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Butterfly   Iraq Stock Market Report 12th March 2021 Rabee Securities Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) market report (week ending: 11th March 2021).

Note: ISX will be closed on 14th and, 21st of March due to lockdown according to the decision of new Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety.

Please click here to view a table of listed companies and their associated ticker codes.

The RSISX index ended the week at IQD883 (+2.1%) / $780 (+2.1%) (weekly change) (+21.7% and +17.6% YTD change, respectively). The number of week traded shares was 5.4 bn and the weekly trading volume was IQD2.7 bn ($1.9 mn).      https://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2021/03/12/iraq-stock-market-report-337/

butterfly  ISX Company Announcements

ISX will suspend trading of National Bank of Iraq (BNOI) starting Mar. 15, 2021 due to the AGM that will be held on Mar. 18, 2021 to discuss and approve 2020 annual financial statements, distributing cash dividend and acquiring the banking business of Bank Audi’s branches in Iraq. Please note, today was the last trading day of BNOI, because ISX will be closed on Sunday.

Baghdad Soft Drinks (IBSD) will hold the joint AGM with the general authority of Al-Zaki Group Company on Mar. 18, to consider the merging agenda and approve the articles of association prepared by the two companies.

ISX suspended trading of Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance (NGIR) starting Mar. 11, 2021 due to the AGM that will be held on Mar. 15, 2021 to elect new board members. NGIR has also completed the capital increase procedures from IQD2.0 bn to IQD7.0 bn through 250% rights issue.

Ahliya for Insurance (NAHF) resumed trading on Mar. 11, 2021 after being suspended for its AGM (Mar. 4) in which they discussed and approved 2019 annual financial statements.

ISX suspended trading of Al-Mosul for Funfairs (SMOF) starting Mar. 8, 2021 due to the AGM that will be held on Mar. 11, 2021 to elect four board members.  https://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2021/03/12/iraq-stock-market-report-337/

butterfly  https://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2021/03/12/lucky-cement-starts-commercial-production-at-samawah/    Lucky Cement starts commercial production at Samawah 12th March 2021

butterfly  Pakistan-based Lucky Cement has announced that it started commercial operations at its new cement production facility in Samawah on Wednesday.

In a statement to the Pakistan Stock Market, the company said the new plant has a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum, and is a joint venture with Al-Shamookh Group [al-Shumookh] of Iraq.

The Samawah facility is in addition to the company’s cement grinding plant in Basra, which has a capacity of 1.74 million tonnes per annum.

Butterfly   https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893133

Electricity: Assigning a round of licenses for solar energy (755) megawatts in five governorates … and Qatari gas may be an alternative to Iranian

Friday 12, March 2021 18:21  The Ministry of Electricity announced the transfer of licenses for solar energy (755) megawatts as part of alternative energy projects in five governorates.

Ministry spokesman Ahmad Al-Abadi said, according to the official agency, that the ministry referred a round of licenses for solar energy (755) megawatts within the alternative energy projects in five governorates, namely Najaf, Holy Karbala, Babil, Diwaniyah and Samawah. Provided commercially and technically.

Al-Abadi pointed out that: There are some obstetric units under maintenance and will be completed. Also, Wasit station, Debs station, Kirkuk station, Al-Khairat station and Al-Musayyib station will witness the entry of some obstetric units after completing the maintenance.

He continued: There are some maintenance work underway, and the summer preparations will be the overall target production during the summer in the event that Iranian gas energy is restored. .

butterfly  Al-Abadi stated that: The ministry is so far waiting for the resumption of Iranian gas capacity, after it was agreed on 50 million cubic meters, but so far 12 million cubic meters have been pumped, “noting that: The Ministry of Oil, according to government directives, is continuing to rehabilitate gas fields and then will discuss On another alternative to supplying gas, and perhaps there are talks with the Qatari side, he

He pointed out that: The search is underway to diversify the source of gas and adopt another source in addition to the Iranian side, indicating that: In the coming days, the East Rusafa station will be opened at 400KV, Al Ammari station, Al Baladiyat station and Al Sahafia station, as well as talking about Al Shatra station and Al Samawah station 400K in and there as well. Stations within the Swedish loan and the Japanese loan will also be ready during the summer preparations. /

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893162

The Iraqi Bar Association announces its legal opinion on the law of the Federal Supreme Court

Friday 12, March 2021 23:24  The Iraqi Bar Association issued a special statement that included its legal vision on the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and the problems that were raised that impede the acceleration of its legislation.

The head of the Lawyers Syndicate, Diaa Al-Saadi, said in a statement: Our Syndicate has previously appreciated the criticality of the situation that arose out of the lack of a quorum for the Federal Court, and the approaching date of early elections by drafting a draft amendment to the Federal Supreme Court Law No. (30) of 2005 in force, in a manner that insures addressing the shortfall in its quorum. To enable it to carry out its tasks stipulated in Article (93) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq of 2005 in force.

butterfly  He added: The project was submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on 5/9/2020, but unfortunately, this initiative that provides a quick solution to fill the shortfall in the membership of the court did not receive any response.

