The process is moving and in a critical juncture. I “expect” the good news to continue with a conclusion as … Read More

Adam Montana

Article: “Iraqi PM aide: State of Erbil-Baghdad ties ‘never better’” Baghdad and the Kurds getting along is something … Read More


Yes. I do believe they will begin currency reform this year.… Read More

KTFA (Frank26)

Frank26: TOLD YOU SO KONA …………..(thumbs up)

Samson: The details of the largest operation of the Iraqi intelligence against da’ash … Read More


They are 100% ready in Iraq , and 90% of all their problems are going to disappear as soon as … Read More

KTFA (Delta)

DELTA: ICS Financial Systems Ltd.’s ICS BANKS gains 4.5x Faster Batch Processing & 27x Increase on Digital Banking Transactions Running Read More

The Baghdad Post

Iran announces another navy drill in key Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s navy said it would hold an annual drill in … Read More

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