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Butterfly   Reposting: Tuesday 20, April 2021 19:24 The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, affirmed the commitment of the Kurdistan region to implement the federal budget law.

A statement by the regional government stated: “The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government held a meeting with the consuls and representatives of the European Union countries in the region, and discussed with them the situation in the Kurdistan region and the relationship with the federal government, as well as discussing ways to strengthen relations between the Kurdistan region and the European Union.”

Masrour Barzani stressed the commitment of the Kurdistan region to implement the federal budget law. He called on the federal government to fulfill its obligations towards the Kurdistan region, indicating that it had not sent any salaries to the region for ten months.

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government expressed his hope that the approval of the House of Representatives on the budget law would be a good start to find a radical solution to other outstanding issues on the basis of the constitution, especially the implementation of Article 140 and the normalization of conditions in the disputed areas.

He said, “This will have a positive impact on the security and stability of Iraq.” /

Butterfly  Tuesday 20, April 2021 19:37 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired today, Tuesday, a regular session of the Council of Ministers, in which he discussed developments in the country, and discussed the topics on the agenda.

During the session, Al-Kazemi renewed his previous directives to the Ministry of Commerce to continue working on providing the ration card materials. He also directed the Minister of Trade to conduct daily visits and to stand on the ground on the distribution process.

Al-Kazemi also stressed the need for the Ministry of Labor to make more efforts to support the segments covered by social care, and to work smoothly away from routine.

The Prime Minister referred to the great efforts of the Ministry of Health in campaigns to vaccinate citizens with the Corona virus vaccine, and called on the Ministries of Education and Higher Education to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to facilitate the taking of vaccines by the educational and teaching staff.

The Minister of Health and Environment presented a detailed report on the developments of the work of the committee to strengthen government measures in the areas of prevention and control of health and awareness regarding limiting the spread of Corona virus, and reviewed the efforts of the ministry and its staff in vaccinating citizens in Baghdad and other provinces, and the efforts of awareness campaigns in this field.

The cabinet session witnessed extensive discussions regarding appeals in the general budget, and the council issued a decision authorizing its president to appeal before the Federal Supreme Court a number of articles of the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021, in light of the report submitted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Dave   Well at least they finally have Federal Court now to render decisions

Butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 20:05 Iraqi Airways has set the first of next May as a date to resume its flights from Baghdad to Istanbul.

The company stated in a statement: “The Green Bird will fly on the first of next May from Baghdad to Istanbul and vice versa, on scheduled and regular flights, at the rate of seven flights per week.”

butterfly  Tuesday 20, April 2021 20:52 A member of the House of Representatives for Baghdad, Aras Habib Karim, called for supporting the mediation role that Iraq is doing between the opponents in the region, which is consistent with its historical role and position, indicating at the same time: “Such steps increase the confidence of the international community. And contribute to creating a safe environment for investment. ”

Habib said in a press release: “That Iraq play the mediating role between the opponents in the region is a good and commendable thing, and is consistent with its historical role and position.”

He added: “The regional countries, according to the current changes in the world and what could result from them in the foreseeable future, now realize that the time has come to ease tensions and sit at the negotiating table.”

Habib stressed the need to support such steps because they would increase confidence The international community helps us and contributes to creating a safe environment for development and investment.

Butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 20:09 Today, Tuesday, the Iranian authorities announced the activation of several series of centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear reactor.

The spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Abul Fadl Amoumi, quoted the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Authority, Ali Salehi, that: “The cables that were damaged in the Natanz accident have been replaced and many chains of centrifuges have been reactivated in the reactor.” Pointing out: “The uranium enrichment operations did not stop one day even after the last accident that the reactor was exposed to.”

“The cables that were damaged in the Natanz accident have been replaced, the main electricity has been connected to the enrichment center in Natanz, and many chains of centrifuges have been reactivated in the reactor,” Amouei said in a press statement.

He added, “The enrichment in Natanz never stopped, even when the main power cable was cut, and many chains of centrifuges have now been reactivated in the section where the electricity was damaged. ”

Butterfly  A decrease in the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets

20/4/2021 13:36   A decrease in the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets[Baghdad-Where]

The exchange rates of the dollar recorded, on Tuesday, on the main stock exchange and local markets in Baghdad, a noticeable decline from the prices recorded yesterday.

The exchange rate of the dollar on the Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange in the capital, Baghdad, decreased, recording 147800 dinars, for each $ 100 bill.

The selling and buying prices of the dollar decreased in the exchange offices and local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 148,250 dinars, for each $ 100 bill, while the purchase prices reached 147,250 dinars per 100 dollar bill.

