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Butterfly   Networks of Power: Popular Mobilization Forces and the State in Iraq

butterfly  Summary

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) continue to puzzle policymakers inside and outside of Iraq. Following the territorial defeat of the Islamic State (ISIS), PMF networks have developed into significant security, political and economic forces that compete for power in the Iraqi state. At the heart of unsuccessful attempts to understand, engage or navigate this dynamic is a fundamental misreading of the nature of both the Iraqi state and the PMF. The Iraqi state is best understood as a network of power and the PMF as an array of forces connected in this network.

Despite efforts from its senior leaders, the PMF is not a coherent, integrated organization. Instead, it remains a series of fluid and adaptive networks that vary in horizontal (leadership coherence) and vertical (ties to a social base) structure. Each network’s structure sheds light on its strategies, capabilities and connectivity to the state. Some of these networks are closely linked to neighbouring Iran.

PMF networks enjoy a symbiotic relationship with Iraq’s security services, political parties and economy. Their members include not only fighters, but also parliamentarians, cabinet ministers, local governors, provincial council members, business figures in both public and private companies, senior civil servants, humanitarian organizations and civilians.

The connectivity of PMF networks reveals the true nature of the Iraqi state, which does not fit the neo-Weberian or Westphalian ideals that conflate formal government institutions with state power. PMF networks enjoy state power – they are integrated into Iraqi politics and control a social base – but they do not necessarily always sit in a formal government.

Policymakers looking to reform or restrict the PMF have relied on a series of options: divide the constituent groups against each other, build alternative security institutions, impose sanctions on individuals, or strike with military force. Yet, these options have failed to reform PMF net


butterfly  Iran’s FM denounces attempts to damage relations with Iraq


butterfly  Tehran, Feb 27 (Prensa Latina) Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced on Saturday that some attacks and incidents in Iraq are aimed to damage relations between Tehran and Baghdad.

Zarif expressed that opinion during a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Fuad Hussein, who is on an official visit to the Islamic Republic, the second in a month.

In the view of the head of Iranian diplomacy, some recent attacks and incidents inside Iraq would be aimed at straining bilateral ties.

‘We emphasized the need for the Iraqi government to find the perpetrators of such incidents,’ the FM indicated.

Elsewhere in the dialogue, Zarif condemned the dangerous US action of targeting positions of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Such operations, he noted, are illegal and violate the country’s sovereignty.

butterfly  Decades after the Gulf War, Iraq’s youth view oil as a curse


Thirty years after Iraq invaded Kuwait, youth protesters are demanding the government end corruption in the oil industry and finally use its profits to improve people’s lives.

butterfly  Financial issues discussed between Iran, Iraq


butterfly  TEHRAN- During a meeting between the governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI)and the managing director of the Commercial Bank of Iraq, the two sides discussed the ways for the transfer of Iran’s funds in Iraq.

Iran and Iraq have several times discussed the issue of releasing Iran’s financial resources in Iraq over the past months, based on which Iran was supposed to have access to its funds which are related to the gas export to Iraq.

Iranian goods, services highly welcomed in Iraq

The chairman of Iran-Iraq Joint Economic Committee stated that Iranian products and services are highly welcomed in the Iraqi market.

Saying that Iraq has many social, cultural, religious, political, and economic commonalities with Iran, Mohammad-Vali Alaeddini expressed hope that the process of boosting export to the neighboring countries, especially Iraq, will be stable and will continue and increase due to Iran’s very desirable capacities.

In mid-January, Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian, who is the head of the Iran-Iraq Joint Economic Committee, said that the two countries’ annual trade is going to be increased to $20 billion.

Ardakanian made the remarks in the opening ceremony of the two countries’ fourth Joint Economic Committee meeting in Tehran, which he co-chaired with the Iraqi Trade Minister Alla Ahmed Al-Jubouri.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to support the export of Iranian engineering and technical services to Iraq by establishing a joint investment fund,” he said, adding that new agreements are going to be signed between the two countries in the fields of water and energy.

He also underlined the development of transportation lines between the two countries as an important factor in the development of trade relations between the two countries and added: “We are ready to implement the previous agreements in the fields of electricity, gas, and water, and to formulate new agreements in this field in order to develop cooperation between the two countries

butterfly  Iraqi FM due in Tehran on Saturday


butterfly   TEHRAN – Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein is expected to arrive in Tehran on Saturday for the second time in a month, according to an Iraqi news agency.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, Iraqi Middle East News reported on Friday that the Iraqi foreign minister will travel to Tehran for the second time in less than a month.

The source did not give more detail about the visit and the issues that Hussein will discuss with Iranian officials.

The chief Iraqi diplomat paid a visit to Iran in early February during which he met with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani and President Hassan Rouhani.

The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq discussed the latest developments in bilateral relations as well as regional and international issues, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement at that time.

