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xyz   Allawi: The economy of Iraq will increase its effectiveness after the change in the price of the dollar

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, announced that the decision to change the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar will be a one-time.

Allawi said in a press statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, “It is no secret to the sons of our honorable people the size of the global economic crisis that resulted from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and shook the economies of most countries of the world, and in our dear country Iraq, the financial crisis resulting from the sharp decline in oil revenues has also been linked. In the presence of structural imbalances in the Iraqi economy that were not seriously addressed and carried over from one stage to another. ”

He added that on this basis, it became clear to the eye the importance of urgent reforms in various economic fields and axes, including the currency exchange rate, although this decision is one of the difficult decisions, but we are obliged to take it because it addresses a large part of the crisis and to avoid similar situations that other countries have been exposed to, and to ensure protection The Iraqi economy, activating its activity, achieving a courageous reform leap and making real development with the aid and participation of all government, political forces, and economic and social actors.

He indicated that the decision to adjust the exchange rate will be one-time only and will not be repeated in the future, and the government, in addition to the Central Bank, will work to fix the new price that is in line with the reform requirements, while the government will work immediately to support the affected sectors and the poor segments through measures that include increasing social welfare allocations in the general budget. In order to compensate for the possible rise in the prices of some imported goods, we have also directed government banks to increase interest rates to encourage cit

xyz   In order to compensate for the possible rise in the prices of some imported goods, we have also directed government banks to increase interest rates to encourage citizens to keep their savings in these banks and to benefit from the high interest provided to them.

He pointed out that adjusting the exchange rate is a political decision of the Iraqi leadership, and it is a decision that enjoys the support of political and parliamentary forces and economic actors that have participated with the government in lengthy discussions to reach it, in addition to the competent international bodies for this measure, including the International Monetary Fund, which promised to allocate large sums to face the repercussions of the pandemic on Vulnerable groups, which are an important part of the government reform program regarding aspects of reforms and economic development. The Ministry of Finance has also prepared a detailed paper on questions that may ask about changing the exchange rate in the country.

He noted that the Iraqi economy will increase in effectiveness with the entry into force of economic reforms, and that the pessimistic false interpretations, some of which carry a political background to impede the reform movement and prevent a qualitative leap in the fields of industry, agriculture and development, are correct https://2knsuevick5ssh3o5gtxcrrfwi–economy-news-net.translate.goog/content.php?id=23205

Xyz   The high exchange rate of the dollar within two hours https://me3cqzp54k2jl4s233nr6undya–www-alliraqnews-com.translate.goog/modules/news/article.php?storyid=105357

Professor Dinard   sheila lots of civilian looking jets and drones landing at march AFB by my house. They got some super secret stuff going on there lol

Sheila  Professor Dinard yes, been watching the monkey werx guy on youtube that tracks air traffic. interesting – here is his latest video on 12/16/2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og4XM17n-Rs

Professor Dinard   During the riots out here there were drones galore circling my city

NORV   Just in time for Christmas the dinar depreciates! Everyone is going to lose $200 per million you own. What a gift!

NORV   On the other hand, you can probably find dinar for $600 per mil.   xyz should ask the CBI for a refund!

Professor Dinard   Gurus going to say now is the time to buy more lol

Professor Dinard  “Dinar depreciated to allow for trump to purchase more and profit even more from this investment! CBI owes him favor on way out from election for deleting 3 zeroes off ISIS so now is the time to buy more”

Sheila Professor Dinard JIT – just in time for Christmas!!!

Dave   get peeps to the banks…….talk about reforms……exchange rate….sounds positive

Professor Dinard  Dave yes, then it will gradually rise in value

Dave  Professor Dinard Studied Kap I see……

Professor Dinard  Dave I’ve kind of been saying an RV isnt really a real thing since the old chat. A float is actually optimistic and me being hopefull

Professor Dinard   You old folks just running out of time

Dave  glass is alway half full fer me

Dave  Professor Dinard could be right…..

Dave  IRAQ enjoy political economic and social stability yet in the eyes of CBI?

Dave  Kurds still sqawking hcl 140…….no private banking laws passed of Federal court laws

Dave  Still UN chapter 7……..sanctions……….

