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Butterfly   OPEC: Iraq accounts for 25% of the Indian market

Friday 12, March 2021 09:32  OPEC said that Iraq acquired 25% of the Indian market share.

The OPEC report for the month of March stated that Iraq’s production rose from 3.807 million barrels per day last January to 3.868 million barrels per day in February, indicating that the increase amounted to 61 thousand barrels per day.

According to the report, Iraq ranked first in its acquisition of the Indian market, as it controls 25% of the total market, followed by Saudi Arabia with 20%.

Oil prices jumped during the current month to their highest level since the start of the Corona pandemic, reaching more than $ 70 a barrel, supported by increased global demand, the OPEC Plus agreement and weather turbulence in America, in addition to the improvement in the global economy due to the stimulus policies used by several countries such as America. And Britain, and a vaccine for the Coronavirus was found, and several countries began using it.   https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893055

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893071

Foreign exchange rates, gold and oil are currently global

Friday 12, March 2021 12:02  The Iraqi Political Economic Center announced the global prices of foreign currencies, gold and oil on Friday.

The sale price of the dollar was 146,000 dinars against the hundred dollars, and the dollar purchase price was 145,000 dinars against one hundred dollars.

The 100 euros, 119.42 dollars,  100 pounds, 139.47 dollars, 100 dollars, 757.10 Turkish liras, the  price of an ounce of gold worldwide, $ 1711.10, the price of a barrel of crude oil, Brent, 69.22 dollars, the price of a barrel of US crude oil, 65.60 dollars.

Butterfly  President of the Republic to intervene in the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court

Friday 12, March 2021   Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi called on the President of the Republic to intervene in the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court.

He said in a press statement that: The President of the Republic is the symbol of the nation’s unity, represents the country’s sovereignty, and ensures adherence to the constitution, independence, sovereignty and unity of the country … as Article 67 of the constitution says … for this .. he needs to intervene … in parliament and present proposals.

Al-Tamimi added: Two articles remain in the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court that is discussed in Parliament … the most important of which is … How does the Federal Court convene, is it in the presence of all members, including the president or by majority, and how decisions are taken by a simple majority or two-thirds majority … I think .. and the importance of this court It must be held in the presence of all members, and that its decisions are not valid unless all members attend. Simple decisions are taken by a simple majority, and important decisions are taken by a two-thirds majority.

butterfly  He explained: As for the experts of Islamic jurisprudence and legal scholars, are they part of the Federal Supreme Court or their role is advisory … I see … their role is advisory … in the sense of Article 92 of the Iraqi constitution, which made them within the composition of the court and not within its formation …

that is, to be as In the Constitutional Court in France … an advisory council … and that the court should be composed of 9 members, including the president … and because the rule says … every judge is a jurist, but not every jurist is a judge.

Al-Tamimi continued: As for the rest of the points of disagreement … they are easy and capable of being resolved, but … the presence of the Federal Supreme Court … is important … the great powers in Article 93 of the Constitution, which the legislator granted to it, the most important of which is the approval of the results of the legislative elections in Iraq, whether regular or Early elections … and no elections without this court.

butterfly  https://shafaq.com/en/Iraq-News/Dollar-s-exchange-rate-in-the-budget-requires-a-consensus-MP-says        Dollar’s exchange rate in the budget requires a consensus, MP says

2021-03-12 07:28   Shafaq News/ Member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, MP Nada Shaker Jawdat, said on Friday that the consensus of the political blocs is crucial to determining the exchange rate of the dollar, suggesting that the elections might take place next week.

Jawdat said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, “the finance committee and its supporting committees completed the 2021 budget within a record period. It was also submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives,” indicating, “some financial matters were arranged, modified, and reduced. Some transactions were made to make the budget the way it is now.”

“Reducing the dollar price in the budget depends on the political consensus between the blocs,” she noted, “there were demands to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar or gradually raise it, so it does not affect the citizen.”

“The main dispute in the budget is related to the (Kurdistan) region’s share, and there are views and solutions about that.”  Shaker expected, “the budget will be presented and voted on next week.”

Last Monday, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi directed the inclusion of the budget bill on the agenda of next Monday’s session, based on a request submitted by Representative Yusef al-Kalabi, signed by 150 MPs.

butterfly  https://shafaq.com/en/Kurdistan/It-is-not-easy-to-be-a-woman-Kurdistan-s-Speaker-of-Parliament       “It is not easy to be a woman”, Kurdistan’s Speaker of Parliament

2021-03-12 01:12   Shafaq News / Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament, Rewaz Faiq Hussein said working in political field is a “heavy burden” for women.

“It is not easy to be a woman even if you are the speaker of the parliament,…. In addition to our struggle for democracy and the concept of embedding human rights,.. it is our responsibility to struggle for raising awareness of women’s rights.” Faiq stated to Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper.

