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Sandyf   Iraq, like every other IMF member, publishes audited accounts. The hard line RVer’s would have you believe that the auditors are quite prepared to break the law and falsify the accounts. Kap is wrong, there is no 42 trillion of IQD floating about, it is in the order of 60 Trillion.

123789   Anyone else read that this RV should be happening right now? According to several gurus, we should be getting an email with exchange/redemption instructions any time now.

Zig   123789 : Don’t hold your breath….lol

123789   huge tranches of money have been moved…..redemption centers are fully staffed, waiting….paymasters in place…bank tellers winking at customers who are “in the know”…ZIM needs to be redeemed within 4 days…. Any truth to any of this??? THoughts?

123789  Just posted by Judy Byington: Judy Note: It’s 9/11 and the Global Currency Reset has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

123789   Just posted by JudyByington: An IMF source said the Global Currency Reset began globally on Fri. 11 Sept. A Paymaster in Reno reported that initiation of RV liquidity started just after 12 midnight Reno time Fri. 11 Sept. Payouts overnight Thurs. 10 Sept. included certain Tier 3-4A SKRs, accounts of top level Tier 3-4A groups and intermediate accounts like the Native American accounts. Some sources were saying that the notifications would reach Tier 4B any time between Fri. 11 Sept. and Mon-Tue 14-15 Sept., while others said Tier 4B would start on Tues. 15 Sept.

123789   just throwing this out there bc there is no other conversation going on here

123789   This is why people (me included initially) have the idea of the redemption centers, etc… https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/09/special-restored-republic-via-gcr_11.html

Doug_W   USA “Soon or Iraqui “soon”?

Zig   123789 : Exactly

123789   For some reason, these “gurus’ post this stuff….why do you think someone would post this misinformation day after day, month after month? Why spend their life doing this?

Zig   123789 : I used to get excited every weekend…that was 10 years ago…lol…were a few different Gurus around then….a few are in prison (BH Group)

Doug_W   me too Ziggy me too

Zig   123789 : Some make money from this in various ways…..

Zig   123789 : https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndoh/pr/two-men-convicted-fraudulent-24-million-scheme-involving-sale-iraqi-currency I almost bought into their Hedge Fund….lol

Zig   I used to listen to their conference calls all the time….was hooked…..Gullible Zig…..

123789  Also, why is this Charlie Ward guy all over the place now? I see more and more about this guy, like he’s some sort of prophet…he’s a guy with an accent and RV “intel”… why so special?

Zig   Look…I have no idea if we will ever profit from this…but I will keep my Dinar and just wait…. :Waiting:

123789   I’ve only been exposed to this Dinar realm since Feb but have never seen so much garbage surrounding anything. Other than religion, this is the biggest example of blind faith I have ever seen. Blind faith and resist all questions presented is part of the reason ppl died in Jonestown. Seems we are not far off…between the idea of the RV, Gesara and Trump being a good leader…we are no different than those cult followers. Its friggin scary.

Zig   123789 : Lucky you…wish I was only in this since Feb….lol….

Zig   This Dinar thing ages you twice as fast as non-investors so beware

123789   Honstely How are you guys still following this after 10yrs…after all the bs, how are you still believers? You must believe it will happen on some level, but after ten years…please let us newbies know the mindset…no offense but it seems crazy.

23789  and is anything happening in dinarland that you have not seen before? Does this time look any different from years past? Are we any closer to RV than you were 3, 6, 7, 9yrs ago?

Doug_W  123789 the fact that the currency is under atificial supression and one day WILL rise in value Iraq is too rich not to

Zig  Thinking of quitting this?….Just HOLD ON….Hold on!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-yyHNdqK3U

Zig   Sorry if you thought this chat room was closed today…I am an indecisive person by nature…and just experimenting still…lol…not a good trait to have but occasionally it keeps you out of trouble….It will be open tomorrow and closed on Sunday….unless I change my mind….KIDDING!!!

Doug_W   Zig can I change my name too?

Doug_W  MOD suites me just fine if U will let me that aught to get some conversations going

MOD  (Doug_W)  there

TWW   sheila I b bk tonight, several things been holdin bk from last/this wks info I left blank. As u have viewed the news L8TLY has/is happening now. Plus my military friend has returned to the Great USA with more stuff.

sheila   TWW wonderful !!! — looking forward to hearing back here or email.

TWW   sheila My military friend gave much much infor including abt several Arab countries chatting abt who’s nxt going to Israel as friends & RI/RV stuff. shhhhh

@MOD  (Doug_W)  Git er DUN Arab World

Sheila   TWW Bahrain, Israel will normalize relations, Trump announces 2:25 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtN01-Lkfl4

Sheila   TWW All the news this week, sure does not bode well for anyone up until election day. Even then, it could be challenging.

TWW   Most arab leaders r voting (joke) Trump. They dont like Biden nor our DS for their continued wars & no follow thru promises. EX: If Egypt wants to buy 1 Billion usd to buy a jet. They know they would get mayb 10-20% snagged from the top for the Demonrats.:…the US dems are thieves. This is a fact b/c my friend just got bk Kuwait for a YR.

sheila   @TWW Trump is a capitalist. Biden, Clinton, Obama, Bush 1&2, etc… are globalists. Patriot versus “I got mine, you get your own crowd” … Follow the money. Lolol

TWW   Itz always abt the money

Sheila  Bunch of Turncoats.

TWW  yepperz

Sheila  I am excited about the dinar. Yet I am most hopeful about the zim.

TWW i too hope great things abt the ZIM

Sheila  keep hearing some amazing numbers.

TWW   25,000IQD =78.7674 SAR

1 SAR = 317.390 IQD

1 IQD = 0.00315070 SAR

Sheila   SAR ???

TWW  25,000IQD =1,612.09 AFN

1 AFN = 15.5078 IQD

1 IQD = 0.0644835 AFN (Afgan)

TWW  SAR Saudi Arabia

Sheila  thought so, wasn’t sure. Are these current forex rates?

TWW  see the different IQD rates

TWW not sure

Sheila  source?

TWW  source: xe

Sheila alrighty then

TWW   FOREX as of today: Can I trade the Iraqi dinar (IQD)?  At this time, FOREX.com does not offer trading in the Iraqi dinar (IQD). However, we do offer forex trading in over 80 currency pairs in addition to silver and gold trading

TWW  Can I trade the Vietnamese Dong (VND)?  At this time, FOREX.com does not offer trading in the Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Sheila  Wow look at that. At least thought Viet Dong/VND would be included in the currency pairs.

TWW  in fact I hear that peeps can not buy DONG’s at banks now

Sheila  Yes, that’s what I’m hearing too. Ebay has some trusted sellers.

Sheila  @LeLe Got notified this evening that JP Morgan Chase is calling all their employees back to work on Monday, September 21, 2020.

LeLe   sheila I seen that. Interesting indeed.

Sheila   Also Sept 21st is first day after MOUs matured for those 8B contracts with US companies.

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