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butterfly   The government will challenge 10 articles in the budget

Time: 04/23/2021 20:36:41  {Political: Al Furat News} A government source revealed that the government intends to challenge 10 articles of the Federal Budget Law for 2021 before the Federal Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court will look into the government’s appeals, as Article 62 of the constitution grants parliament the power to transfer budget funds and reduce them and not increase them, and the constitution prohibits parliament from manipulating imports and expenditures and limiting its authority to transfer,” the source told Al-Furat News.

He added, “The Supreme Court has never responded to a governmental appeal against a parliamentary financial decision,” stressing that “the court’s decision is binding and will raise the amendments, correct the budget path, return it to the cabinet and apply it, and it does not require a vote by the House of Representatives regarding any amendment to the budget.”

The source expected that “the Federal Court will give priority in considering appeals, and it is not permissible to be slow with them, which is easy to consider and does not need much time to clarify the constitutionality and unconstitutionality of the articles challenged.”

The Council of Ministers, during its session held last Tuesday, authorized Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to file an appeal with the Federal Court regarding some provisions of the fiscal budget for the year 2021.

butterfly   Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazem said in a joint press conference with Finance Minister Ali Allawi and Planning Khaled Najm After the cabinet meeting last Tuesday, “The Council of Ministers discussed the changes that took place in the draft budget law in Parliament before its approval.”

He added, “Some budget articles have been changed in a way that is not in the interest of the government’s procedures,” indicating, “We will ask the Presidency of the Republic to reconsider some budget corrections.”

For his part, Minister of Planning, Khaled Najm, said that the government “will challenge an article requiring ministries to transfer some formations and include them to the Federal Service Council, while the appeal will also affect the article related to regional development projects.”

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives approved the country’s fiscal budget for the current year 2021 in early February, with total expenditures amounting to 129 trillion dinars, and a deficit estimated at 28 trillion dinars.

Ammar Al-Masoudi

PeteV  hey @sheila

LeLe PeteV if you don’t mind Who is the guy on the you tube Thanks for sharing

Sheila   Post this late last night about 11:30pm… ANYBODY GOT INSIGHT ON WHAT IS TRANSPIRING? “””This looks interesting. Posted for your discernment: Richard Citizen Journalist DC Update, Tons of Cops- But Why??? , April 19, 2021 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=xvQQcuc_fz4  “””

PeteV  wow cool info @sheila

Sheila   This has been a very great week!!! Nothing really happened, except my spirits reached great heights. Shifting paradigms in my thoughts, words and actions.

PeteV   cool LeLe great words sheila

Sheila   PeteV  All the energy connected to this RV is amazing. People with hopes, dreams and plans. Spiritual highlife that many have never had before this speculation.

NORV   sheila lmbo. you still believe that BS?

NORV   :Float: :Float: :Float:

NORV  sheila Not even facts will cure your ill. Iraq cannot or could not ever afford to RV.

NORV just guru nonsense.

NORV Fact! Saleh explained that Iraq, which is the ninth country in the world in terms of natural resources buried underground, and those resources are estimated at 15-16 trillion dollars, whether in oil, phosphates, sulfur, silicon and other important ores,

NORV They only worth 15-16 trillion. Currently their money supply is over 40 trillion. lmbo

NORV   wake up people!

NORV   :Headbang: :Boxing: :Boxing:

Sheila  NORV touching that you care

sandyf   For his part, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, a professor of political economics at the Iraqi University, told Shafaq News agency, “If Iraq decides to float the exchange rate of the dinar, for the time being, it will fall to 3,000 dinars per dollar”. https://dinardetectives.com/tnt-2958/

butterfly   Where did NORV go? Did he read what sandyf posted?

Sheila   NORV “World According to Norv”

Sheila  NORV We are awake. Waiting for you to catch up to us. lolol

Sheila  Nicks Latest Intel “Very Big Update” Link & Podbean for April 23, 2021: https://nicksintel.wordpress.com/2021/04/23/04-23-2021-very-big-update/ — and — https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-vhzbq-10193a2

NORV   sandyf Of course Sandy. They are not ready to float. I did not say they will float it now. I said floating is how monetary policy works..But they have work to do before they can float.

NORV  sheila It is not my world, it is fact. Saleh himself said Iraq is only worth 16 trillion. You cannot RV the dinar with over 40 trillion in circulation. period.

Sheila   NORV You sure do work mighty hard at discouraging people about this speculation. That, in itself, is suspicious.

NORV   sheila No I work hard to educate on the facts

NORV  sheila you seem to work hard to believe the BS from the gurus

NORV sheila put the crack pipe down and forget about a RV…never happen

Sheila   NORV Very narrow set of facts, that you keep repeating over and over.

NORV sheila funny how you believers will do anything or say anything to try and find a way to believe the bs

Sheila   NORV How much do you make being a negative poster in chat forums?

NORV  Facts are facts.. Iraq is only wroth 16 trillion and Iraq has over 40 trillion dinar in circulation. That tells the story

Sheila  NORV Financals are not linear or finite when it comes to printing press and digital economies.

NORV  Funny how you do not want to believe Saleh when he says Iraq is only worth 16 trillion but you jump all over articles from these economist stating they should not float.

Sheila  NORV narrow set of facts, bent to support your beliefs

NORV   The truth is there to be seen

NORV   Iraq will never and can never significantly RV with over 40 trillion dinar in circulation

Sheila  NORV wow, I state my beliefs and you resort to name-calling. Will not converse with you anymore, later.

Sheila   I will do just that – keep dreaming.

NORV  :Float:   :Float:   :Float:   :Float:

NORV   IF the dinar is ever going to go up…it will float. That is IF. But they have lots of work to do first. such as pass laws and get investors to come into Iraq

NORV  keep on dreaming

TWW   NORV It depends who is buying the Iraq debt’s & who is advancing the contract payments…wake up Norv or kap

Sheila  TWW That I did not know.

TWW   sheila ooooppppppppppss

Sheila   TWW why “oops”? good to hear new info

TWW   sheila had to dance around that statement

Sheila   TWW tip toe thru the tulips

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