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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion Sunday 1-1-20

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

Vic   Hi Zig, please check your email

Zig   @Vic : Hi Vic…okay will do…

Vic   Mod’s and all here this is Vic from the gatekeepers, I’m wanting to do a very intense call either today or within the next day. I need all of your support to get out info.,

Sheila   @Vic What is “gatekeepers”?

Vic   Hi Sheila, I have a call that I use to do weekly. The Gatekeepers.

Sheila   @Vic Can you post link or numbers?

Vic   I’ll will after Zig and I have a call in regards to my call. Thank you. IQD calls has my years of calls in their archives.I’ll

Sheila   @Vic got it. never mind. thx

Zig   sheila : I thought you have been in this a long time…never heard of Vic??….I believe he started out as part of the IQD Team….then branched out….right, Vic?

Vic   I hope you all saw the TRUMP Train escorting the Biden bus out of Texas on i35!

Vic   No, my first call was with the MTT with Wayne

Sheila   Zig don’t go to iqdcalls very often. there is only so much waking time in the day. lolol

Sheila   @Vic yes, saw that video

Zig   sheila : I am talking about years ago….

Sheila   @Vic are the number/pin still good for dial in? when is this call taking place?

Vic   Yes, Sheila. The Gatekeepers team conference call was, Joey, T Dawg, Whiskey 6, Ashley my daughter in the background and myself, Vic

Sheila   @Vic last CC on iqdcalls shows mid 2018. so nothing since then?

Vic   Yes, I sent Zig a message to call me when he can. Will get all info., for all here

Sheila   @Vic will keep this web page open — thx for including us here in Zig’s chat.

Vic   Yeah, I’ve been in the back ground watching a lot of Non-sense being spoken bye many that really do not have a Road Map! I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this call. I Always said and many can agree that through the years, I always reminded many that Brexit and Basel lll are important measures to keep our eye’s on

Zig   @Vic : IMO as I indicated in my email to you, you are better off going via IQD Calls as they have lots of traffic…this site gets very little exposure….a tiny amount of traffic

vic   Will do, thanks. Grace and Peace to you all. Make sure you all get out and Vote

Sheila   @vic @Vic Still would appreciate you posting your Call info here. I will send it to my email list.

vic   Thank you

Sheila   @Vic Will www.iqdcalls.com be posting your CC for Sunday?

Zig   sheila : He is not doing a call yet….last one was a long time ago….

sheila   Zig okay… will watch iqdcalls. figure must be something worth listening to since he hasn’t done a call since June 2018. Do you know this Vic guy?

Zig   Only know @Vic via emailing

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