The exchange rate of the dollar on the Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange in the capital, Baghdad, was recorded yesterday, Monday, 148,100 dinars, for each $ 100 note.   alliraqnews.com

Butterfly   Legal expert: Some budget errors are only corrected by law … and he explains the method

04/2020 18:21:43  Legal expert – Some budget errors are only corrected by law … and he explains the methodThe legal expert, Tariq Harb, said today, Tuesday, that some errors that occurred in the fiscal budget law for 2021 cannot be corrected except by law.

Harb said to {Euphrates News} that “the errors that occur are of two types. The first is in printing the House of Representatives because they say one thing and another thing is printed and published,” indicating that “the mistake of the Presidency of the Republic upon approval this may not be amended until a new law is issued that includes the amendment of the budget law.”

He added, “The second mistake was when the Ministry of Justice printed the Justice Department in the Official Gazette, Al-Waqi’a newspaper. This error does not need a law, but rather it needs to obtain the approval of the Presidency of the Republic to correct this error because the publishing law is in the Official Gazette.”

And, and that “mistakes that occur upon publication, the Presidency of the Republic can correct them,” noting that “these errors are not the first time.”

He explained that “the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister have nothing to do with correcting the error that becomes in the draft that was written in the House of Representatives,” explaining that “the House of Representatives must correct it by amending the Budget Law with a first and second reading because this error is original, but the error is when printing in the Ministry of Justice from the draft.” In the Al-Waqa’iq newspaper, this does not require legal amendment, rather it only needs the approval of the presidential office. ”

Butterfly   Harb concluded by saying, “If the Office of the Presidency agrees, it will write a correction statement in the next issue of Al-Waqa’i’ newspaper. ”

Earlier today, the Ministry of Finance had identified errors in the tables and texts of the 2021 budget announced in the Official Gazette, announcing that it would “approach the Presidency of the Republic for the purpose of correction.”

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives approved, on March 31, the 2021 budget, with total expenditures amounting to 129 trillion dinars (about 88 billion dollars), while it recorded a deficit of 28 trillion (about 19 billion dollars).  The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, ratified the budget law on April 8.   alforatnews.com

Butterfly   The Council of Ministers authorizes Al-Kazemi to appeal some budget provisions to the Federal Court

2021-04-20   The Council of Ministers authorizes Al-Kazemi to appeal some budget provisions to the Federal CourtToday, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers authorized the Speaker of the Council, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to file an appeal with some of the articles of the federal budget before the Federal Supreme Court.

Government spokesman Hassan Nazim said during a joint press conference with the Minister of Finance and Planning, attended by the Alsumaria News correspondent, that “I sat today was extraordinary and devoted the majority of it to discussing changes to the federal budget law.”

Nazim indicated that “differences were discussed between the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives over the budget.”

In another context, he called on citizens to “go to health centers to take Corona pandemic vaccines.”

In turn, said Finance Minister Ali Allawi, during the conference, confirmed the cabinet’s intention to submit the appeal of some budget provisions to the Federal Court, adding, “We will ask the Presidency of the Republic to reconsider some budget corrections.”

Allawi continued, “We are trying to find a good solution to raise the level of income.”

In the context, Minister of Planning Khaled Najm Battal said, “We will challenge an article in the budget related to auditing and monitoring the plans submitted by the governors,” stressing that “the prime minister has directed the need to expedite the implementation of the budget paragraphs.”   burathanews.com

Butterfly   Al-Kazemi suspends the Finance Book on the tax withholding of employee salaries

20/4/2021 15:22   Al-Kazemi suspends the Finance Book on the tax withholding of employee salaries[Baghdad-Where]

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi suspended the book issued by the Ministry of Finance regarding taxation of state employees’ salaries.

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, recently sent an official letter to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers demanding that taxes be deducted from the total monthly income as of April, with retroactive effect, so that the deduction includes salaries for January, February and March.

Allawi’s book sparked parliamentary and popular controversy and rejection, while the Parliamentary Finance Committee called on him to “withdraw from this decision, otherwise it will be forced to host it and then question him soon” in the House of Representatives.

For its part, the Ministry of Finance affirmed that “it applies the law in paying tax on all income, including the nominal salary and allowances, and the exemption obtained from the Council of Ministers was exceptional.”

She pointed out, “The proposed tax withholding does not include the lower classes, and the Council of Ministers has the power to cancel it.”    alliraqnews.com

Butterfly   IBBC Webinar: Causes and Cures for Iraqi Corruption 19th April 2021 in Construction & Engineering In Iraq, Investment, Iraq Commodities & Mining News, Iraq Industry & Trade News, Iraq Oil & Gas News, Politics, Security ……………. Corruption Worse Than ISIS: Causes and Cures for Iraqi Corruption

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is delighted to invite you to the public launch of Professor Frank Gunther’s new paper on corruption in Iraq on Monday 26th of April from 1pm – 2pm BST.

