[If the CBI website (Arabic side ) is still not showing a rate, how long can that continue?  I am wondering what requirements, if any, there are for reporting the exchange rates at a given interval?]

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[If the rate comes out over $3.00, do you still suggest to hold some back for a few months?]

IMO … This scenario will not happen …

The UST learned from KW…

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I made a mistake…I told you that Abadi needs to be in-country for the RV to occur…my humblest apologies…

Abadi does not have be in Iraq for the RV to occur…

DELTA…said that Abadi needs the Monetary Reform…the CBI needs Read More


One of the things that DELTA has been watching for a while…the Indicative Rate on the CBI website on the Arabic side…

There is no program rate since January 4th…he said you do know there are a total of three Read More


Monetary Reform has reached the point where everybody has agreed with the numbers…to the point where the budget that contains the number has been approved and will be in the Gazette very soon.

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I want to tell you something Family…the things about Mosul…the things about the budget…the things about al-Baghdadi…the things about IBAN…the things about the Multiple-Currency Policy…the things about the auctions…all these things…I want you to know this is not a process Read More


We’ve been looking for the security of Mosul.

The stability/security of Mosul is most importance.

72, 72, 72 [hours]…I don’t care how many more Abadi wants…let him have them.

The CBI needs to feel confident to release the rate.Read More


There seems to be an EXCITEMENT for the new President coming in…and the old one leaving.

We’ve certainly had our days of delays with Obama and Maliki.

It’s time to move forward.

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