ministries corresponding to their competence before preparing the budget and monitoring its implementation with quarterly reports submitted by the ministries to them on a quarterly basis indicating spending and its resources and the nature of contracts and the parties benefiting from privatization.

  1. Governance of the financial activity of state institutions in all its chapters, including procedures for collecting revenues, auctions of hard currency, and numbers of employees to form a clear and comprehensive picture of the paths of managing public money.
  2. Leaving the expenditures tab with vague, outline addresses that collect the necessary and other things, as it hinders monitoring and verification of the efficiency and safety of both allocations and spending.
  3. In parallel to these measures, the government must adhere to publishing the basics of revenue and spending addresses in an accessible manner that makes it easy for the general public to follow it up and know it, so it becomes an additional entry point to strengthen the broad control over public funds.
  4. The commitment of all ministries and state institutions to publish the stages of preparing large and important contracts, especially those related to managing oil and gas wealth, such as oil licensing contracts, regional contracts with foreign companies, major service contracts, and how to make decisions, controls and standards that have been adopted so that they are all accessible to scientific elites, civil society organizations, and public opinion in general. .
  5. The officials of the regulatory authorities are appointed according to a mechanism that takes into account career progression, fair history, and competence witnessed in combating corruption, and the termination of assigning these positions in the way of the agency that weakens the interlocutors to manage these sites.
  6. Commitment to fair, clear and strict standards in the distribution of national wealth to all Iraqis   alliraqnews.com

Butterfly    The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the attack that targeted Erbil International Airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq yesterday.

The ministry affirmed in a statement, “The kingdom’s categorical rejection of this treacherous attack that threatens the stability of Iraq and the region, and the safety of air navigation there, and in a way that undermines the efforts of the international coalition to help Iraq fight terrorism.”

The ministry stressed that Saudi Arabia fully stands with the brotherly Republic of Iraq in the measures it takes to protect its security, and affirms the Kingdom’s position that rejects all forms of violence, terrorism and extremism . Thursday 15, April 2021 23:59

Butterfly   Now that is good news. They are getting from all the surrounding countries.

Butterfly   15th April 2021 in Construction & Engineering In Iraq

Multidisciplinary consultancy Khatib & Alami has completed the design for a new land port in Safwan, Basra, at the border between the Republic of Iraq and the State of Kuwait.

Subject to authority approvals, the project will enhance the passage of commercial goods and people by increasing capacity to around 1,000 vehicles per day, with the seamless separation of traffic between commercial goods and travelers.

The final designs and plans for the circa 727,500 m² site include industry-leading technologies for customs transactions and goods clearance. These will improve the experience of travelers, increase the efficiency of customs revenue collection and reduce overcrowding, while maintaining preventive health measures.

Fadi Tannir, K&A’s project manager for the new land port, says:

“This is a strategically important project for Basra Governorate which will stimulate economic growth and long-term prosperity in southern Iraq, while energizing tourism activity between Iraq and other Gulf countries.

“Our design will transform the Safwan border crossing, introducing much-needed infrastructure to enable the swift and efficient entry and exit of goods and people, taking advantage of best practice systems and technologies.”

The Safwan Land Port is among several high profile infrastructure projects being undertaken by K&A on behalf of Basra Governorate. This includes critical water projects which will significantly improve the resilience of the water system, including access to safe drinking water throughout the region. K&A has maintained an active presence in Iraq for almost 15 years.   (Source: Khatib & Alami)

Sheila   Article: “Biden Declares National Emergency” — https://americasfreedomfighters.com/biden-declares-national/

Sheila   @TWW good evening

TWW  sheila good evening

@TWW watching patriotic videos… no longer dems or repubs… patriots or traitors – what a concept!

TWW sheila well the budget was pass…now what do u think is next to happen??????

Sheila TWW waiting for the “good to go” from those really in control… waiting is the hardest part

TWW    Sounded like the gurus was say,”once the budget is passed, have ur bags pcked & got home rich….hummmmmm

TWW *go home rich

sheila  TWW sometimes there is “cure” time in international law. 3-7-10 days… only know the Swiss would not have gone to do contracts with Iraq unless everything was ready to go and safe to do business there.

Sheila  @TWW and could be 30, 60, 90 days? who knows? sitting back hoping, praying.

TWW  2 yrs lololol

Sheila   TWW hope not.

Sheila   TWW with Biden declaring National Emergency on Russia… guess they miss being at war. All wars are bankers

Sheila   All wars only benefit bankers on both sides.  @TWW Time for that ** to stop.

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