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butterfly  Finance Minister: The white paper seeks to fundamentally change the nature of the Iraqi economy

2021-09-03 | 04:34   Finance Minister – The white paper seeks to fundamentally change the nature of the Iraqi economy Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi confirmed that the white paper seeks to fundamentally change the nature of the Iraqi economy.

Allawi said in an article published by the Guardian newspaper, “Estimates indicate that poverty rates in Iraq doubled in 2020 due in large part to declining revenues Iraq We cannot allow the livelihoods of millions of families to continue to be dictated by the unpredictable fluctuations of the oil market.”

He explained that “correcting this will require policies and investments that enable oil and gas producing countries such as Iraq  From directing capital and labor to productive industries in the future and contribute to empowering and stimulating the role of the private sector.

In fact, this was one of the main motives behind the economic reform white paper, which seeks to fundamentally change the nature of the Iraqi economy, allow the private sector to play a greater role, and reduce the dependence of Iraq on oil exports and a commitment to economic renewal focused on environmentally sound policies and technologies.

Allawi continued that “Iraq It can play an important role by taking advantage of the huge potential to produce and provide clean energy, as oil and gas production accounts for up to 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions and the continuous burning of natural gas in oil wells, which necessitates our commitment to reduce gas flaring and investing it,” stressing that “increasing energy efficiency will have other benefits as well,

and this means that we will not need to spend huge amounts to increase the general level of electricity provision, and that the deficit Iraq Providing enough electricity to meet demand has cost the country nearly $120 billion over the past seven years.

butterfly   He pointed out that “increasing energy efficiency will allow the creation of job opportunities in areas such as the construction and maintenance of energy-efficient green buildings, as a recently published International Energy Agency report showed that for every million dollars invested in energy efficiency, up to 30 jobs are created, and that this matter extremely important in a country like Iraq which is witnessing large population increases that will need job opportunities in the future.”

“The worst potential solar sites happen in Iraq On up to 60% of direct energy from the sun, and that this percentage is higher than the best locations in Germany But nevertheless, the solar power plants it built Germany To date, it provides two and a half times more electricity to all oil, gas and hydroelectric plants operating in Iraq combined.

” And he noted “and let him be able to Iraq To move towards clean energy, it needs the financial resources, expertise and policies that will transform its economy in an equitable and affordable manner, and this requires international support. Otherwise, heading towards net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 will be a distant dream.”    alsumaria.tv

butterfly   After that long article, the last paragraph says it all.

Sheila   “net zero carbon dioxide” … for the world??? geesh, not gonna happen. I am old enough to remember 1970’s when they were saying we needed not to be dependent on oil because oil was going to dry up in 20 years or so. LOL LOL — Here we are 40 plus years later.

Dave  sheila reduced my co2 emissions by 50% today…….got rid of my gas guzzling pig

Dave   butterfly the foolishness in lithium batteries,,,,,,lithium mined in Northern Canada……shipped by rail 2000 miles to Vancouver…..then shipped to China fer refining….then off tp Germany to make the actual batteries….then Shipped all over the World…….

butterfly   Dave My friend that died told me and he along with me were surprised. He lived on the coast of Oregon and there was a place that we would ship our metal, they would process it and then ship it back to us. I can’t remember if the country was Japan or China.

butterfly   Also the lumber was done the same way.

Dave   Germany makes Big……Question why we do not make our own dang batteries

butterfly   I went into this new store that opened up and they told me to go check it out. Well the first thing I saw was some tops and pants. I took a top out shook it and these are adult clothes, but it is not made for the adults in the USA, maybe China. The XL was small enough to fit my 12 yr old great grranddaughter.

Dave   butterfly  LUMBER MILLS shutting down here……to sweep the floors…….pension plan benefits over 45.oo/hr. We now ship raw timber

butterfly  All the other items in that store were not made in the USA, all had labels from China.

Dave   We used to manufacture our own stuff….made us great  got fat and lazy….

butterfly   Not really, they don’t want to pay the salaries that are due to the workers, so here they ship all oversears where they pay them pennies on the dollar, just like it was exposed with Ivanka Trump.

Dave   India /china wages have gone up

butterfly  From one dollar to two dollars.

Dave  better than pennies/hr

butterfly   We have had the same minimum wage for 40 long years.

Dave   over 15/hr here now

Dave   40 yrs ago could buy a cornish game hen .99 cents…..now over 10 bucks

Dave   wages have not kept up with inflation thats a fer sure

Dave   Moms did not work………back then either

Dave   thats near impssible today

butterfly   Nope, but almost all have to work now to meet the monthly bills and to help feed their family.

butterfly   The price of a box of cereal is the same but the amount in the box has gone way down.

Dave   lol    true  butterfly Average home price 1.2 million here!  AVERAGE……..

butterfly   Dave Guess I won’t be buying a home in Canada.

Dave   butterfly Victoria aint that Big,,,,,,Buy a mansion on the East Coast…..100-200K

Dave   locatio location lacation

professor dinard   Dave indeed, I still domt know where I want to settle in and make a family and all that fun stuff

Dave   Used to be a secret ….no longer

Dave   Expensive here now fer young couples

professor dinard   I’m going to build my forever home. Dont want a mortgage or sell it. Just pass it down

Dave   My kids waiting fer us to kick the bucket

professor dinard   Dave lol I’m sure theyd rather have you alive

Dave   HMM….have a few properties

professor dinard   Dave do private banks do mortgage loans up there? Or is that govt ran like student loans down here

Dave   Real estate has doubled in 2 yrs here

Dave   professor dinard you not part Canuck?

professor dinard   Dave I am I just never asked how they do it up there. I should ask my brother

professor dinard   He said first time buyers only need like 10% down or something

Dave   A few private banks and co ops….Govt Banks??????

Dave   Oh yeah fergot we be Commies…LOL

Dave   professor dinard 10% yes

professor dinard   Dave I leaned a little more left today on healthcare after reading some data lol

professor dinard   Dave it’s hard to use data as fact, studies funded by companies to hide or fluff numbers, sample groups, coincidences, how the study was conducted. Etc etc.

Dave   professor dinard I know plenty weorking in Healthcare

professor dinard   Statistics don’t lie and liars use statistics

Dave   Compaire our stats to your stats……pretty linear in the last 1.5 yrs

Dave   Makes me go HMMMMMM

professor dinard   Dave most nurses I talk to that work in hospitals with covid wards say its definitely overhyped. They usually say that the tests are not reliable and give false positives so a lot of patients in covid ward just have the flu or something else

Dave   OUR ICU care units near maxed out

professor dinard   We can argue the severity of covid back and forth all day long and both be right

Dave   30K/per day…….

professor dinard   Lol I just like to talk to others that dont share the same ideas lol

professor dinard   Dave deaths or cases?

Dave   professor dinard Cases spiking…with no mandates……98% of unvaxed requiring hospitalization

Dave  eats up alot of resources and other folks chemo or quadruple bipasses also get delayed

Dave   Nurses at hospitals walking out in mass fer being overburdened

professor dinard   Dave well I mean that’s a lot but how many of those cases are fatal? We can argue the whole vaccine deal as well all day long but at the end of the day we’d both be right and wrong if we think its overhyped or not or of vaccines work, it’s just a matter of what you see as morally right and wrong. People on the left think handing in freedom for safety is ok and the right says it’s not ok. Theres no point in arguing covid anymore lol

professor dinard   Gotta admit though it’s pretty crazy how powerful govt can be, even in America.

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