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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Thursday PM 11-19-20

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

xyz   NORV will be ok if iqd is still floating per your delusional theory

NORV   xyz not dilusional. its how currencies work. people want to blame me for the truth. dont blame me, blame the IMF for there rules

NORV   Funny how all these middle east emerging markets are floating there currencies the last few years..think 4 or 5 are now. Why dont they RV? lol

NORV   Dave if you say he’s wrong so many times, people start to believe it. But the truth is, he is not wrong. They will float when the time is right. How do I know? Because the IMF said so..and it’s what countries do…float

Zig   Dave : Let it go…you’ll never win….LOL

Zig   Hmmmmm…..I see now that Kap is not the problem….you other people start the trouble….lol

NORV   Dave likes to say no float because what he interpreted as an article talking about not floating as fact they will not float when i reality they were saying they could not not float at the time..which is true

NORV   Iraq will not float until the economic conditions are appropriate. which could be 1-3 more years or more.

Zig   NORV : Yeah….I remember the “Not at this time” part…..

NORV   you cannot float until the economy or private sector has significant investment.

Dave     https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+say+no+in+40+languages&docid=607987852780897838&mid=CA2EC2F49C1082093679CA2EC2F49C1082093679&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

NORV    floating now would be disaster

Zig   NORV : Why?

Dave   as per CBI…translational difficultier for kap

NORV   Zig because with no pressure on the financial system the currency would devalue

Zig   Hmmmmmm

NORV   float is not a random act

Zig   Dave : That article did say NOT AT THIS TIME….I remember it…..

NORV   its done as a tool to counter pressures created on the financial system (inflation)

NORV    until you have pressure, its a waste of time

Dave   No Rv while under Ch 7

NORV   that is why they need laws, need foreign investors etc.

Dave   NORV aGREE!

NORV   UN chapter 7 has nothing to do with monetary policy

NORV   and there is no RV

Dave   NORV HA

Zig   NORV : So what’s taking so %$#@ long to get foreign investors?????LOL

NORV   Zig because the iraqis are idiots   and crooks

Zig   LOL

NORV   and dont want progress

Dave   what sanctioned ch7 nation has a globally traded currency

Dave   what wouldf be the purp[ose

NORV   Zig you need to understand how Iraqi think. progress means international, which means more people can see what they are doing. many iraqi, tribes dont want that they want status quo and continue to steal

Dave   Norv …you Iraqi?

Dave   which Cp7 country has a globally traded currency

NORV   the iraqi goverment is very corrupt. bribes are common and I know many that went to Iraq have confirmed..iraq’s want $20,000 for this or $10,000 for that. until that ends and laws are in place for foreign investors, nothing is happening. no float, no nothing

Dave   no foreign investor laws passed yet?

Zig   NORV : I thought they were close to implementing those investment laws…..

NORV   Zig they have been putting off laws for several years. all they do is talk

NORV   there are lists out with at least 10 significant laws that need to be passed BEFORE anyone is coming to help

Zig   Frustrating

Dave   NORV yep no changes in 10 or more yrs

NORV   Zig It is for sure. how would you like to be the IMF or WB who have had SBA’s with them in exchange for loans and Iraq still finds a way to not do it!

Dave   NORV PIP PIP fer you

NORV   Let me show you something…

Dave   NORV Sanctioned country with a glaobally traded currency

NORV   Here is what the World Bank said to Iraq and Maliki in december 2012 after he kicked Shabibi out.

NORV   Read it carefully!

Dave   Shabibi WHO??????

Zig   LOL

NORV   There has been a major change in CBI management with the appointment of a new Governor. On October 14, 2012 an Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant against the Governor of CBI, Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi. Consequently, the Iraqi government appointed Dr. Abdul-Baset Turki, the Head of BSA, as an Acting Governor of CBI, after the court ruling ordered the removal of Dr. Shabibi from his post.

The World Bank has received an official letter dated October 21, 2012, notifying management of such a change, since the CBI is the implementing entity of this project.

NORV   Dr. Shabibi, who is currently out of the country, and more than a dozen other officials at the institution are being investigated for misleading monetary policies, as well as alleged improprieties involving capital requirements for local banks and foreign-currency auctions overseen by the central bank.

It is worth noting that the replacement of the Governor of CBI by the Head of BSA, could affect project implementation, and possible delays with the change in management. Following this decision, the team has met the Iraqi authorities, to ensure irreversibility of the reform program, and smooth implementation of the project.

Dave   yeah delete 3 zeros

NORV   Here is my point….

NORV   Following this decision, the team has met the Iraqi authorities, to ensure irreversibility of the reform program, and smooth implementation of the project.

Dave   increase purchasing power of the iqd

Dave   wheel barrows i know

Dave   been there done that with kap….getting old

Dave   really really old…10yrs or older

Dave   1000 fils fer thast coke

Dave   pip not inflationary

Dave   lots of copper coins fer that coke…….

Zig   @NORV lost his connection: he wanted to post this which he emailed to me: “The IMF and the World Bank were telling Maliki that even though he kicked should be be out of the country he wasn’t going to stop reforms but yet it’s been 8 years and we see no reforms so yes he was able to stop reforms but you can tell the frustration.”

Zig   meant kicked Shabibi out….

Dave   Zig lost connection…….hehe

Firefarmer   Did anyone see the report of a new rate for the Dinar

sheila   Firefarmer Is there a report and new rate?

Firefarmer   Ya I did not se one either   Just hopin

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