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Butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 10:06 MP Hisham Al-Suhail affirmed that: The results of any positive meeting between Saudi Arabia and Iran will positively affect the stability of Iraq.   He told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that: The meeting reminded us that Iraq had begun to restore its normal position among the countries of the region.

He added that: The meeting of two different large countries neighboring Iraq is the biggest proof of the success of Iraqi diplomacy in bringing the parties together.  Al-Suhail expressed his wishes that these meetings would yield fruitful results that would positively affect the stability of Iraq.

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 11:36 The Governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi, announced two major projects in the current year 2021 budget, confirming the suspension of the contract for the international highway investment project, Trebil – Amman.

Al-Dulaimi said, in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that “the 2021 general budget included two main projects, the first of which is the international airport project and 100 billion dinars were allocated to it, and the other is the rehabilitation project of the old gray-al-Qaim road, 60 billion dinars have been allocated to it, and we will proceed to refer them to solid companies.” To implement the work, “noting that” Anbar’s share of the regions’ development is 60 billion dinars, and we have other important projects, including the industrial zone and free zones. ”

butterfly  He added that “all the allocations are modest and this budget does not meet the ambition, because we need the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance to provide funding for projects that have been stalled for more than six months, and therefore we have requested the speed of financing the stalled projects.” What requires speedy coordination with the Ministries of Finance and Planning for the sustainability of work.

And on the contract for the investment project of the international highway Trebil-Amman, the governor of Anbar explained, “The project was referred to an international company that did not complete the procedures due to the failure to sign the contract with the Ministry of Construction for more than two years, and the project has stopped until now.”

butterfly   Mastercard, CBI to Promote Digital Payments in Iraq 20th April 2021 in Iraq Banking & Finance News Mastercard has signed a partnership agreement with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to digitize the country’s payment ecosystem in a bid to boost financial inclusion, encourage socio-economic development, mitigate the risks of a shadow economy and accelerate the advancement toward a cashless society.

According to a statement from the company, the partnership first aims to build an efficient, reliable, and secure payment ecosystem, starting with the education sector, and expanding into other sectors. “This will not only reduce the use of cash, promote the use of digital payments, and increase government revenues, but will also minimize sizeable operational and administrative inefficiencies in the education industry by reducing the overly manual processes”, it said.

Iraq’s population of 40 million people is largely cash-driven, with 99.8 percent of its $122 billion personal consumption expenditure made in cash in 20191. Despite that however, there is a large potential for digitization, as the country has a 70 percent smartphone penetration rate and 222 percent of the population fall within the young and tech savvy 15-24 years old age bracket3.

Furthermore, there is often very little choice in payment methods offered to parents and guardians with most students managing all their payments in cash. With neither parents nor students having bank accounts or using online payment services, it is critical to encourage a change in the way consumers pay school fees, since it can cause a ripple effect by impacting the entire payment ecosystem and economy.

Ms. Duha Abdul Kareem Mohammed, Director General for Payments Department at the Central Bank of Iraq, said:

butterfly   “The work that Mastercard has done in Iraq over the last few years has made a notable impact on the country’s financial service’s sector and driven greater levels of financial inclusion. At the Central Bank of Iraq, we clearly recognize that the digital economy has a vital role to play in that journey, especially in enabling formal economic growth through a new payment ecosystem that is transparent, simple, and effective. We are very much looking forward to working with Mastercard to advance Iraq’s digital transformation, beginning with the education sector.”

Khalid Elgibali, Division President MENA, Mastercard, said:

“Creating a digital payment ecosystem is critical, not only because it encourages economic development, but because there is also a demonstrable, negative relationship between cash use and the shadow economy. Our work with the Central Bank of Iraq will focus on improving overall efficiencies the economy, starting with the educational institutions by giving parents, students, and merchants a much safer, simpler, and more convenient way to pay.

This is only the start however, and we look forward to expanding into other sectors at a later stage, as we work to advance the full payment ecosystem and achieve financial inclusion in Iraq.”

The Mastercard partnership with CBI is a starting point that will allow for the development of a full digital ecosystem in Iraq, which will cover key pillars including the use of Public Policy and Regulation to curb the shadow economy, a wholesale modernization of the payment ecosystem, and the digitization of key value chains. Those include government collections and disbursement and peer-to-peer and consumer spending, as well as business purchases and salary payments.    (Source: Mastercard)

butterfly   Axens to support Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project 20th April 2021 in Iraq Oil & Gas News French-based Axens — part of the IFP Energies Nouvelles group — has said it is pleased to continue working with JGC Corporation on the Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi laid the foundation stone for the $4bn-project.

