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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Wednesday Early PM 1-13-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

Sheila   15th of each month is when IMF changes rates. so maybe this weekend could be it? let’s hope and pray.

Sundog   Zig I’m new here but I was hoping for some conversation about dinar and the events that are happening in Iraq.

Sheila  @sundog Looking forward to this weekend because 15th is when IMF updates exchange rates. Maybe something will activate on the RV.

Sundog  sheila The rates are actually adjusted the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Sheila sundog Hence, 1st has passed and now we look at the 15th. agreed.

Dave  sundog China actually determined the genetic sequencing of CV……

sundog Dave that’s right

Sundog  sheila It’s better to look at the CBI for rate – the IMF won’t show the rate before the CBI does.

Sheila  sundog what about Forex?

sundog  sheila The forex will have it but not all currencies are traded on the forex. Not all currencies are traded. The central bank will know before anyone else.

sundog sheila I should say the Central Bank will show it before anyone else..

Sheila  sundog that’s cool. just as long as it shows up on the 15th… lolol

sundog  sheila Totally agree ! Just show us something – in the right direction..

Dave  sheila would not hold your breathe…..

sundog  Dave, if we all held our breathe waiting on Iraq we’d all be dead by now…lol

Sundog   Zig Thanks – so, did anyone is the article that said the govt has come out and said they are going to adjust the exchange rate again? This time in a more positive direction. The budget is almost done, they are making arrests and the Kaz-man is getting things done.

Dave   sundog Heard of many arrests.over the years….no one jail yet

sundog     Dave The last I heard was 22 biggies were suppose to return appox 150 billion dollars to the Iraq treasury or they will be arrested. That article was just last week and I think it included Maliki…which would be real nice.

Dave  sundog yep

Dave  all held up in foreign frozen accts

sundog  Dave Wouldn’t you love to see Maliki going down the rabbit hole that Saddam took? I know I would. That would change everything for Iraq and how the world perceives Iraq as far as dealing with the corruption factor.

Dave  we await Federal Court laws to rid malaiki

sundog  Dave I also read that the US is helping to restore the monies abroad. That I also read just last week…There’s even lots more money there.

Dave 750 million usd vanished

sundog  Dave I know where it is…in Maliki’s bank

sundog Dave or is that what Obama gave Iran – hard to tell the difference

Dave  Maliki one of the richest on the planet

sundog  Dave That’s for sure – I agree with you again – you’re on a roll…lol

Dave  net worth 66 billion

Dave  aint bad

sundog  Dave I thought it was more…which makes it even worse…

Dave Dave that was from Forbes Mag from yrs ago..

sundog Dave Then I’m sure he has stolen lots more..

Dave  not sure

Dave  Cbi hs better transperancy so i hear lately

Dave  work time ……laterz

butterfly  https://www.arabnews.com/node/1791236/middle-east DUBAI: The European Union is undertaking efforts to remove Iraq from the list of high-risk countries, the EU ambassador to Iraq said on Tuesday, according to Al Arabiya TV.

Foreign powers use Iraq as a proxy battlefield, Martin Huth said, adding that the danger of Iraq becoming a failed state carried disastrous repercussions for the region.

The EU listed Iraq as a high-risk country for money laundering and terrorist financing, along with North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, in May last year.

Over the past years, the money laundering trade in Iraq had been fueled by several sources, including oil and drug smuggling, as well as arms trade.

butterfly  https://www.arabnews.com/node/1791891/business-economy

sundog butterfly Good post. I have read that they were working on that at the end of 2020 – it will make a big difference for Iraq to have that happen.

butterfly  LONDON: Oil prices were broadly steady on Wednesday as rising global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases took the shine off an earlier rally spurred by a bigger-than-expected drop in US crude inventories.

Oil producers face an unprecedented challenge to balance supply and demand as factors including the pace and response to COVID-19 vaccines cloud the outlook, an official with International Energy Agency (IEA) said.

