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butterfly   Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 7-6-2021   United States DollarThe results of the foreign currency sale window for Tuesday 6/7/2021 and implemented today    Announcement No. (4444)

Sale date – Tuesday 6/7/2021 and executed today  the details   the amount

Total sale for the purposes of strengthening balances abroad (remittances, credits)  146,477,253

Total cash sale  61,920,000        Total total sales   208,397,253

Note that:   The selling price of the amounts transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar. The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar.   cbi.iq/currency_auction/view/1060

butterfly   A statement from the US Embassy about the downing of the drone

2021.07.06 – 10:22   A statement from the US Embassy about the downing of the droneBaghdad – people

The US embassy in Baghdad commented, on Tuesday, regarding the downing of the drone at dawn today in the capital, Baghdad.

And the embassy said in a statement that “Nass” received a copy of it, (July 6, 2021), that “in the early morning of July 6, the defense system was activated inside the American embassy compound in Baghdad and eliminated an air threat.”

“We are working with our Iraqi partners to investigate, and we will continue to take all appropriate and necessary measures to protect the safety of our employees and facilities,” she added.

And a security source said at dawn on Tuesday, that the “CRAM” system intercepted more than one drone that apparently intended to target the Green Zone in central Baghdad after midnight.

The source told “Nass” (July 7, 2021), that “the anti-missile system shot down one of the attacking planes.”

While the Security Media Cell did not make any comment until the moment of writing the news.


butterfly   Parliamentary Finance: The rise in oil prices will contribute to the stability of the dollar exchange

2021-07-06 08:29   Parliamentary Finance – The rise in oil prices will contribute to the stability of the dollar exchangeShafaq News/ The Parliamentary Finance Committee suggested, on Tuesday, that the rise in oil prices would contribute to stabilizing the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the local markets.

Committee member Ahmed Al-Hajj Rashid told Shafaq News Agency, “Oil prices in global markets recorded their highest price in years after the OPEC group agreement, especially after the recent increase in demand for oil.”

He added that “the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar affected the citizens and people with limited income, and this caused a rise in the prices of real estate, food, construction and all commercial goods and merchandise.”

And Rashid indicated, “The rise in oil prices will contribute to the stability of the dollar exchange rate in front of the Iraqi dinar through the central bank pumping the currency into the market to control the change in exchange rates.”

Oil prices continued to rise today, after yesterday’s rise, with the cancellation of production talks for OPEC + countries, but fears that members may begin to increase production limited the gains.

After the Iraqi government’s decision to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar in late 2020, the exchange rate of every $100 reached 145,000 dinars, which led to a significant increase in prices in the Iraqi market.

This price was fixed in the federal budget for the year 2021, and since then until now the dollar exchange rate has not been stable, as it continued for about three months below the official exchange rate, rising in recent months and reaching 151 thousand dinars per 100 dollars.   shafaq.com

butterfly   By land, sea and air.. Iraqi faction threatens to strike America in Iraq and neighboring countries

2021-07-06 07:23   By land sea and air.. Iraqi faction threatens to strike America in Iraq and neighboring countriesShafaq News/ “The Sayyid Al-Shuhada Brigades”, one of the Iraqi factions, threatened on Tuesday to target US forces with a qualitative operation that could be land, air or sea, in response to the US raid in Al-Qaim last month, which killed 4 members of the brigade.

“We want to carry out an operation that everyone describes as revenge against Washington,” Abu Ala’ al-Walai, the secretary-general of Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada’, said in an interview with the Associated Press, explaining that “the process of revenge against the Americans may be land, sea, air, or any Place”.

Al-Wali confirmed that “the coordinating body of the Iraqi resistance factions is going towards responding to the American strike,” pointing out that the coordinating body of the resistance factions is determined to respond, and is able to reach the US forces on the Syrian, Kuwaiti and Saudi borders, in addition to the Kurdistan Region.

And the US Department of Defense announced in a statement that “on (last June 27), the US military launched, under the direction of President Joe Biden, precise defensive air strikes against facilities used by Iranian-backed militias in the border area between Iraq and Syria.”

The Iraqi National Security Ministerial Council held an emergency meeting headed by Al-Kazemi at the time, devoted to discussing the repercussions of the American bombing of a site on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The Council affirmed its intention to resort to all available legal options to prevent the recurrence of such “aggressions” that violate Iraq’s airspace and territory, in addition to conducting a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of the accident and its causes, and working to prevent it from recurring in the future.

butterfly   The so-called “Coordination of the Iraqi Resistance” issued a statement about the recent bombing of the city of Al-Qaim on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and vowed “revenge” through what it described as an “open war.”   shafaq.com


butterfly   Parliamentary Finance: The application of Al-Kazemi’s white paper is “almost impossible”

Tuesday 6 July 2021 | 01:46 PM   Parliamentary Finance – The application of Al-Kazemis white paper is almost impossibleA member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Kougar, considered, on Tuesday, that the implementation of the white paper announced by Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government, is “almost impossible” in light of the political parties’ control of state resources, as he put it .

Cougar said, “The white paper announced by the government earlier was based more on the theoretical side than the practical, and the evidence is that the 2021 budget law that came from the government before it was passed in Parliament was devoid of all its paragraphs from the articles of the paper .”

He added that “the government is talking today about the percentages of achievement related to the implementation of the White Paper. In fact, they are exaggerated rates,” stressing that “the implementation of the White Paper is almost impossible due to the control and domination of some political parties over the state’s resources .”

