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butterfly Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 5-2-2021

United States DollarThe results of the foreign currency sale window on Sunday 5/2/2021, and executed today

Sale date – Sunday 5/2/2021 and executed today  the details  Amount

Total sale for purposes of enhancing funds abroad (transfers, credits)  140,693,297

Total cash sale  21,600,000  Total sales  162,293,297

Note that:

The sale price of the sums transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.

The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.   cbi.iq/currency_auction/view/1020

butterfly After the attack in Kirkuk, the region calls on the international coalition to stay in Iraq

05/01/2021 11:02:06  After the attack in Kirkuk the region calls on the international coalition to stay in IraqThe President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, called on Saturday the international coalition to stay in Iraq, against the backdrop of the attack by ISIS elements in Kirkuk last night, which killed seven Peshmerga associates.

Barzani said in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of today, “It is with great regret that a group of heroes of the Peshmerga forces were martyred last night and others were wounded after ISIS terrorists launched terrorist attacks on the heroes’ Peshmerga sites in the Bardi-Altun Bridge. Ourselves first and the families of the martyrs, we ask God Almighty to bless our wounded with a speedy recovery.

He explained, “We have always emphasized that ISIS continues to pose a real threat and danger in many areas of Iraq, especially in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the regional government, taking advantage of the security vacuum in the administrative borders of these areas, and therefore we reiterate the importance of activating joint security cooperation between The Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces are there. ”

He stressed, “Here we see that it is important for the international coalition to continue training and assisting the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army. We also stress the need for it to remain in Iraq to confront ISIS and end the continuing terrorist threats to the Kurdistan region and Iraq in general.”

Last night, during the dawn period, ISIS members launched an attack on the bridge axis in Al-Debs district in Kirkuk governorate.

Peshmerga forces clashed with the terrorist elements in an attempt to repel the attack, “noting that” the attack resulted in the death of 7 Peshmerga members, and the wounding of two others. ”  alforatnews.com

butterfly   The Iraqi Drilling Company signs a contract for oil support services with an international company

Sunday 02, May 2021 18:10 The Iraqi Drilling Company signed today, Sunday, a contract for oil support services with Halliburton International Oil Company, within the project of drilling 43 oil wells in the Majnoon oil field.

The company’s media said in a statement, “The main contract has been concluded with the Basra Oil Company in a turnkey manner. The contract will be executed by three devices from the fleet of the Iraqi Drilling Company.”

butterfly   The Basra government is discussing with the Dutch ambassador investment, agriculture and gas

Sunday 02, May 2021 18:45 The First Deputy Governor of Basra, Muhammad Taher Al-Tamimi, discussed with the new Dutch ambassador to Iraq, Michael Rentinar, a number of files related to oil and gas, agriculture and investment in the province.

Al-Tamimi stressed during the meeting, according to a statement by his media office, the importance of expanding joint cooperation between the two sides in the economic, investment and agricultural fields, and benefiting from Dutch experiences in developing the agricultural sector through the exploitation of groundwater in Safwan, Umm Qasr and Zubair, given that the Netherlands is the second largest source of products. Agricultural world.

The deputy governor of Basra stated that “the local government will support all Dutch companies wishing to invest in the field of gas, and will be the first to support them in terms of security and logistics.” / is over

butterfly   Oil issues an explanation of its activities and a roadmap for energy investment in Iraq

Sunday 02, May 2021 20:29 The Ministry of Oil issued, on Sunday, a clarification on its activities and a roadmap for energy investment in Iraq.

“The Ministry of Oil is surprised by the random and imprecise statements made by some individuals or those affiliated with the parties or the political class about issues, events and activities that concern the oil sector, which lack the simplest technical information related to this sector, and it reveals a lack of serious follow-up,” the ministry’s media said in a statement.

For these people because of the information and news published by the Ministry of Oil, the media, the press, websites and satellite channels, which can be viewed and reviewed on the websites of various media outlets or the website of the Ministry of Oil.

He added, “While the ministry respects freedom of opinion and sober statements, it calls on all concerned parties and the media interested in the oil issue to show responsibility and professionalism and to exercise accuracy and caution before making statements or publishing them, without having the necessary information, because otherwise, it would be damaging.” Intentionally in the public interest. ”

He continued, “The Ministry of Oil does not bear the responsibility for publishing inaccurate news or information by some” affiliated “journalists or media outlets.

He pointed to some features of the road map for energy investment in Iraq, which includes, according to the text of the statement:

butterfly   – The success of the Ministry of Oil in achieving an investment of 1,500 miters of national gas production.

