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butterfly   The rise in the price of the dollar in Baghdad and its decline in Kurdistan

The rise in the price of the dollar in Baghdad and its decline in KurdistanShafaq News / The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar increased on Monday on the main stock exchange in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, while it decreased in the Kurdistan region.

The Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiyah Central Stock Exchange in Baghdad recorded, today, 148,500 Iraqi dinars against 100 US dollars.

The Central Kifah Stock Exchange had recorded 148,300 Iraqi dinars during its opening last Thursday morning.

Our correspondent indicated that the buying and selling prices rose in the exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 149,000 dinars, while the purchase prices reached 148,000 dinars per 100 US dollars.

In Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, the dollar prices witnessed a decline, as the selling price reached 148,500 dinars per hundred dollars, and the purchase at 148,000 dinars per hundred dollars.   shafaq.com

butterfly   The largest electrical plant in Iraq is preparing to enter service

Monday 17 May 2021 | 11:01 AM  The largest electrical plant in Iraq is preparing to enter serviceWasit Governorate announced, on Monday, the imminent completion of the maintenance of all generating units of Al-Zubaidiyah Thermal Power Station and bringing them into service at full design capacity of 2540 megawatts, which is one of the largest stations in the country .

Wasit Governor Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi said in a statement that “the technical and engineering staff of the Ministry of Electricity have reached 80 percent of the campaign for the maintenance of the generating units in the Zubaidi Thermal Power Station, and it is hoped that the current week will witness the completion of the maintenance of all the obstetric units and their introduction into service after connecting them within the national network. ” .

Al-Mayahi stated that “the station is currently working with local fuel extracted from the Ahdab oil field and not with imported fuel, after the completion of the pipelines for transporting fuel to operate them with two lines, the first was allocated to transport liquid fuel and the second to transport gaseous fuel .”

He added, “In the event that the station’s maintenance is completed, it will produce 2540 megawatts, which will contribute to giving the governorate its full share of electrical energy and achieving self-sufficiency not only for homes, but also for factories and agricultural projects.”   aynaliraqnews.com

butterfly     Iranian official: The railway project between Shalamjah and Basra is being implemented through Iranian investments

Monday 17, May 2021 21:06………The Iranian Assistant Minister of Roads and Urban Development Khairallah Khademi confirmed that the rail link project between the Shalamjah area (southwest) and Basra Governorate will be carried out through Iranian investments.

Today, Monday, according to Fars News Agency, Khademi clarified that the railway project will be carried out through Iranian investments, and the importance lies in handing over lands to the investor in order to start construction operations. ”

He said that the Shalamche-Basra railway is an international project and will carry with it a strategic change for Iran in terms of transit and railway corridor. So that it connects Iran with the Syrian ports and the Mediterranean Sea and forms an “east – west” corridor of the country.

butterfly      Khademi, who heads the Company for Building and Developing Infrastructures for Shipping and Transport in Iran (governmental), explained that the project provides the possibility of transporting goods from Pakistan or the Iranian port of Chabahar (southeast) and goods that arrive from China and Central Asia by train to the “Sarakhs” region ( Northeast), to the Syrian ports and the White Sea via the Iraqi railway network.

He indicated that the Iranian Minister of Roads discussed in a meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister some time ago a memorandum of understanding for the Shalamjah-Basra railway line and presented reports in this regard.

And he indicated that, Iran demanded at the meeting to receive lands to lay the railways, and that the Iraqi prime minister confirmed that the issue requires approval by the Council of Ministers and pledged to accelerate the pace of approval and inform Tehran.

Meanwhile, the company’s general manager, Talib Jawad al-Husseini, confirmed, according to the agency, that the coming days will witness discussion of what was mentioned by signing the Memorandum of Understanding to start implementing work on the railway link between Shalamjah (southwestern Iran) and Basra (southern Iraq).

He added that “the link is of special importance as a strategic vital line,” expressing his hope that “the link will reach the implementation stage in the coming days, after the government announces its approval. ”

butterfly    For the third time, the United States has rejected a draft UN statement on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

Monday 17, May 2021 20:45………..Today, Monday, for the third time in a week, the United States refused to adopt a UN Security Council statement on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians calling for an end to violence and the protection of civilians, especially children.

The draft statement prepared by China, Tunisia and Norway, on Sunday evening, was handed over to the 15 members of the Council for approval on Monday.

The United States said it: It cannot support at the present time a position expressed by the Security Council.

The draft statement states that: The Council watches with great concern and denounces the possibility of expelling Palestinian families from occupied East Jerusalem, calling for avoiding “unilateral practices that exacerbate tensions.”

The statement welcomes international efforts to contain the escalation, without mentioning the United States, and stresses the Security Council’s support for a negotiated solution in favor of establishing two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace within recognized and secure borders.

Within seven days, the Security Council held three emergency meetings on the conflict, the last of which was Sunday without reaching a common position.

