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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Tuesday 9-29-20

Dave    Mulla Talal: More than 20 officials have been arrested on charges of financial and administrative corruption September 29, 2020 Walter   https://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=227788

Dave   not sure what that means, heard it before,,,,,but it seems timely with all that anti corruption banter as of late

Zig    Dinar Perspective Conference Call Recording from 9/25


Zig   For those of you who may be interested and have gone to https://www.theiqdteam.com/ to get your news in the past: Kimberly and Deb have been dealing with personal issues and have not posted since 6/29….they posted about that….I have been in touch with Kimberly who is Whitelions here…she has been busy with other things……

Butterfly    https://tradingeconomics.com/iraq/currency

Butterfly   https://www.reuters.com/article/us-kuwait-emir/kuwait-mourns-emir-sheikh-sabah-veteran-defender-of-arab-unity-idUSKBN26K2FH

Butterfly   They have mention of closing the Embassy in Iraq. That would be a sad day.

butterfly   There is over 1M infected with the covid virus. Nothing is going to happen with anything this year and possibly not even next year. I don’t know if you read that all Google employees are working from home and will until July of next year. All the companies I deal with, are working from their homes. I kinda like that because I don’t have to wait on the phone anywhere near how I use to when they were working in their offices.

butterfly   Violence mounts against Iraqi doctors as COVID cases spike https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-iraq-healthcare/violence-mounts-against-iraqi-doctors-as-covid-cases-spike-idUSKCN26E1SR

Butterfly   I got word that my Marine grandson in Hawaii shut it down for two weeks to stay in.

butterfly   Just a few days to see if what has been reported/rumored until October 1.

Zig   You are still able to register here though you can’t enter unless I activate you…I may take a chance and do that from time to time for a non-referral….you’ll know if I do so because I will post and tell you….depends on my mood….lol….it is a risk so I won’t do it often but ya never know….lol

Zig   Some of the people reading may wonder why this room is “Via Referral Only”….It is because there was some trouble here that I let go for too long..I wanted this to be an “open room” but it seems that always leads to problems from my experience…Keeping it this way makes it easy to stop any problems as access can be quickly denied….hopefully our members will refer others and if you recognize anyone here from elsewhere, contact them and ask to be referred….

Zig   If your referral would rather just register on their own that would be fine….as long as you tell me via PM the name that he/she will be registering….I would have to give them access and would post when I do….Thanks….

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