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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion Sunday Late PM 1-1-20

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

Professor Dinard   You win

Yachtman   Professor Dinard Exactly they said Iraq changed to Oct. from Jan 1 I told them they were wrong. Its always been Jan 1 yet every year they say no its changing to Oct 1. Well 11 straight years for me and still Jan 1.

Yachtman   Professor Dinard Didn’t want to win. Just gets old the same crap year after year. They are getting things done and it will happen I truly believe that!

Professor Dinard   Me no thinks it’s happening anytime soon

Yachtman   I think next best chance is end of year or Jan 1 timeframe. If not reevaluate at that time.

Professor Dinard   Yea that’s cool and all but I dont see the IMF revaluing a country with so much corruption. Or at least corruption that’s so careless and apparent as Iraq’s govt

Professor Dinard   For all we know a dictator could rise again next year and they go back to the old Saddam days without a central bank and then your dinars are worthless

Professor Dinard   Honestly I wouldn’t even blame iraq for that I wish the US got off the ce tral bank system

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Firefarmer   I am so ready for the Iraq people to benifit from the revaluation of the IQD against the US$

Sheila   Firefarmer Yes, agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous   Hi, www.dinarguru.com has a list of 17 points. The Obama administration achieved 2 points in 8 years. The Trump administration achieved 10 points in a single 4 year term. Joseph Biden (Presidential candidate) policy when he was Obama’s deputy to divide Iraq into Sunni, Shia, Kurd control. Also, Joseph Biden is interfering in Brexit which may delay the GCR. Anonymous

Firefarmer   I wonder if there is anything we as individuals we can do to make this rv to happen

Anonymous   http://www.projectspeak.net has a .pdf file with list of 800 numbers of you ask them to upload it again. Anonymous

Firefarmer   @Anonymous I am pretty slow with all due respect what did your post mean/

Sheila   Firefarmer Look on the left side panel of dinargurus… There are 17 points listed with dates done.

Firefarmer   sheila thanks .. I have herd of them

Firefarmer   @Yachtman what has changed since 2009 with the dinar

Professor Dinard   Probably the last group of people on earth to communicate and chat via phone call are gurus

Firefarmer   I have been told by many of my peers to sell my dinar that I was chasing a scam…. It is really hard to keep hope…

xyz   Trump win Florida and Pennsylvania

Firefarmer  xyz tonight?

xyz   Firefarmer rv tonight?

Firefarmer   xyz maybe next week

Sheila   @Firefarmer This will happen. You have to remember as part of the military industrial complex aka war machine, a countries currency is always reset, revalued to reflect their global financial position. This may very well be the last country to experience a revaluation of this magnitude.

Firefarmer   sheila Thanks

EYEGUY   the sooner the nicer

Firefarmer   EYEGUY I will agree with that

Firefarmer   EYEGUY and your guess is??

EYEGUY   the date or the rate

Firefarmer   yes

Firefarmer   both

EYEGUY   as far as date only the shadow knows ….I can tell you @ 1to1 I will be happy ….and the more the merrier

Firefarmer   I sure like the way you think

Sheila   Thinking it needs to be at least 1 to 1 in order to depeg from the petro-dollar. Rates after that look to parity with other country’s rates in that region.

EYEGUY   I am hoping it is soon tonight would be impressive so many mechanism`s involved that I or we are not aware of soooooooooooooo…………….We WAIT :Think:

Firefarmer   sheila You are pretty sharp on this ….Thanks

EYEGUY   yepper

Sheila   Firefarmer These are not my original thoughts. These a compilation of reading many other people posting their opinions.

EYEGUY   we too …..we have to be careful to use common snse

EYEGUY   $en$e

Firefarmer   sheila I would really consider jumping out at 1:1

EYEGUY   at least a portion ….maybe be debt free with some investment ……and of course some play $

Firefarmer   I would just put it on the bill as far as it will go

Sheila   Firefarmer Some not all. Recently a friend told me to exchange a small amount to stabilize my financial needs. Then hold. It will most likely go up because of hedge funds. Then sell when it hits between 8 and 10. May go up to 16, but that would rise quick and fall like a ton of rocks. That’s where the big boys play. We are not in that league. So they told me to exchange as soon as it hits that sweet spot of 8 to 10.

EYEGUY   as much as I would love that rate …..I dont feel it maybe 4

Firefarmer   I will not get greedy maybe keep 20% for the 8 to 10

EYEGUY   it might take awhile …..out @1 and we should shine with it life is short …..to each his or her own

Firefarmer   Life is short …. I have been in this since 2004

EYEGUY   17 Im close to that too an old fart

EYEGUY   not saying your an old fart LOL

Sheila   Firefarmer Maybe not greed – opportunity. Can always exchange at 6… lolol

EYEGUY   so true

Firefarmer   being debt free appeals to me

Firefarmer   EYEGUY I think that I qualify as an old fart

Sheila   Firefarmer don’t have any debt. living a very frugal life that feels like debt.

EYEGUY   even though at times this is frustrating ……best lottery ticket one could have bought into …..

Sheila   EYEGUY each day is full of hope for me

Firefarmer   EYEGUY agree

EYEGUY   aw sheila that is terrific

Sheila   it’s like Christmas every day, waiting to see what’s under the tree. yet with this, I get up, do my stuff, turn on the computer and check to see what’s shaking. lolol

Sheila   knowing it will show up that one fine day

EYEGUY   when it happens it will be remarkable ….I hate to think I spent all this time following it ……for NaNa but on the other hand I will not get rid of any for fear of missing it

Firefarmer   That is why I say next week…..it seems to always be this week and next week is always in the future. When it happens I will take advantage of it and deal with the new problems that being debt free bring

Sheila  One man’s opinion – (11-01) OMG #2 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO9T-KtTLOE

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