– The Ministry of Oil has begun implementing promising projects to raise the production capacity of gas to (4000) Moqmuq per day.

– The ministry is implementing three promising projects to invest associated gas in the governorates of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar, adding more than (1000) Moqmqs per day to national production.

– Despite the circumstances and challenges … the Ministry of Oil succeeded in referring the Al-Mansuriyah gas contract in Diyala governorate to the global Chinese “Sinopec” for the investment of free gas, with a capacity of (300) submitters per day.

– Iraq has started implementing solar energy investment projects to supplement the national production of electric energy by implementing contracts with international companies to generate (10,000) megawatts before 2025.

butterfly   – Initiate solar energy investment contracts by awarding a power generation contract (750) megawatt of electricity by investing solar energy, and adding it To produce the national system.

– Work to stop the burning of the electric power generation system of 250 thousand barrels of black and crude oil per day, and to replace dry gas fuel in its place.

– The Ministry of Oil is making exceptional efforts to accelerate the conversion of fuel for operating electric power stations to the use of local or imported dry gas fuel, with the aim of increasing production efficiency, increasing the generating capacity of electric power stations, and reducing environmental impacts.

– Enhancing the use of dry gas fuels instead of burning crude and black oil in generating electric power, in order to achieve financial returns that support the budget and strengthen the national economy

butterfly   A deputy accuses the Investment Authority of granting lands to people for free

Sunday 02, May 2021 21:03 | Member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Representative Riad Al-Tamimi, accused, on Sunday, the Investment Commission of granting “lands” to people for free.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement that: The previous and current administrations of the National Investment Commission granted lands worth more than (100 billion dollars) to people free of charge in violation of all laws and the constitution, in the name of investment stipulated in Article 9 / Six / 1 of the Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006 amending work to facilitate the acquisition of real estate for the establishment of projects in the form determined by the Commission in coordination with the relevant authorities. ”

He indicated that“ this matter was done with an allowance for housing projects that fall within the basic design, and these deals are a dangerous indication of the looting and the domination of assets The state

Al-Tamimi called on the prime minister to “implement the provisions of the law in retrieving these lands granted in contravention of the text of the law, or to apply the text to receive the full replacement of the land and to stop any new grant.”

He continued, “We will proceed with our parliamentary and judicial procedures and pursue, carry out and guarantee all the sums that were wasted from the date of the amendment and up to now on all employees and officials who had previously been alerted and did not comply.”

Butterfly  Parliamentary Integrity calls for the inclusion of the questioning of the Minister of Finance in the next session

Sunday 02, May 2021 16:50 The Parliamentary Integrity Committee demanded the Presidency of the House of Representatives to include the questioning of the Minister of Finance in the next session.

Butterfly   Asaad Al-Eidani announces a new alliance in Basra in the name of / design /

Sunday 02, May 2021 21:11 Governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, announced a new alliance under the name of “Tasmeem”. Al-Eidani said, “A new alliance will take place for the first time in Basra in the name of” determination ”

under our leadership, and in alliance with MP Amer Al-Fayez,” which includes youth figures in all regions, including in Baghdad and other governorates, with visual leadership.

He indicated that there are understandings with some personalities, including Dr. Ali Al-Shukry, and others in the provinces that may be joined to the coalition, which will announce its electoral program soon.

Butterfly   Security media confirms that a missile fell near Baghdad International Airport and another was destroyed in the air

Sunday 02, May 2The Security Media Cell confirmed that a Katyusha missile had landed near Baghdad International Airport.  He added in a statement that the competent security forces managed to destroy another missile in the air before it also landed near the airport, without any losses.021 22:03

PeteV    info fm other chat: 🚨BREAKING – At least 2 rockets (Confirmed) hit the Baghdad international airport, Camp Victory, part of the airport hosts US troops.

PeteV   more info: Vietnam is warning everyone to stop buying their currency today thats means RV close

Sheila  PeteV that’s encouraging

Sheila   Use your own discernment: Nicks Intel Update & Podbean #2, May 2, 2021: https://nicksintel.wordpress.com/2021/05/02/05-02-2021-update-2/  — and — https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bguqn-102603f

All our military intel contact has said today Sun 2 May is that there was a release at 2:09 pm EST for the RV teams to start locking down rates and procedures for the shotgun start & T4B start some time in the next 24+ hours after reviews & audits in the RV team meetings tomorrow Mon 3 May; he recommended prayers keep going up that nothing slows it down as his info is that This blessing is about to ERUPT in 209 countries and all are excited behind the scenes.

Sheila   A little music while we wait: Tonight’s the Night by Rod Stewart — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZr6AE-u2UM

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