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Sparky   … the middle east is a powder keg …

Dave  always has been …..

Sparky   … I only hope the explosion will make me richer …

Dave  Blame the British fer carving up the region as they seemed fit…..?

Sparky   … Kuwait is doing just fine …

Dave  UAE Bahrain Qatar

Sparky   … all doing fine ……funny thing, Iraq has more to offer …

Dave  yeppers…..did better under Sadam too

Sparky   … agreed …

Dave  Rich with the Shah………before Sadam

Sparky  … actually, that word sums it all up …\ a greedy bunch, they are …

Dave who would wish to invest in their corruption?

Sparky  … just you and me my friend ..

Dave     Scorpions – Wind Of Change (Official Music Video)  YouTube · 858,262,000+ views · 11/1/2009 · by ScorpionsVEVO   LINK

Dave  why that Kuwaiti conference was a bust

Sparky  … the Iraqi corrupt enjoy status qou …… pay to play ..

Dave immunity…..you should be familiar with that term

Sparky … very …

Dave  we expect iraq to be different?

Sparky   … I only hope they get their ** together while I can enjoy the prosperity …

Sparky  … a second house on the river, three speed boats, and I’m out …

Dave  figure i will retire before this pops…..   no porsche fer me…….yet……

Sparky … me neither, I still will go to ” work ” tomorrow …

Dave   being semi retired only makes me have to work harder faster

Sparky  Dave … tru dat …… not to worry, Oakies plane is a circulin” …… gonna land any day now …

Dave  wanted to be fully retired by now….

Sparky  … do some pushups and situps, ’cause it may be a lil’ while …

Dave Sparky I move tons a flesh around each day……….

Sparky   … if and when this goes, I’ll invite you to dinner on me …

Dave  Sparky preferably here take you fishing

Sparky   … all the fish clams and cod you can eat …

Sparky Dave … I someday may take you up on that …

Butterfly   Parliamentary Finance to / NINA /: The government resorted to printing sums of Iraqi currency to face the economic crisis in the country

Monday 31 May 2021…….. The Parliamentary Finance Committee has warned of government attempts to print sums of Iraqi currency to confront the current economic and financial crisis in the country.

Member of the committee, Representative Jamal Kougar, said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ), that “the absence of a financial cover from hard currency and gold will leave negative returns on the local market in the coming period.”

He explained that “any cash printing process without a financial cover and a balance of hard currency or gold will have negative returns, especially with the high ceiling of the amounts that are printed by the government.”

He added, “The government resorted to such solutions during the height of the economic crisis in Iraq, and quantities of currency were printed within a specific ceiling, but we hope that this will not increase in the future,” noting that “a sum of money was printed from the Iraqi currency, but the ceiling of the government’s need for printed currency It depends on oil prices in world markets, and with the rise in international prices, the government’s need to resort to this option will diminish.”

He continued, “Oil prices currently in the global markets are close to 70 dollars, and if they reach about 80 dollars per barrel of oil, we will overcome the current financial crisis in Iraq.”

butterfly   The Minister of Oil discusses with the First Vice President of ExxonMobil the investment of gas and clean energy

Monday 31 May 2021 18:16……..The Minister of Oil (Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail) discussed with the First Vice President of ExxonMobil, Tom Schusler, gas investment and clean energy.

The minister affirmed the ministry’s keenness to strengthen cooperation relations with reputable international companies, including Exxon Mobil, noting that Iraq seeks to provide new investment opportunities in the gas and clean energy sectors, which are now considered one of the ministry’s priorities, expressing his hope that the current and future stage will witness more of Implementation of such projects that enhance the chances of sustainable development for Iraq.

For his part, the First Vice President of ExxonMobil expressed his hope to increase the volume of bilateral cooperation in many areas, including the energy and infrastructure sector.

butterfly   The Greek Prime Minister will visit Iraq next July

Monday 31 May 2021 18:36 ………The Greek Ambassador, Leo Nidas Konto Funicius, announced that the Greek Prime Minister will visit Iraq next July at the invitation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

A statement by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce quoted the ambassador as saying during his visit to the union and his meeting with its president, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, that: His visit today is to prepare and prepare for the visit of a large Greek economic delegation that includes elite businessmen, accompanied by the Prime Minister of Greece, who will be a guest of Iraq at the invitation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi within a month. next July.

