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Zig’s Place Chat Room Discussion and News Sun AM 2-28-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

PeteV  Pimpy’s Investment Chat–Silver – keep buying and holding (record number of deliveries)    – https://youtu.be/Tg5Wd2sejLk

Sheila  PeteV I like precious metals. Physical assets are good to have and hold.

PeteV  @sheila specially in this time n age

Zig  PeteV : Thanks…I have invited “Pimpy” to come here as well before….thanked me for the invite but never came….some of those folks are afraid of getting criticized in here so stay out IMO…..

butterfly  In oil-rich Iraq, some women buck norms to take gruelling rig site jobs


butterfly  https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/458571/Engaging-Iran-will-serve-America-s-interests-in-West-Asia-ex-White      Engaging Iran will serve America’s interests in West Asia: ex-White House adviser

butterfly  https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/458619/Ambassador-says-Iran-ready-to-assist-Iraq-in-security-affairs       Ambassador says Iran ready to assist Iraq in security affairs

Sheila  PeteV since babylon… lol

butterfly  ‘It Was Like Magic’: Iraqis Visit Babylon And Other Heritage Sites For 1st Time


butterfly  A detailed article by Alice Fordham, for NPR, details the emerging trend of Iraqis visiting the many ancient heritage sites of their homeland.   Helping them engage with their rich culture is local startup Bil Weekend, founded by Ali Al-Makhzomy.

butterfly  Kurds to provide maximum security for historic papal visit: PM Barzani

https://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/28022021    7 hours ago

butterfly  ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdish authorities will take every precautionary measure to ensure the historic visit of Pope Francis goes smoothly, without any complications, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani said on Saturday, almost two weeks after a barrage of rockets on the Region’s capital Erbil killed two people and wounded several others, including US service members.

“We are taking every precautionary measure to provide maximum security for his Holiness’s visit to our region,” Barzani told France 24 in an interview on Saturday. “This will be a historic visit for his Holiness to the Kurdistan Region and so to Iraq, and we believe this is going to shed light on the efforts that the KRG has done over the years for tolerance and acceptance of religious groups and minorities that live in Kurdistan for many, many years.”

The Kurdistan Region has been a safe haven for tens of thousands of Christians who have fled violence in the rest of Iraq since 2003, as well as millions of Muslim Arabs and Syrian refugees who have lived in the semi-autonomous region in peace and harmony for nearly 20 years. In a February 15 rocket attack on Erbil, the killed an injured included a father of two from Ramadi who sought safety in the Kurdistan Region for his family during the war against the Islamic State group (ISIS) and a refugee from Kobane, Syria who fled the civil conflict there.

In a visit to the Vatican last February, Barzani discussed with Pope Francis the Kurdistan Region’s achievements in protecting religious and ethnic minorities and hailed successes in guaranteeing freedom of worship for all faiths.

While the Kurdistan Region has been spared most of the violence that has engulfed the rest of the country in recent years, rockets have landed in the capital Erbil, fired by shadowy groups reportedly affiliated with elements within Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) who are loyal to Iran.

In response to attacks on US and coalition facil

butterfly  Vatican envoy to Iraq tested COVID-19 positive: officials


butterfly   BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Vatican’s ambassador to Iraq Mitja Leskovar has tested positive for COVID-19, two officials told AFP Sunday, just days before Pope Francis’ historic visit.

“Yes, he tested positive, but it will have no impact on the visit,” an Iraqi official involved in the papal plans said.

An Italian diplomat also confirmed the infection.

As apostolic nuncio to Baghdad, Leskovar had been travelling across the country in recent weeks to prepare for the pope’s ambitious visit, including visits to Mosul in the north, the shrine city of Najaf and the southern site of Ur.

During foreign trips, popes typically stay at the nuncio’s residence, but Iraqi officials have not revealed where Francis will reside during his trip, citing security reasons.

Iraq is experiencing a resurgence of coronavirus infections, which the health ministry has blamed on a new faster-spreading strain that first emerged in the United Kingdom.

The country of 40 million is registering around 4,000 new cases per day, near the peak that it had reached in September, with total infections nearing 700,000 and deaths at nearly 13,400.

