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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Sunday 1-31-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here.

Zig   Sam I Am : Hi…Test passed…barely…lol…Now it’s time to “participate”…I hope you and @Kaperoni (NORV here) can chat a bit in here as you did at the other chat….you two always manage to keep things civil…and I believe he owes you a pizza :Pizza: lol… Remember that you may post your links in here…I (We) will not delete them…okay, hope you return soon though many will not like what you have to say….however, unlike others, you do no name-calling while disagreeing…take care….

Sam I Am   Hi Zig

Zig  Sam I Am : Hi…Long time…I still have my Dinar….lol

Sam I Am  Well I wish you the best

Zig Thanks…not counting on it though…but who knows

Sam I Am  I still have 100,000 or so myself

Sam I Am  lower denoms ….the 50 notes are worthless

Zig I know…Lots of new “Gurus” out there now…lol….and some like Ray and Tony never leave…lol

Sam I Am  Well I had hoped that after the devaluation people would come around to seeing it my way

Sam I Am  oops …. Haven’t heard a peep out of Kap

Zig  Sam I Am : He is here as “NORV”…

Sam I Am Okay  Norv needs to make good on our bet

Sam I Am  I went to the other chat room and there were two guys there

Zig Many are saying that the devaluation will draw in a lot of the Dinar….and that it is a way of reducing the money supply….a prelude for increasing the value…Gurus always find a way to spin any event into something favorable….

Sam I Am Drawing in the dinar doesn’t reduce the money supply

Sam I Am It’s still legal tender

Zig It would if they destroyed the 000 notes…

Sam I Am LOL

Zig  Well that is what is being put out there….

Sam I Am So they’re going to leave the 10K and 50 notes in circulation?

Sam I Am  they have four zeros

Sam I Am  50K I meant

Sam I Am Removing three zeros always meant redenomination, not removing the notes with three zeros

Zig  That has always been out there…they will destroy the large notes, introduce the lower Denoms and simultaneously RV the Dinar….people like Frank 26 have been saying that for a long time….to keep their followers….

Sam I Am   In a redenomination all of the notes are removed and destroyed, and replaced with notes with fewer zeros and a higher value

Zig   Then what would our notes like the 25K be worth??

Sam I Am nothing

Zig  Ouch

Sam I Am   I mean, if you exchange them within the exchange window they’d be worth 1460:1 minus exchange fees

Sam I Am   but it might be hard to exchange them once the redenomination begins

Spectra   https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/01/26/italys-prime-minister-resigns-leaving-country-in-crisis/

NORV  (Kaperoni)  Sam can think what he wants, but there is no intent to redenominate the dinar. It is just his opinion and not based on any factual data from Iraq. First it would take parliament approval, and second their would be no reason to encourage exchange and settlement among middle east countries (Buna) and eventually the world if they were planning to redenominate (LOP) the dinar.

Not to mention, Iraq has had less than 3% inflation for the past 20 years. The plan for Iraq is like other middle east countries which is to diversify, create stability, employment and a private sector, foreign investment to improve the economy and create economic growth. They and only then the dinar can appreciate as a result.

There has never been one indication that the IMF would support such an event, in fact they speak of allowing the currency to rise. Even the recent devaluation was not random, but an attempt to preserve the central banks reserves as well as meet compliance with the IMF. It is well documented and people just just need to read. Those that choose not to then speculate in and misinform others.

NORV   :Pool:   FLOAT


IJB   yes we can all think and believe what we want

Sam I Am  NORV I’ve said more than once that I doubt they will redenominate. They’ll probably just maintain the current regime. However, while there might not be any intent to redenominate, the program to remove three zeros is describing a redenomination.

Sam I Am  And for the record, inflation has little to do with it. Nations prefer to redenominate after inflation is no longer an issue

Sam I Am  Oh, and their inflation rate was over 50% prior to the revaluation that took place from Nov. 2006-Jan. 2009

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