He added that: the meeting was a fruitful and successful one, and they are fully prepared and cooperate in strengthening trade relations between two countries and creating a fertile ground for discussing commercial cooperation files and exchanging goods and commodities.

For his part, Al-Zuhairi said: The ambassador’s visit is to prepare for and prepare for the visit of the Greek Prime Minister to Iraq and the upcoming great economic forum, which will include more than forty Greek businessmen. It is new with us, and that Iraq is a country rich in human resources and economic potential.

He expressed his hope that the well-known European countries will have a desire to invest and work and convey a positive and bright image of Iraq instead of a blurry image. He indicated that our role as a union of chambers of commerce is to strive to maintain and strengthen the momentum of these relations.

butterfly   Member of Parliamentary Finance: A parliamentarian and governor of Wasit filed two appeals against articles in the budget

Monday 31 May 2021 20:36……..A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, announced that a parliamentarian and governor of Wasit had submitted two appeals against articles in the budget.

Rashid said in a televised statement: “If the appeals are accepted, they will not reduce or increase the size of the deficit in the financial budget, adding that raising the value of the dollar reduced the value of the deficit in the budget law.”

He added that, the value of oil in the region is different from the prices available with SOMO, adding that the region is committed to paying the costs of extracting oil for each barrel.

butterfly  The Ministers of Finance in the Federal and Regional Governments are discussing the mechanism for implementing the Federal Budget Law

Monday 31 May 2021 22:13 |…….The Minister of Finance discussed with Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi with the Minister of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Awat Sheikh Janab, the mechanism for implementing the federal budget law for the current year.

According to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that, in the framework of the dialogues conducted by the Kurdistan region delegation headed by Qubad Talabani , Vice – President of the KRG region, met on Monday, the finance minister in the provincial government Awat Sheikh Janab with the Federal Minister of Finance Ali Allawi in Baghdad. ”

He explained that he was In the meeting, which was attended by Khaled Shwani, Abdul Hakim Khosrow and Samir Hawrami, they discussed the mechanism for implementing the federal budget law for the current year and what falls on the shoulders of both the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Kurdistan Regional Government, where the two sides expressed their willingness to implement the law.

According to the website, it is scheduled to hold another meeting with the Ministry of Oil in the federal government to discuss the oil file and prepare a joint report to be delivered to the Federal Ministry of Finance.”

A high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Qubad Talabani arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening, and the delegation will discuss with government ministries Federal implementation of the region’s share of the budget and the mechanism for exporting oil from the region.”

butterfly  Continuous rise in world oil prices and expectations of their growth at the end of May by 4-5%

Monday 31 May 2021 23:44…….International oil prices continue to rise this evening, Monday, amid expectations that they will grow at the end of this month by 4-5%.

And trading data, according to “Sputnik”, stated that by 18:49 Moscow time, the price of the August futures contract for the North Sea Brent mixture rose by 0.96%, to $69.38 a barrel, and the July futures contract for West Texas Intermediate crude rose by 1.4 percent. % to $ 67.25 a barrel. ”

Brent crude prices rose 4.3 percent, and West Texas intermediate crude rose 5.6 percent in May., increased material prices of crude on the back of investor optimism about the recovery of demand amid easing quarantine restrictions in a number of countries, as well as About expectations for the start of the travel season in the United States.”

butterfly  Salim Hamza to / Nina /: Some political forces are seeking to postpone the elections and keep the current government until further notice

Monday 31 May 2021 20:42…Kurdish MP Salim Hamza confirmed that: Some political forces are seeking to postpone the elections and keep the current government for further notice.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that: Some political forces do not want the elections to be held on time and are making every effort to postpone them in light of the continuation of assassinations and the unstable security environment.

Hamza added that: It is certain that the elections will not be held in an atmosphere of assassinations and the absence of security, indicating that targeting activists is a clear message to postpone them and the survival of this government until further notice. He described this as a dangerous gesture.

He explained that: If the targeting continues unchecked, it will move from targeting activists to prominent politicians, and the government must take decisive measures to end it in order to create an atmosphere for holding early elections on time.

