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butterfly   2021-07-23 05:30  shafaq news / A rally in the U.S. dollar has investors looking at a broad range of factors — from global COVID-19 infections to yield gaps — to determine whether the greenback will continue appreciating.

The dollar is up 4% from its lows of 2021 and is among the world’s best performing currencies this year, boosted by last month’s hawkish shift from the Federal Reserve, burgeoning inflation and safe-haven demand driven by COVID-19 worries.

Because of the dollar’s central role in the global financial system, its moves ripple out towards a broad range of asset classes and are closely watched by investors.

For the United States, a period of sustained dollar strength would be a double-edged sword, helping tamp down inflation by increasing the currency’s buying power while denting the balance sheets of exporters by making their products less competitive abroad.

On the other hand, dollar strength would continue pushing down currencies such as the euro and British pound, potentially giving a boost to the recoveries in those countries.

butterfly   2021-07-24 04:07  Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Communist Party announced on Saturday withdrawing from the parliamentary elections scheduled for October 10, 2020.

In a press conference attended by the head of the Iraqi Communist Party, Raed Fahmy, a spokesperson for the party said, “under these complicated circumstances, talking about improving economic and living conditions is futile. Therefore, the elections will have no effect upon the current condition.”

“We decided to avert from participating in the elections scheduled for October 10,” he continued, “the environment is not favorable for holding free and just elections in the presence of unrestrained arms and political money.”

butterfly  2021-07-24 09:49  Shafaq News/ Kurdistan recorded, on Saturday 1010 new Covid-19 cases to take its total to 211,828, the health ministry said.

It reported 15 fatalities, its death toll reached 4,675 cases.

It also reported 902 recoveries to take its total to 191,294.

butterfly   2021-07-24 08:43  Shafaq News/ Iraq recorded, on Saturday 7653 new cases of Covid-19 to take its total to 1,543,501, the health ministry said.

It reported 65 deaths to take its coronavirus death toll to 18,232.

It also reported 8,001 recoveries to take its total to 1,402,537 (90.9%).

The COVID-19 intensive care patients count to 767.

Baghdad/ Karkh recorded the highest number of infections (980).

So far, the Ministry of Health and Environment has conducted 12,715,078 tests in all governorates.

1,265,645 people have been vaccinated so far.

butterfly   Imad Alo to / Nina /: Al-Kazemi will throw the ball into the armed factions’ court by repositioning the US forces

Saturday 24 July 2021 22:37………….The consultant of the European Center for Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Studies, retired Major General Imad Alo, confirmed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will throw the ball into the armed factions’ court by repositioning the US forces.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that: Al-Kazemi will try to pressure the American side to speed up the repositioning of the American combat forces to throw the ball into the court of the armed factions that oppose their presence in Iraq.

Alo added that: I believe that this attempt is an electoral paper that Al-Kazemi or his representative in the upcoming elections will benefit from, and we will wait for the results of his visit to Washington.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden on the 26th of this month in the capital, Washington.

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein said that the meeting of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and US President Joe Biden will discuss the overall Iraqi-US relations.

Hussein added in a previous press statement: “The current US administration understands the situation in Iraq in a way that contradicts the previous administration.”

butterfly   US Secretary of State: We are working with Congress to allocate $500 million to help the Electoral Commission in Iraq / Expanded

Saturday 24 July 2021 20:09………..Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein held a meeting with his American counterpart Anthony Blinken in Washington.

A Foreign Ministry statement said today that Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein held a meeting with his American counterpart Anthony Blinken as part of the fourth round of strategic dialogue in Washington, DC, and the two sides discussed the importance of continuing to strengthen bilateral relations at all levels, and exchanged views on the latest developments in the region, and the importance of intensifying consultations on Regional issues and the challenges facing their stability.” The

Minister expressed Baghdad’s aspiration to support and strengthen bilateral relations with Washington in a way that reflects its strategy, stressing the need for cooperation to achieve the common interests of the two friendly peoples.

The two ministers also reviewed the strategic dialogue and reaffirmed the principles agreed upon by the two sides in the Strategic Framework Agreement.

butterfly   For his part, the US Secretary of State stated that the United States is committed to assisting Iraq and ensuring the security of the elections, praising the reference of the reference, Ali al-Sistani, to the need for international oversight, and the Security Council resolution, pointing to work with Congress to allocate five hundred million dollars to assist the Electoral Commission, provide training and advice, and encourage Iraqis. on broad participation in the upcoming elections.”