Dave  MCP……leave that to Kap

Dave  AND DELETE 3 ZEROS………..no rate change…..??????  explain that Professor

Dave  Lds and fils……One day………

Dave   Kap has that “PEGGED”!

Dave with Pips along the way…lol

Professor Dinard  Dave rate will change, just gradually

Dave  with 3 less zeros?

Professor Dinard  Dave eventually

Dave  Once 3 zeros gone….what then?    CBI DELETE 3 XERO PROJECT?   whats that?

Dave  IQD team.com may have posts from cBI explaining this

Dave  Professor Dinard have you read the articles posted by Z regarding rate change controversy between CBI and Govt……..?

Dave  my take was CBI runs the show and GOVT needs to SSSHHH it!

Professor Dinard  Dave settle down partner. Idk why you get mad when I say it’s a slow process rather than an overnight change to a really high rate

Dave not mad…..

Professor Dinard  Dave you should get a horse

Dave  wheel barrows HYPERINFLATIONART,,,,,,,thats all

Dave  yeah need a horse to pull wheel barrow

Dave  Professor Dinard Slow process 2% rate change every 90 days……….

Dave  10 yrs may see a dime

Professor Dinard  Dave sucks for you

Dave  actually very encouraged

Dave  Bought into this because of CBI’s Delete 3 zero Project

Professor Dinard  A country can change a lot in 10 years. Look at Dubai. Was absolutely nothing in the 90’s

Professor Dinard  They just gotta stop killing each other and start pumping oil lol

Dave  Professor Dinard Been there when it was nodda

Dave  Professor Dinard they dont really have the knowledge to do much of that

Professor Dinard  Dave that’s racist David and I’m very disappointed in you right now

Dave  have to buy hydro from Iran……

Dave  look at pics of Iraqs hydro…….

Spectra  eman4u55 what are you nuts/  Merry What?

Spectra People are unemployed,facing evictions and more you say Merry Christmas .I say you are in deniel..

Dave  Professor Dinard In the Oil fields of the Middle East….heavily reliant on Foreign workers……..


Spectra  I Love Christmas..This year im not running around blurting out something that is not Merry.

Sheila  Spectra Me, Too!!!   sheila I am the most happiest for Christ,mas every year .This year there is a certain sadness .I find it hard to be filled with joy.     I cannot pretend

Dave  Spectra sheila some do try to make a bad situation better……..Xmas cant hurt?

Spectra  Dave excuse me what are you doing?

Spectra  Dave Did you get those Chinese troops out of Canada yet? I heard a police officer say high in ranking say they were really training the Chinese.Your premier allowing this.

Sheila  Spectra Tough time for me. Yet a wise woman in my life told me many years ago to JUST DECIDE. Each day Just Decide how you want to feel. She also told me the real decision to happiness is FORGIVENESS. So I decided to forgive me, others, whomever, whatever. Even wrote those two words on a sticky note. Stuck in on upper left corner of my laptop. lolol

Spectra  Dave The police officer was a royal mounted .Highly respected

Dave HEHE….you know where Salt Spring Island IS……?

Spectra  sheila Shiela ive spent my entire life forging people …I have not stopped yet.Perhaps you really do not know me..

Spectra  sheila I am known for my forgiving heart amongst those who know me.

Professor Dinard  Spectra anger is a poison only to the one who holds it

Sheila  Spectra Don’t know you. Was reflecting on my life and what I do to get past any sorrow that seeps into my holidays.

Dave  Professor Dinard Luv the GOOD EATS and Treats

Spectra  Professor Dinard I am not angry just stating information .There is a difference

Dave  Time OFF

Professor Dinard  sheila Today, we see our adversaries seeking to compromise the private communications of U.S. political campaigns, candidates and other political targets. Our adversaries also seek to compromise our election infrastructure, and we continue to monitor malicious cyber actors trying to gain access to U.S. state and federal networks, including those responsible for managing elections.

However, the diversity of election systems among the states, multiple checks and redundancies in those systems, and post-election auditing all make it extraordinarily difficult for foreign adversaries to broadly disrupt or change vote tallies without detection. https://www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/press-releases/item/2135-statement-by-ncsc-director-william-evanina-100-days-until-election-2020

Professor Dinard  That was from July

Professor Dinard  Ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections, foreign states will continue to use covert and overt influence measures in their attempts to sway U.S. voters’ preferences and perspectives, shift U.S. policies, increase discord in the United States, and undermine the American people’s confidence in our democratic process.