Sparky   … recovery of demand on oil, or anY other fossil fuels days are numbered …imo …

butterfly   Iranian official: The nuclear negotiations in Vienna have reached a very complicated point

Monday 31 May 2021 20:08……The Iranian chief negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, stressed that the nuclear negotiations in Vienna have reached a very complicated point.

Araqchi added in an interview with Iranian television: We have reached the most important disputed issues, and the negotiations have become complicated.

Araqchi did not clarify what the disputed issues (to which he referred) are between Iran and the 4+1 group, which are engaged in negotiations with the aim of reaching an understanding that would revive the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 and which Washington withdrew from three years after its conclusion.

butterfly   NATO foreign and defense ministers will hold two separate meetings tomorrow, Tuesday

Monday 31 May 2021 19:50…….The foreign and defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold two separate meetings, Tuesday, via video conference technology, to discuss the arrangements for the upcoming June 14 NATO summit, and various issues.

In a press statement, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg described the upcoming summit as a very important moment for the alliance and collective security.

He stressed the need to strengthen alliance ties between North America and Europe.

He stressed that the alliance has a defensive goal and is working to maintain peace, and is present in many areas for this purpose.

Sparky   … if disputed areas mean 104, I’ll start paying attention …

butterfly   The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs discusses with the Chinese Ambassador cooperation in the field of support in international forums to serve common interests

Monday 31 May 2021 19:47 ……..The Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nizar Al- Khairallah , discussed with Chinese Ambassador Zhang Tao cooperation in the field of support in international forums to serve the common interests and the future of the two countries’ developing relations in various fields.

A Foreign Ministry statement said today that Al-Khair God met the Chinese ambassador, and during the meeting, they reviewed the most important events in the region and discussed bilateral and regional issues and ways to support Iraq’s efforts to reduce tension in the region and the importance of this for Iraq and the future of the region, as well as the Chinese role in support of peace and security initiatives in the region Middle east “.

The statement indicated that the two sides also discussed the importance of holding political consultations between the two countries’ foreign ministries to discuss bilateral issues and the two countries’ vision for the overall developments on the regional and international arenas, as well as discussing cooperation in the field of support in international forums to serve common interests and the future of the two countries’ advanced relations in various fields.

Sparky   … NATO is there for oil energy, let’s be real …

butterfly  The Minister of Transport discusses with the Finnish ambassador the electronic management of Iraqi ports

Monday 31 May 2021 18:01 ……..Minister of Transport Nasser Hussein Bandar Al-Shibli discussed with the Finnish Ambassador, Visa Hakkinen in Iraq, the electronic management of Iraqi ports.

Al-Shibli said in a statement to the Ministry of Transport: In an effort to develop the work of Iraq’s ports and introduce electronic automation in marine works, discussions were held with the Finnish ambassador and the accompanying technical delegation regarding the VTMS project, which is a modern system for managing ships by means of radars and advanced cameras. And

between Al-Shibli, it is hoped That there will be another meeting within the next two days to discuss at length the technical and administrative details that will contribute to the development of port work in a way that competes with the work of regional and international ports.”

Sparky   … green energy is here, they may get woke, or left behind …

Sparky  … greedy ’till the last drop I imagine …… either way, things are a changin’ …

butterfly   2021-05-31 09:46  Shafaq News / OPEC oil output has risen in May as the group agreed to ease supply curbs under a pact with allies, a Reuters survey showed, although a drop in Iranian exports and involuntary reductions in African members limited the increase.

The 13-member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has pumped 25.52 million barrels per day (bpd) in May, the survey found, up 280,000 bpd from April. Output has risen every month since June 2020 with the exception of February.

Hoping for a global demand recovery, OPEC and allies, known as OPEC+, decided from May 1 to ease more of the record supply cuts made in 2020. OPEC+ meets on Tuesday and delegates expect producers to stick to the existing plan.

“The oil market looks in very good shape ahead of tomorrow’s meeting,” said Eugen Weinberg of Commerzbank. “Despite the mobility restrictions that are still in place, oil demand is recovering dynamically around the world.”

The OPEC+ agreement allows for a 277,000 bpd increase in OPEC output in May versus April, plus Saudi Arabia had pledged to add 250,000 bpd as part of a plan to gradually unwind a 1 million bpd voluntary cut had made in February, March and April.

But with reductions in other countries offsetting the Saudi move, the increase in May OPEC output found by the survey is less than expected, and the group is still pumping much less than called for under the deal.