On the women’s rights issue, Faiq clarifies “The politicians in Kurdistan are two parts; the first does not believe in the concepts of women’s rights … The second believes in, but does not dare to talk about…. Ensuring and protecting women’s rights requires a change in the culture of the society, and I have no hope that soon will change, as it needs hard work and struggle, and we are continuing our work and our struggle. ”

She considered the status of Kurdish women today is better than before, and at a good level compared to other areas in Iraq and most of the neighboring countries. However, “the women are still suffering of problems in the Region in various forms, despite the achievements in legislating and amending laws related to women’s rights by the Kurdistan Parliament.”

Regarding the phenomenon of “honor killings” in Kurdistan, the Speaker of Parliament said, “Domestic violence is a part of our society like all other societies … Addressing this phenomenon is not sufficient by enacting laws; rather it needs awareness and a change of prevailing cultural norms.”

“In Kurdistan there is no law against “shame-washing (Honor killing)”, there is no longer a reduction in the penalties for the crime of murder under the pretext of “Shame Washing”, but on the ground,… These cases are solved in a tribal manner or by preventing official complaints…” She concluded.

butterfly   https://shafaq.com/en/Report/Report-Iran-and-Iraq-share-the-responsibility-for-the-Attacks-on-the-Global-Coalition     Report: Iran and Iraq share the responsibility for the Attacks on the Global Coalition

2021-03-11 05:18   Shafaq News/ A report by “Just Security”, the website specialized in Security studies and based in Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law, said that Iraq, beside Iran, bear a legal responsibility against the backdrop of the attacks on the Global Coalition forces.

The specialist in the Iraqi Security and the researcher of the law of armed conflicts issues wrote, “In the space of less than a month, coalition forces in Iraq have endured four separate rocket barrages. These attacks have killed and wounded coalition personnel and Iraqi civilians.

Meanwhile, a campaign of bombings targeting Iraqi trucks – alleged to be carrying supplies to the coalition – has increased in intensity, while larger Iraqi militias have apparently launched attacks on Saudi Arabia in potential coordination with Yemen’s Houthis.”

Smith said that Iraq bears the legal responsibility for illegal militia attacks against the coalition, despite Iran’s significant control over those militias, “this is because the militias, despite routinely operating without regard for the rule of Iraqi law, are ultimately organs of the Iraqi state. Iraq has a duty to prevent further attacks, and may bear some liability for harms created by these ‘semi-non-state’ actors.”

The former officer in the British army said that the militias frequently justify their attacks by quasi-legal arguments or reference international law.” The coalition is portrayed as an occupation force violating Iraq’s sovereignty with the claim that Iraqis support (discriminating) militia attacks against the military forces of the occupiers. Attacks against this, ‘occupier’ are therefore, per the militias, legal,” adding, “This is false.”

butterfly  The coalition operates on Iraqi soil at the invitation of successive elected Iraqi governments, and is tasked with supporting local forces in combating ISIS (a group that, though much diminished, remains a threat to stability). Since the sovereign state of Iraq has consented and continues to consent to the U.S. and coalition presence, there can be no occupation.”

” Attacks are also not discriminate: militias have targeted the U.S. embassy, civilian airports, and private (civilian) companies associated with coalition forces. Hence, clear violations of the law of armed conflict. Rockets and IEDs frequently also miss their targets and kill civilians.”

The report said that polling suggests Iraqi Shi’ites are not “particularly supportive of the groups and their goals.”

He concluded that the attacks are attacks on forces present as guest of the Iraqi government, and are unjustified either as a matter of international or domestic law.

The author said that former US President Trump’s approach to diplomacy helped escalate the current cycle of violence in the first place, but his threats also seemed to have forced Iran to demonstrate its overall control of militias.

“But despite their actions, and their close ties to Iran, there is another side to the militias. KH, AAH, KSS, HN, and other major muqawama groups are all officially and legally organs of the Iraqi state through their membership of the Hashd al-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Forces, or PMF), an umbrella organization comprising mostly Shi’ite groups that rose up in 2014 to join the fight against ISIS.”

butterfly  At the end of 2016, Iraq’s parliament passed “Law Number 40 of the year 2016: the Law of the Hashd al-Sha’abi Committee.” The law formalized a governing body for the militias (the “Popular Mobilization Committee” or PMC), while incorporating the Hashd al-Sha’abi into the Iraqi armed forces.

The law also formalized a command structure, with the PMC and subordinate brigades answering directly to the Iraqi Prime Minister as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces under country’s Constitution. A series of Prime Ministerial Orders built upon that law over the subsequent years to regulate the militias by formalizing pay structures, a rank system, and the applicability of Iraqi military laws and regulations.

