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Dave   100 US dollars is equivalent to 100 Iraqi dinars .. Is it possible? An economic expert answers.

Dave   Baghdad / Obelisk: The economic expert, Salam Sumaisem, said that the government is now obliged to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar in order to obtain greater quantities of Iraqi money against the dollar without printing more, and thus preserving the currency from collapse.

In an interview with the “obelisk”, Sumaisem said that in the pre-2003 era, the currency was printed without cover and in large quantities, and it was reduced without a balance. Today, it can be reduced with a balance, indicating that this reduction increases the amount of exports because it pays people They import from abroad to the demand for local goods, which will lead to a devaluation of the currency and the demand for it becomes more.

Several countries resorted to writing off zeros of their currency, with the aim of restoring some confidence in the national currency by trying to absorb inflation represented by high prices and the erosion of purchasing value.

Sumaisem indicated that the time is not appropriate to manipulate zeros or the currency because its value will change, and with regard to removing zeros, this requires monetary stability and that was decided during the era of Sinan al-Shabibi administration of the Central Bank.

The economic expert called for improving the status of the dinar so that every 100 dinars would be equal to 100,000 Iraqis, and thus raising the zeros so that every 100 dollars equal to 100 Iraqi dinars, and thus the dinar would be equal to the dollar.

But Sumaisem believes that raising the zeros is not possible at the present time, due to the monetary and economic crisis that Iraq suffers from.

And deleting zeros from the currency is the process of replacing the old currency with a new one whose price is less than the old currency by the number of zeros that will be deleted, for example deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency means that one dinar from the new currency is equivalent to 1000 dinars from the old currency.   The Iraqi

Dave   odd no mention of a float but rather deleteb3 zeros

Dave   nor any mention of those 47 trillion deenar in circulation

Dave   stuffed in mattresses

Dave   amazing that most iraqis dont have enough dinar to buy any smokes

Zig   Short email from Kaperoni regarding the article posted above: From the article: “one dinar from the new currency is equivalent to 1000 dinars from the old currency”…………………Kaperoni: “That’s a LOP…They will either float from 1190 or Parliament will get involved and LOP.”

Zig   Please don’t shoot the messenger….lo

Will   @Zig. Breaking news. Ruth Bader Ginsberg just died at 87. WOW!

Sandyf   @xyz And deleting zeros from the currency is the process of replacing the old currency with a new one whose price is less than the old currency by the number of zeros that will be deleted, for example deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency means that one dinar from the new currency is equivalent to 1000 dinars from the old currency. – A Redenomination.

sandyf   The term “strengthen the national currency” is regularly used by central banks and usually means they have to try and stop the currency from further weakening.

sandyf   A redenomination means a change in the monetary unit and any such changes must be approved by parliament. Normal timeframe is around 2 years.

Tebow   Article: “The first statement of the new Iraqi central governor: We drew up a plan to strengthen the national currency” The first sentence is very very very important… “….the new CBI governor of the central bank of Iraq announced on today Thursday a plan to strengthen the notation currency.” A plan to strengthen the national currency! There’s only one way they can do that…it’s to raise the value. REDENOMINATION DOES NOT ADD VALUE.

Kaperoni    sandyf Is correct. Strengthening the currency does not mean raise the value. It means reducing the spread in the country closer to the official rate. This has been a must for years with the IMF telling them to keep the market rate within 2%. Currently they are 5%.

Tebow   Don’t you just love it when gurus can not comprehend what an article from the Governor of the CBI means. They try to put a spend on it to fit their opinion. A plan to strengthen the national currency not some 2% spread. They did not get rid of the old CBI governor just so they could fix the so called spread. LOL

Kaperoni   If you go read any previous CBI articles whether from the CBI or IMF and they talk about strengthing the dinar, they are referring to the spread not a RV. Figure it out! Your dreaming!

Kaperoni   And if they are ever going to raise it exchange rate against foreign currencies it wont be via a RV. Not how monetary policy works. The CBI is in the business of making money, not giving it away.

LeLe   Never fails. Can’t agree to disagree without the name calling. For someone who doesn’t hold Dinar and not planning on coming back to the chatroom. Sure can’t make up their mind.

Kaperoni   LeLe No reason to hold dinar. When it floats everyone can play it like any other currency.

Spectra   Ralph Waldo Emerson “There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.”

Spectra   We choose love by taking small steps of love every time there is an opportunity. A smile, a handshake, a word of encouragement, a phone call, a card, an embrace, a kind greeting, a gesture of support, a moment of attention, a helping hand, a present, a financial contribution, a visit—all these are little steps toward love.

Spectra   A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed… Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who… Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart… You will be enriched in every way so that you can be… Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed…

Spectra   If we all want a better world let’s just start with our selves..

xyz   The Kurdistan Regional Government is “optimistic” to reach a final agreement with Baghdad

Shafaq News / On Friday, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani expressed his optimism that a final agreement would be reached to resolve the differences and issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

Barzani said in a tweet on social networking platforms “Twitter” that “despite the many obstacles, we have a strong negotiating team that represents all parties to the regional government, which is united in its goal.”

He added that he was “optimistic about reaching a final agreement with the federal government” in Baghdad.

The provincial government delegation had previously made several visits to the capital, Baghdad, after the previous federal government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi stopped financing the salaries of employees and workers in the public sector in Kurdistan .

The differences and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad are based on the region’s share of the financial budgets, the entitlements of the Peshmerga forces, the export of oil, and the disputed areas covered by Article 140 of the permanent Iraqi constitution.

