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butterfly  The National Bank of Iraq ends the acquisition of Bank Audi’s banking business  Thursday 11, March 2021 19:43

butterfly  The Iraqi National Bank announced that the acquisition of the banking business of Bank Audi has completely ended today, according to the agreement signed between the two parties.

Bank Audi has terminated its operations in all its 5 branches in Iraq and transferred it to the National Bank of Iraq at the end of today’s work, as all information on the details of customers’ accounts and their banking products was automatically transferred to the National Bank of Iraq, and the credit cards and payment cards granted to them will remain available for use. As usual.

The Capital Bank Group and Bank Audi Group had signed, before the end of last year, the final agreements for Capital Bank’s acquisition of the business of Bank Audi branches in Jordan and the acquisition of the National Bank of Iraq, a subsidiary of the Capital Bank Group, over the business of Bank Audi branches in Iraq, and the purchase of the assets and liabilities of these branches.

Based on the acquisition, former Bank Audi branches and its affiliated ATMs will be available to customers under the brand of “National Bank of Iraq” as of next Sunday, and the branches will continue to provide their services and products to customers as usual and through the same work teams affiliated with Bank Audi previously.

Where the personal data and account data of Bank Audi customers were transferred safely to the Iraqi National Bank in accordance with the legal principles and the general data protection policy followed by the bank.

butterfly  The Chairman of the Capital Bank Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Iraq, Basem Khalil Al-Salem, stressed the importance of the acquisition and its role in consolidating the group’s position in the markets in which it operates and maximizing its economic and investment impact, indicating that the group will work to achieve maximum benefit from future growth opportunities. And the development of the volume of its business in the Iraqi market, which is a promising strategic market with attractive opportunities for investment.

Al-Salem expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghalib, his deputies and general managers for the support they provided to complete the acquisition in record time.

butterfly  The managing director of the National Bank of Iraq, Ayman Abu Haim, pointed out the importance of this step, especially since the acquisition process is the first of its kind in the Iraqi banking market, as it will work to strengthen its position in the Iraqi banking market and increase its market share in it, stressing that this process and what will accompany it in providing services And innovative digital banking products that will perfectly meet the needs and aspirations of customers.

The acquisition of Bank Audi’s operations comes within the Capital Bank Group’s strategy to expand and develop, as the total number of Iraqi National Bank’s branches will increase to 18, in parallel with its plans to develop performance and digital transformation, to ensure speed, accuracy and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893002

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=892981

The Ministry of Planning is discussing with government agencies and the private sector the implications of changing the currency exchange rate on investment projects

Thursday 11, March 2021 17:39 |  The committee formed under Cabinet Resolution No. 63 of 2021, which will study the consequences of changing the currency exchange rate, held its first meeting at the Ministry of Planning.

A statement by the Ministry of Planning today stated that the meeting was chaired by the technical representative of the ministry, Maher Hammad, in the presence of the Administrative Undersecretary Azhar Hussein Saleh, the President of the Iraqi Contractors Union, Ali Al-Sanafi, and representatives of the Ministries of Electricity, Finance, Housing, Reconstruction and Municipalities, the Central Bank of Iraq and the National Investment Authority.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning confirmed that this committee was formed to study the effects of changing the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, and to propose the required solutions, as far as the matter relates to investment projects, indicating that the committee’s work period will be one month, and after that it submits its recommendations to the Council of Ministers for decision. “.

butterfly   The representatives of the parties participating in the meeting, according to the statement, presented a presentation of investment projects, methods of contracting with the implementing companies, and mechanisms for payment of the dues of these companies, whether those dues were unpaid debts or unspent advances.

”The statement indicated that the committee will continue its meetings during the coming days, To develop the required solutions and proposals, to address the effects of changing the exchange rate on investment projects .

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=892890

The stability of the dollar exchange rate against the dinar on the local stock exchange

Thursday 11, March 2021 10:02  Today, Thursday, the local stock exchange witnessed stability in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.

Today, the Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 145,500 dinars, compared to 100 dollars.

In other exchange, the purchase price was recorded at 145,000 dinars, and the selling price was 146,000 dinars for every $ 100

butterfly https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893036

Al-Abadi: I have no objection to returning to the premiership in Iraq

Thursday 11, March 2021 22:38  Haider Al-Abadi, head of the victory coalition, said, “I have no objection to returning to prime minister in Iraq. ”

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893000

Iraq gives a briefing at the NATO meeting on the NATO mission in the country

Thursday 11, March 2021 19:18   Today, Thursday, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein gave a virtual briefing via video conference technology to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in which he focused on cooperation between NATO and Iraq and the NATO training mission in Iraq.

A Foreign Ministry statement said, “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg focused on discussions of the long-standing political and military dialogue between NATO and Iraqi officials, including his regular contacts with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Minister Fuad Hussein.”