During the meeting, Zarif expressed his appreciation to the Iraqi government for judicially following up on the assassination of the two anti-terror leaders, Major General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, expressing hope that anyone who ordered and carried out this criminal act would be punished through legal follow-up, according to the statement.

“Ending the presence of the American forces in the region would be the best response to this terrorist act,” Zarif said.

Foreign Minister Hussein, for his part, described the visits of the delegations of the two countries as a sign of the two sides’ commitment to bilateral relations. Reviewing the issues of relations between the two countries in various fields, he explained the views of the Iraqi side in this regard.

The Iraqi foreign minister also met with Shamkhani, who expressed appreciation to Iraq for issuing an arrest warrant against former U.S. President Donald Trump who had ordered the assassination of General Soleimani and al-Muhandis.


http://finalwakeupcall.info/en/?s=QFS and http://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/02/27/victory-is-ours/

Dave  New World Order……? Would that mean that the Cabal forces have failed….? Missed yet another boat?

Sheila  Zig What was that bet — you would give me 1M Dinar if it revalues by April 6?

Dave  sheila give you3-1 odds on that?  need some wall paper….

Zig  sheila : LOL….Not a “bet”…I would just give you 10% of whatever I make….

Dave  Zig sign me up too

Zig  LOL….No way

Sheila  Zig Asking for clarification. lolol

Zig  I would be so happy I would not care about losing 10%…..LOL

Dave sheila Doubt Zig is that charitable?

Sheila   Zig And I still accept the offer. Very happy today.

Zig  I have enough Dinar so would not miss 10%…..

Dave you mean a looooonnnngggg shot

Zig  What are the odds of something happening by April??

Sparky  … 10% of how much ?

Sheila  Zig Don’t know about odds. Just going by my friend’s latest message to me this week.

Dave  Zig a nano meter

Zig  Sparky : LOL….Not saying….will have to trust me….

Sheila  Zig Man of Honor. that’s my faith.

Zig  Believe me if it ever increased like that I would not care one bit…..

Zig  So if @sheila is right   :Happier:

Dave  cut me out   :Sad:

Dave  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=if+i+had+a+million+dollars&view=detail&mid=C6B2FA0EE16FED539075C6B2FA0EE16FED539075&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fpc%3dCBHS%26ptag%3dN4151D082318A9DFA1A1FF2%26form%3dCONMHP%26conlogo%3dCT3210127%26q%3dif%2bi%2bhad%2ba%2bmillion%2bdollars

Sparky   Zig … if the IQD goes for a nickel in the next six months, I will sponsor this room for the next three decades …… trust me …

Dave  Sparky more Kraft dinner?

Sparky  :Hammock:… patience is a virtue …

Dave  Still holding my position in the QUE in Reno?????  need more mustard?

Sparky  Dave … my dinner will comprise of steak tips, green beans, and steak fries … lot’s of steak sauce ..

Dave  no caviar?  truffle mushrooms?

Sparky  Dave …baby Bella ‘shrooms …

Dave  thinking of going to a really nice restaurant and not looking at the price list…would be nice

27 Feb 21, 07:25 PM Dave  Porsche GTS…..

Sparky  Dave … twin hull sport fisher …

Dave  boats are a PAIN!!!

Sparky  Dave … not if you have $ to throw at them …. at Frankie Frank’s $3 .86 per, should be all blue sky from here …

Dave  more expensive to maintain than a Porsche

Dave  take a nickle….

Dave  used porsche GTS

Sparky  Dave …if it goes to a nickel, I’ll hold out for a quarter …

Dave  would keep some yes

Sparky  … at least it will be moving in the right direction …

Dave  wait until after the elections and see then if they decide to passANY LAWS

Sparky  Dave … they have oil, and sand ………… I hope they move quickly, before their show is over …

Dave  gold and other minerals and lots of it

Sparky  … what they need is water …

Dave  much much more than UAE and Kuwait combined   tigris and Euphrates  was the agricultural Mecca in the region fer decades

Sparky  Dave … and no idea how to extract their own resourses …

Dave  NOPE   lost art…no skill set

Sparky  Dave … the next generation of Iraqis are our only hope …

Dave  no,private investment to get big oil companies there   cant generate their own hydro fer peats sakes

Sparky  Dave … they have been there, got screwed for payments, then left …

Dave  yep  Look at what the UAE did in 20 yrs  with less

Sparky  Dave … that was the tease … thought Iraq could do at least the same …

Dave  Were better off financially with Saddam  even better with the Shah

Sparky  Dave … the USA crossed Sadam because he was hoarding USD …. not the slant drilling in Kuwait, as most folks think …

Dave  many reasons   PORT Dispute a biggy

Sparky  Dave … Sadam and some other dead ME leaders wanted a gold dinar, vs petro dollar ”’

Dave  border disputes…….much of Kuwait belonged ti Iraq

Sparky  … dirt knap comes to mind …Dave … all of it did, it’s the bottom tip of Iraq … Britain broke it off in c1933

Dave  and Iraq was left with a tiny little port

Sparky  Dave … Port of Faw, or port of Mubarrack ?