Pope Francis, as well as his Vatican staff and the dozens of international reporters travelling with him, have already been vaccinated.

butterfly   sheila thanks I post what might be interesting because NOTHING is being posted about what we all are looking for. A lot of great history articles yesterday and today. It will be a great day when it is told to everyone at the same time…….we are finally done and we can go and do our exchange. In the meantime people need to enjoy life, their family, their friends, even their enemies because you never ever know when your number is drawn.

Sheila  butterfly true and thanks

Dave   butterfly Really good news is that CBI is maintaining an excess of 55 billion/usd……

Zig  butterfly : Thanks…variety is good in a chat room…people have different interests, etc….and I usually get along fairly well with my “enemies”…..lol

Zig   Dave : Why do you think that is really good news?

butterfly   Dave Don’t misunderstand what I’m about to post………..Throughout the many years I have posted thousands of articles, nothing has changed only in the verbiage.Iraq has a very long road ahead of them. Most don’t understand that. Think of a cult, you have a leader and that leader tells you what you can and can’t do…..only believe in me.

That cult leader has been taken out…..okay a lot of head scratching…..what do I do now……you have people that will take advantage of the “not knowing what to do now” people…..it will take a very long time. I also read throughout my postings of the IMF saying what is going to happen to Iraq, the latest one says (paraphrasing) it hopes by 2024. Keep the cult mind in your thoughts because there are a lot of people that have moved on with their dinar and have found NOTHING has changed, when and if it does………….everyone will know. I find the history of the middle east is something I am more interested in reading then all the other stuff.

Dave  like the budget going to be passed in the coming days…….

Dave IMF World BANK UNAMI all hope Iraq gets their act together…….

Dave  Not sure on the Cult Stuff…….Dave  Iraq seems still to be under CH7 sanctions,,,,,,still getting spanked…..Not sure if any nation has a globally traded currency while under ch7?

Dave  or when Iraq is still listed as one of the most corrupt nations in the World…….with no private banking laws to protect foreign investment…..all they have are plenty of MOUs,,,,,,,still awaiting reliable electricity ……cant generate their own….

butterfly Very good Dave……very well said. Yes we must wait until the budget is passed. How many times have we heard that one?

Dave since the getgo……Them Kurds………still want their share……..

butterfly  As seck talked with someone in the IMF….it is up to the CBI to or if they change their dinar value.

butterfly  Darn Dave stop telling the truth LOL.

Dave  oops……

Dave  CBI would loose that 55 billion in a heart beat come April 6…….

butterfly  I remember having this argument with a person (can’t remember his name now) about how he was voting for DJT because DJT was going to change the rate of the dinar. We even exchanged phone numbers to continue our arguing. Here we are today and nothing has changed. Some people have very hard heads.

Dave  DJT has a jet full of Dinar…..so the story goes

butterfly  LOL OMG I do remember that also.

Dave  i have hopium…..just no longer awaken at 3AM to see if i can exchange the next day  ….  support and sustain.a rv…..seems most reasonable to me

butterfly  As I posted a few days ago, way back when all of this was going on the word was put out that buy buy buy the dinar because it is helping Iraq. Stop and think about that for a while.

Dave  also.heard tell that an Interim Govt can not pass important laws…..

butterfly  Just like here in the US Dave

Dave 2-3% on the spread   lol not going there….

butterfly  Remember back when the PM of Iraq was going to be visiting the US……everyone held their breath believing/thinking it was going to happen. NOPE….NADA….ZILCH….OL

butterfly  Me either Dave….not going there.

Dave  learnt my lessons from IQD team….never followed the Gurus

Dave  well not much.,…..lol

butterfly  Gurus are making a lot of money off of the hype, etc.

butterfly  I remember when PTR decided to charge for their nonsense. I paid one month and it took me going to my bank to cancel that card because they kept taking my money once I told them NO.

Dave  paid???  get the stuff fer free on the chat

butterfly  Yup that was way back when I fell for their lies and met a lot of great people….Zig was one of them. Not back then Dave, you had to pay. Then Seck opened his own website—-for free. We brought most of the people over there to chat and read articles, but some were still paying PTR.

Dave  Glad i started with this adventure with the IQDteam  my perspective……..been biased from those negative Nellies?

butterfly  I have been away from the IQD for many years now UNTIL Zig ask me to come here and post articles. Fortunately for him I have some time now and who knows when I won’t have the time. My life is dedicated to others. Unfortunately I just found out that one of my friend’s is starting on the down side of life.

Dave  :Sad:   but the start of a new beginning……..

butterfly   Official: Iran, Iraq Accelerating Expansion of Economic Ties

https://www.farsnews.ir/en/news/13991209000845/Official-Iran-Ira-Acceleraing-Expansin-f-Ecnmic-Ties 2021-February-28 12:59

butterfly  TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran-Iraq Joint Economic Commission Mohammad Vali Alaeddini announced that the development of mutual cooperation has been accelerated due to the decision made by their joint commission.

“Iraq and Iran enjoy many common social, cultural, religious, political and economic aspects, and we were able to take effective steps to expand relations in different sectorsو including export of products in various fields and development of non-oil exports,” Alaeddini said.

He pointed out that exports of agricultural goods, dairy products, dam construction, water and electricity, and tourism are among the areas agreed upon in the negotiations held with Iraq.

“We hope that the process of export development with neighboring countries, specially Iraq, will be stable and will continue and increase due to Iran’s very desirable capacities,” he added.

Economic relations between Iran and Iraq have expanded and the volume of trade has increased in recent years.

Dave  USA not sanctioning Iran????

butterfly  yes but not full

Dave  thought electricity and gas only?

butterfly   Tehran, Baghdad Discuss Transfer of Iran’s Frozen Assets

https://www.farsnews.ir/en/news/13991210000898/Tehran-Baghdad-Discss-Transfer-f-Iran’s-Frzen-Asses 2021-February-28 20:00

butterfly  TEHRAN (FNA)- Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnasser Hemmati and President of the State-owned Trade Bank of Iraq Salem Chalabi in a meeting in Tehran reviewed ways to transfer Iran’s frozen assets in the neighboring country.

Hemmati and Chalabi conferred on methods of transferring and using Iran’s resources and frozen assets in Iraq.

The Iraqi official further referred to recent payments to Tehran from its frozen assets in Iraq, underlining that efforts are made to create financial channels to facilitate the process.

In a relevant development in mid-October, Hemmati announced that the volume of Iran’s blocked assets in Iraqi banks stood at five billion dollars.

“Tens of billions of dollars of our assets are frozen in foreign banks and even countries that have good relations with Iran cannot cooperate with us due to the US pressure,” he said at the time on the sideline of the Cabinet meeting.

Dave  YIPPIE…….No good news??????????  100s of billions…..holding out on me…….? Maliki still has some nice mansions in London

butterfly https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/story/24016-Erbil-rocket-strike-%E2%80%98definitely-a-terrorist-attack;%E2%80%99-progress-made-on-probe:-Kurdistan-PM Erbil rocket strike ‘definitely a terrorist attack;’ progress made on probe: Kurdistan PM

Dave  terror attack by Iran………

butterfly  Just like I posted before, when you have a cult leader (if you don’t understand that phrase, do some research on it) don’t close your eyes because everything will be taken from you and you never even knew it.

Dave  Iran would hate to see Iraq become powerful…….:Mask: LOL

butterfly  Yes and they don’t have someone with balls to tell them f off.

Dave  Sectarianism still at play……

Zig  I am starting to think that some of you don’t believe that Jeff AKA “Dinar Investor”, who thinks we will all be rich by April…the rate changing in late March or so…

butterfly  Zig thanks for the laugh………….NOW how many times have you, I, them heard this? LOL

Dave  Zig yeah because that is what Kuwait did…,…?

Zig  Yes!!!….Now you understand @Dave

Dave  SAM speak of the Devil!

Sam I Am  I don’t believe

Zig   Aw come on @Sam

Sheila  Zig Regardless of what Dinar Investor says, the WEF says there is going to be “Great Reset”. And any Social reset always has a price tag — or Financial Reset. So even the WEF says there’s going to be a Great Reset. Good or bad for us is the real question that springs to mind.

Zig  I will say that @Jeff does not come across as some kind of nut….a reasonable guy IMO

butterfly  I have been watching the numbers here in this chat. the number was pretty high BUT when we started telling the truth…..BAM they all disappeared. LOL

Dave  truth hurts somertimes…..

butterfly  Sam I Am are you the one that had the website that exposed all of these “gurus”?

Sam I Am  dat’s me

butterfly  Thank you.

Dave  and thats what Kuwait did……yrs ago…… Sam I Am ?

Sam I Am  you’re welcome

butterfly  Unfortunately cult minds won’t believe anything that you exposed about them.

Sam I Am   Kuwait did nothing except get invaded …. and after they were liberated they restored the Kuwaiti dinar as the official currency

Dave  Sam I Am i recollect …lol

Dave Mexico Russia Belarus…

Zig  butterfly : Most people have to discover things on their own IMO….will not listen for a long time to reason…..

butterfly  cult minds Zig

Dave   butterfly no just to lazy to do any research on their own?

Zig  Dave : True…Guilty as charged….lol

Sheila  butterfly maybe it was like probation for time period and not a “permanent” ban.

butterfly  Oh no not what I read sheila

Zig  sheila : Do you ever think that this whole endeavor may be a scam??

Sheila  Zig nope

Zig  I do consider that

Dave  scam i am ahead of the curve bought 1million/700

Zig  Nobody’s views ever bother me…some people get so upset….lol…I just go with the flow….

Sheila  Zig U.S. has done currency devaluations to about 80 countries. War, invasion, break them financially with currency devaluations – then conquer, rebuild along with new currency valuations. This time is different because it didn’t happen as fast or as quiet as this has been done historically.

Sheila  Zig correct this if I am incorrect in these statements.

Zig sheila : Does someone like @Sam coming in here telling you it’s a scam upset you?

Sam I Am  sheila What country has revalued their currency by more than 50%?

Sheila   Zig EO 13303

Sheila  Zig nope

Dave  Sam I Am how many rounds and yrs…….

Sheila  Sam I Am Why don’t you share the point you are trying to make with that question?

Zig  sheila : I don’t know enough to correct you about anything…..lol

Sheila  Sam I Am Kuwait might the most recent.

Dave  okay wallets or wheel barrows………said it!

Zig  We welcome all views in here though I am sure some don’t like that….lol

Sam I Am  sheila The point I am making is that if no country has ever revalued at more than 50% then essentially the dinar investment is a bet that something unprecedented is going to happen

Sheila  @Sam I Am Germany back in WW2 might be another one?

Dave  Zig because that is what Kuwait Mexico Belarus did……lol

Zig  Dave : Why are we still in this @Dave????…..lol

Sam I Am  sheila Germany didn’t revalue … they replaced the old reichmark with the deutchmark in a redenomination

Sheila  Sam I Am Personal opinion, the Dinar might not be the only currency revalued as part of this “Great Reset”.

Dave  Zig FAITH and GOOD research!

Zig  Dave : Okay

Sam I Am sheila And Kuwait didn’t revalue … they reinstated their currency at the same valuation after they were liberated

Sheila  Sam I Am Did their currency increase in buying power?

Sam I Am  no

Dave sheila Sams correct

Zig Sam I Am : You have seen the story about @TWW making money from the Kuwaiti Dinar….do you believe it??

Dave  Saddam cleaned them out mint plates too

Sheila  Dave good points. Still if I had Kuwait dinar, it’s exchange value went back to reinstatement value.

Dave Zig a window of opporunity fer a few days possibly

Zig Dave : Maybe a black market?

Sam I Am  Zig I don’t believe any of these Kuwaiti dinar stories

Sam I Am  There were probably some currency traders in Jordan who profited but that’s about it

Sheila  Sam I Am LOL – they why are you here?

Sam I Am because I was invited

Dave  Sam I Am thought you said you still held some?

Zig sheila : I like a room with different views…lol

Dave  Zig Views in Speculation……..

Zig Dave : Sure…why not….

Sam I Am Dave I still have about 100,000 in LD

Sheila  Zig I’m good with that. Respect.

Dave only have a view when you open a window

Zig  Makes for some good conversations if people can avoid getting upset and name-calling…..lol

Dave  Sam I Am Swiss notes or 50s?

Zig  Of course I do understand that many people out there only want to hear that they will be rich tomorrow….

Sheila  Zig hope is good for the soul, spirit

Dave  Zig I do prefer the View of CBI……not the views of others as much

Zig True sheila

Zig Dave : I know that…agree but boring….lol

Dave  good fer giggles……

Zig  Yes

Sam I Am Dave I have some 50s, 250s, 500s, and 1Ks

Dave  have some 50s too

Sheila   Baltic Dry Index — https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BDIY:IND

Sheila  Sam I Am Would love a Reinstatment. 3.22 or 3.40 or 3.80 — Absolutely wonderful numbers.

Dave  id take a nickle …   at 1/10 of a cent a penny would be 1000 %ROI…..

Sam I Am  sheila They’re not going to do a resinstatement because their currency wasn’t replaced like Kuwait’s was.

Sheila  Dave For dong, consistently hearing .47 cents… At devaluation, VND was over 2 dollars.

Dave  Sam I Am break out the whell barrows

Sheila  Sam I Am Wow, then why don’t you educate us?

Sam I Am   The Kuwaiti dinar was replaced by the Iraqi dinar when Kuwait was under occupation. When they were liberated the reinstated their currency. No such scenario in Iraq.

Dave  Rice aint worth as much as light sweet crude

Zig  @PeteV: Still like this room??…lol…you won’t always hear what you “want to hear” in here….

Sheila  Sam I Am Didn’t the Iraqi Dinar replaced with US Dollar for people to use?

PeteV  its all good

Zig  Good….lol

Dave  sheila IMF dont like MCP……..

PeteV  i hope the VND goes at the same time—wishing

Sam I Am  sheila Not sure what you mean. When Saddam was overthrown they set up a provisional govt and replaced the old dinar with Saddam’s mug with the new dinar valued at about 1400:1 … then it climbed up to 1166:1 before they started devaluing

Dave sheila Thats the RV…….

Sheila Sam I Am continue

Dave missed that…But CBI did mention Delete 3 zero program later

Sam I Am  sheila That’s pretty much it

Dave  and Cbi still mentions the 3 zero program after the sadam notes went bye bye

Sam I Am The purpose of replacing Saddam’s currency was to represent a new era for Iraq post-Saddam. They wanted the country and economy to stabilize before redenominating

Dave Sam has difficulties with past present future

Sam I Am  and redenominating is what “delete the zeros” means

Dave  CBI subsequently came out with the 3 zero program after this redemonination

Dave geeze

Sam I Am right … to remove the effects of hyperinflation from the 80s

Dave and continues to mention it 11 yrs after

Dave  yes wallets or wheel barrows

Sam I Am you don’t need wheelbarrows once you add zeros, which is what they did

Dave  each ld costs 7 cents each to mint   Dave  fils more  1000 fils fer that coke…with no RV…..call that inflationary

Sam I Am  there

Sam I Am  there’s no currency called a fil

Dave cost CBI 100 bucks to mint enough coins ti opay fer that coke  not yet but soon

Sam I Am  the fil concept is used for accounting

Dave  open your window

Dave CBI said otherwise

Dave  6 cents a note……..60 bucks fer enough ld notes to pay fer thatn coke then…..ouch!

Dave thats not inflationary?  and make change if you provide a 25K note????????  I want change please…..That sounds really reasonable…..LOL  Have i missed the boat on that Sam I Am ? not a reasonable arguement?  my math wrong?

Sam I Am  I didn’t see any math   I’ve never followed your logic when you start talking about cokes and smokes

Dave  how much to print 1 note?

Sam I Am How much does it cost the US to coin a penny?

Dave  1 coke currently 1000dinar

Sam I Am it costs 2 cents to mint a penny

Dave notes 6-8 cents each

Sam I Am does that mean we’re going to revalue the dollar?

Dave fer arguement sake 1dinar note…  6 cents

Dave    https://govtrackinsider.com/it-costs-2-to-make-a-penny-and-7-to-make-a-nickel-but-cents-act-could-bring-those-costs-down-aa6aabfc9a8b

Dave  what size fer them fils…..doubt they would be smaller than a cent

Sheila Dave metals

Dave yeah iqd at 1/10 of a cent……

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