He explained, “If the government does not leave the control of these parties, the country will not witness an economic recovery. The country’s life will not be achieved through the international community, because these parties control everything and work according to an external agenda that sometimes helps them even by standing against the development of the local product.”   aynaliraqnews.com

Butterfly   Iran announces its readiness to raise gas pumping rates to Iraq

Tuesday 06 July 2021 19:51…….The Ministry of Electricity announced, on Tuesday, details of bilateral agreements to raise gas emissions and restore Iranian lines to work.

And the ministry stated in a statement, that “the Undersecretary for Production Affairs, Adel Karim, received the Chargé d’Affairs of the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, Moussa Alizadeh, to discuss the latest developments in bilateral relations between the two countries in the field of energy and fuel.”

Zadeh expressed “his state’s efforts to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the Iraqi and Iranian peoples and the depth of the deep historical relations that bind them, and that it is ready to raise gas pumping rates and re-work Iranian lines, and the possibility of operating (Amara – Karkheh) lines to contribute to the stability of voltages in the southern provinces.”

For his part, the undersecretary welcomed the “serious initiatives offered by the Islamic Republic to enhance development cooperation between the two friendly countries,” explaining that “the ministry needs to pump gas to meet the needs of the generating stations, and we are adhering to our governmental commitments for joint work on energy issues, which is one of the core strategies and interests.” Ministry at the present time.

Karim pointed out that “the power lines and towers have been subjected for quite some time to deliberate and organized sabotage attacks in order to deprive citizens of electric power, the latest of which was the complete halt to the national system last Friday as a result of the separation of electric power transmission lines, but the ministry accepted the challenge.” In the reconstruction and rehabilitation through the field leadership to modify and increase the hours of processing in order to remain at the level of ambition and the object of citizens’ trust.”

Dave   they are used to that……

butterfly   The last paragraph explains what they have gone through for many many years.

Dave   hmm…better off with Saddam

Dave   had reliable power

butterfly   Elsa is now at hurricane strength. 70 MPH

Butterfly   The Board of Commissioners approved today the lists of 3243 candidates for the Iraqi parliament elections.

The media spokesperson for the commission said in a press statement today that the names of the candidates will be published in the official newspapers and the official website.

He added, the lottery for the candidate numbers will be held tomorrow 7/7/2021 at ten in the morning in all the electoral offices of the governorates, including the Karkh and Al-Rusafa electoral offices and the national office.

butterfly   Now that ought to be interesting…………

butterfly   AND then there is this:

butterfly   Azm Alliance demands the judiciary to correct a discriminatory decision regarding the elections

Tuesday 06 July 2021 21:34………I demand today, Tuesday, the Supreme Judicial Council, to correct a discriminatory decision regarding the elections.

In a statement, the coalition stated, “We demand the correction of the discriminatory decision issued by the Discriminatory Commission in the Independent High Electoral Commission, and a return to the final, final and non-appealable decisions issued by the Discriminatory Commission for accountability and fairness as the body exclusively competent in this matter.

” He explained that Civil Procedure Law No. 83 For the year 1969, it was allowed to appeal against the decisions of the Court of Cassation if it violated an express provision of the law, and if the cassation decision contradicted a previous decision of the Court of Cassation issued in the same case without the litigants changing in substance or subject matter, and in accordance with Article 221 of the same law, which gave a seven-day period To request correction of the discriminatory decision, starting from the day following the notification of the decision.

butterfly   He also demanded the issuance of a state order to postpone the lottery for candidates that will be conducted by the Independent High Electoral Commission tomorrow, Wednesday, July 7, 2021. And to correct the discriminatory decision issued by the Electoral Judicial Authority in the Independent High Electoral Commission because it contradicted a previous decision issued by the Discriminatory Commission in the Accountability and Justice Commission without That the opponents change the subject or subject.

He added:The judicial body in the Independent High Electoral Commission has, by law, nothing but to consider appeals against decisions issued by the Board of Commissioners in matters relating to the electoral process exclusively (Article 19 / second of the Independent High Electoral Commission Law No. 31 of 2009),

and the decision of inclusion or non-inclusion Inclusion in the accountability and justice procedures regulated by the Accountability and Fairness Law, in which the Seven Discriminatory Commission was given the authority to consider the accountability and justice procedures (Article 19 of the Accountability and Justice Law No. 10 of 2008, and therefore the judiciary in the Electoral Commission committed a number of legal errors,

the first when it exceeded its competencies, and promised The decision not to include candidates for elections in the accountability and fair procedures was a decision taken by the Commission and therefore accepted to appeal it on this basis, and this is not true.

This decision was taken by the Discriminatory Commission in the Accountability and Justice Commission, not the Board of Commissioners, and therefore it was assumed that this responseThe appeal is a form of the original, and the second is by violating a final and final cassation decision issued by the competent seven-party cassation body in the accountability and justice commission.

butterfly   He stressed, “We are in a coalition determined to protect the Iraqi judiciary from making such legal mistakes, which harm the image of the Iraqi judiciary, and may have been interpreted as politicizing this judiciary. Therefore, we demand the correction of the discriminatory decision issued by the discriminatory body in the Independent High Electoral Commission, and a return to final decisions And the final and non-appealable issued by the cassation body in accountability and fair as the body competent exclusively in this matter.

sandyf   @Sheila @Dave When I read that, one point came to mind – Rates having Parity in the Middle East – There can never be parity unless the variables are similar, Kuwait and UAE have billions in circulation, Iraq has trillions. I can remember when there was parity between the UK and US, $2.40/GBP and 240 pennies/GBP. Then there was a redenomination in the UK making 100 pennies/GBP. A redenomination in Iraq would bring the currencies much closer together.

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