While militias benefit greatly from their status, the Government of Iraq bears liability for their illegal actions. International law of state responsibility defers to domestic legislation when determining who or what is an entity of a given State. In this case, Iraq has very clearly elected to incorporate the PMF, and must own their conduct.

“According to Article 7 of the International Law Commission’s Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts Iraq must remain responsible even when its state organ (e.g. a PMF militia) exceeds its authority or contravenes instructions.

This rule evolved in response to a need to ensure clarity in state relations. Rather than allowing states to avoid responsibility by simply disavowing their organ’s actions, international law supports the proposition (Article 7, paragraph 3 of commentaries, p.45) that “all Governments should always be held responsible for all acts committed by their agents by virtue of their official capacity.” This most certainly extends to the killing and maiming of allied personnel operating in Iraq at Iraq’s request.”

butterfly  While Iraq may have legal responsibility for the militias, the report said, Iran has significant control and likely has the power to prevent attacks. If Iran will not rein in its proxies, Iraq should publicly expose the linkages between the militias, their leaders, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Smith added, “Legislation like the U.S. Global Magnitsky Act and the U.K. Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations allows states to narrowly target individuals and groups linked to human rights violations.”

Designations under this type of legislation has weight, not only because it limits the assets of abusers, but also because it hurts militia leaders’ credibility as potential future political leaders.

butterfly  https://shafaq.com/en/Report/Iraqis-await-six-important-dates-in-2021    Iraqis await six important dates in 2021

butterfly  Important dates in 2021 await Iraqis as they could affect their lives deeply over the next twelve months.

January 3,2021  Perhaps January 3rd is the earliest and biggest concerned date to many Iraqis. It marks the first anniversary of the US drone strike which assassinated the leader of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani and the deputy commander of Popular Mobilization Forces, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.

Baghdad and Kurdistan are in a holding pattern for a possible military escalation between the United States and Iran. The Iranian officials have repeatedly promised vengeance for their most prominent military commander. In return, the Americans threatened a crushing response to any military strike on their sites.

Iraqis fear the military confrontation could turn their country into a battle zone. and lead to a more serious political and economic situation; while they still struggle over the economic and health crises that have affected their country in 2020.

butterfly  January 15th marks the day when Washington will start implementing its announced plan to reduce the size of its troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2,500 in each; as a part of the US President pledges to limit the U.S. military presence in the Middle East.

Lately, Trump increased the U.S. military presence in the Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean region when he flew two nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East in a message of deterrence to Iran.

Therefore, it stands to reason for Iraqis to be concerned, on the one hand, the U.S. military presence reduces inside Iraq with its significant impact, but on the other hand, American messages warn the Iranians not to “play with fire”.

January 20, 2021  Five days after implementing the reduction of US troops in Iraq, Democratic President-elect, Joe Biden enters the White House, a date that also receive attention.

The U.S. president’s replacement is supposed to reorganise the U.S.-Iraqi political, security, military, and economic relations. The Current Iraqi government head by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will monitor closely the upcoming U.S. foreign policy.

May 7,2021  May 7th marks the first anniversary of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. When Iraqis will review the current government’s performance.

A wave of criticism, analyses and praises is expected regarding the PM and the ministers’ performance since they took office a year ago.

It may raise the question of whether Al-Kadhimi’s role will be limited to what he has done so far – the leadership of Iraq in a transitional phase – and leave the political field.

butterfly  June 6, 2021  The majority of Iraqis are waiting for June 6th, when the early parliamentary elections will be hold in response to a key demand of protesters, as well as the directive of the Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani.

For Iraqis, this date represents an apportunity to revive the political process. It could also change the political forces’ structure that will take power in the future Iraq.

October 1, 2021  October 1st marks the second anniversary of Iraqi protests against corruption, unemployment, and lack of freedom.

The date could renew the demonstrations, or perhaps, after the June 6 early elections have set and a calm settles in the streets, it may represent a symbolic occasion to honor the victims of October movement.

During 2021, Iraq will witness fateful dates that may affect its future economically, healthily and politically.

Butterfly  https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2021/3/12/how-covid-has-shone-a-light-on-the-way-we-measure-economies 12 Mar 2021 How COVID has shone a light on the way we measure economies

A year after COVID-19 became a pandemic, the drumbeat of studies saying we need to overhaul how economies are measured is getting louder.

Butterfly  https://en.mehrnews.com/news/171002/Iraq-PMU-thwarts-terrorist-attack-planned-for-Ramadan

 Mar 12, 2021,  Iraq PMU thwarts terrorist attack planned for Ramadan

butterfly  TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units(PMU), known as Hashd al-Sha’abi announced the foiling of a large-scale terrorist operation planned for the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, the Popular Mobilization Organization known as Hashd al-Sha’abi issued a statement saying that its forces had succeeded in thwarting a large-scale terrorist operation planned for the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the report, in their latest counter-terrorism operation, the popular mobilization forces managed to seize 86 Katyusha missiles in the north of Babil province in southern Iraq.