In a statement, the company said:

Part of Iraq’s Ministry of Oil, the state-owned South Refineries Company (SRC) executed the upgrading of its refinery located in Basrah, Iraq by implementing a new refining plant adjacent to the existing refinery facility. The Basrah Upgrading Project is now reaching the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phase carried out by JGC Corporation (JGC).

Axens is pleased to continue being involved in this important Iraqi project, which will increase the gasoline and diesel production along with other oil products, reducing the national refined products imports. The Basrah Upgrading Project will also improve oil refinery efficiency of the complete facility.

Different Axens’ technologies were selected and will be used:

a Diesel hydrotreatment unit (Prime-DTM)

a VGO Hydrotreating unit

a VGO FCC unit

an oligomerization unit (PolynaphthaTM)

butterfly   Thus, an integrated scheme around the FCC unit is implemented thanks to Axens’ unique position for a complete FCC suite of technologies from pre-treatment to post-treatment. The PolynaphthaTM technology downstream the FCC unit for oligomerization of light olefins aims at maximizing gasoline production.

With this award, another reference is added to the long list of more than 300 FCC projects. Industrial successes in this domain keep the FCC Alliance as a global leader with a track record of 4 new grassroots FCC units started up in the past 4 years.

In addition, Axens will provide catalysts & adsorbents, key technology features such as proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services.

Jacques Rault, Conversion & clean fuels Business Line Director, Process Licensing at Axens, said:

“The Basrah refinery is expanding its operations by increasing its gasoline and diesel production while improving the fuels quality. This will help to solve one of the main challenges to lower national petroleum products imports revitalizing the Iraqi refining sector damaged by war and deterioration. South Refineries Company selected Axens for its wide and proven experience in refining as a partner to supply technologies but also to support throughout the whole project.”

braheem Al-Salihi, FCC Project Manager, South Refineries Company, said:

butterfly   “The Iraqi Ministry of Oil and the Southern Refineries Company with the support of the Japanese government represented by the JICA Organization are doing great work to complete the Basrah Refinery Development / FCC Project by adopting the latest technologies and designs provided by Axens. With the construction contract signed with the Japanese company JGC on October 1, 2020 and then activated on February 15, 2021, the project activities started according to the agreed schedule.

Among other developments, we are pleased to complete this vital and important project that supports the production of oil derivatives meeting international standards and environmental requirements adopted in this field and relieves the burden of oil products imports.”   (Source: Axens)

butterfly  UK Removes Iraq from List of “High-Risk Third Countries” 20th April 2021 in Investment, Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News, Security The United Kingdom has removed Iraq from the list of high-risk third countries for the purposes of money laundering legislation.

The new listing — “Schedule 3ZA” — does not include Iraq. This schedule replaces the list in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1675 of 14th July 2016 by identifying high-risk third countries with strategic deficiencies (“the CDR”).

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) welcomed the decision, saying:

“The fact that Iraq is not included in the list of high-risk countries is positively reflected in facilitating business and entering companies between the two countries, as well as supporting financial operations between the Iraqi banking sector and the United Kingdom.”  More here, here, here (Arabic) and here.  (Sources: UK Govt, Central Bank of Iraq)

Butterfly   2021-04-20 05:58   Shafaq News / Basra light and heavy crude oil prices declined today, Tuesday.

Basra light oil exports to Asia dropped to $66.48 a barrel by $0.05, or 0.07%, compared to last Thursday, while Basra heavy crude oil prices recorded $ 63.95 a barrel, a rise of 0.87%.

The Saudi Arabian Light scored $66.17 a barrel, while the Emirati Murban scored $65.48 a barrel, followed by the Algerian Saharan blend at $65.49 a barrel, Nigerian Bonny Light at $65.17, and Angola’s Girrasol at $65.78.

International crude prices notched up, with Brent crude closing at $67.73 and US West Texas crude at $64.14.

butterfly   2021-04-20 05:14  Shafaq News / China’s Sinopec has won a contract to develop Mansuriya gas field, the oil ministry said on Tuesday.

The Field is originally granted in 2010 to Turkey’s TPAO (37.5%) and group of Oil Exploration Company (25%), Kuwait Energy (KEC) (22.5%), Kogas (15%), the contract was reported to have been cancelled in 2020.

