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Sheila   Got this link today. Very interesting article.  Zimbabwe Unzips A Huge Wallet! – Humanitarian program puts money directly into citizens’ hands   After decades of debilitating sanctions, Zimbabwe is set for……..RESET. People the world over are registering by the millions for a humanitarian program that is guaranteed to shift the poor into a new wealth status and put power into their hands to maintain it. The People, a trust organization, has launched HIPP (Humanitarian Intervention Prosperity Plan) that will credit all adults who register with $100,000 spending power via the World Economic RESET app. RESET is an online digital wallet app. Though account holders may initially be limited to one thousand units spending per month, the deposited 100,000 units credit is an immediate economic status changer.


slcaleb   Member of Parliamentary Finance: The government is heading for an “urgent” economic step to control the dollar situation      A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, spoke today, Tuesday, about a new step that the government will take “compelled” to reduce the exit of hard currency from the country and control the gates of currency auction.

Deputy Rashid commented on what the media reported about the existence of negotiations between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, to determine a new exchange rate for the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, saying that “there are tools that the government uses to adjust the exchange rate, which is considered (income from inflation), or increase its revenues. Through a currency auction, to reduce the deficit gap. ”

He added, “The government will also work to absorb the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, to reduce the marginal propensity to consume, thus the state’s imports will decrease, which leads to a reduction in the dollar exit rates from Iraq, and this also leads to a reduction in the dollar’s demand.”

He continued, “This mechanism allows the central bank to control the outlets for selling the currency, with the aim of also controlling the exchange rates of the dollar,” according to the Baghdad website today.

Regarding the reasons for this approach, the deputy affirmed that “the government is obliged to follow this path, since Iraq has nothing but oil as a main source of revenue through its export and the entry of hard currency to it.”

Earlier, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, commented, on Monday, on Iraq’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on determining the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Saleh said that “all matters related to negotiations between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund to determine the exchange rate of the dinar are in the process of discussions only.”

He added, “The correct decision is for the cabinet when it discusses the draft budget very soon.”

slcaleb   The Finance Committee revealed before that, negotiations between Iraq and the IMF on determining the exchange rate of the dollar, while warning that those decisions may lead to inflation, which greatly affects the owners of limited income.   non14.net

Firefarmer   slcaleb affects the owners of limited income. what does that mean

Firefarmer   slcaleb Thank you for the post

slcaleb   Firefarmer I’m not sure my friend

Firefarmer   slcaleb Thank you I like having friends

slcaleb   Firefarmer I’ll be your friend   :hug:

Firefarmer   slcaleb Thank You… Do you need anything

slcaleb   Firefarmer Just our RV!

Firefarmer   That would be a Christmas miracle  I have been waiting for this for a really really really really long time

Sheila   Firefarmer Christmas Star on December 21, 2020. First time in about 800 years. Also, December 21 is Winter Solstice, days start getting longer.

Firefarmer   slcaleb May I know where you are from

slcaleb  Firefarmer Colorado

Firefarmer   sheila I like Christmas …. God works in mysterious ways

Firefarmer   slcaleb May I ask what part

slcaleb  Firefarmer Colorado Springs

Firefarmer  slcaleb That is about 4 hours from me    well maybe 5

slcaleb   The head of a parliamentary committee warns of an “economic disaster” and sends a message to Al-Kazemi

slcaleb   The head of the Parliamentary Investment Committee, Representative Riad Al-Tamimi, warned Tuesday of a “catastrophe” that could kill investment in Iraq, calling on the government to take quick and firm decisions to strike corruption.

Al-Tamimi said, in a statement: “I am again addressing Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in his capacity as the first person responsible for the reform file in the country, and I am talking about a disaster that kills investment after it plummets Iraq economically.

He added, “Iraq needs to develop investment, revitalize it and support the general budget through the investment and economy files, but the surprise that is always repeated is the administrative changes that are from bad to worse.”

He continued, “The director of state real estate was assigned to look at matters only without having the possibility of real work, and a vision that stimulates investment, and has become a media tool for speech without real action.”

And he considered that “the file of banks and banks has become a killing tool for investment, because their goal is personal interest without public interest.”

He called for “a quick and expanded meeting with the relevant authorities to speak frankly about what is happening in the concerned departments with the aim of stimulating investment.”

He explained, “The Investment Committee aims to strengthen the economy and investment, and today we note the killing of the Iraqi economy by the currency auction and state real estate and the Supreme Committee for the allocation of lands in your esteemed council.”

He called for “firm, quick and effective decisions that change reality and hit the heads of corruption, because the stage is sensitive, critical and dangerous, and there is no more risk and delay in decisions.”   burathanews.com

Xyz   12-8-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …everyone reading this…today should be VERY HAPPY! …Just about all the major news coming from Iraq in the last two weeks is about the currency…this week it’s all about the currency again…WOW!! …I am now told by the CBI that they “fully” expect to complete the “project to delete the zeros” before Christmas on December 25th. They also told me the denominations they plan to roll out are 1,5,10 and 25 notes. The coins come a little late.

