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Here’s a recap from Iraqi TV announcements through the weekend…

  • US general in Baghdad discussing the battle of Mosul with PM Abadi. It appears the last part of the northern area is almost clear and that just leaves the western.
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[If the CBI website (Arabic side ) is still not showing a rate, how long can that continue?  I am wondering what requirements, if any, there are for reporting the exchange rates at a given interval?]

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Article: “Iraq Stock Exchange recorded an increase the value and number of shares during the past week

Quote: “There is a rise in the number of shares traded last week by (129.85%) compared to per week, which Read More


Don961: IMO … would think Prez Trump’s talk of eliminating Daesh in his 1st 100 days …. would add some extra confidence to the S & S of Iraq

Frank26:  Oh #$@%! YES !!!

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Dinar Updates

Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

dinar investor says():Interesting article this morning with the offer of 10 million dinar to any citizen with an activated smart card.

dinar investor says():Defintiley an attempt to pull in more notes and reduce … Read More


Here’s a take on why events are unfolding as they have. As much of a major pain it is for all of the delays and the waiting for the RV, etc, there is something to be said about going slowly … Read More

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I can hardly believe all that I am seeing happening with these Iraqi economic and financial reforms.

It is all so amazing and I fully believe Iraq is now on a FAST TRACK.… Read More


Iraq counts on U.S. advisers, mostly out of sight, in war on Islamic State

When Iraqi forces faced a fierce Islamic State counter-attack last month at a hospital in Mosul they had stormed without enough troops to hold it, U.S. … Read More


Israeli PM Netanyahu addresses Iranian people, says he’ll soon speak to Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he will soon speak new US President Donald Trump in order to “counter the threat” from Iran’s government.

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Middle East Online

Syria rebels arrive in Kazakhstan for talks

Members of the Syrian opposition delegation arrived Sunday in the Kazakh capital Astana for face-to-face peace talks with the war-torn nation’s government.

The talks, set to begin on Monday, will be the first … Read More

Iraqi News

Anonymous individual hacks IS radio frequency and sends message to Baghdadi

An anonymous individual succeeded to hack the radio frequency of the Islamic State group, west of Mosul, and send a message to the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a … Read More


Article: “Rafidain Bank, said Saturday that his predecessor granted 10 million dinars for State officials to have smart card activated receives her monthly salary.”  

These are the cards that will reduce the note count and add liquidity to Read More

Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today. First I want to congratulate everyone in USA on your new president Trump and vice Pierce. Let’s see what the next 4 years brings.

Next I have to tell you again I … Read More

Face Iraq

Masum congratulates Trump and trusting the “new start” relations of the two countries to “eliminate terrorism”

Congratulated the President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, on Saturday, his US counterpart, Donald Trump, on his assumption of his constitutional duties, while stressed … Read More

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