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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Friday 10-2-20

Zig   Too bad that there are people out there who love ruining things for others…I would have loved to keep this room OPEN….

Tebow   Zig Are you closing the room again?

Zig   Tebow : LOL….No….the room is actually always CLOSED….except to those who have STARS….

Zig  See, when I CLOSED the room, or LOCKED it in the past, you have seen that I could always get in and post….that is because I am an ADMIN….Any ADMIN still has access to the room when it is CLOSED….so every member is made an ADMIN and can always get in….

Zig   Referrals will be the only way we will acquire new members going forward…If you would like to refer someone address me in the chat…when I see your post I will ask you to “PM” your referral’s desired username and preferably a 5 or 6 digit number for his/her password…

Zig   I will register your referral and post when he/she is now activated and may post…OR your referral could register on their own once you PM their username to me…then I will post when he/she is activated, etc…Thanks…hopefully you will start referring….Also, if anyone out there recognizes someone here and would like to be referred, contact them..

UNEEK   I found this out late last night – President and wife tested positive to Covid-19

UNEEK   https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-first-lady-test-positive-covid-19-n1241769?fbclid=IwAR26nvUkR_kYhoTh0kVZPwtIuaZNLDCmEjqbTM57qtSNZbCwujy-lxMbKjg

Zig   UNEEK : I am amazed that President Trump went this long without testing positive because of the amount of exposure he has had for months…..

UNEEK   Zig yes I get what you’re saying but I feel it is kinda the same with others as well – many people – what about the protesters? It is a very unfortunate situation we all face right now – there is much to be considered even with wearing masks and not wearing the masks – so much still we may not know – The virus is very real but there are many who “feel” that they are less susceptible to it – and live their lives being safe and aware without being afraid to go out in public – I myself do not take the flu shots – I will not take them – My choice – but I do wear the masks as it is mandatory in some places – I am hoping that the President and wife will get through this with little to no complications

Spectra   The problem with antibody testing is that there are seven different coronaviruses known to cause respiratory illness in humans. 2 Four of them cause symptoms associated with the common cold:

Spectra   Trump will be fine unles someone is purposly trying to hurt him

Spectra   Red Line War Room Ep17 (Trump has mild Covid-19 symptoms) by Dr. Paul Cottrell https://youtu.be/vdd9i_GWhjQ

Spectra   https://youtu.be/vdd9i_GWhjQ

Spectra   MILD

LeLe   Spectra thanks for the video. My prayers are with Our President and First Lady and all who has, had or have the virus.

123789   So did the QFS system start yesterday Oct 1 2020 as has been touted for some time now? Is any of the intel we’ve been fed coming to fruition here in Oct? Is it all BS? Please, lets start a dialog about this. What is everyone here for if not to discuss the RV/GESARA/QFS

Zig   123789 : All topics are fine here…as you have seen…so all you can do is introduce whatever you wish and see if anyone has interest…Yes, the chat was established to discuss currency speculations, etc…Iraq news…rumors, intel, whatever…but not limited to that….If you know anyone that you would like to refer please do….invite anyone with similar interests, etc…

Zig   Someone did post a video link regarding “QFS” so perhaps that person will reply…I do not remember who posted it…..

Spectra   Trump is doing an interview tonight on Hannity. Looks like he is not too sick…

sheila   I really don’t like to join any organized groups any more. Really enjoy my freedom to think for myself. I actually watch the speeches. I read the reports. Then I make my evaluation based on what I hear and read for myself. Don’t always like what’s there. Yet take the best and leave the rest. No one is perfect. I look for progress and the intent to do the best they can given the situation at hand.

LeLe   Keep Our President and First Lady in our Thoughts and Prayers. Also pray for those who are in paths way of the virus.

Sparky   LeLe …heard he’s taking a flight out of Walter Reed straight to Moscow…

Sheila   What if this weekend is “THE” weekend? Such a great thought to have right now.