Following the presentation of the paper there will be comments from Dr Renad Masour, Chatham House, and Maya Gebeily, AFP. The ensuing discussion will be moderated by Shwan Aziz Ahmed from the IBBC Advisory Council.

Read the paper here: https://secureservercdn.net/

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 23:30 The leader of the Sairoun coalition, Representative Sheikh Sabah Al-Saadi, revealed that he had submitted a request to the Speaker of Parliament to form a temporary committee that would undertake to follow up the implementation of the provisions of the Federal Budget Law for 2021, specifying eight tasks for the work of the committee.

Al-Saadi said, in a press conference held inside the House of Representatives, that this request came “in accordance with the advice of Mr. Muqtada Al-Sadr in his tweet on March 31, in which he stressed the need to follow up the implementation of the budget paragraphs and ensure that they do not reach the hands of the corrupt.”

He explained: “The proposed committee is headed by one of the members of the Finance Committee, a deputy from the Integrity Committee, and a rapporteur from the Strategic Planning Committee and Monitoring the Implementation of the Government Program, and its members from the Finance Committee, Integrity and Strategic Planning Committees, Energy, Investment, Labor, Social Affairs, Services, Regions and Governorates, three members from each committee.”

He added, “This proposed committee has the authority to seek the assistance of the Integrity Commission, the Financial Supervision Bureau, the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Economic Crime Control at the Ministry of Interior, and any department that deems it necessary to seek its help. It also has the right to host any official related to its oversight tasks.”

He pointed out: “The committee must submit a monthly report that is read and published to the public opinion, including the rates of implementation of the budget paragraphs accurately and on the ground, in addition to the rates of implementation of projects included in the law, and the rates of implementation of Article 11 related to the obligations of the Kurdistan region.”

butterfly   Al-Saadi said: “Among the committee’s tasks is to uncover the measures taken to control prices in the markets and monopolize goods, as well as the measures taken by the Central Bank to prevent the deterioration of the Iraqi currency against other currencies, and the procedures of the Integrity and Financial Supervision Commission in connection with combating corruption in projects that are lagging in previous and current budgets.”

He continued: “The committee’s tasks include revealing the extent of government agencies’ commitment to implementing the budget paragraphs. The temporary committee also submits its proposals regarding its work tasks so that the House of Representatives votes on them monthly and takes decisions against institutions that hinder the implementation of the budget paragraphs. ”

butterfly   Wednesday 21, April 2021 00:26 The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed: “The budget can return to the House of Representatives if it is appealed and the Federal Court accepts the appeal.”

Al-Kaabi said in a televised statement, commenting on the Prime Minister’s authorization to appeal the budget: “This matter is subject to the Federal Court.

He added, “The House of Representatives conducted more than 300 dialogue with government agencies over a period of two months before approving the budget, but there are political parties that tried to block its passage.”

Butterfly  Wednesday 21, April 2021 00:47 First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi announced: “There are more than 100 candidates from the Sadrist movement to run in the upcoming elections.”

Al-Kaabi said in a televised statement: “We have more than 100 candidates and we need 120 candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

He added, “The current election law will give an opportunity to all disciplined rules to participate in the elections,” noting: “Some laws have been amended as part of the protesters’ demands.”

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 23:59 Kuwait will host, tomorrow, Wednesday, an Iraqi delegation within a Gulf trip to support the file of Basra’s hosting of the Gulf Cup 25.

An informed source revealed in a press statement: “The Iraqi delegation includes Adnan Darjal, Minister of Youth and Sports, in addition to Asaad Al-Eidani, Governor of Basra, and Iyad Bunyan, President The normalization body of the Iraqi Football Association.

He added, “The Iraqi delegation will meet with Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, and Sheikh Ahmed Al-Youssef Al-Sabah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Football Association. ”

butterfly   Tuesday 20, April 2021 21:52 The Health and Environment Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed the futility of moving to a comprehensive ban daily after the spread of the epidemic, unlike the situation last year.

A member of the committee, Hassan Khatti, told the official agency, “The Health Committee is not with the reintroduction of the comprehensive ban that was effective with the start of the epidemic last year, but after the spread and spread of the epidemic, there is no point in it.”

“The current ban measures are simple and not strict, and there is no direct relationship to breaking the chain of transmission, but it is an indirect method to prevent gatherings,” he added.

“The solution is voluntary self-commitment to preventive measures, and then we will not need a partial or comprehensive ban,” he added.

And the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety decided earlier, to impose a comprehensive ban on Friday and Saturday in the month of Ramadan, and to impose a partial ban for the rest of the days of the week from 8 pm to 5 am.

butterfly  2021-04-20 09:44   Shafaq News / Masoud Khorem Shokeh, head of the Hormozgan’s Ports and Navigation Administration in southern Iran, announced on Tuesday that the Shahid Rajaee Port, in Bandar Abbas, had received two shipments containing equipment for refineries, heading to Iraq.