On several occasions and times, the Kurdistan Regional Government has expressed its willingness to deliver 250 thousand barrels of crude oil per day in exchange for the Iraqi government funding of employees’ salaries by 450 billion Iraqi dinars per month.   LINK

Tebow   What wars? GO RV! I see some some a clearly unable to comprehend and understand what the Governor of the CBI has said.

Xyz   Source: The 2020 budget will arrive in Parliament tomorrow, Sunday

A parliamentary source said, on Saturday, that the 2020 budget will arrive in Parliament tomorrow, Sunday.

The source said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The representative of the government in Parliament, Torhan Al-Mufti, informed the General Secretariat of Parliament that the 2020 budget will arrive tomorrow, Sunday, to the House of Representatives.” LINK

Spectra   “Watch Within the Next 48 hrs” – People Need To Know  https://youtu.be/MwCfHIe5leo

Dave   Spectra TRUE Freedom………

Spectra   Dave Well people better wakeup

Dave  unfortunately now a control system…….cant smoke in public places seat belts, speeding tickets, etc etc………

Spectra   Dave yep a real slave society alright

Dave   rules not entirely a bad idea

Spectra   They want population control read the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES

Dave   if we could all live by the Golden Rule

Spectra   Dave The Dinar is not going anywhere right now …

Dave   agrrreeeeeeee

Spectra   its not up in value thats for sure

Dave  never knew it was other than on ebay

Spectra   Thats why i would rather not talk about the * thing

Dave  New CBI Govniner

Spectra   yeh’ a new CBI guy just another IMF pUPPET

Dave  According to whom?

Spectra  me

Dave   Alaq was by Proxy

Spectra   No one gets that job unless they get on their knees

Spectra   I know Alaq was proxy been saying it for years

Dave   PM promices to go after the corrupt

Spectra  who cares   not me lol

Dave  they may tho

Spectra  sick of Iraq talk   They all washed up

Dave  have hope…….

Spectra   They LOOSE

Spectra  NO i do not believe in hope   I believe in action and what i see    all the talk in the world means nothing

Spectra  I see the world in realtime   bull **** Tallks    NO La la land for me

Dave what be happening in Canada that i really need to reconcile?

Spectra Dave ?

Dave We our generally happy…..

Spectra  Ok good for you lol   i guess i could be happy too if i was wearing blindfolds over my eyes

Dave  what should i be seeing?

Spectra  Living in a bubble wont work for me

Spectra  Dave if you cant see it by now you may never see it.  just put your mask on be a good boy   do as your told

Dave  rant about masks?

Dave  huge fines fer not wearing one here now

Spectra  The mask / IS SYMBOLIC . i am not going to tell you why if you think its natural and you like it then cover your face……

Spectra  Dave well it sounds like you live in a SCIFI movie world.

Dave  yeah …no virus floating around

Spectra   Dave no one i know has had a virus  NO NONE

Dave  I do…..!

Spectra  i have a strong DNA

Dave that helps yes

Spectra  Nver seen a doctor since i gave birth 30 years ago

Dave  I am a Dr…..

Spectra  oh yeh  i remember

Spectra  Good Dna is important my mother is 82 she has never been to a doctor ever  she is strong and healthy

Dave   healthy lifestyle helps

Spectra   it helps  but i smoke she smokes    my mom smokes at 82    no cancer in my family

Dave   helps yes

Spectra   yes   so i dont worry .I am careful and i always wash my hands .After i leave a store.Plus a lot of people dont think about this but should clean your nose     I nevr stood close to people any where i go even before this virus


xyz   An official and a deputy in Kurdistan affirm: Erbil will hand over any accused against whom an arrest warrant has been issued to Baghdad

09/19/2020 14:27  Baghdad today – Kurdistan   With the launch of security operations to pursue those accused of corruption, some accused parties are trying to flee and seek refuge in the territories of the Kurdistan region, in order not to arrest them. However, the regions of the region confirmed that the region was not allowed to be a haven for what it described as “corrupt.”

The Director General of Asayish Erbil, Major General Tariq Nouri, confirmed that the Asayish is an executive body, and it implements any judicial order issued to it against the accused.

Nuri said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The Asayish is a body affiliated with the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, and any warrant against suspects residing in the region who has arrest warrants that reaches us by the regional security council, and we are committed to implementing them.”

He added, “Any suspect against whom an arrest warrant is issued, whether it is criminal or corruption cases, we are carrying out our mission after the arrival of the warrant to the regional security council.”

Major General Nuri described “the security cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil is good, which recently resulted in the arrest of many wanted persons with terrorist and criminal cases, and their extradition to the judicial authorities in the Iraqi provinces.”

For his part, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Repin Salam, affirmed that the Kurdistan region is ready to cooperate with the federal government in handing over the corrupt persons who are based in the region’s cities.

Salam said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “There is good security cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil, and the region is not a safe haven for the corrupt and those who steal the people’s livelihood, and anyone who takes the region as a headquarters and an arrest warrant is issued

xyz   https://baghdadtoday.news/news/131340/%D9%85%D8%B3%D8%A4%D9%88%D9%84-%D9%88%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%A6%D8%A8-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D9%83%D8%B1%D8%AF%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86-%D9%8A

Zig   I started this chat room just to have a little fun…never tried anything like it before…but after experimenting with some things, and dealing with some problems, I found that I just don’t like doing it that much…It isn’t just one or two things…Hey it only cost me $20 to find that out…LOL…Had fun playing around in my back office…

There really was not that much activity here either other than a small group…so what I will do is close it for now…but if anything SIGNIFICANT should happen with the Dinar I will open it again…I highly doubt anything will happen with the Dinar any time soon…I wish everyone well…You won’t be seeing me any longer around the Dinar Community as I am tired of it…I will keep my Dinar though….Take care and stay safe!!..

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