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Butterfly  Moody’s affirms Iraq Credit Ratings…………. 9th July 2021 in Investment, Iraq Banking & Finance News, Politics…………..Moody’s Investors Service has affirmed the Iraqi Government’s long-term issuer and foreign currency senior unsecured ratings at Caa1, and maintained the stable outlook.

It notes Iraq’s exceptionally high reliance on oil, and “very weak institutions and governance”, while adding that ongoing discussions with the IMF indicate a possibility of a supported adjustment program.

More here (registration required). https://www.moodys.com/research/Moodys-affirms-Iraqs-Caa1-ratings-maintains-stable-outlook–PR_448281

(Source: Moody’s Investors Service)

Butterfly   Iraq plans New City next to Capital………….9th July 2021 in Construction & Engineering In Iraq, Politics…………Iraq plans new city next to capital In order to find solutions to the chaos in Baghdad due to overpopulation, the Iraqi government plans to launch a new city [Rafeel] next to the capital.

Click here to read the full article. https://www.al-monitor.com/originals/2021/07/iraq-plans-new-city-next-capital     (Picture: Construction at the Dar Al Salam residential project. Picture credit: Govt of Iraq)

TWW   sheila 1.00 US Dollar =  361.9 Zimbabwean Dollars

1 ZWD = 0.00276319 USD…..Does this mean if they LOP off thier 2 Zeros mean 0.28usd??

Sheila   TWW have you heard anything about Bolivar being in this “basket”?

TWW  @sheila sheila the VB is WORKING with the BRICK & AIIB. Im doing better but in for another surgery tomorrow.

TWW   Nxt wk I may b doing Ozone therapy.

Sheila   TWW VB? know BRICS and AIIB… yet VB?

TWW   sheila 1.00 US Dollar =  324,485,615,499.47 Venezuelan Bolívares

Sheila  TWW Wow, another surgery so close to the last one? Heard hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be gotten at most hospitals – at least 2 or 3 treatments. Read it speeds post-op healing about 30% faster, low incident of sepsis, infection.

Sheila   TWW Yes, Bolivar is extremely devalued. Only way is up. Read somewhere could be .32 cents? Dang it, cannot remember where.

TWW  :Tea:    :Whatif:    :Angry:

Sheila  good thoughts, good words, good actions, this day, forward…

TWW  sheila R U the EXPERT SHEILA MarkZ speaks abt??

Sheila  TWW nope, I am not. TWW wish I could yes, yet nope

Sheila  TWW although, MarkZ was on fire today. His first two (2) videos were very interesting.

TWW sheila ????????????????????

TWW I read the transcript though

Sheila  TWW transcription of his second video is on DinarRecaps.

Sheila TWW like minds, lolol


Sheila  DISCERNMENT ADVISED: This would be way cool should it turn out to be true in the coming days: Courtesy of Dinar Guru, July 8, 2021

Frank26 Iraq will either go 1 to 1 internally or they will un-peg from the American dollar and they will float their currency on par with the American dollar…They aren’t gonna stop at 1 to 1. They don’t want to be a worthless American dollar’s worth. Saudi Arabia what are you worth against the American dollar? 3 what!?! Geez Louise!

You think Iraq’s gonna stand for that? …so they will either be 1 to 1 and stay like that – I doubt it. They’ll un-peg more than likely, go on par with their assets backing up their currency, take it out to a float…

Militiaman I’m looking forward to seeing if the 2021 budget is exposed to the program rate. I don’t believe it will be. A lot of people suggest that it is cut in stone and that’s the way it’s going to be for a year.

I don’t believe that…because…the amount of money that is going to be made in the country is going to be astronomical …we’re getting ready to explode. I’m actually very excited…

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