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Zig’s Place Chatroom News Saturday 6-12-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Butterfly   Al-Rasheed Bank begins installing ATMs in a number of government departments

Saturday 12 June 2021 13:32…….Al-Rasheed Bank announced the start of installing ATMs in a number of government departments in Maysan Governorate.

The media office said in a statement today: “The departments in which the monument has been completed are (Maysan Child and Maternity Hospital, Martyr Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital, Maysan Facility Protection Directorate and Maysan Health Department) and work is continuing to complete the implementation of what was set in the bank’s plan.”

butterfly   In conjunction with the rise in global oil, Basra Light Crude records the highest prices in (OPEC)

Saturday 12 June 2021…………The price of Basra Light Crude rose, in conjunction with the rise in international oil prices, to record the highest prices in the Organization of (OPEC).

The prices of Basra Light crude, exported to Asia, recorded $72.73 per barrel, an increase of 0.30%, while Basra Heavy crude rose to $68.72 per barrel, up 0.93%, from last Thursday.

Basra Light oil reached the highest prices compared to other OPEC countries. The Saudi Arabian Light oil price reached $72.12 per barrel, while the price of the UAE Murban Blend reached $72.03 per barrel, and the Algerian Sahran Blend reached $71.44 per barrel, while the Nigerian Bonny Light recorded $72.08, Angolan Girasole $72.30.

International oil prices rose today, to close Brent crude at $72.69, and West Texas crude at $70.91 a barrel.

butterfly   An economic specialist..increasing banks’ shares of the dollar increases their profits and does not improve the exchange rate

Saturday 12 June 2021,,,,,,,,,,,An expert in economic affairs criticized the Central Bank’s handling of the exchange rate crisis by raising the share of banks and offices from the dollar, describing it as “bypassing the solution.”

Durgham Muhammad Ali said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that “the increase of the central bank’s share of authorized banks and offices from the cash sale of dollars is an increase in the profits of these banks and companies, as they monopolize the dollar and cause a crisis in prices.”

He added: “The central bank, instead of opening windows for direct selling without intermediaries for the dollar, increases the shares of those involved in corruption to make more illegal profits from selling more dollars on the black market, taking advantage of the exchange rate difference,” stressing:

The economic specialist wondered about the goal of establishing more than 75 private banks, without any credit contribution in any development field, criticizing “the complicity of the executive authority with cash to plunge the country into economic problems that are difficult to solve.”

butterfly   Central Bank Warns Against Speculation in Iraqi Dinar……….12th June 2021,,,,,,,,The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has confirmed its commitment to a stable foreign exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar.

According to a statement from the bank, “the dollar exchange rate is fixed and there are no intentions to change.”

It added that the rate chosen at the end of 2020 was “based on in-depth studies of the requirements of the economic and financial situation and the objectives of monetary policy.”

The CBI also cautioned that “statements related to the exchange rate are promoted for speculators to benefit from.”   (Source: CBI)


Zig   butterfly : I don’t like that last article…I don’t like it one bit….lol…but thanks for posting it…lol….

Butterfly   I wonder how the so-called gurus will handle that information…….sorry but I had to post them.

Zig   :Sob: Thanks….lol

butterfly   I am seeing if there are other articles confirming them.

butterfly   Soooooooooooooo…………..it is FIXED for a year:

butterfly   The Iraqi Parliament: The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be fixed for at least a year

Saturday 12 June 2021 | 02:51 PM   The Iraqi Parliament – The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be fixed for at least a yearA member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, confirmed on Saturday that the dollar exchange rate as for the Iraqi dinar will remain “steady for a year at least”, because any change will “harm” government contracts and projects .

Cougar said, “Changing the exchange rate is the responsibility of the Central Bank, and the coffee statement yesterday and the bank’s statement came at its time, in light of rumors about the possibility of a new change in the price .”

He added, “The exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will remain fixed for at least a year,” noting that “any change in this price means creating new problems after all government contracts and projects and the public financial budget were built on this price .”

He pointed out that “speculators are the beneficiaries of the process of broadcasting rumors of changing the exchange rate, because the selling price is fixed by the Central Bank,” noting that “the government has the authority and the ability to impose the selling price on the participants in the currency auction by issuing a decision or allocating an amount and pumping it to control the market.”   aynaliraqnews.com

butterfly   Time to take a long vacation. LOL

butterfly   Now I have to add a bit of humor, because I’ve heard this many times over throughout the years. There is no longer a federal reserve, and the quantum effect has started, and I could go into the political crap, but I refuse to bring that on here. In other words, NOTHING has changed. We have to either move on or put our butts down and say….that is all crap I believe the gurus.