Mansuriya field, located in Diyala Governorate near the Iranian border, 50 kilometres northeast of Baqubah city, is 20 kilometers long and 3 to 4 kilometers wide.

butterfly  2021-04-20 04:55  Shafaq News/ The Central Bank of Iraq sales of hard currency declined to $203 million today, Tuesday.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent reported that CBI sales at the Foreign Exchange Auctions registered a 2.7% decline in its sales to settle at 203,654,124 dollars, compared to 209,454,659 dollars yesterday. The weighed average rate of the dinar to the U.S. dollar amounted to 1460.

Our correspondent explained that 18 banks and 18 exchange companies cashed $18.12 million, while $185,444,124 went to boost funds abroad in the form of transfers and credits, with 31 banks meeting those requests.

butterfly   2021-04-20 02:36  Shafaq News/ Dana Gas, the Middle East’s largest regional private sector natural gas company, announces that year-to-date Pearl Petroleum has received $151 million from the sale of gas, condensate, and LPG in the Kurdistan Region. All invoices from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) continue to be settled in full and in a timely manner.

Dana Gas is a 35% shareholder in Pearl Petroleum and accordingly its share of Kurdistan Region’s collections year-to-date is $53 million (AED 194 million). Of Pearl Petroleum’s total collections this year, $24.6 million was received in respect of overdue receivables, of which Dana Gas’s share was $8.6 million. Pearl Petroleum’s overdue receivables from the region stand at $42 million following the most recent payment, with Dana Gas’s share at $14.8 million.

At the current oil prices, the balance of Kurdistan overdue receivable is expected to be settled during the third quarter of this year.

A significant production increase in the region occurred in the fourth quarter of 2020 after the Khor Mor by-pass debottlenecking project was completed in July. The Company has continued to deliver solid operational performance in the first three months of 2021.

Gross gas production in Kurdistan increased by 12% to an average of 439 MMscf/d in the first quarter compared to 391 MMscf/d in the same period last year. This helped contribute to a 9% increase in total Group production to 35,300 boepd in the first quarter of 2021 versus 32,400 boepd in the first three months of 2020.

butterfly   Dr. Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO, Dana Gas, said: “We are very pleased with the robust performance from our assets in the Kurdistan Region in the first three months of the year, which at current oil prices will have a very positive impact on our profitability. Given the Kurdistan Regional Government’s continued commitment to pay down past receivables, we expect to receive the balance of overdue receivables from the KRI mid-year or shortly thereafter.

Our achievements in increasing our production from the Kurdistan Region over the past year and the sustained collections record give us confidence in the continuing investments we are making in our future growth plans.”

butterfly   2021-04-20 05:39    Shafaq News / Iraq’s Security Media Cell announced, on Tuesday, the seizure of IEDs and missiles from ISIS remnants in separate operations.

The Cell said in a statement “a joint force from Al-Anbar Operations Command found weapons and ammunition if ISIS remnants in the Al-Karya Al-Asriyah village, and the Al-Shehabi Al-Oula area within Al-Karma district, they composed of IEDs, RBGs, mortars and others.”

Meanwhile, “a force from the West Nineveh Operations Command and another force in Kirkuk conducted two separate operations within their control areas, where mortars and a Katyusha missile were found.”

All weapons and ammunition were detonated by the specialized teams.

In another context, a force from the 1st regiment in the 20th Division arrested two ISIS members tried to cross the Syrian borders towards Iraqi territory.

butterfly   2021-04-20 04:48   Shafaq News / the Iraqi Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant against the former Director-General of the Health Department in Babel Governorate, and an order of summoning against a former governor

The Commission stated that the two orders were issued against the two officials based on of Article (340) of the Penal Code for wasting public money.

It’s noteworthy that the judiciary had issued multiple arrest warrants and summoning orders against local officials including governors, general directors for wasting public money.

butterfly   2021-04-20 03:37  Shafaq News/ Today, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, the Dinar/Dollar exchange rates retracted after a surge over the past two days.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that Al-Kifah and al-Harithiya Central Exchanges are trading the 100 US dollar at 147800 Iraqi Dinars, compared to 148100 dinars yesterday.

Our correspondent added that today’s selling and buying prices in the local markets dropped to 148,250 and 147,250 dinars per 100 dollars.

In the capital of the Kurdistan Region, Erbil, the US buying and selling prices also dropped to 148,200 and 148,000, respectively.

