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xyz  Breaking news: RV has not been triggered, no in country RV

butterfly  “The budget has become a demanding budget for political blocs.”…..now ain’t that the same for all political blocs………My way or no way!

Dave  Arrggg,,,,,but I wanna give Shelia 10% by today…….when it passes……

Dave  xyz Today aint over in Baghdad Quite yet……9.50 pm……..

Dave  SOON!

Sparky  Dave … I’ll give you 10% if it pops today …

Sparky  … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wln_zQsynNY

Dave  yes what goes around comes around…….lol

Dave  more overtime……yeesh…Filibuster

butterfly  Finance and oil ministers leave the parliamen The Ministers of Finance and Oil left the Parliament building after the end of their joint meeting with the heads of the blocs on the budget, and the Minister of Planning is still present ./t building

Sunday 28, March 2021 21:37 |  Parliamentary Finance distances itself from disrupting the vote on the budget: We have finished drafting all proposals and await the agreement of the leaders of the blocs

Sunday 28, March 2021 22:00 The Parliamentary Finance Committee distanced itself from delaying the date for voting on the draft general budget law in the evening session scheduled to be held today, Sunday.

A member of the committee, MP Ahmad Mazhar al-Jubouri, stated in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / that “the Finance Committee has completed all the technical formulations and proposals in the draft General Budget Law 2021, by six o’clock in the evening today, Sunday,” referring to the settlement of the proposed text of Article 11. For the share of the Kurdistan region in the general budget.

He added: “Most of the points of contention were addressed, including the inclusion of allocations for lecturers, contracts and daily wages, covered by Resolution 315, as well as the appointment of holders of higher degrees and first students in the 2021 budget,” indicating that “the return of those whose contracts have been broken and the distribution of job grades has been entrusted to the government in light of verification.” Financial abundance. ”

butterfly  He explained that “the Finance Committee and representatives of the blocs and provinces, pending agreement of leaders of political blocs to vote to pass the draft general budget law or not.”

The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided that the voting session on the budget bill will take place on Sunday evening, in view of the continuing discussions on the draft budget law and the need for final formulations of the articles of the budget bill.

Zig  xyz : Are we rich yet????   :Cash: :Cash:

butterfly  A meeting of the Fatah coalition blocs with the Finance Committee to discuss the controversial points in the budget

Sunday 28, March 2021 22:19 The heads of the Al-Fateh Alliance blocs held a joint meeting with the Chairman of the Finance Committee at the headquarters of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, to discuss the controversial points in the draft General Budget Law 2021, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary-General Abdul Karim Al-Ansari and the head of the Badr Bloc Hassan Shaker Al-Kaabi.

Xyz  Urgently … Parliamentary source: A decisive meeting to agree to pass the 2021 budget or postpone the session https://www.dijlah.tv/index.php?page=article&id=281140

Dave  10.27 Baghdad Time……

Sparky  Dave … they better get the camels moving faster ..

Zig  Sparky : Remember how excited we were when we first bought Dinar?

Butterfly  Representatives flock to Parliament and the continuation of meetings to agree on budget disagreements

Sunday 28, March 2021 22:33 Dozens of representatives of political blocs flocked to the parliament building, in preparation for voting on the draft general budget bill in the evening session scheduled to be held in the grand official hall.

Parliamentary circles deliberated that “the number of representatives present in the parliament cafeteria is about 90 deputies from different blocs, while the leaders and heads of the blocs continue to meet with the Parliamentary Finance Committee to settle the disputed points in the draft budget law.”

Butterfly  Approval of a parliamentary request to add a financial allocation to qualify the Mishraq Sulfur Company

Monday 29, March 2021 01:31 The Presidency of the House of Representatives approved, on a parliamentary request attached to the signatures of 72 deputies, to add a paragraph in the budget law related to allocating an amount of 50 billion dinars in favor of the General Company for Mishraq Sulfur for the purpose of qualifying and operating the production line.

Dave  yet adding……? lol…………40 million usd………big deal eh?

butterfly  State of Law bloc: These are our conditions for holding a voting session on the budget law

Monday 29, March 2021 00:22 The Parliamentary State of Law bloc announced its position on holding the voting session on the 2021 budget bill.

MP Ammar Al-Shibli, in a joint press conference, read out the proposals and observations of a ton, which is

1 / the distribution of the final agreed-upon draft of the budget with detailed tables sufficiently in advance for all members of the House of Representatives to be viewed and ensure that some paragraphs are not tampered with before the voting session.

2 / Restoring the exchange rate of the dollar to its previous price to pay harm to the poor and middle-income groups of citizens in light of a stifling health and economic crisis. Mentioning the price of a barrel of oil in Iraqi dinars is a circumvention of the public’s demands to restore the exchange rate to 1119 dinars per dollar.

3 / Include in Article (11) the condition that the region hand over what exceeded (460) thousand barrels to a company (SOMO) to ensure that there is no smuggling of more than that, as well as handing over any other non-oil imports to the federal government.

4 / Abolishing articles 38, 41, 42 and 47 related to the privatization of the state’s productive and service sectors, the sale of state-owned agricultural lands, as well as the sale of industrial and public service financial assets, because that includes outlets for corruption and damage to public money and allow them to be manipulated in an inappropriate environment For such a step at the present time.