Zig   butterfly : I know exactly what the “Gurus” will say: They will say that the CBI is intentionally putting out false statements because they do not want a lot of people making money from speculating on their currency, etc…that the CBI will never tell you what their intentions really are…..

Butterfly   Criticism of the government because of its financial system and the failure to find solutions to crises

Posted, 2021-06-12   Criticism of the government because of its financial system and the failure to find solutions to crisesA number of politicians criticized, on Friday, the government’s continuation of the current approach in the financial policy that it has followed since it took power in the country, especially after it led the country to a significant deterioration and an increase in the poverty rate to 70 percent, despite the recovery of the financial situation of the government and the central bank and oil prices exceeding the 70 threshold. dollars per barrel.

The representative of the Sadiqoun bloc, Fadel Al-Fatlawi, said that “the government’s financial situation has recovered significantly, especially after the rise in oil prices during the past months, which requires the executive authority to modify its procedures to ensure fairness to the poor and overcome the current crisis.”

On the other hand, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ahmed Ali, explained to “The Information” that “Iraq suffers from a high rate of poverty due to the failure to properly manage resources, as the Al-Kazemi government bears responsibility for the clear deterioration in the living situation of the citizen.”

In addition, MP Bahaa El-Din Al-Nouri confirmed, “The dollar exchange rate has risen a lot and the government has no control over it, as it considers this rise as one of the reforms it has undertaken, while this has caused great harm to the citizen.”    burathanews.com

UNEEK   Zig / butterfly I wish someone could really truly have some verifiable information on the status of the dinar – we read in the news quite often about other currencies changing in value – going up and down – what’s the big deal? Is dinar the ONLY currency that people have bought and speculated on? Probably not to the extreme as the dinar – but still – why cant they figure out what they want to do and just do it???

Clydesdale   Guru Frank26 the flow is already flowing IMO when you see the World Bank tell the CBI ‘Raise the value.’ – When you see the CBI come out and tell the money exchangers, ‘We’re in charge of the exchange rate not you. Stop it!’ – When you see that the international world is pouring in, today Visa and American Express…That screams Article VIII doesn’t it? Of course it does. But we still await the announcement from the CBI.

Clydesdale   The problem with frank is it is always in his opinion

Zig   Clydesdale : His latest video has had over 15,000 views, and that, in a nutshell, tells you what is wrong in this community….

Dave   Zig you jealous or prefer being lied to?

Dave   UNEEK verifiable…….???? I doubt CBI is going to advertise a RV in advance…..

Dave   Zig people generally only value something after paying fer it…….

Dave   Zig bet your boots if you were to charge fer a subscription youd get more members and make some spending cash………but then again……Iraq has given us nodda to even get remotely excited about…..

Dave   had some hopium with seating the FSC………been months now ….no rulings on anything yet……..

Dave  good easy read of the history of the IQD………fils included……lol….


Clydesdale   Zig Yes it does Zig, people hooked on hopium.

Sheila   Clydesdale H.O.P.E. — hold on, pain ends

Dave  sheila missed yet another boat…..hopium……thought it meant hop e experienced from the altered sense of Reality from the effects of opium?????

butterfly   Iranians residing in Iraq vote in presidential elections in six cities

Saturday 12 June 2021 20:17………Tehran announced that Iranians residing in Iraq will vote in the presidential elections in six Iraqi cities.

Today, Saturday, Iranian Ambassador Iraj Masjedi confirmed the diplomatic mission’s readiness to contribute to the holding of the thirteenth Iranian presidential elections.

“Coordination is underway to facilitate conditions for the participation of citizens residing inside Iraq in the presidential elections of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Masjedi said in a press statement, according to Iranian media. .

“the ballot boxes will be placed inside the headquarters of the Iranian embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in addition to five other funds within the consulates of Iran in both Najaf and Karbala, Basra, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.”

the elections will take place the Iranian presidency at its thirteenth session on the eighteenth of June the current

Sheila   Into the Mystic by Van Morrison (Remastered) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbZf8GY1-Ag

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