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Zig’s Place Chat Saturday  3-20-21

Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Zig   Spectra : Hi…I noticed that you have posted @Jeff AKA Dinar Investor a few times….so what do you think of him??…He expects a rate change this weekend….I doubt it but who knows….lol

Zig   You may not know this but @Jeff was once here under another name….he got into it a few times with @Kaperoni LOL….I have invited him to return but no luck….he did stir things up a bit….

Spectra  Zig He seems ok …I am watching the process play out optimism is good.  After all i dont hold Dinars to beat em down.  :Heehee: What sense is in that.That should go for anyone who actually owns the Dinar…

Spectra  Beating down your own choice to buy or invest is kinda like punching your self in the face…

LeLe Spectra I totally agree with you♡♡ You don’t hold Dinar to beat them down♡♡

Spectra  LeLe exactly   there are some hypocrites that do .

LeLe  Spectra not one guru or anyone else made me purchase Dinar♡♡ I used my own money and only spent that I could afford♡♡

20 Mar 21, 09:36 AM Spectra  That is what a sound minded person does.Same for me.

20 Mar 21, 09:37 AM LeLe Spectra oh my yes♡♡ More hypocrites than you can imagine♡♡

Spectra   ive got some Land im looking at in Wyoming

Spectra  Hurry up Dinars  :Heehee:

PeteV  :Refreshing:

Spectra  I Like the Big Sky country  Wyoming,Montana South Dakota ect  ANY where where there’s no people….

IJB  Spectra too cold1

Spectra  Those are cold places  windy cold   My Family has me all over the place ,I trying to coordinate with my Son .Where our Family will settle. We Love Florida .Thats on the List too

Spectra  Ive Lived in a few different places in Florida already .From the keys to the panhandle or redneck rivera they call it.Tampa Hollywood Boca Raton.     Hard decisions ahead.  I am getting to old for this crp..Last move..

Spectra  We my family all Love Florida.

Sheila    Spectra Buy your own town or city. Read somewhere there was a towns for sale in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota.

LeLe  Spectra I like Fl♡♡ My son use to live in St Pete’s♡♡

Sheila  LeLe Am looking at somewhere around Tampa area, maybe bit inland. Any suggestions?

Sheila  I J B  Earlier, someone said you lived in Florida. Am thinking of Tampa area or just outside, bit more inland. Hoping you know that area, are there any small areas you can recommend?

Zig  sheila : With all your riches why not a beach front mansion??….lol

Sheila Zig low profile…

Sheila Zig decent home, quality food, great medical/dental care, help food banks, shelters… low profile, anonymous

Sparky  … I predict IQD will increase in value soooooooooon …weren’t we supposed to be at the bank today ? I hope I didn’t miss the RV …as an aside, I believe IJB is a Russian operative, who can only express himself in photo shopped images …Sparky  … maybe Tucker Carlson’s great grandfather, poisoned on government cheese …

Zig  Sparky : You do have a vivid imagination.

Sheila Sparky taken

Sparky  sheila … oh, shucks … most of the good one’s already are ..

Sparky sheila … but, I do have to commend you on your steadfast belief that this speculation will come to fruition at some point …

Sparky  … and your future plans …… :$$$:

Zig   sheila : @Jeff is still saying the rate will change tomorrow…he sure is confident…lol…I highly doubt that it will…people get too excited about those predictions and then fall into a depression when nothing happens….not good for anyone’s mental health to listen to and believe any “predictions”….

Sparky  Zig … see what happened to me … :Clown:

Sparky   … still waiting for my appointment in Reno …

Sparky  … madness is rampant, have you read the news recently ?

Sparky   Zig … at least I have opinions, unlike some fence sitters …

Sparky   … Putin is shaking in his boots now that uncle Joe is president …

Zig  Sparky : Nah…I don’t think Putin is easily intimidated….

Sparky … all Russia has is oil, once we go green … he’s toast …

Sparky   … as is the middle eastern oil producers … water will be the next comodity …

Sparky  ^are

Sparky  Zig …Putin did tried every way he had to stop Joe, and re-elect that devil again …

Dave  Iraq lopped 3 zeros today…….? Butterfly missed that interesting tidbit…….

