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Butterfly   The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, confirmed that: The amounts of the Saudi-Emirati Development Fund will be spent to finance income-generating projects.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / that: The fund amounted to $ 6 billion equally from the two countries, and it will contribute to providing many job opportunities, indicating that: Investment projects according to this fund will be profitable while ensuring the existence of markets for the disposal of their products regionally, Arably and internationally.

The Prime Minister visited each of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, respectively, during which he signed a number of agreements that included the two countries allocating an amount of 3 billion each according to a development fund to finance investment projects.

butterfly   The independent representative, Mansour Al-Baiji, was surprised at the Minister of Finance’s insistence on imposing his opinion by submitting a request to the Cabinet to impose a withholding tax on the salaries of employees after the House of Representatives voted to cancel this paragraph that affects the salaries of employees in the current year’s budget, and it was canceled.

Al-Baiji said in a press statement: “The Minister of Finance should leave the salaries of employees and never touch them, especially since oil prices have recovered and have risen greatly, and there is no reason to re-request the imposition of a tax on employees’ salaries because it is unacceptable and we will not allow it at all.”

butterfly     He added: “The presidency of the parliament must intervene quickly and say its final word regarding deduction from the salaries of employees and not allow deduction of one dinar from salaries because any deduction after the parliament voted to cancel it is a blow to the law and the constitution that gave Parliament powers to amend laws, and this step cannot be allowed after it voted Al-

Baiji continued: “The government should not rely on the salaries of employees in every financial crisis that the country is exposed to, and it must find appropriate solutions away from the salaries of employees because it is not possible for the employee’s salary to be subject to every financial crisis that our country is going through.

” : “We will not accept or allow any deduction on the salaries of employees for any reason, especially after the exchange rate of the dollar that has hurt all the Iraqi people has been raised. Therefore, the government must stand with its people and not work against it.”

butterfly  The exchange rate of the dollar rose in the local market today, Sunday.

The central Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya Stock Exchange in Baghdad recorded 147.950 thousand dinars for $ 100 each.

The selling and buying prices increased in the exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 148,500 thousand dinars, and the purchase price reached 147,500 thousand dinars per $ 100.

butterfly  The Election Commission confirmed that: The scheduled date for holding the parliamentary elections will be on October 10, this is inevitable and irreversible. And she added: The Electoral Commission is currently working to delete the data of deceased voters from the voters ’registry and destroy their 97,000 cards. Based on the update of the Iraqi voter in cases of deletion of the deceased, and in coordination with the Ministries of Health and Trade, in counting the numbers of deceased voters.

The Commission stated in its weekly speech today: The updating process of voter data resulted in (1,733,030) voters updated with their data, including the displaced voters, who reached (27771) voters, thus the number of registered voters would be (16,311,965) voters, as well as the distribution of cards.

Biometrics for the voters, which amounted to (13,755,061) cards, and the modernization process was carried out with the presence of (4,944) observers from local civil society organizations and (7,432) representatives of political parties and organizations.

butterfly   She explained: The Board of Commissioners issued a court decision to standardize the period for receiving candidate lists with the registration of political alliances until 1/5/2021, and with the election commission continuing with the process of registering political parties and organizations, founding licenses were granted to (253) political parties, and the number of registration requests reached Parties that are under establishment have about (63) applications, while the number of requests for parties that expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections reached (118) parties, and (11) coalitions expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming elections out of (32) approved political coalitions. , And (12) alliances are on record.

butterfly   Regarding the individual candidates, the Commission continued: Their number reached (478) candidates, including (5) candidates from the Yazidi component, (8) others from the Sabian Mandaean component, (9) candidates from the Kurdish Faili component, and (7) candidates from the Christian component. , Including (140) candidates from political parties, and (4) candidates from political alliances.

As part of the commission’s preparations for polling day, it worked to develop an action plan for conducting a simulation of the voting process through which the work of all electronic devices used on the actual election day (results acceleration devices, electronic verification devices and results transmitters) are examined by the examining company under the supervision of the technical committees in the Elections Commission. And in the presence of representatives of the United Nations Office of Electoral Assistance (UNAMI), to ensure its speed and accuracy of work on polling day.

butterfly  Member of Parliament for the Saeron Alliance, Riyad Al-Masoudi, affirmed that: The Iraqi decision is not purely governmental because of the nature of the political system.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / that: The political decision in Iraq regarding the strategic dialogue with the United States .. is not a purely governmental decision, but rather a decision that represents a group of political blocs according to the nature of the political system and in accordance with the constitution.