Observers attributed this decline to the sums the Central Bank of Iraq injected into the market via the currency auction.

butterfly   2021-04-20 06:09   Shafaq News / the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested on Tuesday ten people on charges of corruption and exploiting public office.

SDF media center announced in a statement the detention of ten officials who work in SDF institutions in Qamishli and Hasakah on charges involving bribery, forgery and theft.

Last week, the SDF arrested also 10 other people on the same charges.

It is noteworthy that the SDF launched a campaign against corruption within its institutions in northeastern Syria.

butterfly   2021-04-20 05:32   Shafaq News/ The Parliament of the Kurdistan Region approved today, Tuesday, a draft for the law of buying and selling oil derivatives in the region.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that 97 MPs convened today in the Parliament and voted by majority to pass the bill.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Rewaz Faiq, congratulated the people of Kurdistan on this occasion, “Kurdistan Regional Government shall issue the instructions of the law as soon as possible.”

butterfly   2021-04-19 12:52  Shafaq News / Kurdistan’s President, Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday, sent a message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres and the member states of the UN Security Council.

A statement by the Region’s presidency said the Kurdish president demanded from the United Nations to give its special envoy to Iraq greater powers and a wider role in mediating between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to address the problems, especially the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution, the oil and sharing the revenues.

Barzani expressed support to the federal government’s request for the UN Security Council to observe the Iraqi elections to make sure that the upcoming will be conducted without violations.

The President also demanded that the text of the new draft resolution in the UN Security Council on Iraq to include official support for the implementation of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the budget and negotiations on all pending problems.

In addition, Barzani asked for more humanitarian aid and greater support for the displaced in Kurdistan for improving their life conditions in the camps.

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butterfly   AND then he followed up saying…………we take an oath to the Constitution, not to any president.

Doug_W   amen

butterfly   I never grew up with military. My other brother was in the Army, and I was too young to understand any of how the military works/functions, but I learned a lot since my grandson got involved. My father could not join because he had a heart murmur.

butterfly  Just like every other organization, there are bad and their are good. I found the military has more good than the bad. They are there to protect our sorry asses whether we want the protection or not.

butterfly   It takes a lot for a person to volunteer and have someone tell them what they are going to do every waking hour.

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butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 14:32 The Federal Public Service Council approved, today, Tuesday, the appointment of those covered by the law on the graduation of medical and health professions.

The Service Council stated in a statement received by the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / a copy of it: “The Federal Public Service Council approved, in its tenth session, the appointment of those covered by the amended Medical and Health Professions Law No. 6 of 2000 covered by the provisions of Article (1 / Third and Fourth) of the law. The mention of the above for the year (2018-2019) .

butterfly Tuesday 20, April 2021 14:59 Parliamentary circles criticized the mistakes in the tables of the General Budget Law 2021 published in the Iraqi Official Gazette, while other circles revealed corruption indicators in adding allocations to contract with social researchers to the Ministry of Labor.

Representatives spoke to the correspondent of the Iraqi National News Agency, “The work committee asked the Parliamentary Finance Committee to add 1000 degrees to contract with social researchers for the Ministry of Labor owners after increasing the financial allocations, but this proposal was rejected during the voting session on the budget law.”

The deputies added that “the budget tables that were published in the official Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqa’yat included adding the degrees of social researchers to the Ministry of Labor, noting that these grades could not be added, as they were dropped by a vote in the House of Representatives.”

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 09:11 The newspapers published today, Tuesday, April 20th, are concerned with preparing for the upcoming elections and implementing the budget. Al-Zawraa newspaper, issued by the Syndicate of Journalists, is concerned with the election issue and quoted the spokesperson of the Commission, Jumana Al-Ghalai, as saying that the Election Commission renews its commitment to fulfilling the tasks entrusted to it by conducting transparent elections. Fair and impartial, satisfactory and acceptable to the electorate and the international community. Confirmed: The schedule ed date for holding parliamentary elections on 10/10/2021 is an inevitable and irreversible date.

adding: The commission launched since 2/1/2021 in the first stages of the electoral process, represented by the biometric voter registry update phase, which lasted for more than (3) months, which is the longest. A period compared with previous electoral entitlements, pointing out: The Commission sought, in its work during the period of updating the voter register, to provide the opportunity to register the largest possible number of voters, and accordingly the Board of Commissioners issued a decision not to extend the update period, as the Commission is committed to the schedule of operations and timelines, which must be All its clauses are implemented until the day of the general poll.

butterfly   She explained: The updating process is linked to several sequential tasks, including the process of interrupting the registered voter data and sending it to the Spanish company “Andra” in charge of printing the biometric voter card, and thus the cards will be received centrally and distributed among the governorates’ electoral offices after conducting the examination process for the cards.