5 / Canceling foreign loans because they are not needed after the improvement in oil prices and because of their harmful future effects on the economic and political levels, especially foreign loans and the sovereign guarantees of the Ministry of Electricity, where the report of the Financial Supervision Bureau stated that these loans are a drain on the state’s public treasury.

6 / Not to add any material that gives ISIS terrorist members the status of martyrs under names intended to delude the public through wordplay to find a reason in which the victim is equal with the executioner and the murderer with the martyr.

He stressed: “These positions are fixed and we do not deviate from them, and they meet and express the aspirations of the Iraqi people to achieve justice among all its components, and fairness to all its groups and governorates, to achieve a decent standard of decent living for our dear people.”

butterfly  The deputies of the coalition / marching / documenting their presence inside the Great Hall

Monday 29, March 2021 00:30 The deputies of the coalition / Gairoun / parliamentary bloc circulated documenting their presence in the great official hall during the session that was scheduled to witness the vote on the draft general budget law in the evening session on Sunday.

butterfly  Al-Sadr advises political forces to forget their differences and warns of the consequences of postponing the budget vote

Monday 29, March 2021 00:43 The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, advised political forces to forget their differences, and warned against the consequences of postponing the vote on the budget bill.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter: “Once again, we see the House of Representatives being unable to vote for the budget due to political, partisan, sectarian and national differences, forgetting the suffering of their people.”

Al-Sadr added: “From here,

first: I advise that their differences be forgotten and approved as soon as possible.

Second: Beware of the consequences of delay.

Third: I thank the stance of the Sairoun bloc and ask them for more.

Dave  Hmmmmm….Interesting…

butterfly  Sairoun: We will remain defenders of the wealth of Iraq and the future of its generations, and we will not compromise

Monday 29, March 2021 01:07 The Saeron Alliance renewed its assertion that: “He was, is and will remain a defender of the wealth of Iraq and the future of its generations, and he will not compromise or compromise, no matter how high the screams of those affected by his national positions rise.”

The coalition said, in a press release: “There was a lot of noise from some blocs and MPs during this period and who belonged to bodies known to everyone, as they adopted the policy of media bids to delude the public opinion that they are speaking out of concern for the Iraqi people in the media of various kinds, but they are really good at A culture of political and social hypocrisy, and that they are just paid trumpets and cheap tools that apply the agendas of foreign countries. Therefore, we remained silent for fear of affecting the higher interests of our beloved country. ”

The coalition added: “We will remain the voice of the poor because we were born from the womb of suffering. Our identity is Iraq and we belong only to Mesopotamia. Our leadership is known, our orientations are clear, and our connection to this land is the size of sacrifices and stances.”

He continued: “We stand in the trench of the homeland, bearing the stabs of those who are good at deceit when the words of the truth reveal them, and we will spare no effort to achieve the truth and defend Iraq and its honorable people.”

Sparky  … ” consequences of postponing the budget vote ” lol …

Sparky  … they all make money off the oil … and, don’t want to change a  thing …

Dave  SLC….????    state law coalition?

butterfly  Sparky Yuppers

Dave  butterfly COUP time….?

Dave  asking for a bundle?????

Dave  KNOCK KNOCK…….Asking politely to get er done?

Sparky  … dream on … Aerosmith out of Boston … https://youtu.be/sZfZ8uWaOFI

Dave  Sadr speaks…..he can cause alot of sh ite

Dave  thanks the other Bloc in advance for their support

Sparky  … never tomorow, the good Lord may take you away ..

Sparky  … that’s why they call it the present …… a gift of a new day …

butterfly   https://english.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2021/3/28/kuwait-receives-tons-of-national-archives-from-iraq Kuwait receives tons of national archives from Iraq Kuwait received on Sunday eight tons of documents and other items taken during the 1990 Iraq invasion led by Saddam Hussein, officials said.

It is the third shipment that Kuwait has received since 2019, according to officials from both countries. Kuwait’s assistant foreign minister Nasser al-Hain welcomed the move, saying the shipment contained archives from Kuwait University, the information ministry and other institutions.

“We look forward to more cooperation and, God willing, there will soon be additional steps to complete the handover,” he said during a ceremony marking the occasion in Kuwait City.

Qahtan al-Janabi, from Iraq’s foreign ministry, said that his country had previously received a list of missing items from Kuwait and “based on that, the handover is taking place”.

Iraqi forces, under ex-dictator Saddam Hussein, invaded oil-rich Kuwait on August 2, 1990, sparking international condemnation, and occupying the Gulf state for seven months before they were pushed out by a US-led international coalition.

Baghdad has paid around $50 billion in the last three decades in reparations, but faced with its worst fiscal crisis in years amid the coronavirus pandemic and plummeting oil prices, it has asked for an extension for the final $3.8 billion.

While the countries now have civil relations, issues remain over borders and the repatriation of bodies.

Kuwait’s maritime patrols regularly detain Iraqi fishermen who stray too far into neighbouring waters. Iraq says the UN-drawn maritime borders are unfair.

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