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Zig’s Place Chat and News Friday Late PM 3-5-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Butterfly  Everything that is being presented today about the dinar has been said from day one, BUT people still think that this information is NEW. It just amazes me that people have short memories or do not pay attention. I use to post thousands of articles from the government/parliament and nothing has changed but different people doing the same the others did.

Sheila  butterfly people want hope. individual responsibility. listen, read, filter… free will to choose.

Sparky  butterfly … but, I used to like hearing from Shab’s and ” the appearance of ” … ,lol …

butterfly  No one is taking that away from them Sheila

Sparky  … Muhaamed Saleh … former VP of CBI …

butterfly  OMG Sparky he was going to save the world. I do remember that also LOL

butterfly  He left, I may be wrong, but wasn’t it Switzerland?

Sparky  butterfly … went on a conference trip, and Maliki voided his passport back … in my re collection …

Zig  Someday, hopefully, we will profit from this….

Sheila hearing this will go in the next nine days

Sparky … 2014 Maliki lost the PM to Abadi, and ISIS was born …

Zig sheila : Put earplugs in….LOL

butterfly  I will be giving it to my grandsons to give to their children. If I gave it to my great grandchildren now they would not know what to do with it.

Sparky  butterfly … place them in a diary …

Zig  sheila : But I hope you are right…not holding my breath though….

butterfly  sheila sorry but I don’t know what you are saying…..what will go in the next nine days?

Sheila  currency revaluations

butterfly  Oh my

Sheila  dinar being linchpin

Zig  Nine days until   :Cash: lol

Sparky  Zig … yup, I can hardly wait …

butterfly  OK I don’t use much of the emoji’s but that did make me laugh. Sorry I sincerely do not want to offend anyone.

Sparky  butterfly … your awesome ! and I appreciate you !

butterfly  My life is so full with helping people that need help that I refuse to waste my time with the “hopium”.

Sparky  … hopium is cool , too …

butterfly  Thanks Sparky but I am and have been too much of a realist………just ask Zig……I have slammed him many times throughout this long journey of the dinar “hopium” .

Sparky  … reality is better …

Zig  butterfly : You can sure be a KILLJOY at times….LOL

Sparky  butterfly … remember when Maliki drove all the troops up north and west, than, when he lost the ministry, had them leave all the tanks and armor, even outfits …to ISIS in 2014 election ?…

butterfly  OK……it has been fun. Nothing new to post with the Pope visit, and I have to step away. Everyone have a great rest of your day. One thing people don’t understand Sparky is when people have been told how to live their lives, they don’t know how to correct that behavior. That is what dictatorship does to the mind……simple explanation cult minds take decades to change, if ever. Put that into what the folks in the middle east are going through.

Sparky  … looks like Kurds and Sunni / Shiite have differing opinions on fossil fuel monetary compensation allotments … the stuff comes out of the ground … why aren’t they paid for their countries wealth … HCL … who decides who benefis from the equity beneath all their feet … only those that have funds to extract the wealth …

Sparky  … I guess he with the gold, makes the rules …

butterfly Here is some tomorrow news.

butterfly  Pope Welcomed in “Cradle of Civilisation” 6th March 2021 in Politics


butterfly  Pope Francis was welcomed to Iraq on Friday by President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

Describing Iraq as the “cradle of civilisation”, the Pope said Iraq’s diversity was a “precious resource on which to draw, not an obstacle to eliminate”.

He appealed for peace, and said:

“May room be made for all those citizens who seek to cooperate in building up this country through dialogue and through frank, sincere and constructive discussion … May no one be considered a second-class citizen.”

butterfly  Iraqi Former Minister Jailed 6th March 2021 An Iraqi court has sentenced Riyadh Abdul Hamza Abdul Razaq, ex-Minister of Municipalities and Labour, and Hashem Abdul Zahra Aziz, a director of the Ministry, to two years in prison in relation to a “breach of contract” in the supply and installation of 17 asphalt factories.    https://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2021/03/06/iraqi-former-minister-jailed/

The contract, signed in 2007, was valued at $25 million.

Sparky  May no one be considered a second-class citizen.”

butterfly  That is it for now.

Sparky  butterfly … Barham Salih took over for Talibani …… and his wife was a terror also ….. forget her name at the moment ….. remember when Maliki poisoned him, and his wife tookover Kurdistan …

Sparky  … I believe her name was hero …. but, I could be wrong …

Sparky  … Talibani was one of the Presidents of the country at the time … circa 2013

Sparky  … I remember …  … Sistani was our hope yesterday … let’s see what transpires with the Papal visit …

Sparky  … Kurd’s wand     Kurd’s want 27% HCL … Bahgdad said 17 % … and round and round it goes… as they become multi billionaires… and the people suffer …… they share profits off the ground… and keep the peeps poor and hungry …… I bet books are banned in Iraq …… they want people stupid like Q …

Sparky  … In Iraq, Christians went from over 2 million, to less than 300,000 today because of ra dical Islam in the middle east …

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