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Zig’s Place Chat and News Saturday Afternoon 5-15-21

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BobbyC      Why is our country sinking? And where does our wealth evaporate?!

When you walk today in the heart of your city, it’s normal to see unstoppable streets, broken sidewalks, and struggling sewers, while the streets are tiled and paved, even in a far, Turkish village, for example..

So why are we like this?! And where does our oil riches go?!

Beginning, simple logic says, every project to continue, must generate revenue, outweigh its costs, or at least equal to it..   And because the Turkish economy is – indeed, not by gossip – (free market economy), so you find:

– The proceeds of Turkish factories cover and increase their costs,.

– And from the profits made, taxes are paid to the government.

– Then the government uses these taxes to provide public services to the people..

And that’s how the episode goes right

But in our socialist country, where the idea of government support prevails, the government intervenes to support projects, it finds that:

– There are government factories that don’t profit, but their revenues don’t even cover their costs, and that’s why the government supports them from the people’s wealth!

– And there is a government airline, its revenue does not cover its costs, so the government supports it from the people’s wealth!

– And there is a government farm that is unable to cover its expenses, so the government supports it from the people’s wealth!

– And there’s an employee who gets paid higher than what he produces! The government supports him from the people’s wealth. ·

BobbyC   And there is a politician who gets a higher salary than he deserves, and he consume a portion of the people’s wealth!

– And there is a wealthy person who buys a $ 40 car, so the government supports him from the people’s wealth, and sells him a dollar under its real price!

– And there is a poor person who receives a government grant more than his salary if he worked, that’s why unemployment is preferred to work.

And the list goes on and on..

In the end, the Socialist government does not find the money to implement services, so protests and demonstrations begin, then collapse as socialist countries collapsed! Or remains a turbulent country, or governed by a dictator, while free economy states thrive!

The topic of state socialism, and the size of government, is not a luxury.

Rather, it is at the core of our attention as citizens, where we wonder daily: what is our destiny? And why are we drowning day after day, and our country is flooding?

Privatization is a drowning survival collar.

BobbyC  No RV in 2021 🙂  But don’t tell Nick

Dave   BobbyC who says no RV 2021?

BobbyC  Their economy, or lack thereof

BobbyC  Iraq has an economy, just no economic growth. Not to meantion their Banking Sector

Dave Still no private banking laws fer foreign investors?

Dave  White Paper …..with associated budget…….BLANK     no ink …..

BobbyC  It’s not so much the banking laws themselves, it’s more the Political stranglehold on the banking sector I mean Iraq has the SWIFT and IBAN

Dave  Still CH 7 sanctions…….no Global NODDA

BobbyC  Now the White Papers is a doozy lol. The 1st 42 tells us why we’re still here, the last 42 tells us how they plan to get out of this mess Question is how much did Parliament take away from it in the 2021 Budget

BobbyC To my knowledge only one aspect of Ch 7 remains and that’s the debt to Kuwait which has zero bearing on taking the IQD international

BobbyC All th other Ch 7’s were moved to Ch 6

Dave BobbyC CH 7Sanctioned nations…do not have globally traded currency   getting spanked….

BobbyC  Ok so where does it say Iraq can not trade internationally with the IQD?

Dave   IMF???

BobbyC  Nope  Ch 7 is a UN function   IMF has Articles

Dave those other sanctioned nations do not have a globally traded currency

BobbyC The only thing holding back the IQD is that Iraq has zero way of supporting it

Dave  that also…..

BobbyC Either way, we wait

Dave  BUT NICK????

BobbyC   Unfortunately Iraq has told us it could be years before they get their heads out of their asses

BobbyC  Nicks Intel? That should be on Comedy Central

Dave status quo….immunity fer its leader ship/law makers

BobbyC  yep   It all comes down to how the value of a “reserve currency” is determined

Dave  foreign investors too  people of Iraq getting bank accounts/loans

BobbyC  There ya go. Safe money in, safe money out

BobbyC  For now Iraq is doing ok with the IQD as an investment tool within their borders

Dave less than 30% of Iraqis do not have bank acciunts last i heard

BobbyC And allowing for contracts from outside their borders thru their Foreign Exchange Network

BobbyC  Lemme find something on the Banking System that was intersting and addresses the financial inclusion

Dave Very wealth nation not having reliable power

Dave BobbyC Fractional Indexing…….