Al-Masoudi added that: These blocs differ in visions, tools and methodology. Therefore, America delivers messages directly to the government, and the latter is delivering these messages to political forces in another way, directly or indirectly.

He explained that: The United States, in its dialogue last June, and this month conveyed messages about its goals, programs and strategy in Iraq in order to listen to the government’s point of view and convey it to other political blocs except for some of them that have a clear position on the American presence, such as the Saeron Alliance.

Al-Masoudi added that: The government cannot give a definitive and final decision without referring to the active political blocs, whether at the level of strategic dialogue or any other matters that have a direct or indirect impact on politics and the Iraqi interior and its relations with the world.

butterfly  The National Approach / Parliamentary Bloc revealed a mismatch between the general budget law’s tables between the one who voted in the House of Representatives and the one published in the Official Gazette, and called on the Presidency of Parliament to investigate and explain the reasons for this error in the mismatch between some of the publication in the facts and the one who voted It is the House of Representatives.

And the bloc included, in a press release, a summary of five notes, in which it called for the re-publication and correction of the budget law with the attached tables that have been amended by Parliament, and not the ones proposed by the government in the leaked budget.

  1. In the first article, the written text mentions estimates of budget revenues in the amount of approximately (101) trillion dinars, and in the same article it is indicated by the phrase (as indicated in Table A-) attached to this law .. But the total revenues mentioned in the attached Schedule (A) are recorded at an amount. (93) trillion dinars only, and this discrepancy between what is mentioned in Article 1 in writing of revenue estimates and what is mentioned in Table (A) Appendix requires a correction according to what Parliament voted in this article.

butterfly   2. Article (2) First -1 – The written text states that operating expenditures amount to (90.5) ninety trillion five hundred billion dinars, distributed according to field (1,2,3) of Table (B), and when table (B) is revised You find that the sum of this amount is only in field (1) titled Total Operational, while field (2) refers to another amount (almost 9) trillion in the title of indebtedness, and field (3) in the table indicates the amount of (Special programs approximately (1,2)) Trillion.

  1. Two tables attached to the texts of the written budget law have been published, one of which matches the texts written in the budget law with total expenditures (129.9) trillion dinars, and there is another appendix table showing the details of what is mentioned in the leaked budget, which estimated the spending at that time at an amount of (164) trillion dinars, which was imposed.

That the schedule corresponds with its numbers to be published with the texts of the written budget voted by Parliament, and the tables proposed by the government that were expressing texts and materials amended by Parliament and canceled some of them are deleted.

  1. The existence of tables within the published law is understood to be part of that law. The maintenance of the tables that express the numbers of the leaked budget with total expenditures of (164) trillion dinars despite its amendment and the parliament’s vote to reduce its amounts to a total of (129.9) trillion dinars will make it In the strength of other schedules, we therefore call for the redeployment and correction of the budget law with the attached tables that have been amended by Parliament and not the ones proposed by the government in the leaked budget.

butterfly   5. The presence of the phrase (Cabinet Amendment Scenario) at the top of the page in which the table is published in the amount of (164) trillion does not eliminate the problems, because publishing it in the Al Waqi’a newspaper is understood from it that it has obtained the legislative decision and approval.

butterfly   2021-04-18 05:42Shafaq News/ The Central Bank of Iraq sales of hard currency dipped today, Sunday, compared to last Thursday.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent reported that CBI sales at the Foreign Exchange Auctions registered a 4.65% decline in its sales to settle at $196,482,000, compared to $205,455,296 on Monday. The weighted average rate of the dinar to the U.S. dollar amounted to 1460.

Our correspondent explained that ten banks, nine banking companies, and 155 mediation companies cashed $8.75 million, while $188.092 million went to boost funds abroad in the form of transfers and credits, with 29 banks meeting those requests.

butterfly  2021-04-18 05:12   Shafaq News/ Iraq eschewed the British Treasury’s list of high-risk countries, according to the decision 392 of 2021.

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) said in a press release today, Sunday, that the HM treasury decision reflects the CBI’s efforts to cherish a business environment that respects the money laundering and terrorism financing international norms.

