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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Wednesday 12-30-20

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

Zig   In case new members and some readers don’t know: @NORV is @Kaperoni You can access a recording of his 12/27 conference call with @Enorrste at https://dinaralert.webs.com/conferencecalls.htm

Dave  Zig yeah and Kap refuses all Q and A FROM ME…..

Zig  Dave : Oh will you give that a rest already…. :Hair:

Dave  ch 7???


Sparky Dave …maybe have to take a step back, in order to move forward ..

Dave  Zig Gosh thought we all be here because of the CBI Delete 3 ZERO program.. at least i did….

Sparky Dave …delete 3 zeros is a lop my friend …

Sparky  … sorry to break it down to you …

Dave  i too bequeath you a dumptruck

Sparky Dave … go digital …


Sparky … electronic banking will be a thing … :Crystal ball:

Dave LDS /FILS…..?????

Sparky  Dave …where are they ?

Dave make change please fer my 25k note

Dave Sparky question fer CBI

Dave not sure

Sparky  …most of mine have Shab’s signature on the front …

Dave and?

Dave saddam no good

Sparky … and…we wait …

Dave  familiar what it costs to print a note?

Sparky Dave … I’m guessing less than what I paid for it …

Dave close……6-8 cents….fils more

Sparky  Dave ..watching real good movie… “Draft Day ” …

Dave Sparky dont like where i am leading you?

Sparky  Dave …you are leading me to the dancing donkey professor …

Sparky  Dave …listen dude … the only way they help their accounting folks, is to delete three zeros off the notes…and equate them to 1’s, 5,s , 10’s …

Dave  Sparky seems you come by that naturally if you be a lopster

Sparky  …same value…less zeros …

Dave  no rate change 1000 ld notes fer that bottle of water……..at 8 cents each to mint/print

Dave  expensive bottle of water

Sparky  Dave …have you evidence of lower denoms ? do tell …

Dave  Sparky JUST WHAT CBI has mentioned

Sparky Dave … hope your right buddy …

Sparky …I’d be rich !!!

Dave iqdteam.com……had plenty of articles on that

Dave Sparky YES i have hope what CBI has said numerous times will one day come to fruition…..one day

Dave Sparky even Kap would agree CBI had mentioned lds/fils numerous times

Professor Dinard  Lower denoms introduced gradually as currency value rises imo

Professor Dinard  Only denims I like lowering are daisy dukes lol

Sparky Professor Dinard …lol …

Dave  Professor Dinard so 1000 ld notes to purchase the bottte of water to start with?

Professor Dinard  Dave no. As it reaches a point where high denominations are making cash purchases difficult they will introduce more and more lower denomination notes into the currency series

Dave  make change?

Professor Dinard  Dave would be hard to do with an overnight RV right? That’s why I think it will float

Dave so no delete 3 zeros then

Professor Dinard  Eventually

Professor Dinard Itll get there

Dave  Professor Dinard CBI no where near where they hoped trs ago….wrong direction in fact

Dave yrs  ago

Professor Dinard Dave yea. Itll probably only be 20 years until they get down to 3 zeroes deleted

Dave Professor Dinard or get their stuff together….

Professor Dinard Dave middle east countries hardly like to have their **** together. It seems like they enjoy volatility and chaos lol

Dave  still dont have a port…..

Dave UAE Bahrain, Kuwait ?

Professor Dinard  Dave are they landlocked?

Dave  Bahrain maybe

Professor Dinard  Dave those countries do fine cause they like stability

Professor Dinard  Dave no is iraq landlocked?

Dave  No…lousy little ports FAW/ceylon

Sparky  Professor Dinard … have to ship past Iran through the Gulf …

Sparky  … and they mined the waters years ago …

Sparky  .. straight of Hormuz comes to mind …

Dave  a lil port

Dave this has been in the news many times…posted by xyz

Sparky  … the off shore oil storage and distribution platforms are now controlled by Iran …

Professor Dinard  Sparky Iran’s mega gay

Sparky  Professor Dinard … think so ?

Professor Dinard  Sparky yea. They are pretty ****. And did you see what they did in the south china sea!

Sparky  Professor Dinard …encrouchment by China …

Tebow  Antifa must rebuild the damage they did on our cities.

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Xyz    12-30-2020 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article: “ECONOMIST CALLS FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE THREE ZEROS FROM THE DINAR TO STRENGTHEN THE LOCAL CURRENCY” So we have been waiting for articles like this. Notice we have not see any “direct” article talking about this subject of “deleting the zeros” for a long time. Now they finally are telling us this may be a solution to getting out of the mess they are in.

Xyz  Guru Bruce called it

xyz  Guru @Kaperoni doubts his floating theorem after recent 22% drastic RV

xyz  It takes time to come around :Banana:

Professor Dinard  xyz delete 3 zeroes is a LOP

Sheila  Professor Dinard do not want a LOP. outright revaluation.

Professor Dinard  sheila I fear if they do that it will be with a new currency series. That’s why i think it’s going to be a gradual increase in currency value

xyz  Professor Dinard deleting 3 zeros doesn’t mean using scissors to cut remove 3 zeros aka lop

Professor Dinard  xyz hopefully it means they will increase value gradually to get there as opposed to introducing new currency series

Professor Dinard  xyz some would call that a “float”

xyz   Professor Dinard 22% was not gradual aka @Kaperoni definition of float. It’s an RV but in the wrong direction.

Professor Dinard xyz 22% increments to me are gradual if they are spaced out far enough

Professor Dinard  Arguing perspective at this point

Professor Dinard   xyz maybe we have different definitions? Let’s call mine a volatile gradual reflection of iraq GDP. That’s my guru call lol

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