Sparky  … https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/03/05/biden-2020-president-facts-what-you-should-know-campaign-121422

Sparky   sheila …yes, a wonderful thought indeed…

Sheila   heard from some people today. they said to look for it this weekend. I laughed. I look for it every weekend. lolol lolol lolol

Sparky   … sheila …have you thought about the when / if scenario ?

Sparky   …say, if it comes in one to one ?

Sheila   1:1 is good for me. You just have to decide that enough will be enough. 1:1 or 1:3.80 plus. Just have to scale up or down. I am frugal by nature. I have always shopped consignment and bought used, even when I made a very good salary. I do not pay full retail for depreciating assets like clothes and cars.

PM Sheila   And when I donate to a charity, it is directly to that cause. In the past, I have sponsored many displaced children (county homes?) and sponsored them after they foster out of the system. Provided funds to get them into trade programs or apprenticeships. That is what I plan to do again, except larger scale.

Spectra   sheila God Bless you

Spectra   sheila  🙂

Sheila  And I always remained Anonymous. Did nothing for the recognition. Thanks. Yes, I am blessed. Every day I wake up and I’m still breathing – that’s just bonus!!! lolol lolol

Spectra  sheila You are contributing beautifully. This is exactly what we need more of in this world.

Sheila  Got into trouble at work many years ago because I wouldn’t donate to United Way. My money went straight to the county home. Manager wrote me up as being anti-social. He was a **********.  And he got fired a couple of years later for discrimination. karma — lolol

Sheila  no accolades necessary. decided in my 20’s how I wanted to give back. chose that path. never wavering in that commitment.

Sheila  my contribution now is books. don’t have the extra funds like I once had. yet I pick up used books at local flea markets at bulk prices. so I donate those as I find them.

Sparky   sheila …good stuff…

sheila  every drop makes a mighty ocean

Sparky   sheila …what you said previously was straight I am frugal by nature. I have always shopped consignment and bought used, even when I made a very good salary. I do not pay full retail for depreciating assets like clothes and cars.

Sheila   you do this?

Sparky   sheila …of course…always…everything is negotiable…have been since I was on my paper route…

sheila   even when I was young, wore hand-me-downs from cousins. or from people in the community. people would swap clothes to help out – lived deep in farm country.

Sheila   common ground – cool

Sparky   …I didn’t realize how rich I was, until many years after…

Sparky   …it is the relationships that I remember…

Sheila   I know that we were not even close to middle class. Widowed mother, about two weeks pregnant when daddy died, her raising four kids, one on the way, burying husband/father. We were definitely loved and wanted. Learned work ethics at very young age. Never fully appreciated all that until later in life.

Sheila   love my life. made my choices. I am here, I am now, then forward… we are in the middle of an amazing opportunity.

Sheila   Anyone else thinks it’s going to happen this weekend?

Sparky   sheila …I am hopeful…

sheila   You will become one of the “haves”… Let me know when your viewpoint shifts. lolol

Zig   Some of the people reading may wonder why this room is “Via Referral Only”….It is because there was some trouble here that I let go for too long..I wanted this to be an “open room” but it seems that always leads to problems from my experience…Keeping it this way makes it easy to stop any problems as access can be quickly denied….hopefully our members will refer others and if you recognize anyone here from elsewhere, contact them and ask to be referred….

Zig   If your referral would rather just register on their own that would be fine….as long as you tell me via PM the name that he/she will be registering….I would have to give them access and would post when I do….Thanks….

Zig   People who just discovered this chat and have not read my older posts will not know that you can’t just register and post without further action on my part….and that  MOST new members will be via referrals from existing members….but from time to time I will take a chance….

 Zig   You are still able to register here though you can’t enter unless I activate you…I may take a chance and do that from time to time for a non-referral….you’ll know if I do so because I will post and tell you….depends on my mood….lol….it is a risk so I won’t do it often but ya never know….lol

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