CBI said that UK adopted the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations for categorizing high-risk jurisdictions subject to a Call for Action for having significant strategic deficiencies in their regimes to counter money laundering, terrorist financing, and financing of proliferation.

The Central Bank said that Iraq’s non-appearance on this list is an approbation for the country’s financial system, indicating that the decision has a positive impact upon the commercial business between Iraq and UK and bolsters financial operations between both countries.

butterfly   2021-04-17 16:42   Shafaq News/ A source in the Iraqi Ministry of Justice explained on Saturday the reason behind the delay in publishing the approved budget law.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that after approving the budget in the Parliament, President Barham Salih Ratified the law on April 8. “However, the Presidium forwarded the budget law to the Ministry of Justice only on Tuesday earlier this week.”

“The budget will be published in the Official Gazette on Sunday or Monday,” he added.

butterfly   2021-04-18 03:00   Shafaq News/ A special security force arrested earlier today, Sunday, the head of al-Hal party, Jamal al-Karboli.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that al-Karboli and his brother, Loay, were apprehended in al-Yarmouk area, Baghdad, at dawn over charges of corruption.

The source said that the operation was orchestrated by the Anti-Corruption Commission after obtaining arrest warrants from the Judiciary.


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butterfly   Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met with the President of the Federal Supreme Court, Judge Jassim Muhammad Abboud, members of the court, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zaidan, in two separate meetings.

The Supreme Judicial Council stated, in a press statement: “The President of the Federal Supreme Court, Judge Jasim Muhammad Abboud, received Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Prime Minister, who congratulated the President, Vice President and members of the Court on the occasion of their assumption of their positions.”

He added, “The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zaidan, received Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and discussed joint efforts in the field of combating corruption and organized crime, in the presence of the deputies of the President of the Court of Cassation, the Chief Public Prosecutor and the Head of Judicial Supervision.”

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Butterfly   Iran, Saudi Arabia said holding direct talks to mend regional rift

5 years after diplomatic ties were severed, contacts reportedly resume in Iraq to end Yemen civil war, restore relations

By TOI STAFF and AGENCIES   Today, 5:44 pm

Five years after severing diplomatic ties, Iran and Saudi Arabia have reportedly been holding direct talks in Baghdad to mend relations and end the Yemen civil war.

A Financial Times report on Sunday, which cited three officials familiar with the negotiations, said a first round of talks was held on April 9, with additional discussions slated for next week.

The talks were described as positive.

butterfly  “It’s moving faster because the US talks are moving faster and [because of] the Houthi attacks,” an unnamed official said, referring to indirect negotiations between the Biden administration and Tehran over its nuclear program, and stepped-up attacks on Saudi Arabia by Iran-backed rebels in Yemen, respectively.

However, according to the Reuters news agency, which cited several officials from both sides, no breakthrough was reached.

“This was a low-level meeting to explore whether there might be a way to ease ongoing tensions in the region,” an Iranian official told Reuters, adding that the meeting was urged by Iraq.

butterfly  A Western diplomat in the region told Reuters that the United States and Britain were informed in advance of the Saudi-Iran meeting.

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic relations with Iran following 2016 attacks by demonstrators on its missions in Iran after the kingdom executed revered Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

The reported direct talks come amid an international and regional diplomatic push to end the Yemen conflict.

Saudi Arabia and the Biden administration have recently offered separate ceasefire proposals. The Iran-backed Houthis, however, turned them down.

Since US President Joe Biden took office, his administration reversed a decision by his predecessor Donald Trump naming the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization, allowing American aid to flow into rebel-held territory. He also ended US support for the Saudis in the war.

butterfly  The conflict in Yemen began with the 2014 takeover of the capital Sanaa by the Houthis. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the rebels since March 2015.

The war in Yemen has spawned the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, leaving millions suffering from food and medical shortages. It has killed some 130,000 people, including fighters and civilians, according to a database project that tracks the violence.

The Iranian-backed rebels have also recently stepped up their cross-border attacks by missiles and explosive-laden drones on Saudi Arabia.

Since severing ties with Iran, Saudi Arabia has also fostered its covert ties with Israel over shared concerns about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and regional aspirations.

butterfly   Iran to receive arrears from Iraq: Official Tehran, April 18, IRNA – Iraq has reached settlement on payment of arrears to Iran but the process takes about a month before trade between the two neighboring countries returns to normal, said the co-chairman of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce.