TWW sheila I am back finally…hope ur doing well

Dave  1dinar will be worth one dollar……..yippie,… but 25000 note 25 dollars…?

Dave  new notes out???

Dave   umm…….

Zig  TWW : Wow…long time…where have you been??

Zig  Dave : That was from PTR….lol

TWW  Zig just several places over seas. not saying much, nda

Zig TWW : Okay…. :Quiet!: LOL

Zig  I believe @TWW is a secret agent  but have no proof…YET

TWW Zig JUST never know

Zig TWW : You know that you have not been in here since December….LOL….time flies…

TWW Zig yes, dec 7th

Dave  the Book one could write about the IQD Saga…….

TWW  Zig just too much going on world wide & not checking my tons of emails, but now bk in the usa

Zig  TWW : Okay

Zig  Dave : Yes…someday someone will write a book….maybe half fiction to spice it up…lol

Dave  Cabal forces Babylon restored

Zig TWW : No more thoughts about this venture….lol….I have no idea….

TWW  Zig yeppers, no more thoughts

Dave  Zig good place to start

Dave  Iraq has started NODDA…….

Zig   Dave : Raiders of the Lost Dinar…..LOL….something like that to steal a title…

Dave  oops have some new traffic laws

TWW  Zig b bk in a few, fedx is picken up several pkts to deliver…bk

Dave  Zig truely could be a best seller…….

Zig Secret packages being delivered to @TWW   :Think: Wonder what….

Dave  LD printing plates?

Zig  Or sent by him….hmmmmm

Zig  LOL….Maybe….let’s work him over to get to the truth!!!

Dave  Have to get security clearance first?

Dave   Statute of limitations 2yrs on NDAs….

Zig  Well @Tebow was an NSA agent….we’ll put him on the case…LOL

Dave  yeah….told me about all the WMD they found while we bombed Iraq into obscurity

Dave  ooops… Canucks did not participate in that……..

Dave   our jets unable to cross the Atlantic? all 10 of them……..

PeteV  hey folks

Zig   PeteV : Hi……hey @TWW you may be interested to know that Pete used to work in Iraq

Zig  Dave : We would never let anything happen to Canada being so close….you guys don’t need any armed forces….lol

Zig  PeteV : I think @TWW used to work in Saudi Arabia….

PeteV  coool

Zig  He made money with the Kuwaiti Dinar also…..

PeteV man i wish i had looked into the QD

Dave  Zig We now have the CCP troops protecting us………Americans not allowed to cross border……..

Dave  Zig you dont read/watch the news……….? need to get up to speed……

Dave  had heard KWD did have a very short window of opportunity from when they reinstated it until all the banks had new notes……a few days ?

PeteV  i just blew it, didnt even see it

TWW   Zig yes I worked in Riyadh in the 70’s, private contractor

TWW then also in the late 80’s

PeteV  nice, i was in Iraq from 2003-2011


Spectra  A Journey Across IRAQ | One Week In Iraqi Kurdistan

Spectra  https://youtu.be/_poyctbFxp4

PeteV  cool

Spectra   1.9 trillion dollar bailout all about and how is it affect the American people? Everything you need to know, right here, from financial expert Terry Sacka!    https://youtu.be/J8mhsvgOcjo

Spectra   WARNING! They’re Instating Central Bank Digital Currency! | Wealth Transfer News Ep. 6

Sheila   @TWW long time, no see, no hear!!! welcome back

TWW  sheila THANK U, yes, see long time no see/hear

Sheila  @TWW many good things happened just today!!!

TWW like what    and?    ??????

Sheila  TWW how close are we to seeing changes to our country?

Sheila TWW Where the heck have you been, if you can share? How the heck are you? We have missed you.

TWW  sheila many countries, I am doing well just very jet lagged, I too have this chat room…will say that there are several major events coming around soon

TWW  uncle Mike came in here & said Id b bk soon

TWW **I too have missed this chat room

Sheila TWW One day you will have to clarify your short hand and terms of endearment. lolol

TWW lolololol

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