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Butterfly   Economist for / NINA /: The randomness of the economy and the increasing population growth may raise the price of the dollar again

Saturday 27, March 2021 19:34 | Economist Saleh Al-Hamashi confirmed that: The randomness of the economy and the increasing population growth may raise the price of the dollar again.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that: The country is going through an economic problem that needs quick solutions through serious search for new resources that keep it away from dependence on a single resource.

Al-Hamashi added that: The randomness of the country’s economy may raise the exchange rate to more than 1700 dinars per dollar if it does not find a solution to the economic problem and the increasing population growth without being matched by an equivalent economic growth.

It is noteworthy that the new exchange rate is the latest economic and social crisis and widespread political and popular demands to restore it to its place.  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895621

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895620

Basra Governor: The presence of one and a half million citizens in the governorate came from other governorates    Saturday 27, March 2021 19:17 The Governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, announced that “there are one and a half million citizens in the governorate who came from other Iraqi provinces.

The governor said in a televised interview,” A million and a half Iraqi citizens in Basra need various services, including electricity, water and sewage, “and that the Ministry of Planning did not calculate this. The number is that they live in slums, “stressing that the ministry must calculate this number so that there will be financial allocations as well.

He added, “There are previous financial allocations of up to 20 trillion dinars, which are the right of the people of Basra, which was approved by the Office of Financial Supervision.

” Al-Eidani continued, “I am in favor of fairness to the Kurdistan region with its budget, but not to forget Basra, for it is the mother of Iraq, and it gives the equivalent of 90% of the federal budget. Preferably over Iraq, because we are the sons of one country and people, so just as Basra gives, it must take its rights and it must be equated.

xyz  SERIOUSLY? Gurus still pumping stupid bank stories? Who do they think we are? :Angry:

3-27-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 Bank Story Interview – Dragon Slayer. “I do online banking with Wells Fargo in Lebanon Pennsylvania.” What adventures did you have with them today? “I was excited about it, I tell you that. She asked me about what currencies I had because we were talking about the currencies and I told her…she said oh, yes we will exchange those. I said, so you know what I’m talking about? And she goes, yes we know what you’re talking about and it’s coming…” You were talking about foreign currency, if they exchanged and you mentioned the Iraqi Dinar as one of the currencies you wanted to exchange and they said to you, ‘oh, yes.

We know it’s coming.’ “Yep.” …thank you for your desire to share this and I’m also going to tell you you’re one of many stories that we’re hearing in the last 40 to 72 hours. There have been so many people that have called and told me that Franks banks know and then they tell me the story and that’s why I started making recordings…Nobody knows when it’s going to happen but what we do know is that it is happening…

Butterfly  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/03/25/why-ship-stuck-egypt-threatens-economy-united-states/

Why a ship stuck in Egypt threatens the economy in the United States

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895619

Al-Kazemi: We are resolutely going ahead with implementing the government’s program despite the cacophony and fabricated escalation

Saturday 27, March 2021 19:09 Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi asserted to proceed with determination to implement the government program, despite the cacophony voices and the fabricated escalation.

Al-Kazemi said in a tweet on “Twitter”: We are proceeding with determination to implement the government’s program, despite the dissonant voices and the fabricated escalation.

He added, “This negative atmosphere that is intended to spread and expand is aimed at the hopes of the Iraqis for a better future. He  stressed that the elections are on time, God willing, and there is no retreat from the state-building project.”

Butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895638

Parliament to vote on the Industrial Investment Law   Saturday 27, March 2021 21:26 | The representative of Basra Governorate, Kazem Finjan Al-Hamami, called for the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, in an official letter, to give importance to the appeals of Iraqi investors who wish to employ their skills and funds in the field of national industries.

According to the document, Al-Hamami called for “activating the Fourth Amendment to the Industrial Investment Law No. 20 of 1998 and submitting it to a vote.

He indicated that he is in charge of following up on this issue with the Chairman of the Committee.”

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895645

Al-Sihoud calls on the political blocs to support the state of law in its demand to restore the exchange rate of the dollar

Saturday 27, March 2021 21:50  Former member of Parliament Muhammad Saadoun Al-Sihoud called on the political blocs to support the state of law in its demand to restore the exchange rate of the dollar.

Al-Sihoud said in a press statement today, “The state of law’s standing by the Iraqi people stems from patriotism and moral solidarity with the Iraqi people who have been affected by the increase of the dollar’s exchange rate to 145,000 dinars, and thus the insistence of the state of law to reduce the dollar exchange rate confirms its adherence. Its members protect the rights of the people and ensure their future.

He added, “All political blocs must move seriously, abandon their partisan, factional, and factional interests, and stand side by side with the state of law to pressure the government to reduce the dollar exchange rate to 119 thousand dinars and hold accountable those who contributed to harming the Iraqi people and wreaking havoc on the land.”

Dave  preferably perpetuate ridiculous claims based on “settled science” from “Q” Bitchute?…. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gkV4siVk1n8p/?fbclid=IwAR0dSBgobgYgeDAiI4KfWY_w0jnTakmsXSJM7ZIbHePmiDEtkBExzLlYOlM

butterfly  https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895652

With a televised statement … Al-Amiri: The budget will pass tomorrow’s session

Saturday 27, March 2021 23:02 | Representative of the House of Representatives from the Saeron Alliance, Ghayeb Al-Amiri, confirmed that: The budget will be passed by a session tomorrow, Sunday.