Zig   Wow!….Mountain Goat has a CBI contact…Now that has me excited….a trustworthy goat is a very rare thing so we should be thankful….Yes.

Spectra   Now You See TV   tSpo3ns3oagrecmmd ·

Evil is flourishing in the land and all the cowards care about is if someone is wearing a mask or not. The sniveling little devil children want you to inject yourself because they are scared. They don’t want you to have free choice. They don’t even want to hear what this lady had to say.

Spectra   https://bgdsearches.com/2020/12/09/learn-the-risk-founder-brandy-vaughan-found-dead-brandy-vaughan-cause-of-death-is-remains-unknown/

Spectra   Learn The Risk’ Founder Brandy Vaughan Found Dead : Brandy Vaughan Cause of Death Remains Unknown.

We regret to report that Ex MERC employee, prominent anti poison injection activists, and ‘Learn The Risk’ Founder Brandy Vaughan was found dead, according to to the following reports posted on social media and other platforms today December. 8, 2020.

Spectra   https://youtu.be/ZDUlfptPMjg

Dave   Those Evil Forces you mention just Cancelled ALL home visitations through Jan8 here,,,,,,,

Dave   Santa though has Special Immunity,,,,,,,He is Allowed……

Sheila   Article – 3 Reasons the ‘Christmas Star’ of 2020 Is Bringing So Much Hope — https://www.crosswalk.com/special-coverage/christmas-and-advent/3-reasons-the-christmas-star-of-2020-is-bringing-so-much-hope.html

Xyz   12-9-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …we read in articles that Iraq could no longer obtain outside loans. They exhausted the internal loans from their banks to pay the salaries for August and September. So then all of a sudden, we get articles telling us the IMF is willing to loan money to Iraq. …Also, at about the same time the IMF says they will now loan money to Iraq…they come out with a statement telling the public that Iraq will go 1:1 with the dinar before the end of the year…they are finally opening up ad educating the public. Like I said this is not a secret and they can’t hide it.    :What If:

xyz   : OMYGD: Poor Z might soon be rich Z

NORV   xyz I assure you, you will not be rich soon. lol

NORV   :Pool:  float

Dave   NORV AWE……When Kap?

NORV   Dave Not until they have an economy with private investment Dave.

NORV   :Pool: float

NORV   And…they are in compliance with the IMF over the 2% spread for at least 90 days which is now over 6%

NORV   My guess, kiss 2021 goodbye

Professor Dinard   Would an RV make ISIS rich as well?

slcaleb   Two reasons for the rise in the dollar .. Advisor Al-Kazemi: temporary bubbles affected by speculative rumors Here’s the article: [Baghdad-Where]

The financial advisor to the prime minister, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, identified, on Wednesday, two reasons for the high exchange rate of the dollar, stressing that they are temporary bubbles affected by speculative rumors to reap profits.

According to the official agency, Saleh said, “The exchange market, as it is known, is one of the markets most affected by information. Rather, all its decisions depend on the available information and its level of credibility, but there are two reasons for the price fluctuating slightly above its usual rates of stability in the parallel market.”

He added, “The first reason is that the budget bill is close to being approved, and the conflicting, colored and confused information was raised about correcting the exchange rate, which generated vague signals that the market adopted for speculation and hedging in a short period.”

He continued, “As for the second reason, it is the approaching date of the legislative elections, the political strife, and the signals and information they generate regarding political gains, or the reasons for preparing for the elections, which give a high state of uncertainty among market makers regarding the political and economic situation of the country.”

He pointed out that “all these factors lead to anxiety in the decisions of buying and selling in foreign currency, and maintaining a price slightly higher than the market’s balance and levels of stability.”

He stressed that they are “temporary bubbles affected by speculative rumors, to reap emergency profits from price differences,” indicating that “correcting the exchange rate will remain a monetary policy action for the Central Bank of Iraq, which is the only source of information.

Slcaleb   Al-Abadi’s coalition announces its position on the interrogation of Al-Kazemi Here’s the article: [Baghdad-Where]

The Nasr Coalition led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Wednesday that it has no intention of questioning Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in Parliament.

The coalition said in a statement, that it “denies its intention as a political entity to interrogate Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.”

He added that “it is the right of MPs and the various blocs to exercise their constitutional rights to diagnose the reasons for hosting or questioning any executive responsible for his performance according to correct standards.”

He pointed out that his position comes “despite the fact that he has many observations on the performance of the government and its dealings with state and citizen files.”

Representatives from different blocs, including the Al-Fateh Alliance, expressed their intention to question Al-Kazemi in Parliament due to the government’s delay in sending the 2021 budget to the House of Representatives, and the government’s continued reliance on loans.   alliraqnews.com

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