And she continued: As well as the process of distributing voters between polling stations and centers, to know the final numbers, on the basis of which a contract will be made to supply the logistical materials for each polling station and station.

It indicated: With the end of the period specified on 4/15/2021, the update process resulted in (1,733,030) voters updated with their data, including the displaced voters who reached (27771) voters, thus the number of registered biometrics becomes (16,311,965) voters. In addition to distributing the biometric cards among the voters, which numbered (13,755,061) cards, and the modernization process was carried out with the presence of (4,944) observers from local civil society organizations and (7,432) agents of political parties and organizations.

butterfly  She indicated: The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge Jalil Adnan Khalaf, signed with the Minister of Trade, a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions at the headquarters of the Ministry of Trade, to provide support to the Commission in the field of completing the elections and educating voters by publishing the media materials prepared by the Commission, which urges Participation in the polling day, by publishing it on the official websites of the ministry and its formations,

in addition to the joint cooperation between the Commission and the Ministry of Trade in the matter of exchanging data on the deceased and forming a central committee whose task is to set up a mechanism for electronic data exchange linked between the ration card base and the updated voter register database according to the biometric registration .

She pointed out: The Electoral Commission is currently working on deleting the data of deceased voters from the voters ’registry and destroying their 97,000 cards. Based on the update of the Iraqi voter in cases of deletion of the deceased, and in coordination with the Ministries of Health and Trade, in counting the numbers of deceased voters.

And she went on to say: As for the individual candidates, their number reached (478) candidates, including (5) candidates from the Yazidi component, (8) others from the Sabian Mandaean component, (9) candidates from the Kurdish Faili component, and (7) Candidates from the Christian component, including (140) candidates from political parties, and (4) candidates from political alliances

butterfly   She explained: And with the Elections Commission continuing the process of registering political parties and organizations, establishing licenses were granted to (253) political parties, and the number of registration requests for parties that are in the process of incorporation has reached about (63), while the number of requests from parties that have expressed their desire to participate has reached In the upcoming parliamentary elections (118) parties, and (11) coalitions expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming elections out of (32) approved political coalitions, and (12) coalitions are under registration.

. Al-Sabah newspaper was interested in implementing the budget and said that a meeting was held in the House of Representatives, yesterday, Monday, under the auspices of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, to follow up the implementation of the provisions of the state budget 2021, attended by the ministers of finance and planning, governors and a number of parliamentary committee heads and deputies, to see the most important financial problems And planning facing the provinces in implementing the projects

butterfly   . Al-Kaabi said: “The goal of the meeting and what has been achieved from previous meetings is to find a direct communication channel between the provincial administrations and the federal government, and through the legislative authority, in a way that everyone may overcome many obstacles, red tape and previous problems, and shorten Time to achieve the greatest possible benefit to citizens through the completion of service and investment projects that are related to the lives of citizens.

The First Vice President warned against “confronting the provincial administrations with political interference and the multiplicity of desires and parties benefiting from obstructing projects,” stressing, “We will not allow this year to repeat the experiences of past years, and we will directly monitor the implementation of service projects approved within the current year’s budget.

In addition, some provisions in the budget published in the official gazette recently provoked mixed reactions, and in this regard, a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Hussein Al-Oqabi, said: “Appealing against budget articles is an existing legal and constitutional right for any affected party who can challenge these articles before the court. Federal in the event of a violation of the constitutional law ».

In response to the hadiths about the difference between the version of the budget voted by Parliament and the version approved by the President of the Republic between the punitive: “There are errors in the budget in relation to the tables, especially since they are accurate numerical tables, and are considered effective according to the law after they are published in the Official Gazette, especially And that these tables have changed in reducing the amount of the budget, and what has been published by a major change.

butterfly   He promised that “it is wrong to publish without verification and without a digital process, because this is part of the law, and there must be an original copy that was voted on in Parliament and the tables that were amended by the government according to the amendment of Parliament, and that this reduction was voted Therefore, it leads to a change in tables and numbers, as we have a 25 percent reduction in the value of public expenditures, and it must be reduced in the tables and not remain as the government sent it, and this is a serious and unacceptable mistake .