He said in a televised statement that: The budget will be approved to serve everyone, and it will not be for one party at the expense of another, and some seek to pass items for special interests.

Al-Amiri added that: The opportunity to pass the budget on Sunday is greater than to postpone it, and 500 billion has been added to the ration card, and the share of social welfare and medicine increased.

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butterfly https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895649

The Suez Canal: Suspension of navigation in the waterway .. And a number of countries have offered to help unload the cargo of a stranded ship

Saturday 27, March 2021 22:42 The coming hours will witness a new attempt to float the ship stuck in the course of the Suez Canal with the advent of the expected tidal waves.

The Suez Canal Authority said that it is using about 14 Qatari boats and pits that have been pushed to the site, waiting for the tidal wave on Saturday evening.

She added that it will move more equipment to reach the site in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the authority, said in a press conference that “the bulldozers were able to remove about 9 thousand tons of mud around the hull of the ship and hopes were that it could float today, Saturday. But the Suez Canal witnessed ebbs in the morning and the water level decreased. ”

Rabei thanked the officials of a number of countries that offered to help unloading the ship’s cargo, indicating that the Egyptian authorities are studying these offers to choose one of them.

The bad weather coupled with storm dust has led to the loss of control in the giant container suspended / Iver Gefen / tanker with a length of 400 meters and its width 59 meters and running aground on Tuesday and suspended in the course of the Suez Canal., According to a statement channel for the body. ”

butterfly  The ship ran aground at km 151, while crossing within a convoy coming from the Red Sea on its journey coming from China and bound for Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Companies specializing in ship floatation have been called in to help, and an advisor to the Egyptian president said that he hopes to solve the problem within two or three days, but experts say that the matter could take several weeks, especially if rescue teams were forced to empty the ship of its cargo to reduce its weight and facilitate its floatation.

237 ships and cargo carriers are crowded around the course of the canal, including 107 at Suez port, the southern entrance to the canal, 41 near Bitter Lakes in the middle of the course, in addition to 89 other ships at Port Said port, the northern entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. ”

Goods worth more than $ 9.5 billion pass through the canal . Every day, at a rate of $ 400 million every hour, according to Lloyds Bank data.

The giant tanker was suspended in the course of the canal on Tuesday to stop movement in the most important shipping course in the world and forcing shipping companies to change the route of their carriers to the Cape of Good Hope until the problem is solved ./

butterfly https://ninanews.com/Website/News/Details?key=895656

An Iranian-Chinese agreement to approve a plan for comprehensive cooperation between the two countries

Saturday 27, March 2021 23:21 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi signed Saturday a “comprehensive cooperation plan” between the two countries.

According to the agency “IRNA” The signing of this document today, came after bilateral consultations launched since 2016, with a view to expanding the bilateral relations between Tehran and Beijing and brought to the strategic level of cooperation. ”

She added:” The comprehensive cooperation plan signed today, reviewing energies and future prospects related With the existing relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China in various economic, cultural and other fields. ”

The two countries declared in a joint statement: We are confident that this document will guarantee sustainable development and strategic cooperation between Iran and China, more than ever before, and provide more happiness and advancement. For the peoples of the two countries. ”

The Iranian foreign minister affirmed that in light of the signing of the “comprehensive cooperation plan between the two countries, bilateral relations will grow stronger and stronger. For his part, the Chinese Foreign Minister congratulated on the occasion of the New Year in Iran, referring to the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Beijing.”

Zarif said, “These talks mark the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Beijing; He added that the history of relations between the two great Iranian and Chinese civilizations goes back to past centuries, and with the signing of the plan for comprehensive cooperation today, these relations will be stronger than ever. ”

butterfly   On the other hand, the Iranian Foreign Minister referred to the holding of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, stressing the importance of So, expressing his rejection of efforts aimed at downplaying this international event. ”

Wang Yi said, “The bilateral relations between Iran and China have now reached the strategic level, and Beijing is seeking to comprehensively expand cooperation with Iran.”

And the Chinese foreign minister added: The signing of the strategic cooperation plan between the two countries is an indication of Beijing’s will to build relations at the highest levels with Iran.

Dave    butterfly thanx butterfly lost my train of thought…or lack of it…….had a rant and fergot it

butterfly  Dave life will go on even if you forget.

Dave  butterfly gotta to see my last post…..geeze…..

butterfly  https://www.politico.com/news/2021/03/27/iran-china-agreement-478236

Iran, China sign strategic long-term cooperation agreement

The agreement covers a variety of economic activity from oil and mining to promoting industrial activity in Iran, as well as transportation and agricultural collaboration.

Dave  butterfly worried life may not go on if folks believe this rubbish

butterfly  I make a post, think I have proofread it, hit send AND re-read it……lordy lordy.

Butterfly  Dave All I worry about is my family. As my dad told me, you must take care of the young and the elderly. The young have just started and the elderly have given so much, now it is our turn to take care of them/both. The ones in between if they haven’t learned how to take care of themselves, then they have only themselves to blame.

Dave  my job is to Care for all……biased then….  to educate…..  must be within the parameters of “settled Science”……or i be banned

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Sparky  … what’s the word on Iraq ? Re-hashed news we’ve reading for years ?

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