OPEC compliance with pledged cuts was 122% in May, the survey found, versus 123% in April.

butterfly   The biggest increase in May of 340,000 bpd came from Saudi Arabia as it began to unwind the voluntary cut and raised output as part of the May 1 OPEC+ boost.

OPEC’s No. 2 producer Iraq also pumped more in May, the survey found, adding an extra 70,000 bpd and pushing output beyond its quota.

Libya, one of the OPEC members exempt from making voluntary cuts, boosted output in May after a force majeure on oil loadings from the port of Hariga was lifted.

These increases were limited by involuntary reductions elsewhere in the group. The biggest drop was in Nigeria, where exports slowed from a number of terminals. Angolan supply, in long-term decline, also declined.

Iran, which has managed to raise exports since the fourth quarter despite U.S. sanctions, exported less in May due to lower demand in China.

Talks with world powers on reviving its nuclear deal could soon lead to higher Iranian exports.

The Reuters survey aims to track supply to the market and is based on shipping data provided by external sources, Refinitiv Eikon flows data, information from tanker trackers such as Petro-Logistics and Kpler, and information provided by sources at oil companies, OPEC and consultants.   Source: Reuters

Sparky   … green is good … I like spinach …

butterfly  2021-05-31 12:23  Shafaq News/ OPEC+ is likely to stick to the existing pace of gradually easing oil supply curbs at a meeting on Tuesday, OPEC sources told Reuters, as producers balance expectations of a recovery in demand against a possible increase in Iranian supply.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies – known as OPEC+ – decided in April to return 2.1 million barrels per day (bpd) of supply to the market from May to July, as it anticipated global demand would rise despite surging coronavirus cases in India.

Since that decision, oil has extended this year’s rally and has gained more than 30% so far in 2021 towards $70 a barrel. But the prospect of higher Iranian output as talks on reviving its nuclear deal make progress has limited the upside.

OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo said he did not expect higher Iranian supply to cause problems.

“We anticipate that the expected return of Iranian production and exports to the global market will occur in an orderly and transparent fashion,” he said in a statement.

A meeting of OPEC+ experts called the Joint Technical Committee (JTC) took place on Monday. The JTC confirmed OPEC’s forecast for a sizeable, 6 million bpd jump in world oil demand in 2021 focused on the second half, OPEC+ sources said.

Tuesday’s meeting is due to be attended by oil ministers from OPEC+.

Two more OPEC+ sources said on Monday they do not expect OPEC+ to decide on output policy beyond July, since the outlook for Iranian supply is not yet clear. OPEC has another meeting planned for June 24.

The JTC also revised global supply down by 200,000 bpd and now expects a deficit in 2021 of 1.4 million bpd from 1.2 million bpd previously, a document seen by Reuters showed, a sign inventories will decline faster than expected.

OPEC+ cut output by a record 9.7 million bpd last year as demand collapsed, and the bulk of those cuts remain in place. As of July, the OPEC+ curbs will stand at 5.8 million bpd.

butterfly   2021-05-31 12:32

Shafaq News / Oil prices firmed on Monday, with Brent trading near $70 a barrel, underpinned by the bright outlook for fuel demand growth in the next quarter, while investors looked ahead to the OPEC+ meeting this week to see how producers will respond, Reuters reported.

Brent crude futures last traded up 60 cents, or 0.9%, at $69.32 a barrel at 1614 GMT, having earlier touched a session high of $69.82. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude was at $66.87 a barrel, up 55 cents, or 0.8%.

U.S. and UK markets are closed on Monday due to public holidays.

Both contracts are on track for a second monthly gain as analysts expect oil demand growth to outstrip supply despite the possible return of Iranian crude and condensate exports.

“Despite the mobility restrictions that are still in place, oil demand is recovering dynamically around the world,” Commerzbank said.

Iran has been in talks with world powers since April, working on steps that Tehran and Washington must take on sanctions and nuclear activities to return to full compliance with the 2015 nuclear pact.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and their allies including Russia will meet on Tuesday.

butterfly  The group known as OPEC+ is expected to stay the course on plans to gradually ease supply cuts until July.