In turn, the reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, explained that “the amount of expenditures in the budget has been reduced from 164 trillion dinars to 129.9 trillion dinars, and we have given powers to the Ministry of Finance to distribute them according to the tables and according to the ratios it sees, and this is part of the government’s work and not part of the work. House of Representatives or the Finance Committee ».

He pointed out that “any change can be appealed to the Federal Court,” noting that “voting is not carried out in parliament on the tables, but votes are taken on the numbers that are distributed among the tables, and this is within the work of the government and the Ministry of Finance.”

butterfly  Al-Zaman newspaper paid attention to the criticisms of MPs and specialists for the government’s approach to forcing citizens to vaccinate, and promised him a prerequisite for reviewing some institutions, including departments of the Ministry of Interior. He pointed out that (apart from the effectiveness, benefit or harm of the vaccine, it is an issue that is subject to global medical standards, and this is a matter that we leave its decision to the specialists, but what is

Deputy Uday Shaalan Abu Al-Joun called on Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanmi (to issue a decision to bear full responsibility legally and personally for any harm that befalls citizens after taking the Corona vaccine, especially after a decision by his ministry Requiring citizens to carry a vaccination card in the event that they refer to their departments),.

Nina in this matter is the transformation of the medical vaccine into a direction to force the citizen to take it, and link it to the daily transactions in state departments in a procedure and decision that we have not heard about in any country in the world),.

He continued, “The World Health Organization has explicitly declared that the forced imposition of the vaccine is not permissible, and therefore Iraq should not tweet outside the squadron in decisions that raise doubts and question marks behind the real intentions of them ) ./ ended

butterfly  The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided to postpone the session scheduled for Tuesday to Thursday due to the absence of a quorum.

Tuesday 20, April 2021 15:12  Ted Nugent tests positive for coronavirus he called fake: ‘I thought I was dying’ https://www.rawstory.com/ted-nugent-19/

butterfly   The right-wing rock musician revealed in a Facebook video that he is seriously ill with the potentially deadly virus he has insisted is fake or not very serious, reported Consequence of Sound.

“Everybody told me that I should not announce this,” Nugent says in the video. “I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days. I thought I was dying

Butterfly  Tuesday 20, April 2021 13:02 | The Operations Manager for Network Solutions at General Electric Company in the Arab Gulf and Iraq, Muhammad Banaudi, announced the completion of 3 transfer stations in the governorates of Baghdad and Karbala.

Bennoudi said in a statement that these stations were distributed by one to each of Zayouna and journalists in the capital Baghdad and another in the north of Karbala Governorate, indicating that work continued in these stations and in cooperation with the staff of the Ministry of Electricity and local companies even in light of the Corona pandemic and the accompanying health measures represented by a ban Touring and others, as the team took the highest safety standards to preserve the health of the engineers and working cadres.

He added that these stations will contribute to distributing electricity from their producing counterparts to cities, easing bottlenecks and increasing the stability of the network, which will positively affect the increase in electricity supply hours in the areas in which they are placed.

He explained that the network team of General Electric in Iraq had previously introduced three substations, namely Salman Pak, Al-Baladiyat and Al-Amari, and work is underway to build other stations to be inserted before next summer, to be ready to distribute energy during the hot months in Iraq.

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 16:18 The Ministry of Health in  the Kurdistan Region announced the registration of 6 deaths and 1151 new cases of the new Corona virus during the past 24 hours.

20 Apr 21, 08:28 AM butterfly  Tuesday 20, April 2021 16:27 The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, affirmed his government’s commitment to implementing the Federal Budget Law, and called on the federal government to fulfill its obligations towards the region, indicating that it had not sent any salaries to the region for ten months.

He expressed during a ministerial meeting his hope that the approval of the House of Representatives on the budget law would be a good start to find a radical solution to other outstanding issues on the basis of the constitution, especially the implementation of Article 140 and the normalization of conditions in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the regional government, and said that this would have a positive impact on security Iraq and its stability.

The Prime Minister highlighted the government’s reforms aimed at reorganizing and diversifying sources of income, reducing unnecessary expenditures, establishing transparency and reducing the waste of public wealth.

He also indicated that the Kurdistan Regional Government will provide all necessary facilities for foreign and local investors to develop investment in all fields.

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