The missiles were prepared for a large-scale terrorist operation during the holy month of Ramadan, the statement said.

The forces of the 47th Popular Mobilization Battalion, after receiving a series of information, discovered and confiscated these missiles in different parts of the Jurf al-Nasr area in northern Babil, according to Hashd statement.

It also said that the missiles were to be used by terrorist elements in an operation called Al-Fatah Al-Jadeed during the holy month of Ramadan.

Since the defeat of the ISIL terrorist organization in Iraq in 2017, the popular mobilization forces have continued their counter-terrorist operations in various parts of the country, especially in the Jurf al-Nasr area in northern Babil.

butterfly  https://en.mehrnews.com/news/170999/Iran-CBI-chief-responds-to-Blinken-s-remarks-on-frozen-funds

Mar 12, 2021, Iran CBI chief responds to Blinken’s remarks on frozen funds   TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has reacted to remarks by the US Secretary of State Blinken, saying that CBI does not wait for the US to unfreeze its blocked assets in other countries such as South Korea.

“Today it was reported that the US Secretary of State has said that they will not release Iranian reserves in Korea until Iran returns to the nuclear deal,” the CBI governor Abdolnasser Hemmati said.

“It was clear from the beginning that the Korean government had no independent will to solve the problem of Iran’s frozen assets,” Hemmati wrote in a post on his Instagram account in Persian on Friday.

He referred to his recent meeting with the South Korean ambassador to discuss unfreezing Iranian frozen funds in South Korea under the US sanctions, saying that “The request for negotiations was made by the Korean ambassador and the agreement to pay for Iran’s assets was made by the Koreans themselves, and I asked them at the meeting whether they should get the necessary permission from the Americans or not.”

The CBI chief added that the central bank does its plannings to meet the country’s needs for foreign currencies in the fields of payments for the imports of basic needs such as medicine without taking into account the frozen funds and does not wait for unfreezing its assets in other countries by the US.

Blinken has recently said that the US will not allow South Korea to unfreeze Iranian funds unless Iran returns to abidance by the JCPOA or the Iran nuclear deal, from which the previous Trump administration withdrew illegally and imposed unprecedented sanctions on Tehran.

In response to the unlawful US exit and the indifference of the other parties to make up for Iran’s losses in accordance with the JCPOA, Iran took some steps away from the deal and diminished its JCPOA commitments.

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893126     Adoption of the budget at an early date … a legal, moral and patriotic obligation of MPs towards their constituents

Friday 12, March 2021 17:36  Legal expert Haider Al-Sufi affirmed that: Adopting the budget at an early date … is a legal, moral and patriotic obligation of representatives towards their constituents.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA /: There is a moral, national, and legal parliamentary constitutional obligation on the council to approve the budget and important laws.

Al-Sufi added that: Citizens elected their representatives in order to legislate laws at an appropriate time at the beginning of the fiscal year, and this commitment is the only one in all countries of the world that is subject to consideration and commitment from Parliament because it is elected.

He explained that: Representatives throughout the world are afraid that it will cause any delay in approving laws, especially the budget, to keep voters away from voting for them.

Citizens hope that during next Monday’s session and beyond, the state’s general budget for the current year will be approved, on which many important sectors depend.

Sheila  Dinar Investor (Jeff) (3/11) 2021 – Latest Iraqi Dinar Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYLQTOQekks

Sheila  In Jeff’s video his opinion is there are no Tier’s. Agreed. Yet there might be three rate categories like I asked chat about on Thursday? 1) govt to govt… 2) private… 3) international/market… rates?

Zig  sheila : IMO only one rate


Sheila   Do appreciate his candor and straight-talk approach. It’s not personal. He’s passionate about this being one of the biggest event in economic history. And we know about it and are participating in this speculation.

Dave  WANT contractor rate

Sheila  Dave Thinking if there are three rates, then contract rate might very well be the “private” rate? And the private rate might be the humanitarian projects, infrastructure contracts, platform trading… stuff way beyond my pay grade.

Zig  sheila : Me thinks you listen to too many “Gurus”…

Dave  IMF dont like multiple currency practices MCP?

Sheila    Dave After all, a lot of real estate became available in the wake of covid’s disaster capitalistic impact.

Dave  sheila Building boom here…….

Dave prperty sky rocketting

sheila  Zig maybe so. keeps the mind sharp on detecting bull shyte. Lolol

Dave  gas near 6 bucks a gallon though

Dave  cant explain how real estate is sky rocketing

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