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Article: “Experts: float the currency needs to be a productive economy and not Rieia

This article is a series of economic experts talking about options to change the value of the dinar.

They are saying that the float … Read More


We all know the dinar is pegged to the dollar…

[Wouldn’t Iraq have to/want to be in Article VIII compliance before they unpegged?]

I can only speculate based on the IMF docs that I have read.

But I … Read More


DLR: I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” – Thomas Edison

Strongcbm:  Frank that CC was “Impressive”….. As I listened to the first part of it I was thinking about when I exterminate the … Read More


Yada: In the Bigger scheme of things, we are about to see our part in lieu of the liberation of Mosul while the WB , IMF along with CBI initiated their reforms, at each level, which include the lower denoms … Read More


Article: “Iraq calls the world to draw an economic strategy with Baghdad

Quote “…Said Hamoudi…Iraq is the heart of the economic world…”

No it isn’t, London, New York, Hong Kong, those are the hearts of the … Read More


There is a planned date for the RV/GCR to happen and the final liberation of Mosul and the release of the lower denomination and fils within the country of Iraq on a nationwide basis has nothing at all to do … Read More

Gary Larrabee

Could be? Waited all morning to hear the latest reason for not seeing the release. Good as any.

​Hi, The news I have just received is actually more believable than I have ever previously understood. You will appreciate why.

The … Read More


When You Least Expect It

• I least expect it in the day time today.

• I least expect that Zimbabwe reintroducing their currency is the only currency announcement that we need.

• I least expect that they’ve kept me … Read More


Go4it: Ramadan 2017 will begin in the evening of Friday, May 26 and ends in the evening of Saturday, June 24 Dates may vary.   Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim, Islamic calendar, a religious annual observance and month … Read More


MrK: Frank,I just had a thought….what if may 17th was the announcement of liberation and A said cmon in International world, and if you look at Iraq like a fancy new club and A unlatched the velet rope of the … Read More


We didn’t see PM Abadi declare Mosul as liberated?

This weekend…banks, government, nations, IMF, WB…they all wanted to see something over this weekend…with all of the international leaders meeting.

Even currency traders were watching this weekend.

Indeed, many watched… including … Read More


Samson: Jaafari: Iraq wins the whole world

05/22/2017 10:50

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the victories achieved by Iraq, not only him, but the whole world, stressing that the Iraqi diplomacy is working to strengthen bilateral relations with the international … Read More

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