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Zig’s Place Chatroom News Wednesday PM 9-15-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Butterfly   I love this kind of news: Norwegian police have seized nearly 100 Mesopotamian archaeological artefacts, claimed by Iraq, from a collector.

“The seizure involves what are presumed to be cuneiform tablets and other archaeological objects from Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq … considered important to the world’s historical cultural heritage,” the police said on Friday. https://www.thenationalnews.com/mena/iraq/2021/09/03/norway-seizes-100-artefacts-claimed-by-iraq/

Sheila   COURTESY of www.dinarguru.com: 9-15-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 Your [Iraqi citizens’] government is now buying and selling your oil in Iraqi dinars based on an RV calculation that was done many years ago…they took it all the way up to $125 [Dinars?] a barrel…Buying and selling with the Iraqi dinar. No longer with the American dollar. This is huge. This is a huge step in your monetary reform. Hoo Rah !!!

Zig   I am 100% positive that @NORV will not comment about that….LOL

Zig   Well there I go being an :Instigate: once again….lol….Back to therapy :Therapy: LOL

Zig   See it really is difficult to change…lol  But I am basically harmless

Sheila  Zig My thoughts on this monetary change from petro-dollar to dinar, is will they continue to buying-selling oil at program rate. Contract law says they have three days to rescind/revoke or they will need the dinar to be recognized on international markets (Forex, et al).

butterfly   sheila do you have a url that we all could read?

Doug_W  URL = Universal Resource Locator

butterfly  Doug_W lol smartie

Doug_W  ty ty ty

Zig   Tired of reading….Now just want  :$$$:

Butterfly  Zig It will be a long time before you see any of that .

Doug_W   at least I am NOT in therapy liked our master the hameless  Ziggy Meister

Zig   :Angry:

Dave   Zig Frank gets 10000 views…….You now following Guru Kap…..? No RV but only a lop if we be lucky?

butterfly   Doug_W I agree but there are those that hang on to every hopium word spit out.

Zig  Dave : My Guru is @Kap You got a problem with that??….. :Unhappy:

butterfly  Doug_W I don’t understand why people listen and eat up the same lies/words/promises/etc that have been out there for many years.

Dave   Hopium gets you views……Lop. not so much

Zig butterfly : It is what we want to hear!!!!

Zig   We want to hear we will be rich overnight….not some stinkin’ FLOAT…..LOL

Zig  sheila : Thanks….I filed your thoughts :Trash: LOL…..Kidding!!!….Love ya…. :eyeroll:

sheila   butterfly www.dinarguru.com

butterfly  sheila I was referring to the forex url.

Sheila  butterfly www.forex.com

Sheila  butterfly Did not state Iraqi dinar was now on Forex.

Dave  sheila lol   we be rich!!!!!! except fer kap and Zig……

Sheila  Dave waiting is the hardest part.

Sheila  @Dave Rich or Wealthy? Do you know the difference between being Rich or being Wealthy? Answer: The Rich still work and they work for the Wealthy. lol lol

Dave  Zig may require a wheel barrow soon

Dave  Why do folks prefer to listen to what Gurus have say over CB!??????

sheila  Land Rush movie scene from Far and Away — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFrVoG-edFc

Sheila  Dave Because this information, if true, is a precursor to what’s about to show on the CBI web site.

Dave  CBI aint going to advertise an RV

Sheila  Dave no need, events do that for them

Dave  Global reset now…..11 yrs and waiting  Still no pertinent Iraqi laws to this …..at ALL

Dave  Any foreign investments coming into Iraq……yrs and yrs of MOUs

Sheila  Dave 12 here – yet my convictions remain strong.

Sheila   Article: I won over $55 million in the California lottery, but didn’t tell my friends or family. Did I do the right thing? Last Updated: July 11, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. ET — https://www.marketwatch.com/story/i-won-over-55-million-in-the-california-lottery-but-didnt-tell-my-friends-or-family-did-i-do-the-right-thing-11625001363?st=0oc9k5sz3ejikob&mod=mkwfirefox22

Sheila   Video: Keiser Report, War Is Over, If You Want It, E1749 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdYMNJqm9Ug — Interesting discussion on energy backed money versus gold backed.

Sheila   Are we there yet? lol lol

Sheila   Video: FANTASTIC HIDDEN Rooms AND INGENIOUS SECRET Furniture ▶8 , August 3, 2021 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxYkE90idWc

Sheila good evening all   coming week should be a doozy

NORV   Here is a nice report put out by former CBI deputy gov Salih on floating the dinar. Seems it would be more interesting to read what officials are really doing ..



NORV   :Float: :Float: :Float: