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Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

butterfly    ISIS has infiltrated villages between Kirkuk and Erbil, Peshermga Commander confirms

Who was it that said ISIS was gone…..Someone will post any garbage if they think it will bring them some attention. https://shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/ISIS-has-infiltrated-villages-between-Kirkuk-and-Erbil-Peshermga-Commander-confirms

butterfly  2021-02-28 11:02  Shafaq News / Commander of the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk announced today that ISIS terrorists had infiltrated several villages on the main road linking the governorate with Erbil.

Major General Hamah Reeker said in a statement published on the Kurdistan Democratic Party website, that the area contains farmers who support ISIS, and the terrorists infiltrated to obtain food and supplies from them.

He added that those areas were under ISIS’s control, and most of them were Kurdish villages, bordered by villages between Debs and the area controlled by the Peshmerga forces in the Kani Dumlan heights, noting that ISIS took advantage of the Peshmerga’s withdrawal from these villages.

He pointed out that ISIS cannot pose a threat to the region, but there are quite a few Arab villages’ residents who had previously joined the terrorist organization who have recently joined al-Hashd al-Shaabi they supply ISIS with food, weapons and government cars whenever they can.

butterfly  https://shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/The-Iraqi-ambassador-to-the-Vatican-appointed-as-Head-of-the-Near-East-Region-Group-at-FAO

butterfly  The Iraqi ambassador to the Vatican appointed as Head of the Near East Region Group at FAO

butterfly 2021-02-28 13:43  Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa had chosen the Ambassador of Iraq to the Vatican, Safia Talib Al-Suhail, as the head of the group for 2021.

Al-Suhail expressed her gratitude for the group and its serious contributions in combating hunger, achieving food security and eliminating desertification, noting, “Iraq is keen to support the organization’s plans and work in developing the agricultural reality in all countries.”

It is noteworthy that the group includes Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Algeria, Bahrain, Sudan, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Morocco, Mauritania, and Iran.

Dave  Cabal forces at work?

Dave DJT…soon

butterfly  There areDuhok registers 14 cases of COVID-19 ‘s new strain three new strains that I have heard about. https://shafaq.com/en/Kurdistan/Duhok-registers-14-cases-of-COVID-19-s-new-strain

Dave Zig you do not understand my questions?

butterfly  2021-02-28 11:39 Shafaq News / Duhok health department announced today that it had registered cases of COVID-19’s new strain for the first time.

The department’s media official, Hamzah Raziki, told Shafaq News agency that 14 cases of COVID-19’s new strain were detected today.

Raziki explained that the COVID-19 hospitals in Duhok are prepared to receive the cases.

On February 21, the Kurdistan Region announced registering the first case of COVID-19’s new strain in Erbil, a week after the new strain appeared in Baghdad.

butterfly   Serious talks with Total and Lukoil to establish gas plants, Minister of Oil says


butterfly  2021-02-28 04:50  Shafaq News/ Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, said today, Sunday, that southern fields take precedence in oil production over the central and northern fields.

Abdul-Jabbar said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, “Basra Gas Company manages a giant project to build new constructions. They are still in the initial stages, but they aim at producing 400 million cubic feet and 1000 million cubic feet in future.”

Abdul-Jabbar pointed out that the South Oil company started negotiating with the French TOTAL and the Russian Lukoil to build plants with a capacity of 600 million cubic meters.

He added that Maysan is working on a project aiming to produce 300 million cubic meters, which equates to 20% production.

“Dhi Qar also will witness a big project to produce 200 million cubic meters, and they are now in the stage of land handling. Contracts were concluded with the companies. They are currently completing the credential documents.”

Preliminary estimates of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil show that Iraq has 132 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, and 70% of Iraqi gas is a byproduct of oil extraction. Iraq today occupies that 11th place among the world’s wealthiest countries in natural gas.

butterfly  Dinar rates slipped in Kurdistan

https://shafaq.com/en/Economy/Dollar-Dinar-rates-slipped-in-Kurdistan Dollar/

butterfly   2021-02-28 01:48   Shafaq News/ Today, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, the Dinar/Dollar exchange rates dropped below yesterday’s levels.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that Erbil markets are trading the 100 US dollar at 145000 and 144500 Iraqi Dinars for selling and buying, respectively.

Our correspondent added that Baghdad markets are closed today due to the total lockdown that ends on Sunday.