BobbyC  Most would be surprised at how far back the banking system really is. Without that avenue, safe money won’t come into Iraq unless it’s USD or EURO based

Dave Central banks take apprx 4% off the top on mortgages

BobbyC That’s where people get confused as far as the IMF Article VIII. Iraq got butt slapped for non compliance under Art VIII and it’s MCP and Foreign Exchange Restriction but it was with the USD. Some say Iraq was Art VIII because they violated it with the IQD **

Dave IMF told Iraq…MCP not good…..

BobbyC Yep and Iraq fixed it. Alaq made that announcement in 208 from Washington D.C

BobbyC 2018

Dave UNSC…..currency auctiona alive and well in Iraq …still

BobbyC  Both the MCP and Foreign Exchange Restriction dealt with international trades with Jordan

Dave auctions

BobbyC Yeah without the Auctions Iraq would die a very quick death

Dave  UNSC …CH 7….banking asset freeze..still in force

BobbyC If that’s the case why does Iraq utilize the SWIFT, IBAN and Buna Platform?

Dave  check a few weeks ago……

BobbyC  Now are some Iraqi assets are frozen but that’s a legal dispute

Dave marginally traded with some neighbours

BobbyC  Yeah I get that and that’s why the Banking Sector is 20 years behind but there are no sanctions against them doing international business. Just some Banks, especially in Europe, won’t deal with em because Iraq fails to abide by the RTGS (real time gross settlements)

BobbyC  Remeber they were on the Euro blacklist?

BobbyC A lot of that has to do with the Private and State banks being ran by Political Corruption. They are allowed to pay international settlements

Dave Having a globally traded currency is all i care about

BobbyC Just a lot don’t trust the Banks so they use the Currency Windows and the Street Rate

BobbyC  I hear ya. They could go Global at 1460 and I’d be thrilled

Dave Wont…chunky money

BobbyC  Love that term. My fear is the currency in circulation. How do they go from Trillions, to Billions (their words)

Dave purchasing power for Iraqis

Dave wanna talk about FILS…lol

BobbyC  lol they would melt those FILS

Dave that makes sense…explain that to Kap

BobbyC I appreciate Kap but his 2% platform ruined it lol

BobbyC  Now if ya wanna talk 2% and how it played into the Foreign Exchange Restriction butt slap, well there ya go

BobbyC 2% for 90 days and we’re home free lol

Dave  BobbyC banks can only change rates 2-3% every 90 days?

BobbyC International Trade guidelines thru the IMF

BobbyC  So what does Iraq trade in currency wise? The USD….hence Art VIII

Dave yeah chat about float…….never hear about free or managed floats

BobbyC The Float, whichever Float/PEG they determine is an after thought for our end game. They’d be stupid to de peg from the USD if they go International

Dave  BobbyC believe their is more to it than that

BobbyC The IQD will be in a basket pegged to the USD for protection

BobbyC Years down the road when they can manage it, they will float

Dave USA BUCK …..remains world standard

BobbyC Yep and that’s their protection factor because USD is OIL and OIL is USD   🙂

BobbyC Iraq needs a weak IQD to trade, not a strong one

BobbyC Anyone who brings the Kuwait Dinar into our end game should be committed lol

Dave BobbyC 1 IQD….1/15 of a cent…..great purchasing power?

BobbyC  The value of the IQD doesn’t play because of the denominations

BobbyC it has to be undervalued because of those high denoms

Dave  show ME LDS…i get excited then?

BobbyC Now we’re back to how does Iraq get away from those high denoms and into lower ones? Trillions to Billions

BobbyC Ya can’t have the LD’s with the HD’s

BobbyC and there’s no way they can cover the HD’s

Dave  BobbyC CBI states otherwise…..10 yrs

Dave  concurrent

BobbyC  No doubt they can run parallel for 10 years or whatever and here’s how they do it

Dave  give me a nickle…..

BobbyC They can say Ok the HD’s will be traded for today exchange rate and you will be given LD’s in it’s place. Key there will be at todays exchange rate

Dave  called delete 3 Zeros

BobbyC  No way in hell could those 2 (LD/HD) run concurrently in the market. Hell we still have a 1K note but is it in the Market? Imagine vendors making change for 2 denominations of currency

Dave BobbyC CBI tells me otherwise

BobbyC The DTZ is the scary part for us but not for Iraq

Dave  1600 fils fer that Coke….?

BobbyC The MArket will adapt to the Monetary Policy

BobbyC  depends on the value of the fils

BobbyC So if an Iraqi goes into a store, that store will have 2 values for a product?

