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Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.Xyz   Kurdistan sends a new delegation to Baghdad

Tuesday 17th November 2020 87  Baghdad: Mustafa Ibrahim

The Kurdistan government has shown its willingness to resolve the existing financial disputes between the center and the region, as a Kurdish delegation will visit the capital, Baghdad, this week, to discuss the 2021 budget, and the delivery of oil imports and border crossings.

A source said, in a press statement, that a delegation headed by the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, which includes the Ministers of Finance and Planning and the Secretary of the Council of Ministers will visit Baghdad for the sake of understanding and dialogue on the 2021 budget.

He added, “The delegation will focus on the amount of oil that will be delivered to SOMO, the revenues of the border crossings, and how to manage them.”  LINK

xyz    Al-Kazemi: Great pressure prevents the prosecution of the corrupt https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Feconomy-news.net%2Fcontent.php%3Fid%3D22745

Xyz   Al-Kazemi: The implementation of agreements and memoranda of understanding depends on the 2021 budget, and there are pressures to prevent the prosecution of the corrupt

Baghdad / Al-Masala: The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, said, Tuesday, November 17, 2020, that the implementation of agreements and memoranda of understanding with Arab and foreign countries depends on the approval of the budget for the next year 2021, adding that there are pressures to prevent the prosecution of corrupt individuals and corruption whales.

Al-Kazemi said during the cabinet session: We reassure businessmen and investors of extortion, indicating that the implementation of agreements and memoranda of understanding with Arab and foreign countries depends on approving the budget for the next year 2021.

He pointed out that the current government is the first government to hold sessions with institutions not associated with a ministry, pointing out that there is a parliamentary will that has contributed to deleting some important obligations in the law on financing the fiscal deficit and borrowing.

He continued to say that the Council of Ministers voted to extinguish the debts of the Commission to other institutions and ministries, and we are working to overcome all circumstances for conducting the elections, stressing that the Electoral Commission is the first to be affected by the borrowing law for not allocating funds to it, adding that it authorized the Minister of Finance to contract with solid international companies to automate customs, ports and other sectors.

Al-Kazemi said that great corruption and exaggeration of automation contracts for customs and e-government in previous successive governments, denying the existence of any cancellation of the Sino-Iraqi agreement, the country is available as an investment for all countries wishing to invest.

And he continued: We have paid some financial obligations to secure the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, and that the Ministry of Health

xyz   And he continued: We have paid some financial obligations to secure the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, and that the Ministry of Health is preparing the supplies to store the vaccine in high health conditions, indicating that there is cooperation by some parties to limit weapons to the state’s hand only.

He concluded by saying that a cabinet of ministers voted to postpone conducting the population census at the end of this year, and we have achieved more than 70% of the government curriculum. LINK

Spectra   Parisians protest against ‘Global Security’ bill

Spectra     https://youtu.be/Ewrv602SzcQ

Xyz   Iraq Reparations to Kuwait Extended to 2022   17th November 2020 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Politics

The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), which was established to pay compensation for losses and damage as a direct result of Iraq’s unlawful invasion of Kuwait in 1990, has made available $230 million to the Government of Kuwait towards the Commission’s remaining claim with an outstanding award balance.

With this payment, the Commission has paid out $50 billion of the $52.4 billion in awarded compensation, leaving approximately $2.4 billion to be paid to the only claim with an outstanding award balance.

The Commission had been on track to pay the outstanding compensation award in 2021. In light of the effects of the pandemic, the Council noted that the timeline for the completion of the Compensation Commission’s mandate is now expected to extend into 2022.

Funds to pay compensation are drawn from the United Nations Compensation Fund, which currently receives 3 per cent of the proceeds generated by the export sales of Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products. https://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2020/11/17/iraq-reparations-to-kuwait-extended-to-2022/

Dave   xyz extend till 2022…..arrg~

xyz   Dave poor Z report you decide, fair and balance … conspiracy manufacturer keep excelling in dark world

Dave   taking a very long time to pay 2.4 billion

Dave   seems to be stuck there for several yrs……

Dave   a condition of not yet being ready to exit UN sanctions and going global with its currency?