Dave  initial stages……lol   another MOU?

butterfly  https://shafaq.co2021-02-21 01:43

Shafaq News/ Today, Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021, the Dinar/Dollar exchange rates are still hovering near yesterday’s levels.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that Erbil markets are trading the 100 US dollar at 146000 and 146200 Iraqi Dinars for selling and buying, respectively.

Our correspondent added that Baghdad markets are closed today due to the total lockdown that ends on Sunday.m/en/Economy/Dollar-Dinar-rates-no-change-in-the-past-two-days-0 Dollar/Dinar rates: no change in the past two days

Dave  oops….1 iqd 1/14 0f a cent……….

PeteV Trump to speak at CPAC : https://youtu.be/dFf9fYqJk4o

PeteV  Just came out: Rapid Updates  Will We see Iraq 2021 Budget Vote Soon? Iran cancels flights to 32 countries.   Protect, Prepare & Position Yourself For Wealth  IRaQ Brief Update | Will We See A Budget Vote?


PeteV  we need more folks

Sandyf  @Sheila Zig And think about this point of reference. Whenever any currency resets or revalues, for whatever reason/s, it is a global update.  Shiela you are right to a certain extent, but a global update does not equate to a global reset. Some currencies have a much more significant effect on a country’s economy than others.

Sandyf   The last global reset was on Nov 18th 1967 when the GBP was devalued by 14% from $2.80 to $2.40. At that point in time the GBP was the predominant reserve currency and as a result most countries around the world had to adjust their financial position. It should be noted that occurred at 9pm on a Saturday evening, bit of a shock coming home from the pub. In those days we could only take £50 out of the country.

Sandyf   Iraq is never going to revalue in the way people want to think but some sort of reset is not out of the question. At the end of the day, the major economies cannot keep printing money ad infinitum.

Firefarmer  sandyf The way that we are going to see the revalue is when the US$ inflates so much that the IQD decouples from the US$ and then it will look like a RV to Americans.

IPJB/TEBOW   Don’t have just love gurus who think they know more than anyone else.  :Laugh:

sheila   IPJB/ TEBOW Yes, I do love gurus who think they know more. Many certainly know more than me. And this helps me stay in the hope. If this many people are committed to the dinar … and other currencies as well, then we are all in for a great ride. wahooo!

IPJB/TEBOW  Sorry to hear you believe gurus…. Can you you just one who hasever been right?

Sheila  IPJB/TEBOW  they don’t have to be right. and… you and I are still here. lolol

IPJB/TEBOW  don’t have to be right? Then they are worthless

Sheila  IPJB/TEBOW good researchers. I don’t easily dismiss people and their purpose. It is not for me to judge. Listen and filter. Use what I want and leave the rest. keep hope alive.

IPJB/TEBOW   Why listen and filter if you aren’t going to judge. Opinions are not research.

Sheila  IPJB/TEBOW  Think what you will. Don’t rain on my parade.

IPJB/TEBOW   I will. It will only rain on your parade if you let it

Sheila IPJB/ TEBOW  guess some people aren’t happy unless they are pushing on other people… not gonna happen. lolol

IPJB/TEBOW   Some people are gullible some are not. No one said you couldn’t believe what you want. LOL

Sheila  IPJB/ TEBOW  so if we don’t agree with you, we’re gullible?

IPJB/TEBOW  sheila no one said you were gullible……. You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I would never share any information I might get from different sources. You can believe whomever you want, and I will believe what I want. That’s what’s great about this country. At least for now. If I believe that people are gullible in believing gurus who have never ever been right about anything, that is my opinion. Are you saying people should not have their own opinions.

Sheila  TEBOW   You have been professionally trained. Your last question is trying to turn tables in this chat line. Implied, inferred, whatever. Zig opened this chat to share information on the dinar, etc.

IPJB / TEBOW   sheila I do believe Zig said the chatroom was open for any kind of discussion.

Sheila  TEBOW  then chat. be civil. be respectful.

IPJB/TEBOW   Doesn’t my pointing out no guru has ever been right has a bearing on dinar discussion?

IPJB / TEBOW  How am I being disrespectful point this fact out.  What a pointed out has always been true.

Sheila  IPJB/TEBOW  What will you be saying when the dinar resets, revalues, reinstates, ect.?

IPJB/TEBOW  Then again in this time and place truth no longer matters to some

Sheila  IPJB/TEBOW  etc.

IPJB/TEBOW  I will be saying nothing here. I will be to busy with other things. LOL  The worst thing that can happen to this chatroom is an RV…………….. Poof everyone is gone!

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