“Trading excitement often drives the market just before OPEC+ meetings, and there is confidence that the oil producer group will demonstrate supply restraint at its meeting on Tuesday,” Louise Dickson, oil markets analyst at Rystad Energy said in a note to clients.

A Joint Technical Committee (JTC) for the alliance kept its global oil demand growth forecast for 2021 unchanged at about 6 million barrels per day, two sources from the group told Reuters on Monday.

Separately, crude output in the United States soared 14.3% in March, the Energy Information Administration reported on Friday, while Baker Hughes data showed the number of oil and gas rigs in operation rose for a 10th month in a row last week.

Sparky   … China is on board with electric cars …

butterfly   2021-05-31 14:19  Shafaq News / A medical source reported that the first official mucormycosis death in Iraq had been registered in Dhi Qar.

The source told Shafaq News Agency thatthe disease was discovered by coincidence upon the death of the patient.

“The man’s initial death document stated that he died from a fungus in the eye, but a specialist doctor examined the case and then discovered by chance that the man died due to his infection with the black fungus disease”,the source said.

Mucormycosis is a fungal infection that causes blackening or discoloration over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing blood.

The disease has a close link to diabetes, and conditions which compromise the immune system. Experts have said that an overuse during the COVID-19 pandemic of certain drugs which suppress the immune system could be causing the surge.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that mucormycosis has a mortality rate of 54%, which can vary depending on the condition of the patients and the body part affected.

The disease is not contagious, which means that it cannot spread from contact between humans or animals. But it does spread from fungal spores that are present in the air or in the environment, which are almost impossible to avoid.

Sparky   … the more carbon emission, the quicker we die …

butterfly   2021-05-31 13:17   Shafaq News / Baghdad and Erbil expressed today their readiness to implement the provisions of the 2021 budget.

This came in a meeting between Kurdistan Region Finance Minister Awat Sheikh Janab with Federal Finance Minister Ali Allawi in Baghdad, according to a statement issued by the region’s ministry of finance.

The statement said that the two sides discussed the mechanisms for implementing the 2021 budget and what falls on the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

This meeting comes within the framework of the Kurdistan region’s delegation visit to Baghdad, to discuss the implementation of the budget.

It is expected that the delegation will hold talks with the Federal Ministry of Oil to discuss the oil file and prepare a joint report to be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

butterfly  2021-05-31 10:15  Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed today the need to prepare a draft of the General Budget Law for 2022 before the end of the current parliamentary session, noting that holding early elections will delay preparing it until the middle of next year.

Committee member Muhammad al-Shabki told Shafaq News agency, “the general budget law for 2022 will be implemented by the government and parliament before the end of the parliamentary session and elections are held, but this will not be achieved until the middle of next year.”

He indicated, “there must be a financial report submitted by the Ministers of Planning and Finance to the Council of Ministers that includes a set of risks and purchases to reach successful plans to prepare the Budget Law for 2022.”

“The budget will not be ready for voting after the elections because the parliamentary session would have been expired at the time. It is expected that the debate will continue over the election results, their approval, holding new parliamentary sessions, and forming the next government.”

Al-Shabki called for preparing the budget law and submitting it to Parliament to be read and voted on before the end of the parliamentary session next October.

Sparky   butterfly … newsbreak …

butterfly  2021-05-30 16:04   Shafaq News/ An informed source revealed that the meeting scheduled for Friday between the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) and the U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Syria had been postponed.

The source said that the resumption of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue relies on the guarantees that the U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Syria, David Brownstein, will offer in his anticipated meeting with the ENKS.

“The meeting will be held in the next few days,” he added, “the reasons that prompted the U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to postpone the meeting are unknown.”

“ENKS called on the U.S. Deputy Special Envoy and the Commander of SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), Mazloum Abdi, to stop all the violations committed by the security forces affiliated with the Autonomous Administration against the proponents, members, and leaders of ENKS, and put an end to the accusations made by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on media towards the leaders of the ENKS and Peshmerga Rojava to provide an appropriate atmosphere to resume the negotiations.”

Under the auspices of the United States and the supervision of the SDF Commander, Mazloum Abdi, ENKS and PYD engaged in negotiations to unify the Kurds in Syria and introduce the ENKS in the governance of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Initially, the negotiations were fruitful as they resulted in the establishment of a political reference for a mutual administration of the Region and drafting a “political code”.

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