Central Bank Governor Allaq met with parliament today [Monday] to discuss monetary policy.… Read More

Dinar Tube

UN Iraq: UNAMI SRSG Ján Kubiš’s Briefing to the United Nations Security Council | 13 November 2018: VIDEO LINKRead More

Economy News

Association of Iraqi private banks organizes economic information workshop

On Tuesday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized an economic … Read More


Article quote: “Governor of the Central Bank of Parliament: We kept the dinar exchange rate against the dollar…” … Read More


Phantom809: I don’t think we are waiting on Iraq……I think we are waiting for the man behind the curtain. Whoever … Read More


GFulcher66: KTFA, while we wait, imo Iraq is done in all they need to do on their part for the … Read More

Mawazin News

The National Bank signs a contract with the World Bank to provide financial facilities of $ 10 million

The Iraqi … Read More

Mawazin News

Abdulmahdi: The ministerial cab will be completed soon

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Tuesday, that the completion of the delivery … Read More

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