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Butterfly   So far this is the only thing that people need to read and study: Wednesday 21, April 2021 15:43 The Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed that the appeal of some articles of the General Budget Law 2021 does not affect its implementation.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Muhammad Al-Ghazi stated in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA /: “Appealing to the Federal Court any of the laws approved by the House of Representatives, whether the budget law or otherwise, is the right of any party, especially the government.”

Al-Ghazzi added, “The appeal of some articles of the budget law does not affect the implementation, as only the contested articles stop, and then the Federal Court issues a decision regarding them, whether those articles are in violation of the constitution or not,” indicating that “the government is concerned with determining the articles that are You will appeal it, and Parliament will wait for the appeal to be formally submitted by the government and the Federal Court will proceed to decide on the case. ”

He explained: “The House of Representatives amended some articles and transferred other materials as well as reducing the total expenditures of the general budget, and this has raised doubts among the government that may challenge these amendments, especially the reduction of the total budget expenditures.”

The Council of Ministers decided to authorize its president to appeal before the Federal Court a number of articles of the General Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021, in light of the report submitted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Butterfly   2021-04-21 02:24   Shafaq News/ Today, Wednesday, April 21, 2021, the Dinar/Dollar exchange increased in Baghdad while decreasing slightly in Erbil.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that Al-Kifah and al-Harithiya Central Exchanges are trading the 100 US dollar at 148,100 Iraqi Dinars, compared to 147,800 dinars on Tuesday.

Our correspondent added that today’s selling and buying prices in the local markets rose to 148,750 and 147,750 dinars per 100 dollars.

In the capital of the Kurdistan Region, Erbil, the US buying and selling prices stood still at 148,100 and 148,000, respectively.

butterfly   2021-04-21 02:57   Shafaq News/ The dollar languished on Wednesday, hovering just above a seven-week low with subdued U.S. bond yields reducing the currency’s yield appeal.

The safe-haven greenback got some respite from a pullback in world stocks from record highs as flare-ups in coronavirus infections from India to Canada soured the outlook for a quick global recovery.

The safety bid also bolstered the yen, which climbed to a fresh seven-week peak of 107.88 per dollar on Wednesday.

The dollar index, which tracks the U.S. currency against six major peers, was at 91.254 in Asia after slumping as low as 90.856 on Tuesday for the first time since March 3. It has declined 2.1% so far this month.

The single currency traded at $1.20275 after touching a seven-week high of $1.2079 overnight.

The European Central Bank decides policy on Thursday, with the Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan following next week.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield was around 1.56%, not far from its lowest since mid-March, as it continued to consolidate following its retreat from the 14-month high at 1.7760% reached at the end of last month.

The yen could strengthen to 105 per dollar in the near term, he said. Japan’s currency was as weak as 110.97 for the first time in a year at the end of last month.

Declines in U.S. yields and the dollar in April have come as evidence mounted that the Fed would be slower in tightening monetary policy than it had appeared to the market, analysts said.

Some encouragement for the euro came from the announcement that the European Union has secured an additional 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by BioNTech and Pfizer.

Elsewhere though, pandemic developments triggered investor caution.

India reported 1,761 deaths from COVID-19, its highest daily toll, while Canada and the United States extended a land-border closure for non-essential travelers.

Asian equities tracked declines on Wall Street, where travel stocks weighed on sentiment.

Sparky  … today is the ” Present “, tomorrow will be a gift, and we learn from yesterday … Carpe Diem …

butterfly   2021-04-21 05:51  Shafaq News/ The Central Bank of Iraq sales of Foreign currency jumped on Wednesday by 2.4%.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the CBI sales at the Foreign currency auction increased by 2.4% to reach $208,244,000 at a cut-off price of 1460 dinars, compared to 203,654,124$ dollars on Tuesday.

Our correspondent explained that 19 banks, 11 banking companies, 227 brokering companies cashed $15.78 million, while $192.464 million went to boost funds abroad in the form of transfers and credits, with 31 banks meeting those requests.

butterfly   2021-04-21 05:22   Shafaq News/ OPEC’s, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, reference basket oil price rose to $ 65.36/bbl driven by other crudes.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, OPEC said, “The price of OPEC basket of thirteen crudes rose by 0.26$ to 65.36$/a barrel compared with $65.10 on Tuesday.”

The OPEC Reference Basket of Crudes (ORB) is made up of the following: Saharan Blend (Algeria), Girassol (Angola), Djeno (Congo), Zafiro (Equatorial Guinea), Rabi Light (Gabon), Iran Heavy (Islamic Republic of Iran), Basra Light (Iraq), Kuwait Export (Kuwait), Es Sider (Libya), Bonny Light (Nigeria), Arab Light (Saudi Arabia), Murban (UAE) and Merey (Venezuela).

butterfly      2021-04-21 07:32   Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed, on Wednesday, disclosed the details of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the US, indicating that the dialogue did not include scheduling the American withdrawal from the country.

A committee member, Ali Al-Ghanimi, told Shafaq News agency, “unfortunately, the third round of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States of America did not address the issue of scheduling the American withdrawal from Iraqi lands.”

As by al-Ghanimi,the withdrawal issue was supposed to be the first article to discuss in the strategic dialogue, but that did not happen.

He pointed out, “The third round of the strategic dialogue focused on the economic and commercial situation.”

Sparky    … light sweet cude, only a few feet from the surface, and these peeps don’t even know how to harness the gas… instead, they flare it off … wow …

butterfly   2021-04-21 07:05   Shafaq News / The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, laid emphasis on de-escalation in the region, highlighting Iraq’s pivotal role in bolstering security and stability.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic, said that Saleh received, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad, the Russian ambassador to Iraq, Maksim Maksimov, on the occasion of the end of his duties, and discussed with him bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to enhance cooperation in various fields.

Both parties discussed regional and international developments of common interest, and the importance of dialogue to enhance regional peace.

The President of the Republic stressed, “the need for concerted regional and international efforts to combat terrorism, and to reduce tensions that affect development and prosperity opportunities for the peoples of the region.”

For his part, the Russian ambassador renewed his country’s support for Iraq and protecting its sovereignty.

Sparky  ^crude

Sparky  …why is Iraq still buying electricity from Iran ? Answer that question, and that will tell the tale …

Sparky  … they don’t want to pay off Kuwait, because that would make them vulnerable to a changing economy, possibly getting them out of CH 7, but the PTB are not yet on board with that ..

Sparky … pay off Kuwait a few dinarz, compromise on 104 disputed areas, share the wealth with HCL… and then we’ll be off to the races …

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