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Zig’s Place Chat and News Thursday PM 6-3-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Sheila   TWW hey there   TWW how are you feeling? got rested from your long project?

TWW   sheila Sorry, been on the phone…Im not, still, feeling very well but life life, everything is temporary  been in the hospital for a spell for 2 surgery

Sheila TWW One day, would enjoy hearing recaps about your last few months… first hand experiences.

TWW  Got something to share that took place at Chase

Sheila  TWW Did not realize you had surgeries. Are you healing at good pace?

Sheila  TWW Share now, please. Would appreciate the hopium

Sheila  TWW So what took place at Chase?

TWW  sheila Chase sent me an automated today to meet the new mgt today…

TWW   So I had a driver pick me up & took me to my bank…

sheila TWW And???

TWW Well he was my bank mge from 10 yrs ago… So he asked after a while of chattin togeather…

Sheila TWW go on

TWW & I poped a question abt upcoming currency exchanging…& and if he knows wats going on…

Sheila  TWW on edge of my seat

TWW So he smiles as he turns he head to both sides and said…

Sheila and?

TWW ” well T, u still have the same as u did 6 yrs ago mayb more…

TWW  I said several more  So he looked my account up

Sheila  … ?

TWW ‘OOOOO some goodies I see…

Sheila   Zeros or OOOH’s

TWW  ‘U will b in good shape…I was at the main branch last month & a lot of training was goiny on’…

Sheila TWW very nice happenstance of confirmation

Sheila  TWW Was he only asking you about dinar?

TWW   It seem like this process should not take much longer, kcant say when u know what I mean, Im sure T’…the ** Arabs really need to learn to be progressing.

Sheila TWW Thinking delayed activation is more about what’s going on here in America.

Sheila Opinion… not fact.

TWW sheila NO on my bank file, it shows every currency I have bought at 3 location, nice confirmation from my banker

TWW  since 2014

Sheila TWW good onya

TWW  they have no idea that I have buys from a few currency banks

Sheila guy’s gotta have some backup funds

TWW Chase has always been good to me

Sheila  TWW good endorsement

TWW  I am being very serious & being very up front

Sheila   TWW Okay. Am looking at First Horizon, maybe.

TWW   more stuff??? On Tuesday 10 of us got together for breakfast & coffee in a private room at a diner. One flew uf from AZ

Sheila   alrighty… sounded like you did some good stuff. for god and country.

TWW   OOOOO yes indeen, one was my Rabbi, one a pilot, one retired AG sec, on Dental manuf co, one a scientist etc

Sheila   TWW diversity in it’s purest form – capitalism

TWW   Most of us have been close friends for abt 8 yrs

Sheila   TWW circle of friends

TWW   Id say so but u beat me to it lololol

Sheila   TWW I am so looking forward to meeting you one day – soon. lolol

TWW   there will be time for that

TWW  Need to take some ARNICA, tuff pain coming bk, itz bed time too   nite nite

Sheila   TWW Agree… this is my fasting day and I have run out of energy. Lovely to hear from you tonight. good thoughts, good words, good actions… and good night gracie

Sheila   lolol

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