The agreement was reached in early March, said Hamid Hosseini speaking to IRNA.

Hosseini said that Iraq has been given exemption and can pay back its debts to Iran regardless of the sanctions.

He added that following the talks between Iran and Trade Bank of Iraq, the bank announced that Iranian traders can continue their trade with the blocked money.

Hosseini went on to say that Iranian and Iraqi companies could cooperate with each other with Euros, dollars, or dinars.

According to the instructions, Iranian companies can make their purchases from Iraq and when the goods enter the international waters 90% and when the goods are being unloaded 10% of the Iranian money blocked in the Iraqi bank will be freed.

butterfly In the first 11 months of the Iranian year 1399 (ending on March 20), Iran exported 103.090 million tons of goods with the value of $31.198 billion and imported 30.818 million tons of goods with the value of $34.321 billion.

Iraq stands second among trade partners of Iran. Iran exported 1.57 million tons of goods with the value of $477 million to its western neighbor in the 11-month period.

Governor of Central Bank of Iran Abdonnasser Hemmati has announced that Iranian money in Iraqi is about five billion dollars.

Butterfly   Sunday 18, April 2021 18:30 The Presidency of the House of Representatives, in cooperation and coordination with the Regional and Governorates Affairs Committee, will hold a regular joint meeting with the governors tomorrow, to discuss the implementation of the 2021 General Budget Law and the most important financial and planning problems facing the governorates.

Butterfly   Discussion on implementation stages of the White Paper

18 Apr 2021 – 12:39 pm Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance Dr. Ali Allawi discusses with representatives of ministries & relevant authorities the stages of implementing the White Paper for economic & financial reform, to ensure that the reform programme proceeds according to the approved plans.

Butterfly   Could Iraq emerge as a regional hub for conflict mediation?

Prime minister Al Kadhimi is trying to change the country’s position from being a victim of foreign meddling to a forum of cooperation April 18, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, visit the historical city Ad Diriyah on the outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia March 31, 2021. Bandar Algaloud/Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS PICTURE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY

Despite it own internal troubles, Iraq could emerge as a potential hub for conflict mediation. That was the view of Western diplomatic and Iraqi government sources speaking to The National who claimed that Iraq was hosting meetings with diplomats from Iran and regional powers to discuss de-escalating tensions.

Jordan and Egypt were allegedly involved in meetings in Baghdad with Iranian officials. Saudi Arabian officials told Arabic media outlets they had not been involved in any meeting in Iraq, although one western diplomat and one Iraqi official told The National that all meetings had occurred in Baghdad.

Saudi government officials have currently not responded to a request for comment from The National.

Meetings “focused on reducing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” a Western diplomat who was briefed on the talks told The National.

Those involved in the discussions were “senior officials, rather than ministers,” said the diplomat.

butterfly   Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al Kadhimi, led the discussions, the source added.

An Iraqi government source also confirmed the talks.

“Baghdad did indeed host talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran earlier this month,” he said.

“This is in Iraq’s interest.”

Last Saturday Mr Al Kadhimi held talks with religious scholars and said Iraq is “playing a historic role in bringing together and aligning regional views.”

“We must all work together to restore the prestige of the state through reconstruction,” he said.

This view chimes with an unconfirmed prior effort by Iraq to mediate regional disputes, under the government of Prime Minister Haidar Al Abadi.

Prime minister Al Kadhimi is trying to change the country’s position from being a victim of foreign meddling to a forum of cooperation

Jordan and Egypt were allegedly involved in meetings in Baghdad with Iranian officials. Saudi Arabian officials told Arabic media outlets they had not been involved in any meeting in Iraq, although one western diplomat and one Iraqi official told The National that all meetings had occurred in Baghdad.

Saudi government officials have currently not responded to a request for comment from The National.

Meetings “focused on reducing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” a Western diplomat who was briefed on the talks told The National.  Those involved in the discussions were “senior officials, rather than ministers,” said the diplomat.     Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al Kadhimi, led the discussions, the source added.

In August 2017, former Interior Minister Qasim Al Araji, who was once a member of the Iran-backed Badr Organisation, returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia where he met Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

“Calm and stability and the return of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia will have positive repercussions on the region as a whole,” he told Iraqi news publication Al Ghadeer.

