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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Wednesday Late PM 11-18-20

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.Xyz   Kurdistan sends a new delegation to Baghdad

Xyz   Talabani: We are ready to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Baghdad

by EditorIraq news   Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, expressed the regional government’s readiness to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Baghdad.

Talabani confirmed in a statement that the Kurdistan government puts the solution of differences between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil as a priority in its work program, and has expressed its readiness to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Baghdad on managing the oil file, and accepted joint management, coordination and cooperation at border crossings, in addition to its readiness to conduct discussions on auditing revenues The past six years, pointing at the same time that there is no excuse according to that to continue to stop the salaries of the region’s employees by Baghdad.   LINK

xyz   Al-Kazemi: The Government Is Unable To Secure Salaries Before Passing The 2021 Budget

Al-Mustaqilla / – Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi hinted that Iraq will not be able to secure the salaries of state employees in the coming year, and this is subject to approval of passing the 2021 budget.

Al-Kazemi said that the government is unable to secure the salaries of employees in the next year in the event that the parliament does not pass the budget law, and indicated that the budget law for 2021 will be presented to the parliament within a maximum period of one month.

In addition, the decision of the Finance Committee expected that the percentage of deficit in the 2021 budget would reach more than 50 percent, warning of serious challenges if clear plans were not prepared to overcome the crisis.

The reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in a press interview that the government had promised to send the 2021 budget within a week or the next ten days, but he expected a high deficit rate of no less than fifty percent. LINK

Zig   Thanks @Z Of course the Gurus will be saying that a new IQD rate is in the budget….

Zig   Good news about Kurdistan but we have heard that before….

Spectra   We are all born ignorant , but one must work hard to remain stupid.. ‘Benjamin Franklin’

Zig Hi @Kap   @NORV is @Kaperoni

NORV   how’s that RV coming?

Zig   LOL

EYEGUY   you tell us

NORV   EYEGUY It’s fake. There is no RV

Zig   GO FLOAT!!

EYEGUY   as long as it floats up and quick

NORV   Zig Lots of work before that happens

Sparky   EYEGUY …or, up and slow…

NORV   EYEGUY We can hope

EYEGUY   how about just international at any decent rate

Sparky   …I have time…

EYEGUY   like .50

EYEGUY   to start

NORV   If they move from peg to float it will be at whatever the rate is at the time.

EYEGUY   just do it

NORV   That is how floats work

NORV   EYEGUY Not happening for a while

Sparky   EYEGUY … @.05 I’ll sell half…

NORV   2-3 years I suppect

EYEGUY   oh well nothing new

Zig   10 cents and I am gone….lol

NORV   might see it by 2025 lol

EYEGUY   I guess I leave it to my grandkids

NORV   Iraq need to create conditions for there economy to succeed

NORV   They are a long ways from that right now

EYEGUY   was fun ……is the longest lasting lottery ticket

NORV   Even the White Paper predicts 3 years to impliment

Sparky   EYEGUY … YUP …

EYEGUY   Covid ,Oil prices, among other things

Zig   Every year the Gurus say the new rate will be in the budget……

NORV   Well i gotta go

NORV   see ya

Zig   This was a very civil visit by @Kap Miracles can happen!!…..lol

EYEGUY   Zig who is Kap

Zig   Kaperoni

EYEGUY   is that a type of pasta

Zig   Everyone who has been in this a while knows @Kaperoni

Zig   I just highly doubt that it will jump to a ridiculous amount overnight……….

Zig   Too much Dinar out there….

Sparky  Zig …maybe not rediculous…but maybe a staged rate around a nickle…

Sparky   …or, a penny…as long as they start the process , I will be enthused…

Zig   Me too

Sparky   Zig …funny thing about central banks…they control the $…

Zig   Seriously…..5 cents and I am gone…..lol

Sparky   Zig …better to day trade the forex…

Sparky   Zig …if you want to have some fun…get a beginner account with 100 times leverage…with a 4x trading co…

Sparky   Zig …make or break…

Sparky    …if you follow the news…like T donators…you’ll know which way to trade…

Sparky   …I just saved you a $250,000 membership to Mer-a Lago…

Zig   Sparky : You trade it?

Zig   From now on @Kaperoni will only use the name @NORV here…..

Sparky   …have tried a couple times…still learning how not to lose my investment…

Zig   LOL….and you recommend it to me???

Sparky   Zig …absolutely ! If you have time, and discipline…you will recognize the algorhyms…

Zig   Nah….let me know when you profit….lol

Sparky   …$ 300 per day in 15 minutes time, is not unusual…

Sparky   Zig …a crumble from the table ?

Sparky   Zig …”you do you” …as WokeAF used to say…

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