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Zig:  Welcome to zig’s place, a chat room for dinar speculators and others….discuss any topic that you wish here

Dave   ….just hope this new Govt can now muster 165 votes……..

Dave   was it 10 yrs ago where Malikiu missed impeachment by 1 vote? Time sure flies by……..

butterfly   Dave are you still here?

butterfly   The Governor of the Central Bank discusses with his Saudi counterpart cooperation in the external banking sector

2021-10-21 | 08:09   The Governor of the Central Bank discusses with his Saudi counterpart cooperation in the external banking sectorToday, Thursday, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhif, discussed with his Saudi counterpart cooperation in the external banking sector.

And the Central Bank of Iraq stated in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghalib The fear of Riyadh and a delegation from the Iraqi banking sector discussed bilateral relations and prospects for cooperation in the banking sector and the exchange of experiences with the Saudi side.

The statement added, “The governor met with the administration of Saudi Central BankOn the sidelines of this visit. ”

He noted that” the Saudi side welcomed His Excellency the Governor and his accompanying delegation , considering the gate of the visit to deepen relations between the two countries and two institutions Alnkaditin, step will be reflected positively on both sides. ”

He noted that he” discussed the readiness to open the exchange of experiences and cooperation In the external banking sector, which establishes a positive stage in the economic relations between the Iraqi side and the Saudi side.   alsumaria.tv

Zig   @sheila: So…how is your book coming along?

Sheila   Zig stalled – went back to work 4 days a week. girls gotta eat, even on keto.

butterfly   I wanted to get the comment from Dave on this article: After the rise in oil, an expert reveals the possibility of reducing the dollar exchange rate with this mechanism

02:53 – 10/202021   USD-Iraqi dinarSpecial – Mawazine News, the economic expert, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, revealed, on Wednesday, the possibility of restoring the dollar exchange rate to its previous era, by a certain mechanism.

Al-Marsoumi told Mawazine News, “The current budgets in Iraq have inflated, and the 2021 budget differs from its predecessors,” noting that “the actual spending of the country exceeds 110 trillion dinars. Therefore, in light of current prices, if the exchange rate is restored, debts of up to 120 trillion dinars will accumulate. “.

He added, “It is possible for the state to gradually improve the Iraqi dinar exchange rate because the shock method adopted in changing the exchange rate was not appropriate.”

Al-Marsoumi stressed, “The rise was at a high rate and at an inappropriate time, at a time when poverty indicators rose due to the Corona virus, and there was an uproar and shock in the markets.” mawazin.net

Dave   butterflyPrevious era……from months ago…1186 to1460ish…or pre gulf war days…….? hoping not the latter.

Dave   the shock method adopted in changing the exchange rate was not appropriate…”guessing its the recent one as sanctions did what they were supposed to do..

Dave   this Covid crapolla has killed many economies globally

Dave   and not sure/doubt if Iraq has a very robust economy in the first place…

Dave   just glad they did not lop the IQD,,,,,,,,,may have weathered the storm

Dave  Would not be surprised if Canada’s deficit from this pandemic cost us way more in comparison……

Dave   gosh…. Canada has 35 million peeps……..I have received about 7000-8000K from our Govt about 1yr ago………many folks are currently still collecting money/monthly……..Iraq.s deficit 80 Billionish….so each Iraqi only owes 2000 usd……..

Doug_W   Two blondes go deer hunting. they drive deep into the woods, and decide to go opposite directions to cover more territory increasing their possibilities of success. the experienced blonde said: if you get lost shoot three times in the air each hour until i find you and they go in to the woods hunting.

the inexperienced blonde never returned to the road and it grew dark. blonde returns in the morning with a search party and they find the other blonde hunter in the road, he made it out. older blonde asked what happened??? Ans. ” I shot three times in the air every hour like you advised me to do until I ran out of Arrows.

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