PeteV  Hi from Vegas NV.  Just hit the web Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb 27, 2021- https://youtu.be/QPjUjmEK-TI

Sheila  PeteV Love Vegas. Hoping to have house there for late fall, winter months.

Zig  PeteV : :Welcome:

PeteV  Cool, look at houses in the Summerlyn area- nice place  Thanks Zig

Sheila  PeteV really want property with at least .70 to 1 plus acre.

PeteV  Yup, north Las Vegas than

Sparky PeteV … casinos open ?

Sheila  PeteV sounds good, will look in that area. thanks

PeteV  yupper casinos are open n getting folks in

PM Sparky  PeteV … I always stay on 17 …

PM PeteV  dont knw that casino???

PM Sparky  …jk …

PM PeteV hehe

Sparky … any IQD news ?

PeteV  getting cold here

Sparky PeteV … try New England …

PeteV hehe no thank u

Sparky  … cold a a witches’ …

PeteV  i’ll keep my 50+ cold  folks on this chat have some kind of currency to exchnage??

Sparky  PeteV … no, just non cents …

Sheila  PeteV would say everyone here is holding one or more currencies

PeteV cool

Sparky PeteV … if I only had a nickel for …

PeteV  hehe

Sparky  PeteV … I sell monopoly money in bulk …

Sparky  … by the pound …

PeteV  is that in high demand?

Sparky … nope …

PeteV      ****

Sparky  …just funnin’

PeteV  all good

Sparky  … apparently some of these folks in the room are currency speculators …

Sparky  PeteV … do you own IQD ?

PeteV  yes n several other currency

Sparky PeteV … cool …

Sheila  PeteV Latest rumtel is saying there will be 22 currencies to revalue/reset.

PeteV  that wud b great

PeteV  than i am moving to lake tahoe

Sheila  PeteV So you really like Nevada, just going to move from Vegas to Tahoe?

PeteV  the state is great cud use some change of gavenment but hey u cant have everything

Sheila  Lively conversation currently livestream – Patriot Streetfighter’s Personal Meeting Room – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr_5ubR2z_k

Sparky  PeteV … Sydney Sheldon just passed away…

PeteV wow

PeteV  in the news

Sparky  PeteV … didn’t Sydney control NV ?

PeteV  well connected

PeteV  good room – Scott McKay “Patriot Streetfighter”‘s Personal Meeting Room

Sparky  … Sheldon Adelson … my bad …… For ex …… 5 $T a day traded … money against money … 24/7, 6 days a week …… I wouldn’t advise investing in Iranian Rial … imo …

PeteV  i have a small amount

Sparky PeteV …FBI may swing by your place after you cash in …

PeteV  hehe

Sparky  … we just bombed inside Syria, against Iranian malitia … yesterday …. first Biden action …… hopefully the last …

PeteV  amen

PeteV  it’s toman–The Iranian toman (Persian: تومان‎, romanized: tūmân, pronounced [tuː.mɑːn]; from Mongolian tümen “unit of ten thousand”,[1][2][a] see the unit called tumen) is a superunit of the official currency of Iran, the rial. One toman is equivalent to ten rials. Although the rial is the official currency, Iranians use the toman in everyday life.[8]

PeteV  still sung both as part as there currency in iran

PeteV sung = still

Sparky  … eight equals five …

PeteV in some countries

Sparky  … jk…PeteV has a good sense of humour …

PeteV haha  i see u do to

Sparky PeteV …hopefully the IQD will do something positive in the near future …

PeteV  i sure am wishing it

Sheila  A little music while we wait: The Weight by The Band – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFqb1I-hiHE

PeteV thanks

sheila  Take a load off

PeteV  @sheila it all go’s down nicely when u in the mood

Sheila  PeteV friends of friends are saying each day could be “the” RV day.  PeteV just sayin’

Sparky  what’s the first “splurge ” after it pops ?

Sheila Sparky Stem Cell Therapy

Sparky … a vacation house on the water …

PeteV after bills n house pay off – plan to take a blow as much as i can trip

PeteV  i hope they come out with the med-bed quick

Sheila  PeteV Definitely – MedBeds… yet until then still planning on stem cell therapy

PeteV yup stem cell is an alternative

Sheila  PeteV already got everything ready to go with Stem Cell Therapy. Just need the funds.

27 Feb 21, 11:08 PM PeteV  cool, i wish it all goes great for u

Sparky  … I’m gettin’ a big boat too …

PeteV  well thank you folks for letting me into your parle group. i am heading to get some shut eye–sees u tomorrow

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