And Washington, which is the most prominent supporter of Israel, announced, in its interpretation of preventing the issuance of a statement after the last two meetings, that the text would be counterproductive to its mediation efforts in the region.

butterfly  The Jordanian cabinet receives a parliamentary recommendation to expel the Israeli ambassador and withdraw the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv

Monday 17, May 2021 19:32………The Jordanian cabinet received a parliamentary recommendation to expel the Israeli ambassador and withdraw the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv.

Today, Monday, the Jordanian parliament held a session devoted to discussing developments in the Palestinian territories, and the escalation in the Gaza Strip, in the presence of Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh and the ministry.

The Jordanian Parliament Speaker Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat announced that the parliamentary memorandum, signed by all members of the House of Representatives, demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman, and the withdrawal of the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv, is now on the cabinet table.

All 130 members of the House of Representatives signed a memorandum calling on the Jordanian government to expel the Israeli ambassador from Amman, in protest against recent events in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip.

butterfly   Al-Awdat said: I sent the memo, which is placed on the cabinet table, and the General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives will collect the recommendations that were mentioned in the MPs’s discussions, send them to the government, and publish them after that.

The deputies ’demands in their discussions focused on expelling the Israeli ambassador from Amman, withdrawing the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv, working to cancel the gas agreement, and reconsidering the” Wadi Araba “agreement.

The members of the House of Representatives held Israel responsible for the escalation in the Palestinian territories, while the Jordanian government deputies called for filing cases condemning Israel before the International Criminal Court.

In turn, Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh pledged to study the parliamentary memorandum regarding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman, as soon as it comes to the government, in addition to studying other options available to the government, then returning to the council and consulting with the deputies.

butterfly  Global health: the world has entered a stage of racial discrimination in vaccines

Monday 17, May 2021 21:52 …………The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Gebresus, said that the world has reached a state of racial discrimination in vaccines, and that it is no longer only at risk of reaching this situation.

Ghebreyesus called on manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines to make doses available for the Kovacs program, which aims to provide vaccines to poor countries, faster than planned due to the shortage of supplies caused by disruption of Indian exports.

Butterfly   The price of OPEC’s basket of materials is declining

Monday 17, May 2021 23:53 ………The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Monday that the price of a basket of crudes fell by 62 cents a barrel to settle at $ 16.66 a barrel in trading on Friday after the price was 78.66 dollars on Thursday. ”

The Bulletin The General Secretariat of (OPEC) said that the annual rate of the basket price for the past year amounted to 47.41 dollars per barrel. ”

The Producers’ Alliance (OPEC +) confirmed at the conclusion of its last ministerial meeting the importance of continuing the current efforts aimed at maintaining the balance of the oil market, stressing also the continuous positive contributions of the countries declaring cooperation in support of rebalancing the global oil market in line with the historic decisions taken OPEC +) “.

In its latest periodic report, the organization expected that the demand for its raw materials this year would reach 3.27 million barrels per day, up 9.4 million barrels per day compared to 2020.

butterfly   The Jordanian monarch calls on the international community to act effectively to stop the Israeli violations

Monday 17, May 2021 22:40…………The Jordanian Monarch, King Abdullah II, called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and take effective action to stop the Israeli violations.

He said: The provocative Israeli practices led to an escalation.

He added: We have always warned us not to compromise the status quo in Jerusalem.

PeteV   Bak, all good

butterfly  Iraqi doctors announce volunteering in the medical effort to treat the people of Gaza

Monday 17, May 2021 23:56……….The Iraqi Doctors Syndicate announced that Iraqi doctors have volunteered in the medical effort to treat the people of Gaza.

The Syndicate stated in a telegram to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Union of Arab Doctors, the Medical Union of the State of Palestine and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society that: In response to the statement of the Iraqi Doctors Syndicate about the aggression on Gaza, which resulted in the death of hundreds and wounding of thousands, your brothers, Iraqi doctors, initiated requests for volunteering in the medical effort to treat our people In Gaza, with enthusiasm and high resolve.

And she added: The names were registered in the General Center Doctors Syndicate and among them are the Doctors Syndicate, members of councils, branch heads, and other doctors of various ages and specialties, and their brothers, Iraqi doctors working outside Iraq, participated in the rescue work and treat the wounded in the Gaza hospitals according to The desire of the health authorities and awaiting the provision of means of transportation and the determination of workplaces. At the same time, private Iraqi hospitals linked to the Syndicate undertook to receive and treat the wounded referred to Iraq with the highest level of care and attention.

She explained that: This willingness expresses the Iraqis’ love for helping their Palestinian brothers against the brutal Israeli aggression, as the Iraqis have suffered from kin injustice, aggression, malicious terrorism, hatred, and hate policy, and they appreciate the need for solidarity, attribution and tolerance … and God is the successor to what is in it. The safety of our people in Gaza, Palestine and Iraq.

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