“Producers are grappling with huge uncertainty about where this goes from here,” said Tim Gould, head of energy supply outlooks and investment.

“That’s not just in terms of economic recovery but indicators we wouldn’t necessarily normally be looking at: (Such as the) levels of trust in different countries about vaccines.”

Crude stocks in the US dropped by 5.8 million barrels last week to around 484.5 million barrels, data from the American Petroleum Institute showed late on Tuesday.

That was far more than analysts’ expectations in a Reuters poll for a fall of 2.3 million barrels.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies such as Russia agreed this month to cut crude production through March in a bid to match abundant supply with demand which has sagged amid surging virus cases while vaccination programs get underway.

While the pandemic has prompted some energy majors and watchdogs to predict that a peak in the world’s demand for oil has been brought nearer or may have already come and gone in 2019, Gould said the IEA disagreed.

“As things stand, with the pace of change we see on the structural side is not enough in our view to deliver a peak anytime soon.”

“Growth in the economy, recovery in the economy will sooner or later bring oil demand back to 2019 levels. The 2020s in our view are the last decade in which you are likely to see increasing oil demand,” he added.

butterfly  We can only hope sundog

sundog   butterfly We do a lot of that when it comes to Iraq..

butterfly  LOL years at this point, but we have to hang onto hope.

Butterfly  https://gds.gov.iq/cabinet-discusses-covid-19-biometric-voter-registration-and-other-developments/

Zig  sundog : No matter what you do you will never find a perfect chat room….impossible unless you control every little thing….so hopefully it will be better….I like the conversation above….I think this political season hurt the chat….very divisive and people can’t seem to disagree without the bad name-calling….

sundog  Zig Totally agree.. it’s like kids – every once in awhile you have to send them to their room so they know that enough is enough.. they know when they do it but hope that you don’t….lol

sundog  Zig Politics have killed a lot of things this year. I deleted my FB account, I don’t watch the news anymore – I get angry about it and there’s nothing I can do so I hope I survive the next four years and that the Dems get everything they asked for and then they will come crying back to their senses in 2024…

sundog   I want the dinars to hit so I can get a place on a beach and a pile of books and ignore the rest of the world for the rest of my life…sounds like paradise to me right about now. How nice of a house depends on the dinar – I’ll take a grass shack, anything…

UNEEK – Stop Shaking the Jar already – lol — the past 18 months have been very hard on me just for personal reasons – and pretty much just in “my” little world but in reading the news and the chat room it is pretty clear that there is discord and uncertainty all over – Everything and everyone seems to be on guard – being watched – being scrutinized – being attacked – being judged – being banned – being sued – being fired – from politics – to religion – east against the west – north and south – right and left – white and black – male and female – on and on and on and on – Will things ever just calm down? I do not see a total cease of differences but it sure would be calming and healthy to have more peaceful times – It is definitely okay to have different beliefs and different opinions a bout everything but please – stop shaking the jar – stop attacking – stop forcing YOUR ways and beliefs on others – Let’s get through this challenging time together – let’s bring civil discussions and ideas to help us all see the bigger picture and make wiser decisions to support a healthier life with freedom and justice and PEACE –

Zig  Let’s cut down on the political discussions in here please…This chat room was established to discuss Iraq, the Dinar, and other investments….has become too nasty in here lately…and I was told all chat rooms are now being watched….not sure if that is true but want to be a bit careful until things calm down….Thanks…..if these types of nasty discussions continue I will temporarily close the room….I did not start a chat room to get into trouble….lol….appreciate your cooperation…

Zig   Will now return to via invitation from current members…Members: Have your referral register and let me know via PM what his/her username will be…Keeping it simple…Thanks…. 🙂

Zig  The Chat Room is now locked….All currently registered members have access “at this time”…You have access because you all have Admin. status…hence the solid star….hopefully you all will be civil and will remain here….up to you….Not me….Thanks….. 🙂

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