Sheila   convergence

Dave   Bantor of a GCR……Can the Deep state in conjunction with the UN/IMF impose a rate change on CBI…..?

Zig   Dave : :Shhh: LOL….You do realize whom this conversation will bring in here, right?

Zig   Dave : Have you ever listened to @Abe on PTR calls??….a GCR proponent….claims he is in on the meetings about it….as an attorney….

Zig   Seems like BS to me but who knows….

Sheila    Zig At least Abe is saying GCR, not great reset. GCR is a good sign.

Dave   sheila Sign Sign everywhere a Sign….good tune too

Sheila   Dave do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Dave   sheila lol

Dave   just got a seat belt infraction 185 bucks

Dave    i guess not…..

Sheila   Dave revenue producers. no longer peace officers. enforcers. sad, so sad.

Dave   cant speed either esp through school zones…….

Dave   huge fines for that

Sheila   Dave personally, I won’t drive without seat belt on. got rear ended by 3/4 Ton pickup. Without that seat belt, I probably not be here today or if here, severely damaged.

Dave   the one time i was not ………they got me

Dave   no speeding tickets in over30/yrs…….

Dave   Karma……

Dave    legalized pot here  (Canada)  …..oblivious to not having to follow all those rules….sheeple?

Dave   our Socialistic Govt has us all Goose stepping in time……..Mostly…..?

Spectra   Even Elon Musk said something strange is going on with threw covid Test. He took 4 tests 2 positive 2 negative .The same nurse the same test?

Zig    Amazes me how different people view all of this though….just shows how divided we are in this country now…..

Zig   Dave : As a medical professional you aren’t allowed to smoke weed there, are you?

Dave   I believe that law does not discriminate,,,,,,

Dave   at work…….impairment……different story

NORV   Governmental “intentions” to print the Iraqi currency are emerging again, and “finance” is commented

2020-11-17 05:20  Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Finance Committee disclosed, on Tuesday, that the federal government intends to print the local currency to address the economic crisis, indicating that the Iraqi parliament rejects such trends that cause the collapse of the country’s economy.    http://rssiraq.com/news/1-6344/

Zig   NORV : Hey @Kap!

NORV   yo

Zig   We want less currency not more!!…..lol

Zig    Well hopefully most of us have only risked what we could afford….and now we just wait…..

NORV    Any idea of a RV is a scam. Never happen. Only with the success of Iraq’s economy can the dinar appreciate. And that could take several more years.

NORV   Zig very few do.

Zig    If I knew something would happen within that time frame I would be okay with that…..

Zig   I realize that there are no guarantees with this….

Zig    Not even a penny RV?…..lol….come on!!!

Zig   5 cents and I am gone….lol

Zig   10 cents and I am  :Happier:

Zig    I gave up on thinking $3…..LOL

Zig    I remember my first month in this….thought I would soon be a multi millionaire….listening to BS calls every day….LOL

Zig    I still hold out hope of profiting from this though….just won’t become filthy rich….but many out there still think they will reap instant riches….so actually I am in the minority…….

Zig   So even though I hope you are wrong, Kap….I have not seen anyone else be right so who knows….

Zig   The difference between me and most others here is that you don’t bother me as long as you do no name-calling…..

Zig  I just started this chat for a little experimenting and some fun…..lol….not to get all upset about what someone thinks, etc….not much bothers me….only one person forced me to do something….well you did too for a bit….lol….you gave me no choice….okay….carry on……………

Professor Dinard   Overnight riches is a dream. Reality is only way to profit is through float of same currency series

Professor Dinard   Which I dont think will happen. That country will have another dictator as soon as western influences leave that dusty butthole of a country

Professor Dinard   Ludacris to believe these people finally sang kumbaya after we destroyed their govt. Their culture is deep rooted in strong leadership and any democratic process will not survive there in the next 10 years imo

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