The talks in the Iraqi capital came weeks before the start of talks in Europe aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

butterfly  Iran agreed to strict limits on enrichment and international inspections by the UN atomic energy body in exchange for lifting international sanctions.

US President Joe Biden has said he wants to revive the Iran nuclear deal that then-president Donald Trump withdrew from in 2018.

The talks made progress in Vienna last week, officials from Europe, Iran and China all said, but there is still some way to go.

Iran wants the US to drop sanctions brought in since Mr Trump quit the deal before it will return to compliance with its 2015 obligations while Washington insists Iran must cut enrichment and stockpiles before it will ease pressure.

In late March and early April, Mr Al Kadhimi visited Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to boost economic, political and social relations with Gulf states.

Iraq has close ties to Iran but Mr Al Khadimi’s push to improve links to the Gulf has placed it in a strong neutral position between Tehran and Riyadh who can both entrust it with such meetings of officials, a European diplomat in Iraq told The National.

But there must be “a political will to unfreeze their relations” for there to be tangible changes, the diplomat said.

butterfly   “It could be an important development for the region and for Iraq itself,” said the diplomat.   Baghdad has been working to restore ties with its regional neighbours since the US-led invasion of 2003.

Senior Iraqi, Jordanian and Egyptian ministers have met several times in recent months to discuss security, economic and cultural ties.   Published: April 18, 2021 06:20 PM

I J B   Florida to Allow Citizens to Shoot Rioters & Looters Who Target Their Property

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drafts ‘anti-mob’ legislation to protect local businesses,- Florida is moving to allow citizens to shoot rioters and looters who target their property and businesses.Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has drafted new “anti-mob” legislation to protect local businesses from attack during riots.

The move expands the state’s Stand Your Ground law and will give additional powers to citizens.Critics argue the laws would allow armed citizens to shoot and potentially kill anyone they suspect of looting, however.DeSantis’s newest legislation comes in response to months of Black LivesMatter and Antifa-led rioting this summer in Florida and across the U.S.

butterfly  Iraq inaugurates 500MW power facility in the country’s south

The Samawa project in Al Muthanna governorate is the first utility-scale project in the province since 1975 Iraqi prime minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi inaugurated a 500 megawatt power plant in the country’s south on Sunday, as Opec’s second-largest producer revamps its electricity grid.

The plant, built by American multinational General Electric’s power division, is the first utility-scale unit to be built in Al Muthanna governorate since 1975. The plant currently works on the basis of a simple cycle. During the second phase of the Samawa project, the facility will be converted to a combined-cycle power plant with the capacity to generate 750MW of electricity, Ahmed Al Abadi, a spokesman for Iraq’s ministry of electricity, said in a statement.

“Looking ahead, we know that Iraq still needs to add more power capacity. To that end, we are in the process of commencing work on the second phase of the Samawa project,” he added.

Rebuilding Iraq’s power infrastructure is a critical priority for the government. Disruptions to electrical supply have prompted protests against the government, particularly during summer months, when temperatures can reach as high as 50 degrees Celsius. GE is implementing 14 gigawatts worth of power projects in Iraq as part of a strategic overhaul of the country’s utility sector.

butterfly  Last week, Iraq’s ministry of finance, GE and backers including the UAE’s Etihad Credit Insurance reached financial close on critical power infrastructure rehabilitation projects covering seven plants in the country.

The US multinational will provide capital, spare parts, repairs and services to the Qudus, Khairat, Baghdad South, Hilla, Mussayab, Haidariya and Karbala power plants to help maintain more reliable generation of up to 2.7 gigawatts of electrical power. The power infrastructure will be supported by GE’s operations in the UAE.

The multinational is already carrying out rehabilitation work at Mosul’s Al Qayara power plant, Iraq’s largest combined cycle plant, Besmaya in the centre of the country as well as works at the southern Najibiya power plant.

“We realise that a lot more work still needs to be done to meet Iraq’s growing energy needs and we are committed to help power the country forward with industry-leading technologies, global experts, talented local employees, and investments in community development efforts,” Joseph Anis, president and chief executive of GE Gas Power Europe, Middle East, and Africa, said.    Updated: April 18, 2021 01:59 PM

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