Measures need to be in place for the success of the transition from a fixed rate to a float.

Just exactly to what extent is yet to be seen.

That being said, I believe once the dinar is internationally convertible … Read More


Article: “Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again

Seems pretty clear that the author/economists want to raise the value gradually like we have stated over and over.

The good news is they say they … Read More


Article: “Egypt: Inflation rose nearly 30 percent in January

IMO, Egypt only has tourism…

Iraq has wealth way beyond oil, gems, gold, etc.

If timed correctly I do not see the dinar going anywhere but up.

The dinar Read More


Article: “Egypt: Inflation rose nearly 30 percent in January

Quote: “The floatation was part of a package of reforms introduced to secure an IMF loan of $12 billion to overhaul the economy.

I do expect Iraq Read More


Article: “Source for “tomorrow Press”: Ministry of Transport decides to adopt Iraqi currency instead of foreign selling tickets

Quote: “The source pointed to “the impossibility of receiving the amount of ticket sales in Iraqi dinars on the Read More


Article: “Parliamentary Legal planned to introduce a number of important laws to parliament table

Quote: “All of these laws are important, and we will work on in the coming days.”

They been saying this for the Read More


Article: “Iraq confirms his efforts to join the World Trade Organization

I have never really cared much about the WTO except for that fact it motivates Iraq to currency reform.

Once the CBI reform starts, we all will Read More


Article: “Currency damaged .. share ample haunt the people of Kirkuk and dissipate their salaries

Quote: “…calling on “State-owned banks to address the currency damaged because the majority of the provinces dealt with the damaged currency through Read More


Article: “Iraq: Calls to raise the value of the dinar

Iraq is in desperate need of rebuilding.

From streets, to sewer to buildings, there is little time to waste.

Iraqi’s need to go back to work and private Read More


Article: “Fatlawi directed questions verbally to the Governor of the Central Bank

Quote: “He noted that the central bank through the Reserve pumped money to prevent the devaluation of the local currency, noting that the reserve consists Read More