They may also seek to compromise our election infrastructure for a range of possible purposes, such as interfering with the voting process, stealing sensitive data, or calling into question the validity of the election results. However, it would be difficult for our adversaries to interfere with or manipulate voting results at scale.

Many foreign actors have a preference for who wins the election, which they express through a range of overt and private statements; covert influence efforts are rarer. We are primarily concerned about the ongoing and potential activity by China, Russia, and Iran. https://www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/press-releases/item/2139-statement-by-ncsc-director-william-evanina-election-threat-update-for-the-american-public

Professor Dinard  They changed their tune a bit lol

Spectra  sheila Aww .Sorry to hear that.I over spent typically of me.I even lost my job right before christmas !

Sheila  Spectra no worries. am very happy. eating good, every other day. lost 20 pounds in less than 3 months. going to enjoy the next 2 weeks of holiday eats and family stuff. all is good.

Sheila   Professor Dinard Thinking we, the public, won’t get to read that DNI Report from EO 13848, EO 13694, EO 13757 – not until game plans are executed. So we wait.

Professor Dinard   sheila I fear even if it does come out that theres proof that it got overturned in bidens favor that media will sweep it under rug or attack credibility of person giving report out and it’ll lose its significance and nothing will happen with it

Sheila  Professor Dinard This is the DNI – T is still the prez and, don’t forget, Commander in Chief.

Professor Dinard  sheila well see

Professor Dinard   I like how we live in a country where people living off of the money stolen from my paycheck are arguing about how much money to give people that they got from stealing from their paychecks all while blocking people from earning a paycheck

Professor Dinard  Govt is truly an intelligent construct. I see why people abide by their all my genius all the time

Professor Dinard  Mighty*

Spectra  Most of these people we pay in senate do not work for us…600 .00 does no one anything .

Spectra  They are trash in my opinion

Spectra  many people need help.Survival.The goverment killed millions of jobs…

Spectra  Like if they want shut then they need to cough up the money…

Spectra  Did you know children have never been more depressed right now. Thanks to them

Xyz   Central Bank: Change the value of the Iraqi dinar will be one-time only and will not be repeated

19-12-2020  Economy News – Baghdad   Economy News publishes the text of the Central Bank of Iraq’s statement on the change of the dollar’s exchange rate, and it says:

During the last months of this year, intense deliberations took place with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Legislative Authority, regarding the general economic situation and the financial crisis that the public finances are going through due to low oil prices and production, and the economic and health challenges.

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank held a number of meetings, some of which were hosted by the Minister of Finance for the same purpose.

The Central Bank of Iraq would like to show the following:

1- The structural distortions in the Iraqi economy impoverished public finances and restricted the ability of reform sought by the government and the Ministry of Finance. It is not a coincidence that the financial situation is this bad, nor is it the product of the current or the previous year, but unfortunately it took root more than a decade and a half ago due to the policy leadership of the economy and the preference for political thinking and the priorities of politicians over economic thought and development priorities and the rules of the relationship between economic policy on the one hand and fiscal and monetary policies On the other hand … the fiscal policy lagged behind, and the monetary policy was busy repairing the outputs of the confused fiscal policy.

2- The subordination of the economic and financial policy to the aspirations and concerns of politicians resulted in the last acceptable models of financial management in Iraq, and the role of that administration was limited to the distribution of oil resources to life-sustaining requirements such as salaries and operational requirements, and the Ministry of Finance did not address its roles and leadership p

Zig   As most of you reading this know by now  here has been only by “Invitation” lately….and our members are encouraged to invite others…however, I realize some readers out there may want to participate but have no way of obtaining an invitation….so I am going to try something which I have briefly tried before:

Giving you another way to become a member here and be able to post….Here it is: First please register: Click on “name” at the left side of the “message box” below and type your desired username….Next click on arrow at top right in box or hit enter….pick a password, etc….That is step one……

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That’s it….May take a while for me to activate you as I do not use that email often….Whether or not this remains an option will depend on a couple of things….  🙂

Zig   I am far from stupid and realize what may happen….lol….I do not use nor need that email….any trouble I will just delete that email address….no big deal for me….that is all I will say…..just experimenting….. :Roll eyes:

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