Blinken expressed his support for Iraq’s efforts to combat corruption and economic reform, and that the United States remains committed to helping the government of Iraq achieve a secure and prosperous future.

butterfly   Starting tomorrow, Saudi Arabia announces the readiness of the Grand Mosque to receive pilgrims and worshipers

Saturday 24 July 2021 23:28……The Under-Secretary-General for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque, Dr. Saad bin Muhammad Al-Muhaimid, announced the readiness of the Grand Mosque to receive pilgrims and worshipers, starting from tomorrow, Sunday.

And he said, according to SPA, that whoever wishes to perform Umrah can book through the “Umrahna” application, which was launched by the Kingdom last year to book the time for Umrah and prayer in the Two Holy Mosques.

Al-Muhaimid added, “The Presidency of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has harnessed all its agencies with all their human and mechanical forces to receive pilgrims and worshipers at its full capacity in accordance with the precautionary measures.”

He stressed that: All chapels and paths are checked by all precautionary measures that ensure non-convergence between worshipers during entry and exit, and during their performance of Umrah and prayer.

He stressed that: all entrances were provided with temperature measuring devices, and sorting points to which qualified and trained human cadres were allocated to apply all Precautionary measures that ensure the safety of visitors and visitors to the Grand Mosque.

butterfly   Al-Muhaimid pointed out that: The Presidency has worked to install and prepare paths designated for the pilgrims’ regiments, to ensure the physical distance between the two sects, in addition to allocating specific doors for each regiment to enter and exit to ensure the prevention of any crowding or overcrowding, and to ensure the smooth movement of the crowds through which we guarantee the safety of Umrah pilgrims, worshipers, and visitors to the Grand Mosque, providing high-end services

He pointed out that: the safety of all presidential staff and employees was ensured, and preparations were made to launch all plans and programs for all agencies affiliated with the presidency, which are in line with all precautionary measures, to provide the finest and best services to the pilgrims and visitors of the Two Holy Mosques.

butterfly   Germany, IOM Strengthen Humanitarian Response in Iraq……..25th July 2021……During the ISIL conflict, an estimated six million Iraqis were displaced.

Thousands of families have returned to their areas of origin since the end of the crisis, but unstable conditions in Iraq have caused a significant shift in the country’s humanitarian situation.

As country-wide camp consolidation and closure processes move forward, internally displaced persons (IDPs) are reckoning with the complex experiences of premature return and secondary displacement. Returnees residing in hotspots of severe living conditions and IDPs living in strained camps and informal sites are in urgent need of adapted humanitarian assistance.

As a part of its ongoing support for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Iraq, the Government of Germany will provide additional multi-year humanitarian funding that will better position IOM to adapt and rapidly implement its intervention strategy to address the evolving needs of the affected populations while remaining flexible to respond to sudden onset crises.

The latest grant from the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO) supplements an ongoing IOM Iraq project launched in March 2020. In addition to enhancing visibility, this multi-year humanitarian funding allows for longer-term planning and programme continuity. This is crucial, as remaining populations facing protracted displacement are in need of sustained assistance until solutions to their displacement are found.

butterfly   “This funding from the German Federal Foreign Office is not only generous, it is flexible and will extend over the years to come,” said IOM Iraq Chief of Mission Gerard Waite. “This will enhance IOM’s capacity to pursue a holistic and sustained response to displacement that corresponds to the scope of urgent need in Iraq.”

The funding will be used to implement a broad range of humanitarian activities, from camp management in formal and informal sites to specialized, community-based protection and mental health and psychosocial support services both in- and out-of-camp. For those living in sub-standard or damaged shelters, funding will provide immediate relief solutions for improved safety, protection and living conditions.

Interventions will also provide non-food item assistance and support primary health care centres to ensure accessibility and quality of essential services.

“Germany remains committed to the needs of internally displaced persons in Iraq. The broad range of individual IDP situations requires tailor-made solutions. We want to give partner organisations as much flexibility as possible so they can adapt to changing situations on the ground and live up to their ambition to deliver humanitarian assistance in accordance with priority needs,” said Chargé d’affaires Peter Felten (pictured) of the German Embassy in Iraq. “We are very happy to continue our partnership with IOM in this regard.”

Continuing support from the Government of Germany enables IOM Iraq to respond to pressing humanitarian needs while also working to determine root causes of and durable solutions to displacement, thereby facilitating the safe relocation or return and reintegration of IDPs into their communities.   (Source: UN)

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