Dave CBI mentioned those Fils about 1/2 yr ago……

Dave  still on the agenda

BobbyC Now that same Iraqi goes to pay so which currency does he use and what kind of change does the Vendor have to account for

Dave Wheel barrows of change?\

BobbyC CBI has mentioned a lot but do we see it? Remember the study done on the IQD in a numbers of baskets and how the IQD performed?

BobbyC It will be wheelbarrows if those currencies run concurrent in the Market

Dave BobbyC CBI social political and economic stability…;.;….

BobbyC  those 2 in the market make zero sense when it comes to common sense

BobbyC Yep the “suitable environment” Thats where we get the 8 keys that affect an exchange rate. 1 of em is Political Stability

Dave Iraq has yet to pass ANY law germain to our investment

BobbyC When you have a government entity, MOF, tell the CBI what the exchange rate will be, you have no CBI independence within the borders of Iraq

BobbyC Actually Iraq has one of the best Investment Laws in the ME. It’s the application of the Law that’s not working

BobbyC Single Window is key. If we recall Abadi and the NIC gave guarantees of a single window prior to the Kuwait Donor Conf. No one bought into it because they knew who ran the show in Iraq and it wasn’t the Government

BobbyC All this stuff the supposed GURU’s tell everyone has a Paul Harvey ring to it…………….”Now for the rest of the story”   But that’s not sexxxxy and it doesn’t sell. Feelings over facts are prevalent in this investment

Dave BobbyC CBI my only GURU…..

BobbyC   I agree and that’s why the published rate is the only truth in all this and there will be no overnight revalue

Dave when they figure they are ready they may……

BobbyC Devaluing is the norm, not revaluing lol

Dave I figure…..they figure not yet close to being ready

BobbyC  I was hoping for the White Papers but Parliamnt hacked at it way too much

Dave  BobbyC Covid did not help   yeah addressing corruption Issues

BobbyC COVID hit Iraq hard and still is. In Texas I haven’t worn a mask in 60 days  -BobbyC As Iraq stated, corruption is worse than ISIS     –  And ISIS is still there

Dave  BobbyC get fined fer that here

BobbyC  I did see that WalMart, Costco and a few others have lifted their masks mandate

Dave BobbyC Not here

BobbyC It’s funny because at times u could walk into a burger joint with a mandated mask but when u ordered and ate, no mask

BobbyC And this was prior to the Donal Trump vaccine.

BobbyC He promised by the end of the year and we got it

Dave Restaurants shut here

BobbyC  I did get my 2 shots because I had to for travel

BobbyC  The beach at Galveston was packed today

Dave BobbyC only 33% of us here recieved 1st shot

BobbyC Mine was easy peasy

Dave sore shoulder fer a few days for me

BobbyC  Yeah on the 2nd one i was out of commission for 12 hours or so

Dave better than actually having it

BobbyC Easy peasy as far as getting it in a timely manner. Took me less than 10 mins on both shots as far as access

BobbyC Well if we listen to Comrade Fauci, nothing will work.

Dave  BobbyC ?

BobbyC  His no masks to up to 3 masks BS   Can’t forget what he and others said at the outbreak to this

Dave BobbyC 43 masks better than nodda?

Dave 3 oops

Dave  though he said 2

BobbyC Well shit just wrap me in cellophane and send me outside. I refuse the BubbleBoy syndrome

BobbyC I was more scared of the Flu than this

Dave BobbyC why USA lead the World until recently?

Dave numbers have come way down…….

BobbyC Numbers are so skewed depending on who publishes them. I saw where Texas numbers are plumenting and have been for 60 days. Well ok

BobbyC   * look at Florida compared to NY

Dave  BobbyC Look at Canada compared to the USA….

Dave something much different?

BobbyC Leadership?     I mean whats the difference btwn NY and Florida?

Dave Messaging……..?

BobbyC  Cumho and his ineptnes Godfather style?

Dave   all on the same page here generally

Dave  USA taught us…….LOL   what not to do

BobbyC  Yeah we definitely had our heads up our respective ** depending on where u lived. That’s why I say it boiled down to leadership

Dave Alberta our Red Neck province currently setting a north American record for positivity rate

Dave having anti covid rodeos……..

BobbyC Our Redneck nation is thriving because we’re usually not some dumbass Liberal

BobbyC   Liberals have to be the dumbest idiots around besides a rock

Dave  \ BobbyC i resemble that remark

BobbyC  lol well you must be the exception to the rule. You could seek help for it. I hear Pfzier may come out with something. I hear it could take up to 5 shots to cure you

BobbyC  I need some BBQ. Take care and thanks for the convo. You bring in some great points

Dave   BobbyC just wanna be able to travel again………

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