In a statement, Shokeh said that the shipments included 222 tons of refineries’ equipment. They were loaded in Jebel Ali port in the UAE and unloaded at the Shahid Rajaee port to be sent to Iraq.

butterfly 2021-04-20 14:19 Shafaq News / The American “World Politics Review” website monitored “the shift in regional dynamics” through the resumption of negotiations in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear deal and the direct talks hosted by Iraq between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The report said, “Diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran were cut in 2016 following Saudi Arabia’s execution of a Shiite cleric and the storming of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran by protesters in response.”

It added, “By virtue of geography, demographics and history, Saudi Arabia and Iran are almost inevitable rivals. But that rivalry tipped into outright hostility following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the overthrow of the Shah”, pointing out, “Longstanding fears of the Islamic Republic’s early stated desire to export its revolution eventually gave way to more pragmatic engagement between Iran and its Arab neighbors.

But the ouster of Tehran’s geopolitical enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks created an environment that fueled Iranian ambitions and brought Iran into much more frequent and direct conflict with Saudi Arabia and the other five countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Furthermore, the report explained that in the post-9/11 era, Iran has increasingly turned to hard power to project its influence in the region’s conflicts through its much more effective use of non-state, hybrid and proxy actors. “Instead of limiting Iran’s opportunities to utilize its competitive advantages in such settings, the United States and its regional partners have instead provided Iran multiple opportunities to intervene in Arab affairs.

Far from containing Iran’s unrealistic hopes for hegemony, efforts at containment have only spurred more far-reaching and damaging Iranian behavior in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.”

butterfly  In The same context, it went on to say that the Gulf countries have long hoped that the United States would somehow rid them of their unwanted rival and simply “cut off the head of the snake,” as then-Saudi King Abdullah reportedly urged American officials to do in 2008, according to leaked U.S. diplomatic cables. “With the United States clearly signaling that it is now uninterested in expanding its military commitments in the Middle East, the possibility of that wish being fulfilled has faded. Instead, the region is in desperate need of serious dialogue and conflict mitigation. Direct Iran-Saudi talks would be an excellent place to start.”

Such talks, as by the report, would also make sense for Iraq, which continues to pay a huge cost due to the region’s instability. The 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq upended the regional order and opened the door for Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs. “Iraq, of course, is linked to Iran in numerous ways and cannot afford to have hostile relations with its neighbor. Nor can it afford to allow regional hostilities to play out within its borders. Yet, the Iraqi state remains vulnerable to the whims of its patrons and partners, particularly the United States and Iran.”

Additionally, the report revealed the Trump administration often viewed Iraq through the prism of its rising tensions with Iran. That approach is destined to failure, as it misconstrues Iraqi interests and makes unrealistic demands of the Iraqi political class. It also increases the incentives for Iran to play the spoiler.

While Iran continues to see a stable and non-threatening Iraq as in its long-term interests, it has long been willing to risk short-term instability to pursue more pressing priorities in its competition with the United States.

Iraq, as by the author, has the potential to help bridge current regional divides and establish a functional model of equilibrium. It is where the regional order was shattered, but because of its centrality, its demography an

butterfly and its existing relationships, it is also the most likely candidate to manage the countervailing pressures and sectarian polarization that have destabilized the Middle East over the past 15 years, the statement added.

PeteV  Folks some info interest: Wall Street Banks Prepare For Biggest Financial Reset Since 1971 Gold Standard Removal https://youtu.be/H0KmIJkjjdg

butterfly  PeteV I heard that several years ago when my friend’s dnl was involved with that. If anything that is done here in the US, they go very very slow. Other countries are involved also. Hope they get it done before this old broad’s number is chosen. lol

PeteV yupper butterfly

butterfly I believe she was chosen out of so many, she speaks so many languages. At this point I can’t remember how many to be exact.

butterfly  2021-04-20 16:19  Shafaq News / Al-Anbar Police Chief, Hadi Kassar Erzaij, held a conference today to review the month of Ramadan’s security plan.

Kassar said that holding the conference aims is to complete the plan prepared by al-Anbar Police Command to maintain the stability of the governorate in the holy month, and implementing the decisions of the COVID-19 crisis cell.

He added that the police command in al-Anbar needs the citizen’s cooperation with all security agencies, through reporting any violations or strangers who might appear in the governorate.

Kassar confirmed that the command is carrying out major pre-emptive operations. He pointed out that yesterday, a terrorist group of seven, who had assassinated citizens and security personnel and trying to carry out other terrorist operations during Ramadan, was arrested in the Kurdistan region, with the cooperation of the Asayish forces in Erbil.

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