Al-Saadi said: The House of Representatives discussed throughout its last session a draft Federal Court law based on Article 92 of the applicable constitution. Under this bill, the Federal Supreme Court will consist of a president, a vice president, and (7) judges, to whom will be added (4) experts in Islamic jurisprudence and two (2) members of law scholars, all of whom are entitled to exercise the role of judges in voting on the decisions taken by the court.

He pointed out that: The legal principle has differentiated between the judge and the expert, whereby the expert undertakes to clarify the scientific and technical matters without addressing the legal aspects and issues that are limited to and interfere with the duties of the judges, and in the cases and cases that require the assistance of experts, and in all cases and cases, the expert’s opinion does not restrict the court and is not binding This calls for emphasizing that judges in the Federal Court alone and not others possess the legal authority to issue judgments and judicial decisions.

butterfly  He continued: The Federal Court can seek, when necessary, the opinion of experts in Islamic jurisprudence and legal scholars and adhere to the constitutional legal obligations related to the impermissibility of enacting a law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam and the principles of democracy, in accordance with the provisions of Article (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq of 2005.

Promise Al-Saadi: Involvement of others Judges issue judgments and judicial decisions under the titles of experts and jurists or any other name, contrary to the concept of a judge and constitute a violation of the authority of an independent judge who is not subject to any authority other than the law, and an interference in the affairs of justice prohibited in Article (88) of the Constitution, and has serious effects on the social, economic and cultural levels It is difficult to remedy and contain.

In our statement, we address the president and members of the House of Representatives and all of our Iraqi people, realizing the importance of the Federal Supreme Court and its great national role in building the state and society and protecting the unity, independence and sovereignty of Iraq.

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=893157

The commission counts the number of parties and alliances that will participate in the early elections

Friday 12, March 2021 22:03   The Independent High Electoral Commission revealed, today, Friday, the number of parties and alliances that will participate in the early elections, scheduled for the tenth of October of this year.

UNHCR spokeswoman Jumana Al-Ghalai said in a televised statement: There are 249 parties registered with the commission, while 60 parties are in the process of completion, as for the previously registered parties, they are 106 parties that expressed their desire to participate in the elections.

She added: With regard to alliances, 30 coalitions have been approved, of which 25 were approved in the 2018 elections and below, and 5 were approved in the current Commission Council and 10 coalitions are under establishment, while 8 of the 25 approved coalitions are reviewed. Previously, the Department of Parties and Political Organizations Affairs, to fill out a form expressing a desire to participate in the upcoming elections.

butterfly    With regard to the candidates, Al-Ghalai indicated that: There are 186 candidates who have visited the provincial electoral offices to participate in the elections.

Dave  @sheila i gather by butterfly’s posts Jeff missed the mark… Budget and Fed Court laws are not done yet?

Sheila  Dave I do not fact check any of the gurus. I post and it’s up to you, everyone to do their own fact checks. Nor is my job to defend them.

Dave  EARTH FLAT????Have yet to fact check that?

butterfly    This is my input about gurus, as I’ve stated many times, NO ONE will know what is happening in Iraq at any time, only those in Iraq, AND sometimes it changes with them on a dime. I do not believe any of them, but they sure do get people to listen to their garbage AND pay for it. We have heard the same garbage year after year AND the articles are saying the same thing they have way back when all of this started. Whew that was one long sentence.

Dave  thought Jeff said done done done…..?

Dave  sheila Thought this a chat site…….

Zig  Dave : Jeff said that they will never tell the truth because they do not want to reveal the new rate which will be exposed by how the budget is written….being in billions rather than trillions of Dinar, etc….

Sheila  Dave then chat away… yet don’t ask me to personally defend other people’s opinions in their writings or videos. whenever I post something in which I state specifically have an opinion, then and only then will I defend it.

Dave  Budget and Federal court Laws…..?

Butterfly   The IMF said they did not expect stability in Iraq until 2024.

Dave  butterfly How long fer UN Ch7 sanctions

butterfly  I posted that article many days ago when Zig ask me to post here.

butterfly  Dave I will say, no one knows.

Dave  butterfly got it yes

Dave  butterfly IRAQ has accomplished SQUAT in terms of laws we are looking forward to

Dave  butterfly Depends…..CV wrecked those Demonstrators plans

butterfly  I check the parliament each day and nothing is being posted over there, so it is the reporters that are finding out the “scoop” and putting it in article.

Butterfly  I remember talking to a foreign currency exchangers about the dinar…….guess what he did…………..laughed.

Dave  yepper been there done that…LOL

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