Stoltenberg stressed, “The presence of NATO forces in Iraq is at the request of the Iraqi government in order to strengthen its institutions and security forces in order to be able to achieve stability in Iraq, fight terrorism and prevent the return of ISIS.”

butterfly  He added: “The NATO mission in Iraq will continue to implement its activities in the field of advice, training and capacity building, and within full respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and territorial integrity and with the full approval of the Iraqi government and close coordination with other international actors, including the international coalition, the European Union and the United Nations.”

Stoltenberg also congratulated Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on “the historic visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Iraq, which demonstrated the continuous and professional development of the Iraqi security forces and institutions.”

The meeting was attended by ambassadors of NATO member states and the partner countries, namely Australia, Finland and Sweden.

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=892957

Al-Kaabi during his meeting with Plasschaert: We are continuing to complete the legislation of the Federal Supreme Court law to end the most important obstacle facing early elections

Thursday 11, March 2021 15:35   Parliament’s First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed that Parliament will continue during the coming days to vote on the remaining articles of the Federal Supreme Court Law to end the main obstacle to holding early elections.

A statement by the Information Office of Al-Kaabi stated that he received in his office today, Thursday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blashardt, in the presence of Representative Enas Al-Maksousi. ”

During the meeting, according to the statement, ways of close cooperation between Iraq and the United Nations and the electoral team in the mission were discussed in a file The success of early parliamentary elections to ensure fair and discreet elections in accordance with international standards and meet the aspiration of the Iraqi street, as well as focusing on the draft Federal Supreme Court bill and amending the Human Rights Commission bill.

butterfly  During the interview, Al-Kaabi stressed that the House of Representatives and during the coming days passed to vote on the remaining articles of the Federal Supreme Court draft law to end the main obstacle to holding early elections in the country, especially since the constitution restricted the right to certify election results in the Federal Court, stressing that early elections do not It must be held at the scheduled time,

as it is a popular demand, and that most political blocs are completely agreed to complete all preparations and requirements related to their conduct on the date set by the government on October 10 of this year, calling on the UN mission and all political forces to cooperate with “Members of the commission and showing all possible facilities to it, regardless of political tendencies and in a way that guarantees the success of the electoral process in Iraq and its importance in implementing the required reforms to the people.”

For its part, Blashardt expressed the mission’s readiness to fully coordinate with the legislative and executive authorities and the committees in charge of the election file, and to harness all capabilities for everything that would lead to the success of all stages of the electoral process and assign the commission in its duties to complete the tasks entrusted to them.

Sheila  Courtesy of Dinar Recaps: Jeff “The House of Representatives completes voting on the Federal Court Bill” They’ve had attempts to pass this Federal court Law for a very long time over many many years…It’s part of the basket of suspended laws…it’s also linked and timed with the rate change. It can only happen in close proximity to the rate change. Last week they finished 6 out of 10 parts…yesterday they finished the last 4 sections. At this time the Federal Court Bill has been completely passed and approved…that’s huge progress…Iraq is now graduating back to the international world… https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/more-news-rumors-and-opinions-thursday-evening-3-11-2021

Sheila  Courtesy of Dinar Recaps: Footforward [I was under the impression that there would be two rates one domestic in Iraq and a different rate international?] there will not be two different rates. That’s been misinformation for a long time. You can’t have two different rates. It doesn’t work like that.

Where people get confused is…that they will exchange dinar for US dollars on a one-to-one basis in country. That’s not a rate that’s just a note exchange. And in country they can do whatever sort of exchange they want. That should not be mistaken for a rate. https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/more-news-rumors-and-opinions-thursday-evening-3-11-2021

Sheila  Generally speaking and IMHO, I have thoughts there might be three (3) rates: 1) govt to govt… 2) private… 3) international or market… We keep hearing about Contract Rates. Just thinking out loud, those CR might be the gub to gub or private rates being tossed out into dinar land. Anyone care to share opinions on this line of thinking?

Sheila  Continuing those lines, private might be connected to the humanitarian projects? Private might be giving 3x or more the expected international/market rate? That might explain the rates we see being posted on Nicks Intel Blog and other places? Dunno, just asking the chat.

Sheila  Dinar Investor (Jeff) March 8, 2021 … my opinion, some good stuff: TOO MUCH DINAR IN CIRCULATION? — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlEzU2u-dyQ

Sheila  hey Zig,,, you are famous!!! or infamous!!! lolol lolol

Sheila  Courtesy of Dinar Recaps: POSSIBLE BANK PERKS TO ASK ABOUT AT OUR EXCHANGE APPOINTMENT, March 11, 2021 — https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/possible-bank-perks-to-ask-about-at-our-exchange-appointment

Sheila    Take the next couple of days to get yourself ready for the RV. Buckle up!

Sheila  I am being extremely optimistic tonight. Could be that cup of coffee I just had about an hour ago.

Night   Does anyone know when we are going?

Night   Does anyone know when we have to see the change in real?

Sheila  FOREX is the international rate site for all currencies. CBI for dinar.

Dave  Some would argue that when Iraq ascends from Un Sanctions…passes Hcl !40 Federal court laws. private banking laws to protect foreign investments to start

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