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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Tuesday 1-26-21

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Dave  Iraq and Kuwait are discussing the file of remaining debt payments and the possibility of postponing their payment

Dave   The meeting discussed, according to the statement, enhancing the prospects for cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait in accordance with mutual interests in all fields, the importance of activating the joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti ministerial committee and strengthening its work, as well as forming a joint parliamentary committee to activate cooperation and follow-up and accelerate government procedures in the field of investment, trade and free zones.

The Speaker of Parliament also discussed with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister the file of the remaining payments of debts owed by the Iraqi government to Kuwait, and the possibility of postponing their payment. Because of the financial crisis and the economic situation that Iraq is going through.

The meeting stressed, according to the statement, the need to open the borders between the two countries to trade movement after it stopped due to the pandemic, while tightening commitment to preventive measures, appreciating Kuwait’s stances in support of Iraq during crises, the latest of which is the Corona pandemic crisis, which was represented by sending liquid oxygen trucks to the health institution.

For his part, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister offered his condolences to Iraq for the victims of the last two bombings in Baghdad, stressing his country’s support for the government and people of Iraq, and the continued expansion of the horizons of cooperation between the two brotherly countries at all levels.

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Dave  and accelerate government procedures in the field of investment, trade and free zones.!!!!!!!

Dave  so no investment trade and free zones….RV imminent?

sheila  Dave that seems to consensus — hoping and praying

Dave with Maliki wishing to run again for PM?

sheila  Guess Maliki thinking business back to full on corruption with the new admin in office here in US.

Dave  yeah will work on praying HARDER!

Dave  USA involved in Iraqs RV?

Dave  USA bombed IRAQ into obscurity looking for weapons of mass destruction?

sheila  History – US bombed Japan into obscurity then went in and built it back – disaster capitalism aka war aka military industrial complex.

sheila  History – US did not invent this strategy/tactics. It’s history of conquer or be conquered.

Dave  war good for industry…..

Dave  big bucks in weaponary

Dave  those tomohawk missles aint cheap

sheila  big bucks in aggregates

Dave  Canadas military a joke…..yet to be conquered

Dave  All of Canada’s operational jet fighters would not fill 1 aircraft carrier

Dave  Tiny New Zealand’s Navy much larger than ours…..

Dave  CBI has said since the getgo….economic ,political and social stability……ARE we their YET? This INTERIM Govt formed just to run the country until the elections where important Laws can then be voted on?

Dave  This Interim Govt was forced by those Demonstrators demanding an end to Govt corruption……

Zig  Dave : Negative Nellie….LOL….Just kidding..

Dave  No Federal Court laws to rid that stuff……


butterfly  Nope. Sad that it takes decades to find democracy when you have the mindset of a Dictator

Zig  butterfly : Hi…You mentioned another investment awhile ago that you thought would pay off soon for you at the time….did it?….curious…nosy….lol

butterfly  Funny you should ask that Zig.

Dave  butterfly IRaq has the richest Politicians in the World……

Zig Dave : LOL

Dave  many iof them

butterfly  Dave BINGO again.

Dave  oops,,,,

Zig  Dave : I am sure they all got rich through honest and legal endeavors….

butterfly  LOL Zig

Dave  need my Forbes list AGAIN of those poltiticians?

Dave  Where did you get that????????????????

sheila  @butterfly can you share your investment, only if it will not directly compete with your status? PM would be okay, if you care to share. thanks

butterfly  nvestment is closed Sheila. Sorry.

sheila  butterfly okay, thanks

Zig  I should have kept my mouth shut butterfly LOL :Shhh:

sheila  Zig no worries. all good.

butterfly  I am looking for a motorhome that I and my d-n-l can handle and we will be doing some traveling.

sheila  rvtrader.com

butterfly  Thanks but I do all shopping locally.

sheila  shop by location

Zig  butterfly : Good to support local businesses…

butterfly  I just came back from loading my van full of food to take to the food banks/churches here. I just stopped in to see how the chat room was going.

butterfly  As my father always told and taught me, extend your hand/s to others that need help. That is my goal.

Dave  butterfly thanx for the reasonable conversation

Zig  butterfly :   :clap:

butterfly  Well I won’t come in when all of this political “stuff” is going on.

Dave  KARMA!

Zig  butterfly : Don’t blame you…

Dave  Zig just pull the plug on all that?

butterfly  Everyone keep the hope that Iraq gets Kuwait paid off. Ignore the gurus because they have no clue what they say. BUT………if you want to throw your dollars away…….each to their own.

Zig  Dave : Nah…it will slowly fade IMO

butterfly  I have to go and deliver. Keep the faith………….and wear a damn MASK.

Zig  butterfly : Yes, I will   :Mask:

Zig Required where I live….

Dave  Should this not just be COMMON sense………rather making requirements

Zig  Dave : Lots of people think it takes away from their freedom to choose…..

Dave  Man folks did not argue this in1918


Dave  Viruses have No Plotical affiliation

Dave  by being able to jump from person so readily……..its learning to even get better at what its doing

Zig  Dave : Have you been vaccinated yet?….as a health provider?

Dave  Zig No

Dave  Dentists and Chiros not on their list

Dave  Not medical

Zig  Dave : Yeah but close contact with patients….

Dave  Yeah …….MDs doing virtual visits>>>>>>>>?

Dave  hate to be aDentist

Dave  Want me to administer those vaccinations though……..?????

Dave  alot of chatter about the current vaccines may no longer have an effect if these spike proteins continue to mutate…….

Dave  …then back to square one?

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