[We are hearing it has happened, or is about to happen… not that we can believe anything from Maliki’s news sources.]

Yes, they have been claiming that ‘fake news’ is being put out in Iraq.

But Abadi did … Read More

Mnt Goat

Allaq was in the USA at a World Banking Conference in Washington DC last week…

If you truly listen to the speech …you would see that he was introduced as the governor of the CBI, as has been done many … Read More


Samson: Iraq and Iran sign a memorandum of understanding in the field of Internet and communications services

19th October, 2017

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications, along with its Iranian counterpart, signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance joint cooperation in Read More

People’s Dinar

Payray: Article: “The participation of a huge Saudi Arabia in Baghdad International Fair”

Quote: “During the period from 21 to 30 current month of October by 60 companies from various industrial and service sectors.”

The Saudi’s are certainly chomping at … Read More


Phantom809: It is a good sign that Alak has been named CBI Governor instead of being acting Governor.

Ionize:  IMO…I feel as if we needed a permanent Governor in place to establish stability and prospective permanance at the CBI so … Read More


Samson: Nusseiri: The UN Security Council praises the actions of the Central Bank in supporting and implementing the program of economic and financial reform

19th October, 2017

The economic and banking adviser Samir al-Nusairi on Thursday praised the results of Read More


Chat Room – News, Excerpts & Highlights

Current Iraqi News Highlights  10-18-17

​xyz: @spanki took a full century to prove Einstein theory. I bet kap will have his day soon

xyz: @spanki Albert Einstein’s 100-year-old theory about gravitational waves has … Read More

Viet Nam News

FPT to support PetroVietnam’s oil exploitation unit in digitalising

Technology group FPT signed an agreement with PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP) on research and development for new technologies in oil exploration and exploitation on Tuesday.

Under this agreement, FPT will … Read More

Middle East Online

Power shifts again in Iraq’s multi-ethnic Kirkuk

With the return of Kirkuk to Iraqi control, the balance of power appears to have shifted between the ethnic communities in the Kurdish-majority city, to the delight of its Turkmen residents.

“Before we … Read More

Iraq-Business News

Luaibi asks BP to Return to Kirkuk Oilfields

Iraqi Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi, Luiebi] (pictured) has asked UK-based BP to develop the disputed Kirkuk oilfields.

The move comes just a day after Baghdad regained control of the area … Read More


Iraqi PM orders arrest of security guards for violations in Khanaqin, State TV

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ordered the arrest of a number of Diyala police chief’s guards due to the violation of the law in the Kurdish … Read More


Putin and Netanyahu Discuss Kurdistan Region

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, discussed the recent events in Kurdistan Region during a phone conversation on Wednesday.

Putin has held a telephone conversation with Netanyahu to discuss the … Read More

The Baghdad Post

Baghdad intends to integrate Peshmerga into federal forces – MP

Iraqi government is intending to integrate Peshmerga into the federal forces, Abdul Qader Mohamed, a Kurdistan Alliance MP, revealed Thursday.

In press statements, Mohamed said that the Iraqi government plans … Read More